40 Mg Oxycontin Vs Ms Contin 30mg.

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I have been taking 40mg oxycontin 3x a day. My insurance won't cover it any more. My Doc prescribed ms contin 30mg 2 x a day. will it work?

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Verwon Says:

Oxycontin contains the active ingredient Oxycodone.

It is stronger than the MS Contin which contains the active ingredent Morphine.

Both are narcotic pain relievers.

That said, your doctor has actually prescribed you a lower dose, to be taken less frequently than what you were taking of the Oxycontin. However, the only way to see if it will help you is for you to try it. Some medications are effective for certain people, some are not.

If this dosage does not handle your pain, make sure to contact your doctor right away and let them know. They may need to prescribe one that is slightly higher or to be taken more frequently.

You may still experience side effects such as: nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and dry mouth.

You can read more on Morphine here:


Do you have any other questions?

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Juon Says:

Oxycodone is approximately 1.5–2 times as potent as morphine when
taken orally.

( OC 60-85% oral Bioavailability)
( MS 25% oral Bioavailability)

While morphine is up to 50% more potent than Oxycodone when taken

I know some users crush the MS tabs to bypass the time release

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JohnD. Says:

My insurance company refuses to pay for my Oxycontin anymore. I was on 40 mgs, 2x's/day. He changed me to MS Contin 30 mgs. 2x's/day. According to above, this is less pain reliever. The Oxycontin were not on right for me and I was going for my 2nd appt. w/ pain clinic this Monday for a re-check. I was going to ask for an increase.
Anybody understand this? I don't.

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Swivel Says:

I have PD with alot of broken bones. I have been taking Oxycontin for over 13 yrs. I am now taking Oxycontin CR 40 mg 4 X a day. I just had a refill and got the new type. With the old type I have had no problems. I started the new type this Thursday nite. I had a bad taste in my mouth shortly after I took it. On Friday I took my first dose with food still had bad taste and my vision got bured for about and hour or more. When I took my next dose I took it with water and the bad taste came and my eyes when bury again. I don't know what they changed but but something is right. Did they change all of the Oxycontin to this pill form?

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Swivel Says:

I can not belive what I have read about the problem with TEETH and Oxycontin. I will be calling my DR. first thing this morning. I have PD and other problems and have been taking Oxycontin for over 13 yrs. I to have had problems with my TEETH. They are breaking apart, along with grinding my teeth. I ask my DR about getting off the Oxycontin and he said that I would not abile to get around without the pain meds. I also take all the other meds for PD. I was mad when they changed the Oxycontin. Because I had a bad taste in my mouth and my eyes became buryed. Now that I have read now it kills your teeth. I will be calling to see what we can come up with. I have been using snuff most of my life. So I guest that has help with the dry mouth. But in the last 1 1/2 yrs my teeth are going bad.
As for the people making Bull S___ comment about People on / with Disables do not know what they are talking about. Someday they will have to answer to God for there comments. Or I hope they or someone they love does not come disable. You never know when your or someone you Love Life can take a left turn. I can tell you how fast having a great paying job and being disable can happin. You can go from having everthing to thanking God you are alive and can still get around.
I would like to thank ya'll for posting the info and ya'lls life setbacks.

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HAVE THE 40 mg oxycotin been changed as well

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Phoenix Says:

I feel you my friend..... My insurance is the same way...
The MS Contin is weaker than the Oxycontin... If anything you should ask your MD to write you 60mg MS Contin instead of the 30mg with maybe a breaktru of oxycodone 15mg twice a day or what ever works for you....... Hope this helped...

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Snoogy Says:

No as u need more with mscontin then u do with OxyContin. Example 30mg oxy converts to 60mg mscontin and you may not get the same affect, as morphine doesn't work for everyone. It did nothing but make me druggy when OxyContin did not

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Snoogy Says:

Yes they were all changed, only the coating was changed to prevent crushing due to abuse. However, u are not alone in stating it doesn't work as well. The formulary did not change to my knowledge, but they do not work as well. Always get the oxycodone short acting for breakthrough.

