30 Mg Oxycodone Vs 30mg Morphine Sulfate


Which is stronger, 30mg Oxycodone or 30mg Morphine Sulfate?

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I'm sorry that you had trouble posting, but glad you persevered.

As to your question, Oxycodone is one and half times stronger than Morphine. So, if you were taking 30mgs of Oxycodone, you'd need 45mgs of Morphine to be an equivalent dose.

You can find more Oxycodone details here and there are more Morphine details here.

These are both narcotics, so they both carry the risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness and constipation.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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Sorry for the somewhat terse notation but I was frustrated in getting little to zero information in an immediate manner, my impatience was/is unacceptable.

Thank you for your professional follow up.

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Can you take morphine 15 mg sulfate with methadone 10mg

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i took 150mgs of morphine ER and its not working

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30 mg of oxy is WAY stronger than 30 mg of morphine, 30 mg of oxy is equivalent to 75-90mg of the morphine. believe me, I know what im talking about. iv been plugging 90 mg of morph every morning for 6 months. that is, when I run out of my rx of oxy 30s

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hes right morphine loses most of its potency when asorbed through the liver, which happens unless introduced iv...not saying bang it but maybe ask for something that works orally...

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generic roxicodone, 122 by Cara, made me deathly sick. I have been taking oxycodone for about 10 ye.ars. I have I have
had 3 back surgeries, and have n I have been taking oxycodone for years. I developed neuropathy in my left leg and foot I have constant pins needles nervepain. I have gone through several different formulas of this pain med, but not one made me as deathly ill as this .what could they have changed so much to make me this sick?

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generic roxicodone, 122 by Cara, made me deathly sick. I have been taking oxycodone for about 10 ye.ars. I have
had 3 back surgeries, and I have been taking oxycodone for years. I developed neuropathy in my left leg and foot I have constant pins needles nervepain. I have gone through several different formulas of this pain med, but not one made me as deathly ill as this .what could they have changed so much to make me this sick? I will probably have to change to something that is comparable? morphine is it totally different drug, would I go through withdrawals from the oxycodone?

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So is 30 mg of morphine the same as popping a 10mg oxy? Thank you

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My wife takes oxycodone 10's 3 xs a day yet only in halves. She's around 125 lbs.
She accidentally took 3 10s at once.
How will this effect her? Should I worry?

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Oxy and roxy are the same medication it must be the brand and the filler that they use . I take 4 100 mg ms contin 4 Oxycodone 30 mg and 6 oxycodone 15 mg for the same problem you have and many other injuries and it seems to be ok for me . But it has been 12 years I have been on this and you do build up a tolerance to it and you need more and more as the years go by for it to be effective . Try a different pharmacy and make sure it is not from the same pharmaceutical company . Hope this helps

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she will be high has mf and whene takes the regular dose she will be lacking

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45 mg of morphine sulfate er (extended release) is approximately equal to 30 mg of oxycodone hcl but lasts much longer due to its 12hr, time released formula. I have only seen it once but has anyone tried morphine hcl(hydrochloride)?? 60 mgs of it was more effective than 100 mgs of morphine sulfate....

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Yes you can take them both I use to b on both but I hated methodone so much that I was changed to oxys 6x's a day. I hope you do understand all narcotics work dif. in everyone no ones the same so I would ask your Dr. If they are allowed to be together cause I don't know your situation that well but me I took methodone with morphine or oxys cause I was prescribed both at the same time your Dr. Knows you more than what I've read or talk to a Pharmacy they can also tell you what's best for your situation. Hope this helped a little that's all that matters!!!

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Shes feeling good! Her nose should start itching soon

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Imam taking 4 tabs of 30mg. Morphine IR daily along with two 20mg. tabs of Oxycontin. The oxycodone is much better taking care of the pain and burning in my legs. It seems if my Dr. would switch me to Oxy IR he would have to give me 20mgs. of OXY every 6 hours. If that is correct I doubt he will do that. morphine does not work very well. maybe he would give 80mgs of Oxy a day instead of the Morphine, all I can do is ask. Even 10mgs. of oxy every 4 hours would be better than the 120mgs of Morphine daily IMHO.

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I would be more worried about someone who posts something on a website wanting a situation resolved in an urgent matter.

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I agree, for God's sake, you couldn't possibly have stated any better the first..... 4-5 times.

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Jerry oxycodone is stronger per milligram then morphine per milligram.

People who are not in healthcare often do not realize that number means nothing when comparing various opioids.

Often combining several different opioids is better then one it affects different receptors in the brain to block the pain.

