2011 30 Mg Oxycodone Shortage

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pcrwriter Says:

I am a 51 y/o who lives in Florida, suffering from chronic back pain, and have been prescribed to take up to six 30mg oxycodone tablets a day for over two years by my Pain Management doctor. However, when I went to fill my prescription almost 4 weeks ago, my pharmacy told me their distributor had stopped shipping oxycodone to Florida pharmacies. Since then, I have personally visited about 100 pharmacies but have been unable to find them in stock anywhere. As a former paralegal, I attempted to research the situation, but could only confirm that the DEA has yearly quot on all controlled substances (for oxy's is 98 million grams in 2011). From I gather from the Internet, it appears that the ENTIRE state of FLORIDA is not getting any shipments of oxycodone 30 mg. from distributors, but are other states having this problem as well? Also, can anyone confirm whether (and HOW) the DEA is pressuring distributors to avoid Florida?

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Verwon Says:

This is occurring in various states, all over the U.S. and there has been no explanation provided as to why. It is not listed on the FDA reported shortages list.

The DEA also has no way of making them avoid Florida, when selling their medications to pharmacies and, as I said, this isn't just happening in Florida.


Have you tried talking to your doctor about using an alternative medication in the meantime?

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Joe somebody Says:

I am in a similar situation. I have been taking Roxy's for 6 years now and have followed the laws and doctors order. I am a single father of 3 and was in a really bad auto accident. I do think it is unfair that they are punishing everyone because of the actions of a few. I have to work and when I can hardly get out of bed because of the pain it causes major problems

Now that the data system is in place and they can keep track they should allow the people that follow the rules to get there meds and allow the manufacturers to produce what is needed.

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Paul Says:

Same situation here in central Florida..No Roxicodone 30mg and can't even fill my Oxycontin either 80 mg..About to go into withdrawl..Nobody cares there are some place saying that no insurance is taken either ..This is crazy somebody has to pay.They have this so call system in place for what??

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Comments Says:

I don't buy any of this. My thoughts are that legislators have put a halt to how much of this med reaches Florida. I would kindly write these legislators and tell them what a hardship this putting on your life, trying to function and maintain a job in this economy. The more people that do this may help them understand the needs of a legitimate pain patient. I would suggest in telling them your diagnosis, to help them understand your pain. Tell how you feel each and everyday. Tell them some day this could effect their lives. Fact! 116 million people have chronic pain on a daily basis, not including Military veterans or pallative care reports the IOM Institute of Medicine 2011.

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Wayne Says:

I am 62 years old and have been a pain management patient for 25 years. I was called today by my pharmacy and told they will not be able to fill my prescription I will be out of medication Nov 29th and was told by the pharmacy I can expect to die shortly afterwards they suggest 3-4 days at the best and they are trying to get me my medication but they are sorry there is nothing they can do. I will not go into withdrawal I will probably have a heart attack. I am really happy for all the criminal's who have brought this about including all the powers that are in the food chain responsible for stopping the flow of my medication. I have seen this country decay brick by brick and it saddens me so. I love America but if it means people like me are made the victim by our government without regard for law abiding citizens it is time for a very major change in the way we are. I won't live to see it and at least I will go out with some level of dignity. I guess the old catch phrase ...do it for the children will be shoved up our asses. So now we have a government that holds your hand all the way to the grave.

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Eureka Says:

There is a huge shortage up here in Maryland too. I have been on Oxycodone 30mg, 4x a day for over a year after falling off my horse. My boyfriend also is on oxycodone 30mg 6x a day for over 2 years after some accidents at work. We were able to fill my boyfriends script without a problem two weeks ago and when we tried to fill mine on Monday it has been an absolute nightmare! We don't use this medication to get high by any means and I hate that so many people abuse it and ruin it for everyone else. But anyways there is a shortage all over Maryland, DC and Virginia. We visited at least 30 pharmacies over the last 3 days with no luck. I would at least like to know what's going on with the manufactring companies. It's not right for them to just cut everyone off, they at least need to offer up some kind of alternative for us.

But this has happened with other narcotic medications, for example the oxycotin that was changed so that the pills could not be injected or snorted. If that's the case and their changing the formula at least produce the current formula until we can be changed over.

We are so frustrated too and this is the first place we've found any information on this. At least we know we aren't alone and this seems to be a problem that is becoming widespread around our country.

Let's hope they resolve this soon or can give us some answers ASAP.

