2089 V Not As Effective!!!

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I've been on xanax for over two years and have had multiple different drug makers for the generic form of this pill. The maker of this particular pill, Qualitest, is the absollute worst. I've had to take three times the amount of pills to feel the same way I do on any other manufactureres pill. It's so bad that we took the bottle back to the pharmacy and told them they can just throw them out becaue it's garbage. Please don't accept xanax from the maker Qualitest. I promise you will be dissapointed!!

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Verwon Says:

This tablet is supposed to contain 1mg of Alprazolam, the active ingredient in Xanax. The reason I say supposedly is that I have read several complaints recently on different Vintage/Qualitest products and their not being effective.

I am not sure what's going, having not experience it myself, but there may be quality control issues or something.

Thank you, so much, for posting a warning for our future site users, perhaps it will save someone a lot of problems.

Have you been able to obtain the ones that work for you, again, yet?


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ogreenleaf Says:

Here we go i keep finding people complaing on Qualitest Pharma brand generic......people go to the FDA site and fill out complaints ....without complaints nothing will ever change...and you could save another the pain of going thru this. sometimes the med in question is not pain med and could be something as a blood pressure med that is way more important to life....so complain...these generic companies must be watched more closely.
.I have written Qualitest of their hydrocondon/ibuprofen pain med....it is not to be believed how different it is.......over the years I have been on and off some kind of hydrocodone mixture....name brand and generic....there has been some difference but this was rediculous..... even doubling the dose did not kill pain and i was only taking teva's a half at a time three times daily......and was out of pain......nausea...headache...a brain fog.....almost fell over at work ,made me loose my sense of balance... and flu like symptoms .i have never had these before on any hydrocodone and one time i took them for a whole year. have been back on teva brand now for 24 hrs and all is well....sore throat feeling is gone already so it is the med from qualitest which is vintage brand with a v on one side.

by the way my pharmacy contacted my doctor and got another prescription and refilled them at their expense....free. so three cheers for walgreens.

love and light

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gj Says:

I too have a problem with Qualitest Hydrocodone not helping with pain and causing me to be dizzy. Having taken other brands since an auto accident that worked to reduce pain, my first thought when I got dizzy from the Qualitest brand was that the Pharmacy had put the wrong pills in the bottle. I found your responses because I did a search to see if anyone else was having the same problem. I will take your advice and let the FDA know about my experience. Thanks for sharing

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Popsuta Says:

I've been on Xanax for a few years now .The Xanax mfg by Qualitest is the worst.I also had to take three time the amount to feel the same way,and this was just 1mg. How can I get a stronger med.My doctor say's he has no control over the issue. The Pharmacy's issue what is givin to them,I guess?And I'm affraid to purchase them over the internet.What should I do?

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kathy Says:

I have been on xanax also and have never had a problem, i recently received a prescription for Qualitest xanax 1 mg, i knew they looked different since they were darker blue, i too find i used to be able to take one and it would help, i can take 3 and feel like i have taken nothing. Therefore i am going thru them faster- did the pharmacy replace them for you?? I am disgusted as i have chronic lyme and have severe anxiety and have never run into this problem. How did you resolve this??

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tommy Says:

when i got Rx'ed it i was on Clonzepam before, the Xanax did settle things down in a faster way but didnt keep me for long, it would be panic-take 1-2 0.5mgs-then like 2-3hrs. later i would be shaking again. My doc at the time refused to put me back on clonazepam becuse he said they are all THE SAME. this is knew was incorrect n xanax doesn't saty in you're system long that's why u gotta keep taking one and one. But for fun take 3-5 0.5's is fun woah!

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ogreenleaf Says:

i called my pharmacy and they called my doctor and she approved another prescription and the pharmacy filled it for free. Don't know whether it was at their cost or qualitest's but it got refilled. This was walgreens which did this. the difference in the hydrocodones was not to be believed ....i was taking as i said 1/2 of teva/s and 2 of qualitest still didn't do it for me plus some nausea which i have never experienced. I even wrote the drug companies....never heard back from qualitest but teva did write and said they get the same response from ones who are orginally on qualitest or another brand and then get changed to theirs.....saying theirs does not kill the pain the same....they could only attribute it to the fillers and or binders being used and the personal way the body gets used to one brand first. but again i have changed brands before and been on more powerful pain meds and never have i had this problem with them as i did qualitest.....my pharmacy now knows not to fill anything i get with qualitest brands.
----your pharmacy should handle this for you is your answere----- ....no reason you should have to take something that doesn't work when you had something that did.....you are the consumer.....just because it is drugs doesn't affect this human right.....in fact this should be more important than other products we buy.
love and light

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underground Says:

yea those v2089 xanax are garbage.. ive been on several different brands for over 10 years, and these are by far the worst.. i prefer greenstone or geneva geneva brand xanax.. those qualitest ones were horrible, i even snorted 3 mg at once and didnt even feel the effects of one normal pill of 1mg

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RB in Florida Says:

Qualitest 1 mg xanax is very effective....I find it to be just as good as Sandoz....

