2017 Adderall Not Working

Addie Rall Says:

I've noticed that the last three years in a row around this time either at the Adderall generic Sandoz brand is on backorder or suddenly the pills don't have the same affect. So in essence the pharmacy and drug manufacturers I getting paid while patients suffer without the proper medication. Has anyone else had this happen this month? I am taking the Adderall generic 30 milligrams twice a day I feel like I haven't taken anything.

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Verwon Says:

What are the markings on the one they've provided you with?

I'm sorry, but I need this information in order to research more information on it for you. Can you please post back and clarify?

The FDA warns that this medication carries the risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, nervousness, insomnia, and anorexia.

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Slisap03 Says:

YES YES YES!!! Same issue. I took double my dose last week accidentally b/c I feel back asleep after taking it and forgot I took it!

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Starlight Says:

100% agree! Sandoz 30 twice a day and sometimes 3 times a day does not have the same affect it did. I began noticing this in 2017. I thought it was me. I took a holiday from it and still nothing. They make me tired and foggy. I also could eat large subs throughout the day. How dare they do this?!

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Shim Says:

Your are correct. They suck! We are being totally ripped off. I take the 20mg Generic Sandoz Adderall 3x per day. This year and especially my most recent prescriptions from May as well as June have been totally worthless. I've taken two already today and can still barely drag. It's like withdrawal because there is simply nothing in them! It's so frustrating considering you are paying for something you are not getting! In Kentucky, where I live, greedy legislators want to pocket money from legal suits won against pharmaceutical companies. They can't do it directly since it is supposed to go to the state. So, this is what they do... they buy loads of stock in the companies who do drug panels and rehabs. Then they turn around and make the most insanely strict laws on the continent when it comes to getting anything controlled. Even if you have never had a drug problem, you still have to take as well as pay for a U/A before getting something controlled. This is to ensure you aren't selling your medication. It's so irritating to think that you have to go through all this hassle only to get absolute junk medication such as this. This crap is so ineffective I don't see much point in even being treated anymore.

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Mouse1021 Says:

Which brand do you have now? Is it Auribundo?
I have found the following to be effective in the folllowing order by the best to worst. Sandoz round all around, Corpharma, Teva and Barr. Auribundo is in my opinion counterfeit.

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James Says:

I find Teva generic Adderall IR to be very potent, much more so than Sandoz or Corepharma.

Whatever you decide -- avoid-- at all costs generic Adderall IR manufactured by Mallinckrodt

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fromnyc Says:

I take the generic 20 mg version manufactured by CoreLabs dispensed by CVS (who say they have no plans to change suppliers). For at least the last 3 prescriptions from March through July I have noticed a lack of potency. I take my morning dose and fall back asleep. The first batch started crumbling and I thought maybe I was storing them in too warm of an environment, but took precautions in storing them and experienced no change. Still seeing pills swelling looks like a moisture problem or the fact that they no longer have a coating that protects them. I had inserted desiccants supplied by CVS to see if would help. I just think they were either reformulated improperly or purposefully- who knows. I find it alarming the reports that all generic brands have problems of potency from viewing the chat log. I urge everyone to contact their manufacturer and report. I contacted CoreLabs and got contacted by [[email protected]] who claim they are investigating. Anyone here using the brand name Adderall? I would try to get it filled by my insurance if it was more effective than the generic. I had no problem with the oval generic but can't remember when I stopped getting those.

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Jglo Says:

@fromnyc wrote; "I had no problem with the oval generic but can't remember when I stopped getting those." Unfortunately fromnyc, it doesn't matter any more, even those are ineffective now. It is criminal what these companies are doing! We are paying our doctors a lot of money so that they will prescribe this much needed medicine to us but these GREEDY PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES are screwing with us by NOT putting the "main pharmaceutical" or the "effective amount of pharmaceutical" into each dose! IE; Aurolife, Barr/Teva, CorePharma, Aurolife, Mallinckrodt, Sandoz/Eon. THE FDA, DEA, BIG PHARMA HAS BAITED MILLIONS OF US WITH THIS MEDICATION, JUST TO RIP IT AWAY FROM US! It's unfortunate that if they don't remedy this greedy fiasco soon, I am sure we will find a way to obtain it in other ways.

