30mg Adderall Generic In Atlanta Area?



Currently, as of March 21, 2016, I have been unable to get my 30mg Adderall generic filled after visiting over a dozen pharmacies in the Atlanta, GA area. This has *never* happened to me before. Anyone in the city or very close suburbs know of a place that has 30mg's? I know there are multiple manufacturers, and I haven't been able to find anything that suggests that it's suddenly become impossible to find 30mg *anywhere*.

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Have you tried Sam's Club? I'm on the North West of Atlanta, about 20 OTP. Filled my on March 7 though, so maybe I should check into this. Good Luck

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I live in michigan and can't find a pharmacy that has my 30mg either, They are stating they are on back order. I have been out for over a week.

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I live in Southern California and had my 30mgs filled on March 20, 2016. The difference is, they are now a different color (pink) and shape (round), and are from COREPHARMA. They were formally from TEVA.
I have been noticing for quite some time that they were becoming less and less effective. I can take one and go RIGHT to sleep. I thought it might be because I have built up a tolerance. I have been taking 30's for about 8 mo's; 20's for 4 mo's prior.
The efficacy is NOT the same and it is NOT because of my tolerance. Ok, in part it may have a bit to do with it. But, I know my body. There is something amiss here. It has been altered.
I was on another forum for Norco, talking about the white oblong 10/325mg manufactured by Watson. It has been altered as well.
I hope you are not experiencing this and get your prescription soon.

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The pharmacist told me to ask Dr. To change from 30mg to 20mg or to change to XL adrl. So I guess. But I know for me I don't like the pink core brand but I will take Barr brand. Those pink ones hurt my eyes my head and they feel like Truck driver Stay Awake pills. Not medication for ADHD,ya know.

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I get my 30mg IR generic adderall at Costco on Brookhaven in Atlanta; it's made by Mallinckrodt and is rather cheap there, about $14 for thirty 30mg's. This is not my preferred generic, but it is one of the better generics for me as it is rather smooth and does not have intense peaks/valleys. This also tends to mean it is a little less effective for me, but some days it is nice to take something lighter. Costco (at least the costcos I've visited in 3 other major cities) usually orders Sandoz generics, which are of course like the holy grail. I'll be bugging them soon to swap manufacturers because I much prefer Sandoz. Perhaps if several of us complain they'll completely switch over :)

I know that Snell's Pharmacy in Snellville also carries 30's, but they're made by airbindo which many people seem to hate. Unfortunately, they told me they do not order different brands for customers.

There are people who will say it's a myth that adderall generics can be so different, but in my experience they can be dramatically so, so much that I believe doctors should really be warning clients about this.

I wonder why 30's are disappearing? I haven't run into this yet...

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Teva is a good brand. Very smooth and not much stimulant activity. Core pharma is cortisol inducing and will wake you up and make you feel irritable. Just thought I'd share my experience. It's sad there is a big difference in the manufacturers. If I didn't know any better I would of stopped taking Adderall due to the harshness of core pharma. I hope others switch brands and find one that works best for them. ADD is debilitating and is nothing to joke about. We have a severe handicap that limits our ability to make a normal life for ourselves, especially in the business world

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Costco in New Orleans Louisiana had the 30mg of generic Adderall IR. By Sandoz. They told me they were giving a mixed variety and not all Sandoz. The reason they advised they were doing that was because Sandoz cost them more.

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Depending if you live near Detroit(the pharmacy is in Livonia) it's called Top care. They are awesome super nice. They don't make you feel like a A-hole like CVS does sometimes. I go there and use CVS as a back up.

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Teva we all know sucks in 2017! Shire XR is now Prasco or something. I was recently given Mallinckrodt and OMG---THE ABSOLUTE WORST next to Aurobino or whatever that junk is.

Does anyone know which pharmacy carries SANDOZ brand Adderall 30 mg IR in Atlanta, GA anywhere?

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Please let me know if anyone prescribes adderall in Atlanta. I have all my testing done. I want to know who and what the experience was like. Thanks in advance.

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