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I take oxy ended contin going back to the first meds. But they aren't working good. Any suggestions? I appreciate it. Lady inpain 80 mg. Twice a day and 30 mg. Oxycodone 3 times a day. It helps some but I believe I need more of the 30's cause they help more! And they are very addicting! I want to get off the oxycontin, but I don't know what would help. I am probably going to have surgery next month and I don't know what they will do med wise. They also want to stick rods on my spine but I will not let them. My reg. Dr. is an internalist, and this year we tried opana 40 mg 3 and dilaudid 4 mg. 3x. But I am home by myself till 5 and I would've nodded out..my head would fall on the coffee table and it hurt! I also smoke and burned several things BUT MY PAIN WAS ALMOST GONE!!! Anyways we ended.

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Re: Pain jane (# 53) Expand Referenced Message

Morphine sucks for pain, I hate it. I'd rather have Oxycodone any day but my doctor will only prescribe me 100 hydrocodone (10mg) a month. I was getting 120 and this crap barely touches my pain, been taking it for 8 years and of course my tolerance is built up but they don't do anything about. I have to drive 75 miles one way just for these. I have Spondolothesis, Scoliosis, Stenosis, Arthritis and a fracture all in my back and can barely walk. Both of my knees are bad too. Something has to be done about the government controlling doctors and what they prescribe to their patients. I cannot even believe this is going on, it's absolutely asinine. What doctors prescribe to their older patients who clearly have chronic pain has nothing to do with deaths of young people. There very well could be older people taking illicit drugs now too to control their pain as they're probably in the same shape as I am in, can't get the doctor to prescribe a decent medication and dose. I just see more illicit drug deaths occurring because of the CDC recommendations, so let them keep up with their ridiculous B.S. and see how many more have to die.

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Re: Whipplewarrior (# 52) Expand Referenced Message

No, it was developed for seizures and they use it for nerve pain. I was prescribed it and it made me feel strange, so no thanks doc. Where I live, I have to drive 75 miles one way to see my PM doc, there is not one doctor in my city that will write a script for pain medication, too scared they're all a bunch of wusses. All be damned if the DEA would be telling me how much med. to prescribe to my patients if I were a doctor. The government has NO business in people's medical records and how much meds they take but they're keeping track. Whatever happened to our privacy laws, HIPPA? I went to the ER one time with an abscessed tooth and my pain meds weren't touching this pain and this b**** doctor woman screamed out as loud as she could, AHA, you're get 120 of these, 150 of these, so everyone in that ER could hear, made me look like a complete drug seeker. I was so upset I was sobbing. I should have sued, I called the hosp. after I got home and told the Mgr of the place. I was never so embarrassed in all my life, totally made me look like I was seeking drugs. Has anyone had an abscessed tooth w/ the whole side of your face swollen up? You know the pain is worse than natural childbirth. I am so sick of the government controlling doctors now, it's pretty simple, if someone has an MRI or Xrays that prove what is wrong with them then help them to control their pain and their quality of life.

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Can one take oxycodone and morphine sulfate the same day? I have both but only take the oxy as the morphine doesn’t seem to work as well or at all. The oxy is 30mg and the morphine is also 30mg. Prescribed dose on the oxycodone is three times a day as is the morphine but dr said definetly not to take them together. I have been on the oxy for many years. Thanks in advance for the reply.pain lady. P.S. how about Kratom?

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Re: rickey (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

That means you have a problem. Unless you have been talking large doses of narcotics over a period of time, 150mg of morphine sulfate should be sufficient for most people. If you have a terminal illness maybe you should talk to your doctor about another drug such as methadone or Dilaudid. Good luck, I get the feeling that you are an abuser.

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My doctor switched me from oxycontin 30mg ER to morphine sulfate 30mg ER... I also went from oxycodone 10/325 to morphine sulfate 15 mgs and I don't feel as much relief as I did before, so he said we would try this combo for a month. If they are equal why do I feel more pain?

