20mg Oxycodone Immediate Release

barbieann Says:

I just started the 20mg Immediate release,3 a day and my pharmacy that i have used for years stated my Dr. would have to increase my meds within 2 months to at least 4 a day. Just wondering why he doesnt have me on a long acting pill and are the immediate release oxycodones better??? 3rd stage cancer suvivor,DDD in cervical and lumbar,neuropathy,herniated discs and 8 surgeries in the past 3 years... Whats the best out there, have tried the MS Contin and now finally have full insurance.. any replies greatly appreciated

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Barbieann! How are you?

There is no way to say for sure that you'll need an increase that fast, it can actually vary from person to person, depending on your tolerance to narcotics.

And these aren't immediate release, that's only available in a 5mg capsule. This is actually a regular release, that takes about 15 to 20 minutes to start working, once you swallow it.

As to why he doesn't have you on a long acting medication, that is something you would need to ask him, but he may have thought that it just wasn't necessary, yet. Starting off lower, rather than jumping straight to the most potent and long lasting ones gives you somewhere to go in the future, so you don't run out of options.

The most potent available would actually be Fentanyl.

This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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frank Says:

try Hydromorphcontin 24 mg slow release 2 a day and 1 mg for in between , I find that does help a lot, I also have chronic pain and tried everything, these do help but give it few days to kick in body.

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Barbieann Says:

Well I don't understand about the long acting and him not prescribing something. I have tried a TON and now that it doesn't cost me out the ass, i'm on the short term and as of right now, I can barely do anything. I have upcoming surgeries,Neck,Back,and I'm also told both of my shoulders.... I'm only 42 and it's really starting to get to me, I don't insufflate or do whatever else with my medicine but I need some relief, as much as the medicine do. I know they don't take away all the pain but I'm really really at my end...WHAT should I talk to him about getting???/ TY for the reply....

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sunshine Says:

I have been on Oxycodone 10th immediate related tabs for about 6-7 mths. I take 2 at a time and maybe at the most 4 a day. Took us SEVERAL med changes to find the right cocktail. Found out in 2013 I needed a right hip replacement bad..bone on bone! Only had s***ty insurance had to wait a year to get ready for it then had a massive heart attack Jan24th. Had to wait another year for heart to heal. In June went in a wheelchair cuz I could no longer walk! Surgery NOW is Feb 9th!!! Yay can wait. I love this med!

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jayson Says:

Hi I have some RPh 20 mg I white and round in shape are theses oxys???

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Dory Says:

I'm on 130 mgs of MsContin 3X a day for the past 12 years. Plus, only 4-15 mg Oxy a day for breakthrough pain!!! My pain is horribly unbearable because my Pain clinic was bought out by a Corp. and "& THEY" make the rules & limits!!! I'm treated like a drug addict, but today topped everything they've ever done to me!!! I'm due to have a Verry painful surgery next Monday, my drive to the clinic is an HR. & 1/2. I called to tell them I was behind an accident, but on my way...(I see senior citizens come in late all the time-no offense senior citizens)... I needed to get my RX's to day Not Monday, because im in surgery all day. The receptionist just 'told me off, & said I should have planned better, all the way down to the PA who has gotten Verry rude lately, told me I had to come in Mon. They Don't seem to get it, I CANT!! I asked if my husband cud p.u. My Rx on Monday. No one would agree. What the heck am I supposed to take for pain after surgery? But, what I hadn't realized until my drive home, was the message by my nurse of my Dr. Ghandi, had left for me!! And no-one bothered to check, they just left me crying in the waiting room!!! ...She said, "my appt. was at 2:00pm, but as long as I made it there before they closed, at 3:30pm, I would be seen!!! I've been going there for over 12 years!!! I'm twice the age of some of these young, uncaring, rude, little (well, not little here) "BRATS"", that just fought me up one side, & down the other, w/ NO SYMPATHY FOR MY TEARS!!! I left a message on my way home telling the nurse line (the Only place to leave a msg.,) how much of an abomination the staff was to me, all the while I had a msg on my phone, 3 minutes b4 I walked thru the door, telling me I was WELCOME UNTIL THEY CLOSED!!! I pray I can send a copy if thus msg to the nurses line before Monday, & that same nurse gets her msg, after I tell her how I was treated!!! Either way, I found another Pain Clinic that is Not Ran by a Big Corp!!! I'm super excited to meet them, June 7th... Any prayers would be Great!!

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Helper223 Says:

MS contin is morphine. I have several chronic conditions and went thru MANY different medications before my pain specialist found a combination of medication that actually helped my specific situation. Keep in mind that each individuals tolerance, metabolism, and body chemistry are different. Not to mention any other X factors that may be involved. However when we landed on extended release oxycodone (oxycontin) I went through 2 dosages. I started at 20mg every 12hrs and eventually he upped it to 40mg. Then I also take 20mg instant release for any pain that can break through the extended release. Now I live almost pain free. However, these dosages invite trouble if you have any sort of addiction issues or even know an addict. So take care. I hope I helped in some way and hope you find relief for whatever hurts. I know what it's like to live in literally CONSTANT agony, and it's frustrating when it seems like almost the entire medical field is more concerned with covering their butts more than helping anybody when it comes to opioids anymore. Its actually sad. So I feel for you and anyone else in these situations. Good luck.

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Derrick Says:

They love to point the finger like you are doing something wrong. People just cant mind there own business.the truth is a lot of people are in pain and need them period.what people dont understand the "high" you get is actually the medicine takeing your pain away - period!!!! And I'm glad that people that are hurting and in pain are allowed to get the pain meds they need without someone calling them an addict!! Its usually the pot smokers!!!!!

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Jessica Says:

Use the oxy IR (immediate release) because they work quickly vs the oxycontin (continuous release), which takes all day to feel the med.
Good luck with that.

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Meg Says:

Where are u located state wise? Im in texss. It of states have different things and laws

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Tman Says:

I got a prescription for 90 x 20mg oxycodone taken 1 every 4 to 6 hours as needed. How long before I can reorder?

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Roy Says:

Re: Tman (# 11) Expand Referenced Message

It should last you about a month unless you're maxing out your dose and frequency.

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