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Snoogy Says:

Been on OxyContin old and new for a long time and never had any problems with teeth. This is for people that crush, snort and abused it. This is why they changed the shell so that this should not be possible. As for using snuff, maybe that is making your teeth bad.

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Snoogy Says:

All OxyContin has been changed. Again just the coating, but they seem to not work as well.

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Snoogy Says:

You may need a pre auth for 3 times a day on OxyContin. Most doctors if good, will agree that sometimes its needed more than q 12 hours. Find out the limit on what your insurance company covers in one month.

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Bellarose Says:

It is killing your teeth because it dries out your mouth, you have to supplement the saliva with oral aids..there are many available, just google it!! I took Oxycontin for about 2 months now, I feel NOTHING on them, no pain relief whatsoever...I also take Percocet 10/325 (2) of them every 4 hours for pain while they mess with the long acting pain medication...In my opinion, NO pain medication is going to work over a 12 hour period..They changed me today to 30 mg of Ms Cotin, not looking forward to this...I have taken Morphine a long time ago, it didn't work! I metabalise medications too quickly...SO tired of being a testing subject to dam drugs that aren't working! My pain management doctor told me I was just about to the top of the narcotic ladder, seriously? When there are many drugs out there to be tested on me? Whatever...I took Opana 40 mgs and that worked better than Oxycontin by far...BUT it causes major constipation :( so of course, they took it away from me and is trying all the other crapola that just doesn't work for me...I honestly cannot understand where anyone would enjoy the lack of effects of Oxycontin...It gave me a bad headache as the dose was increased...I suffer from Chronic Pain plus so many other pain causing issues...my back is falling apart at the seams literally! I can hardly walk because my knee are blown out, needing a total knee replacement @46 years old due to sports and standing all the time...

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Corey Says:

Hi. I to was prescribed oxycontin 80mg from injuries twelve years ago in the army. When they changed it to the new formula it stopped working for me so My doc also prescribed me MS Contin 100mg tablets 2x daily because I have a huge tolerance due to being on opiates most my adult life. The MS Contin did nothing for me it was terrible. After 3 months of begging and living through miserable pain my doc finally agreed to try something different. He prescribed me hydromorphone (also know as dilaudid) and let me tell you, this is by far the best pain medication I have ever had and I've think I have almost tried everything except for fentanyl. This is the best I have felt in years. I'm also prescribed 15mg Roxicodone for breakthrough pain but that is rare because my hydromorphone works so well. It comes in very small milligrams which made me hesitant at first but when I searched google at home I found out hydromorphone is much more potent than oxycontin aka oxycodone per milligram. I think I read 1mg of hydromorphone equals 10mg oxycontin. I currently take 8mg hydromorphone which I believe equals 80mg oxycontin. Those calculations may be incorrect I do know for a fact that the hydromophone is considerably stronger and has saved my life. If you are prescribed the new oxycontin or MS Contin and its not working please at least talk to your doctor about hydromorphone because this was a miracle drug for me and for many other fellow chronic pain sufferers I know. God bless and may us all feel better. :)

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jj Says:
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I am currently taking dilaudid 4mg 6 times a day i am feeling great it works well but is very strong i wanna step down a bit so i wanna go to oxycotin 40mg 3 times a day is this to much? and is dilaudid stronger than oxycotin? and would it be wise to go without a breakthrough pain pill?? I just feel its time to step back of the high powered dilaudids but idk if oxycotin 40mg is a step down or not

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Snoogums Says:
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Regarding the oxy 30mg being the equivalent of 60mg of MS Contin that is not true. It would be 22.5mg of morphine which doesnt exist. Actually you convert 1 1/2 times the oxycodone to get the morphine does which will always be less than oxycodone. Yes morphine in any type is stronger than oxycodone and does work differently on different people. Morphine years ago specifically MS Contin made me drugged but didn't help the pain they have kadian that is a morphine that does work much better than MS Contin. But always convert 1 1/2 times the dose of of oxycodone to morphine. You take 1/2 the does of oxy so if you have a 60mg divide it in half you get 30 than dived that in half again which is 15 then add both together and it makes 30+15= 45 so a 45 mg morphine is equal to 60mg oxy. Look up a conversion chart and you will see that since morphine is stronger the does is less not more than oxycodone.

