5 Mg Oxycodone Withdrawal


Was on Norco 10-325 on and off for a few years due to back problems. Had l4/l5 Laminectomy and was sent home with 5mg oxicodone. It's been 16 days since surgery and I tapered down from 2.5 yesterday. Last one last night at 10 pm. Withdrawals kicked in at 2:30 pm today! Not too bad. But the abdominal pain is bad when the immodium wears off. How long will this last and will it get better or worse physically tomorrow and the next day? No RLS yet. Is it comming???? I want to be done!

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Just wondering how your withdrawal experience went? I weaned the exact same way Im down to 2.5 mg tomorrow for two days then Im done. Just curious what Im in for?!

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I found the rebound pain to be the worst problem, when I stopped pain management, but I didn't taper. I just stopped.

But I had extreme pain in my wrists and was in agony, unable to sleep for about a week.

In total, it took about a month, before I felt back to normal.

This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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What kind of withdraw can I expect from oxycod0ne 5mg. I've been taking for 5 years now's at 4 to 5 a day and I really would like to get off what's it going to be like

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I had my back operated on and fused. It was done from my L-1 to my T-3. I had been on Fentynal for 10 years and Oxycodone 10 MG for about 2 years. I kicked the Fentynal finally about 6 months ago with the help of Oxycodone (from my doctor by the way!) I started a week ago today with cold-turkey stopping. I lasted 2-3 days but then started taking Norco 10-325 to help with the withdrawal symptoms. They helped but never at night when I go through the worst of it. No sleeping except a few hours and the rest is agony. Restless, shaking, cold, restless legs and muscles. I have heard that it is hard to just stop and I think I'm beginning to believe it. This drug should be labeled, highly addictable. I know it is hard for me but I hate this stuff so much. It was actually easier to withdraw from Fentanyl and that was the worst!

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I've been on 5mg oxycodone capsules (20mg per day) every 6 hrs for 8 weeks after TKR with MUA for adhesions. I'm trying to cut down to 3 times a day, but feeling anxiety agitation and achiness. Should I stay on 5 mg capsules 3 x's a day for 3-5 days then decrease to 2 times a day? Can't decrease dose because they're capsules

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Can you get withdrawal from stopping 5 mg of oxycodone per day for several weeks. I tend to feel great if I take a 5mg at night.the back/leg pain just about go away and I can sleep. But...when I wake up, I am severely depressed . Has anyone ever heard of this?

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