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Roxy and oxy are not the same med. Roxy is generic for Vicodin Roxy has Hydrocodone in it while oxy is Percocet and has Oxycodone and Tylenol in it , as does the Roxy( Tylenol in it)

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I believe u are right oxycodone are better .....i can't find a doctor to prescribe me them.....is that bad thing???? I have bad back problems and i am just looking for someone's opinion

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I've been in chronic & severe pain for years. After being in a marriage where my husband beat me so badly. I was also in an automobile accident when I was 17 years old. Ive had several head injuries. I can't even begin to tell anyone the pain I'm in. Also, have had 12 surgeries. I have chronic adhesions. I'm also hypothyroidism. Oxycodone is making me ill. It's driving me crazy. From everything I've read my thyroid if running on the high side. It's like I'm over stimulated. I use to take mepergan. The doctor is going to put me on 30 mg of morphine 3 x daily and take me off the 5 oxy's I take now. I don't understand why she didn't catch this problem. On my own I had the lab tech to send me a copy of my thyroid panel. Lord & behold it's running on the high side. I've been nervous, irritable, crying. Felt like my brain was vibrating. Now blood is coming from my nose. You know how one gets moisture in ones nose? I think the oxy is drying my sinus's. I told my doctor how my head gets sore. I have throbbing migraines, on my forehead. I have pain in my left eye. I also have these bumps in my throat. My doctor thinks it's gerd. I sleep with my head in an up-right position, so I don't have to take acid meds. They do not agree with me. I'm having memory problems as well. I told her I don't need any kind of stimulant pain meds, along with taking thyroid medicine. I've done my own research. I could over dose. I'm like a live wire. When I took the mepergan, I never felt the jitters or hyper, like I do now. I can take 5 -- 10 mg of oxy a day for pain. The most my body allows is 4. I don't feel so jittery if I only take 3 but, the pain is so bad, I take at leat 4 daily. I'm taking my doctor the ones I haven't used. I feel like 30 mg of morphine is not going to be equal to what I'm taking now. I read where 45 mg of morphine is equal to 10 mg of oxycodone. Any suggestions?

I know morphine is longer lasting. She gave me 10 mg of morphine before, to see if it would do okay. Like I couldn't even feel any difference, in the pain. She had me on a 25 mg fentanyl patch. Which I had her to take me off because it kept me awake. I DO NOT sleep well anyway. When one is in chronic pain, they do not get quality rest. I use tens units, heating pads, ice packs, xcetra. Besides the back pain and chronic pain with that and the chronic pain with adhesions, in my abdomen, secondary to hysterectomy. They've gone in 6 times already because of adhesions bounding me up. My bowels even. I also suffer front Fibromyalgia. AND, other diseases. I have nerve pain. Feels like a bee sting. Electric shock. Now, l have burning in my little toe. They tried me on neurontin, but, it affects my heart. I wised I lived near where I could drive myself back to the pain clinic. My muscles are rigid. I have muscle spasms. I get relief from muscle rubs. I mean, it puts me to sleep. It feels like heaven. That is what I need on a daily basis. I can't drive to any rehab places on my own. Have no family. Son lives out of state. I'm on disability. I wonder why my doctor can't get me a social worker? I'm in my sixties. Well enough said. Didn't mean to say so much. I'm in much pain and miserable. I have no life. I do know this: any doctor who gives their patients pain meds that is a stimulate, like oxy, shouldnt. If they take thyroid meds. So morphine is more like a downer. They gave me something in the hospital. Dilaudid. Anyway, my doctor says she can't give me that but, can give me morphine. I just don't understand. Morphine to me, is a potent pain med. I know it's longer acting. I would rather have the morphine instead of the oxy. At least it won't hype me up. Any advice would be appreciated. Maybe a doctor will read this.

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For the nerve pain you dont need a narcotic thats the wrong medication you should ask about a somewhat high dose of gabapentin. Its worth a shot anyway,it was developed for exactly what you have.

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I am so sorry to hear of your pain. Most people don't really realize what constant pain does to a person. I went through all the meds you have listed except the lyrica (too new for me) and the dilaudid. Nothing I tried worked, if it did not for very long, then my tolerance would go up and up went the dosages. I've found the only thing that works every time (I don't want to offend anyone) is medical marijuana. It is the only thing in the last 20 years that has kept me on my feet. I've got so many issues I told the doctor's to just put a zipper up my spine so they could open me up over and over. So medical marijuana.....Don't use one with a high thc count, in fact something with the lowest thc count. You want the highest cbd count. The cbd goes right to the central nervous system and works, for me, with only two or three hits of it. I smoke it cause I don't get the quick and constant effect that eating it in something gives. Eating it in cookies or whatever takes much longer because it has to go through your digestive system and it also looses some of the potency going that way. You can purchase cbd items through amazon and several other places. Again there is no thc in it, if there was it couldn't be sold by amazon. Cbd really is the miracle that so many people, children and even our dogs use for pain that prescriptions just don't. Just a thought and my own opinion. It is worth a try, you've got nothing to lose except maybe a $20.00 bill. There are many info sites for research. Good luck. My recommendation comes from 23 years of prescriptions that didn't work and 23 years of a few puffs on a good cbd smokeless pen that has kept me on my feet.

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