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bun Says:
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I know your post is old i hope this gets to you. I have been taking 40mgs of oxy for many years before getting pregnant with my now 2 i a half yr old. i was then put on 20 mg along with vicodin for breakthrough. One month out of the blue my insurance refused to pay for it. My Dr fought for it and it went thru. Next month they denied me yet again and would not budge. The teeth thing. This is a first but i believe it. I've been on meds since i was 19 ill be 36 in Dec. My teeth are horrible. Got worse when preggers with my last one. Breaking etc. Only 4 teeth left on top. I believe its definitely from all the meds. Dr is now going to put me on ms contin since im in sooo much pain. Does it help with pain? I'll have to pay out of pocket since its much cheaper than the oxy which is over 300 a month if i were to pay out of pocket. Obviously i can't afford it.

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teri Says:
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Amen Swivel. Very little compassion for .people who have chronic pain. Everyone is treated as drug addicts. If people only knew they would be grateful it was not them. I had a nice life also!

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Ohemgee Says:
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I honestly think u will get better pain relief from the MS but u prob need a higher dose as they truly only last about 6hrs no dr wants to admit that though. Lol. Also everyone is different so this may not b true for u but for me I think I didn't digest the ox er like I do the ms er and no matter what I took I always have to take something for pain on top of if. The long acting meds to me don't get rid of pain so well but they seem to make it like taking 2 5mg regular oxycodone work like I took 4 but I don't feel all ugh and just yucky like I would if I took 4. I have bad pain too I am on 4 30mg MS Contin a day (& B WARNED NEVER TAKE THE MYLAN BRAND THEY R SIX TIMES BIGGER THAN ALL OTHERS AND HAS A ZILLION FILLERS ITS MADE EVERYONE I HAVE EVER MET SICK W HEADACHES AND NAUSIA) I recommend Rhodes I may have sp wrong, neways not to much diff with brands though but aside the point I'm also prescribed 5 10mg reg oxycodone and I fight to never have to take more. About every six months I take a couple weeks to a month (depending on what u can physically handle) and lower my dose slowly so my tolerance goes down I had a wonderful dr in the state of Washington teach me some great tricks. I've told many many many people to switch from OxyContin or The Phentynol patch k I spelled that way wrong lol but I've told a lot of people to switch and once they had there drs do it all preferred it and had much better pain relief and the nice thing is its a flexible dose so its not hard to lower it and keep ur tolerance the same I've been on same dose for 7yrs. Only time I ever had to take more would b just short periods right after a surgery or like last yr I tore my butt muscle that sucked. But aside from added crap the usual crap is bad enough but I say to all u in real pain if u can switch and stop taking this new OxyContin that from what I'm also hearing is causing such bad stomach probs from the fillers Perdue (ok I'm in a lot of pain tonight so I didn't sleep well and I'm super tired so I didn't feel like looking but I prob spelled that wrong also lol) neways Perdue pharma may very well have to stop making there non FDA approved yet op OxyContin back to the original ones. But truly if ur really wanting pain relief maybe talk to ur dr. But try to have them give u both. The morphine long acting and the oxy short. Hope that helps.

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diane Says:

my ins also just stoped paying for my oxycotin 40mg 3x a day, which i have been on for about 7-8 yrs. The dr. put me on ms cotin 30mg 2x day, terrible, the pain is so bad I can't stand for more than an half hour tops without terrible pain! My ins said they would pay for Opana,, which I have heard is very good. When I went to fill it they told me the ins. would only pay for the generic which is not out yet, so the dr. said try ms cotin, 30 mg 2x aday is no way near what i was on. My pharmist said i should be on 100 3x day, but i would like to try the 30 3x;st and if that doesn't work than 60 and so on. pharmist also said to try to handle the ms cotin till a generic comes out. good luck to you all and try and stay strong in body and especially mind.It is so wrong for ins. to stop paying for a medicine you have been on for yrs. I have tried almost every pain med in the ins book and so far oxycotin helps me the most,

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