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RB in Florida Says:

Qualitest 1mg generic xanax are very effective. Believe me, you'd be singing a different tune if you had to take the 2 mg Mylans....terrible....Again, I've seen on forums where people like Qualitest just as much as Sandoz and more than Dava....quit whining....

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JOE Says:


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janedoe Says:

what pharmacy does not use qualitest brand because i refuse to take these, they do not work at all and something needs to be done about this!! so i know Walgreen pharmacies hand them out, what about rite aid, or walmart. and what is in these that makes them NOT WORK???

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Stellar fellar Says:

Um I agree the Mylan round purple ones don't work I took two today and it did nothing. I like the light baby blue some call light purple whatever aka purple footballs which I believe is 3mg two of them equal a bar! Now I just took a BRIGHT BRIGHT ASS BLUE football "oval shaped" Xanax and I've been hearing they are 1mg??? Is that true because I was paying as much for them as I was the 3mg light blues....regardless the bright ass blue ones SUCK deff. Don't snort them they light your nose on fire no kidding you'll be coughing for 10 to 15 minutes and your eyes water up like crazy and now it feels like my throats on fire....I've been trying to research about these f***ers but I can't find anything (just that ppl don't like them) if your a snorter then of coarse your not going to like them they are NOT smooth like the light purple footballs (my fav) ....I just want to know why they BURN SO DAMN BAD AND LITTERALLY CANNOT STOP COUGHING THIS IS HORRIBLE the other ones don't do this to me!!! And work 100X better!

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kai Says:

No kidding, quit whining. It's all mental. I've had every type in production and the v 2089 was just fine. It actually hit me really well. I wouldn't recommend snorting them, I believe this is the only real difference I've noticed. They create a pretty intense burning sensation, and they have a horrible taste. But as I've stated the equality in potency remains.

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Joe Says:

The same thing happened to me with qualitest. For insurance I swithched to Rite Aid and they filled Hydrocodone. It was Qaulitest and it did almost nothing to help with my pain. I will refuse to take this any longer, I will have to shop for another Pharmacy after waiting a month. Walgreen stopped taking my insurance or I would have stuck with them. Wal greens offers a different MFR. Pass this on, Qualitest is taking away from the quality of life having to put up with pain. Something should be done!!!

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Hedda1227 Says:

I too had almost zero pain relief using the Qualitest Norco 5/325. I fill my scripts at Target- the same location every month for a year. Then when I got the Qual norco instead of normal pills- I was bummed cuz I had heard about the issues with Qualitest brand. I was too embarrassed to say anything to the pharmacy, so I ended taking double or even triple the dose! The following month I asked my Dr to hand write my script instead of call it in so that way I could check 1st on which brand Target would release to me. Long story short- Target only carries Qual not Malinckot (?)
I asked the pharmacist at Target about the issues with Qual, and she said to me.....
"Pharmaceutical mans. are allowed to use between 85% & 105% of the actual hydrocodone and with that being such a wide spread, some peoples' bodies will process the pill differently and they WILL be able to tell a difference in the lack of pain medication compared to a pill manufactured with MORE of the pain med ingredient."
It IS NOT in your head- we CAN feel the difference! She said she gets the complaint about Qualitest- & because its a lower cost pill, more pharmacies are chosing it because of price comparison. Sucks cuz Target was convenient and I know everyone there, but I had to switch to CVS- and I HATE the pharmacy employees at mine!!