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No Says:

I've had the same experience. My insurance will only send to CVS and now I have a bottle of sugar pills. The generics have always been hit or miss in their formulation, but this particular bottle is just tablets of chalk or something. I found this thread trying to figure out what happened his time.

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ghm290 Says:

I get my adderall 30mg IR from CVS (South Carolina) and it’s the corepharma generic brand. It works extremely well for me! I picked it up on Tuesday and have been SUPER busy, focused, etc. I also like it because it reduces my appetite. I can go all day and forget to eat (or drink). Love it! Hope you find one that works of you, too.

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TLT Says:

The 20 nor the 30mg are working for me. Aurobindo made me a nut and Teva is 80% diluted...I am about to take a drug panel and see if it's in my system. They are supposed to be 80% of brand name...am I right?

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Ryan Says:

You are correct. This last refill from Teva, I honestly believe it has about 60-70% of what it should have

Also, for the first time while taking Teva IR, I feel irritable and depressed

This is not how Teva once was.....

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James Says:

I encourage anyone who is encountered this product, especially if you have Teva (the orange colored pill) that you go to the FDA website and fill out a complaint. There really is something wrong. People need to be proactive. It is very easy and it doesn't take very long to do… Do it!

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allie Says:

YES! I am having the SAME EXACT issues! I was taking the pink COREPHARMA's 30 mg which were AMAZING!--better than BRAND even, and then 2 scripts later--HORRIFIC! The differences were so astounding it is unbelievable. Then I just picked up some for my ex under the name of MALINKRODT--OMG. don't even try them! They're bad and only dexidrine! It's like bad drugs or something --they are very very BAD. TEVA is disgusting. They give me the WORST side effects. My conclusion is try to find SANDOZ 30 mg or switch to SHIRE'S (the original mfr of brand) authorized generic under the name PRASCO --THEY are ONLY MAKING XR though right now. I'm thinking about switching to XR, but some ppl taking PRASCO say it sucks too! I'm flippin fed up with this BS. I'm about to just have to come off of it I think, but it staves off my depression--except this new s*** is giving me DEPRESSION!

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Jglow Says:

TLT - Did you by chance get the results from your drug panel? I wish there was a way to test these take pills, but surely a drug panel would reveal the truth. Please let us know the results. Thanks!

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Exhaused Unfocused Says:

I started getting brand after generic didn't provide any help but found the brand is no different if not worse.

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Jglo Says:

This is ridiculous that we are all having to go through this! I had always been satisfied with Sandoz brand, UNTIL this year! That past few months I have flip-flopped between getting Barr and Sandoz. I couldn't really decide because they both have become hit or miss. BUT this month I picked up the Sandoz brand and I am soooo depressed, anxious, unmotivated, just gross feeling! I have NO energy or desire do do anything. In fact, I feel like I just want to tell my family to go fend for themselves because I just want to sleep until this month is over and MAYBE next month I can find a better brand! I am sick of this crap! I am so disgusted with our FDA for allowing this to happen. These damn pharmaceutical companies can just mix up a batch of pez candy and sell it to us as a high cost pharmaceutical! I am so pissed off with them right now that I could poke their eyeballs out! Sorry for my rant- I had to vent though!

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fromnyc Says:

From the various posts there seems to be problems with all the generics. Someone also said here they got the non generic and also bad - I thought this was not even available anymore. Everyone please send complaint to FDA They should know of all brands with problems. It is as pain but hopefully they will look into the matter. link https:/­/­www.fda.gov/­Safety/­ReportaProblem/­default.htm
You need the LOT number as well as the NDC # (CVS does not put lot # on the bottle and I could not get LOT information except what was presently on hand in the pharmacy). Important - When you go to fill your prescriptions tell them you also want the LOT number. The problem I am seeing seems to be the coating not stable and thus moisture ruins the efficacy. May also be lower than 80% equivalency to begin with. FDA asks if you have any on hand to send a sample if they need it. I also sent info today to CVS corporate I am tired of all this as well.

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Allie Says:

Grab up what they got left of that Corepharma cuz they just discontinued. That's leftover stock from the good stuff!

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fromnyc Says:

Can I ask what part of the country you live in? The lots you get cannot be the same as mine. You do not see any degradation/change of color?

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