360oz Hydrocodone Acetaminophen Liquid (7.5-325mg/15ml)


My daughter is 12 and her weight is 160lbs and she had surgery and they gave her 360oz of hydrocodone - acetaminophen 7.5-325mg/15mL and she takes 10mL every 4 hours. How long should this bottle of meds last?

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Hi Kayla - Can you please double check the total size of the bottle? 360 oz doesn't seem possible for a prescription since that equals over 10,000 ml. Do you mean to say 360 ml?

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I'm going to assume for a moment that the OP meant 36 oz of liquid since that equals about 1065 ml. That being the case, taking a dose every 4 hours equals 6 doses per day. BUT ... I will also assume only 5 doses per day since the patient is probably sleeping longer than 4 hours, and taking 5 doses per day at 4 hour intervals equals 16 hours of wake time. So ... 50 ml per day of liquid.

1065 ml total / 50 ml per day = approx. 21 days for the prescription to last.

HOWEVER, if Roy's assumption of a 360 ml bottle is correct, then 360 ml total / 50 ml per day = approx. 7 days for the whole prescription. I am inclined to believe this to be the case, but I am not sure what the patient had surgery for and how long the pain medication is intended to last.

@Kayla please look again on the prescription packaging to see what the exact total amount is for the whole bottle. I'd be interested to know for sure!

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The qty of 360 refers to ml not ounces. Each dose is 15ml, so you have 24 doses.

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Hi Kayla:

Would you please do me a favor? Would you check the correct bottle size of this medication. This can't be right. As soon as you do that then I can help you. Have a great day. Wishing your daughter the best.

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