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Comments Says:

Folks, You need to do what I suggested. Get with the state leader of The American Pain Foundation In your State! I am a leader of FL., so I know M.D. has more than one. They are pain patients as well. Go to the website, seek your leader and start raising hell! There is NO shortage! The DEA is trying to stop pain management meds. I have a feeling they are wanting to push injections, spinal stimulators, pain pumps. Those things are not aways safe and do not last very long. They give relief for awhile but will fail. Also, your insurance companies will get milked. I'm telling you all this for your best interests. at the website, it will show you the country. Click on your state and you will get the email of your leaders. I am located in Tampa. You won't believe what happened to me today. I went for my appt. for my refill before Thanksgiving and my doctor was gone! closed down! I was very lucky this time, I found a doctor to take me right away. May be being a leader helped but was still very scary. I take the same med you take and I get my refills every month so far. I obtained mine by. Talking to the owner of a pharmacy that caters to seniors and pallitive care patients. I had a meeting with them. Needless to say, Today was day from hell. I wish all of you lots of luck and I hope you do as I suggested. It will help. Strength is in numbers and your leader needs your help. Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

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LCarbo76 Says:

Perhaps a switch to Opana30mg would be a good substitute provided that your Dr is willing. These are becoming more common all the time

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Comments Says:

Opana is not immediate release. It is extended release. Oxycodone is for breakthrough pain. A short acting opiate. I suggest dilauded 8 mg. but have to say that nothing seems work as well as oxy. That's why it's popular. Opana is good for for a main med, but everybody usually needs a rescue med for in between. there a few choices though. Talk to your doctor. Also, please read my prior post. I need all the Fl legitimate pain patients I can get to help fight for our Rights to appropriate, effective pain care. Good Luck

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please don;t spread misinformation.

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Paul Says:

I too live in Florida and to no avail I have not been able to get .My Pharmacy has told me they are on allotment? I think this means if you have cash come on in. If the pharmacies only get 300 per week then they want to make as much $$ as possible..I found 1 pharmacy that will have them next week and guess what $4 per tablet and will not take my PPO insurance, which I pay a fortune for. I guess they feel if the dealers are making $$ then they too need to get in on the action at least thats what I hear..I live in central FL BTW..

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Chris Says:

I to reside in Tampa, and two days before Thanksgiving Day, went to pick-up my regular monthly, hard copy scripts, only to find that my Dr. was gone from the practice and re-located back to Oklahoma. The other MD in this practice reviewed my over 24 month patient of record files, notes, etc. and was told my current meds, will no longer be prescribed, and then had my existing hard copy scripts that I had rec'd future dated for a refill, confiscated. I had brought them into the office, as one of them hadn't been signed, and I stopped by the office for a quick signature, only to have this shiz occur. So now I have 3-4 days of meds left, and am scared of the looming withdrawl symptoms that are "on the way".
So now what? I am 40 y/o, great job, lots of responsibilities, not a drug seeking person that is Dr shopping, but have been made to feel like a dirty, scum-bag, drug addict. Not the case here. I have been under constant, monthly drug tests, blood work, MRI's, whatever my previous Dr ordered, I complied.
Never had a hic-up with FN around with my scripts, have had psychologist analysis, to make myself and Dr more comfortable in knowing I am a stable, responsible adult that fully understands the seriousness of having these scripts prescribed. Full disclosure to my Dr on everything. Everything has been on the up and up, but yet, I am banished from the office, feeling shamed by the entire office staff including receptionists, and the waiting room of 4-5 patients that heard all of this go down in the nurses station right inside the receptionist doorway to the back exam rooms. Very embarassing.
So my ? to you is, what new Dr in Tampa is taking new patients between Thanksgiving and the New Year? NOBODY IS AT ALL. Aside of my soon to come visit to the ER, has anyone got a suggestion of whom I might call. I have all my records, available for review. I just was to get better. These pills are just a temp resolve. But when is enough, enough. I am mostly upset that I was abandoned to fix this mess on my own. I don't want to go into cardiac arrest from "abrupt cessation". I have self started to titrate down my existing meds to hopefully ease into a lighter, less painful withdrawl, but I am just fooling myself I think.
Any ideas for me, anyone? Please. Thanks.
Chris in Tampa, Fl

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Chris Says:

Hi Again Donna,
I Googled American Pain...specific to Florida, and there are many, many offices of the same. Many appear as internet pharms, or some sort of copycat pill mill B.S.

Might you have a hyperlink you can post here or e-mail to me, so that everyone in this forum can be certain that the help you mention, specifically for Florida, can be reached. Thank You Donna. Many thanks indeed.

Chris from Tampa.

