2mg Lorazepam By Qualitest Or Actavis/watson - Any Difference

Angela Says:

I just refilled a prescription for 2mg Lorazepam but this time I got a much larger pill manufactured by Qualitest. The previous med I was taking was manufactured by Actavis/Watson…. Has anyone noticed a difference in symptoms?

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Angela! How are you? Have you tried taking it, yet?

They are just manufactured by different companies, but the medication itself is the same.

The FDA warns that it carries the risk of being habit forming and could cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache and irritability.

I've taken the one by Qualitest before and it worked well for me, but that was several years ago.

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edsel c Says:

I have been taking Ativan/lorazipan for a long time, it seem every time I find a brand I like they stop making it, right now I am taking qualitest 1mg, and it works best for me

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winjy Says:

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What are you taking now? Qualitest is discontinued.
Qualitest worked well for me.
I am trying to find one that works but it is hard.

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Jo Says:

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I take Actavis brand but the pill is stamped Watson and its a 2 mg tablet. It works well for me

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