3 Sided White Pill With A Score And No Other Markings

Emily Says:

It's supposed to be a 2mg clonazepam. Came from the phillipines. The pharmacy is called suraksha pharma pvt. Ltd. also says naze-2
White, 3 sided with a score on one side and no other marking at all.
Are they legit? Any help is apprecaited

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David Says:

Hi Emily,

I agree, it can be difficult to tell if a pill from overseas is legit or not. I try to find clues based on how the manufacturer's website looks and whatever feedback I can gather from other user's experiences. I can tell you that from what I've seen so far, "Suraksha Pharma" does look like a legitimate company, so it's very likely that it could be a real tablet.

Apparently Suraksha Pharma does "contract manufacturing", and aren't necessarily the only ones coming up with the formula for each drug, because of that. However you may just need to contact them directly regarding your inquiry to find out more specific details:


I hope this helps!

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Danimal Says:

Hi Emily. I just recently purchased the same form of clonazapam from a Suraksha pharmacy in india and was wondering if you found out anything regarding the legitimacy of this medication. I have taken a few in the last few hrs and feel no different at all. So if you have any info, I would greatly appreciate it.

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ChronicStresser Says:

I have been on this medicine for 12 years now for anxiety. I recently had my insurance cut off and had come across the clonazapam from a Suraksha pharmacy while over seas. Not only are these pills sketchy they smell horrible. They have a very strong chemical smell and crumble into dust of you try and break them at the score mark. I personally think they are junk and would throw them out as they do nothing but taste and smell terrible. Not too mention India has a wonderful habit of using filler in their pills such as chalk, paint, lead, etc. Regardless how one feels about the FDA they do have regulations in place to confirm that pills are legitimate. I know it sucks to be without this medicine especially if your have horrible anxiety. Sucks even more when you have been on them for 12 years and you loose your insurance and have to come off them cold turkey.

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