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Comments Says:

I sorry you all are having a hard time finding me.I think your looking on FB, no go to the web. A few others have found me.Go to search on the web, then add American Pain Foundation. It will take to the main page. Click on leaders section. It may drop down not sure. This will show a Country wide map. Click on your state(FL). You will then see me. I am Tampa area. I know how you feel. My doctor was closed and not there when I got there On Thanksgiving eave. I was just stunned. I calmly made a few a calls and by the grace of God, I got in to see a doctor the day before a holiday. All these kinds things are why You need to help APF. Just read my online web instructions. Hear from ya soon.

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FED UP Says:


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more fed up Says:

Im reading alot about withdrawls, i don't know if this is true, but I read about a drug called suboxone, which I beleive is given for detoxing in the office, or an office like setting. If possible perhaps you could go to a hospital and ask about this, I know this is a bad situation but please don't hurt yourslef and withdraw at home. I am sure there is a detox or something near you. Go to a major hospital in your area and ask for help. If you get a decent doctor he will help you or point you in the correct direction

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g man Says:

Don't do suboxon program . If your a addict then your problem deal with it . But if u need them like me I was parolized before from a broken back if I don't have meds I will not be able to work or anything else and I can go on welfare I guess. But. I heard if u do that detox program its on your record and if u go to the hospital or anything they will never give u pain meds because you where addicted. So be carefully if u need your meds to get by in life like many war vets or or hurt while serving our country. So if u do that program its on your medical record and if u go in for anything they will give advil or tylonol for pain because u are a adict.

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pcrwriter Says:

Please allow me to thank everyone for helping me to gain a better understanding of the current supply and demand issues,and of course the regulatory issues that affect such.

Chris,I did find the website for the American Pain Foundation, and e-mail address for the leaders of Florida,as follows:

The home address is: painfoundation.org/
The State leaders are: Connie Leon, PharmD, CPh (HCP)

Orlando, FL

Donna Ratliff, PWP
Lithia, FL

As I best understand the situation, in addition to dealing with the fact that we are at the end of the year and thus facing the brunt of the DEA quota. it appears that as a result of legislation enacted by the 2011 Legislature, Florida pharmacies also have a limit as to how many oxycodone tablets each pharmacy can get. Donna is right, there is strength in numbers, but it is just too late to do anything this year.Does anyone know anything about the new pharmacy limit?
You can also go to the website of the American Society of HealthCare Pharmacists @: ashp.org/DrugShortages/Current/

Also, the are two professional organizations in Florida that SOMEONE needs to contact (I can't do it all!):
Amazingly, I now have TWO oxycodone prescriptions, but I am going to take the one I got issued last week back to the Doctor & get Diluadid or oxymorphone.

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Chrissy Says:

Oh Lord knows this is absolute torture!! I went to my drs appt today in such pain from these herniations, but also in withdrawal as my 4x a day dose ended 4 days ago!! I live in broward and had to forfeit m
HALF my script last month-- the dr decided to put me on morphine!! I am really scared to take that!!
My pharmacist told me that the fla D.A. Has stopped all deliveries, sales , etc-- I can't believe what's happened to our country either & just watch this creep get elected again

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Once again- LOOK 'EM UP! You are getting the substance (oxycodone) mixed up with the DELIVERY. The little Oxycodones are immediate release. Oxycontin and whatever replaced it are SLOW release OXYCODONE!

Likewise: Opana. There is Opana ER (Extended Release and Opana plain. THEY are two different delivery systems (or formulations if you prefer) for the drug OXYMORPHONE!

Opana= brand name
Oxymorphone= substance which has been around for many decades.

Oxycontin= delivery system for oxycodone
Little oxycodone's are the SAME SUBSTANCE but immediate release, lower doses (usually).

Please get this straight. After all- informed patients know what they're getting and know how to open a discussion with their physicians. Confusion is something that allows one to be intentionally or unintentionally misinformed. EX: Not 1 out of ten out there realizes that Percocet is 5 mg oxycodone with tylenol (acetominophen, or APAP), just as Percodan was 5 mg oxycodone with aspirin.

Harm Reduction cannot be accomplished without getting informed and staying informed. An informed ADDICT is a safer addict. It's better all the way around to learn it, learn it right and keep learning.

Really there is no excuse for misinformation as addicts are most often SMART people. But you can stay ignorant through laziness. There is nobody in this discussion board without computer skills which includes a working knowledge of Google. So Google your substances; you will hurt yourselves much much less. Patients too: Look UP your meds. Know everything possible about them so you can take an active role in your own treatment!

With self education you have ammunition against someone who knows nothing but accuses you of being a hypondriac when in fact you have fibromyalgia
or some other little known chronic pain condition.

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