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Ridgerunner007 Says:

In the USA, prescription only meds, "that are the generic equivalent of the Brand original med", are only
"partially regulated" IMHO. Yes, the FDA absolutely does quality control testing, for the "bioequivalence" of any med, that is legally manufactured, to be sent to licensed wholesalers who in turn sell to legal "walk in pharmacies". The rules are the generic must have 80% minimum of the same chemical formula, as the original.
The FDA goes as far as to have a subsidiary, called a
Orange Book rating, with exactly, 18 rating
catagories, no 1 is "AA" to no 18 "EE". What is not checked out by the Food & Drug Administration, is, the
"Bioavailability" (how the body breaks down the active ingredient) nor, the 20% of the "fillers and buffers",
which can make a significant difference, how the patient, feels relief for taking the drug in question? The answer is not simple, different manufacturer's use often
very different, fillers and buffering agents, in their pills, including all controlled substances.
1. Another reason, is that the more prescriptions one,
needs for good health, the higher often, this so called
bioavailability factor comes into play, why? Some meds
are given priority, as to how the human liver, processes, different meds, and this could slow down, the absortion rate, (another way of putting this, is that just two pills, like a anti-depressant, and, a benzo, can
cause competition, once swallowed, as to how the body breaks down the pills, especially, the closer, the timing one takes each pill.
2. A relatively recent development, is that, since the the millinium, especially, the past 5 yrs, in the USA,
more and more chemicals, to make the final product, in the USA, comes from chemical manufacturer's in foreign countries, and shipped to say a DEA approved
manufacturer. This can effect the bioavailability of how the human body breaks down the pill.(cheap fillers)
3. In the past 10 years, again, especially the past 5 yrs,
many USA pharmaceutical firms, have a foreign parent
pharma mfg, that owns the majority of the USA pharma
mfg, if not 100% of the USA made end result. Some
examples, Teva of Israel, owns, 2 USA made, mfg
plants, since December of 2008, (Barr and Pliva). I know of several more examples, but I am trying to
summarize, and not create a wall of text.
4. Hypnotics C-IV, and some C-II stimulants, have been examples, of, much, complaining, on the internet.
5. Example, during the yr 2008, there were sixteen,
(16) competitors in the generic marketing of much more inexpensive replacements for USA "Ambien". That same year, USA Xanax had eleven (11) generic
competitors, manufacturing generic Xanax, your rx bottle would say, alprazolam. There are more generic Xanax manufacturers, but I did not count them, as they are bulk powder, sold usually only to Compounding pharmacies, sometimes vials or ampules only.
6. Vicodin, had, seventeen (17) generic manufacturers
competing with one another, in various, combinations,
of hydrocodone, with either acetaminophen, Ibuprofen,
or, phenylephrine, potassium guaiacolsulfonate, "just in the tablet form only" Source: REDBOOK
7. Roche Valium, had, six (6) generic competitors, of the tablet form, in year 2009, (Source: REDBOOK,
Pharmacy's Fundamental Reference 2009 edition,
pg 383, 384, 385. ISBN 978-1-56363-7063 "113th
year of publication) by Thomson-Reuters.
8. Roche Valium had sixteen (16) generic competitors
fourteen years earlier: Source PDR Generics.
ISBN 1-56363-118-0

9. IMHO, personally, I would be cautious, if a pharmacist filled out any prescription by Generic
manufacturer's with foreign parents.Hdqtrs, such as
Ranbaxy (India) or Teva (Israel), who built up their
business, selling a majority of their stock, originally,
to 3rd world countries, they are very familiar with the cheap fillers and binders, to be competitive in the USA
the bottom line, is cost containment, to boost product
sales, especially, to large USA chain pharmacies, such as Wal-Mart, or even grocery store chains, with a
pharmacy in the supermarket. I have experienced a difference so weak, that, I refuse to accept certain,
manufacturers, and ask the Pharmacist "upfront" what choices of generic manufacturers, do I have, for my brand new prescription.
10. Tolerance, is a factor, we all know about, and I will
say no more about that subject. Do research on the
Internet, to find out who own's who, with so many
corporate mergers today, with strong foreign influence.

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Hedda1227 Says:

I love the below response- THANK YOU FOR THE BREAKDOWN!! Now I can copy this and show disbelievers!!!

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linwin Says:

Thank you everybody re: Qualitest and hydrocodone; Kaiser just switched to Qualitest from Mallinckrodt, and the norco 10/325 are so very bad! They do not work at all, and the acetaminophen will, I'm sure, still poison your liver. And it looks like it was this way in 2010, also. I want to complain loudly for a change; anybody know how? And though it will cost me a young fortune I will have to take my prescription to Walmart where they still use Mallinckrodt, today anyway, 12/09/12. I have to have them for any quality of life at all.

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linwin Says:

Kaiser switched to Qualitest, and their norco 10/325 is worse than useless. I will have to go to Walmart although it will cost me a small fortune; they still use Mallinckrodt, and I have to have it for any quality of life at all. thanks to everybody who reported this so I can prove it's not just 'in my head'.

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