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Scramble headed Sabby Says:

I have been weaning off topomax for this past weekend. I am now down to 50mg in the am and 50mg at night. I have memory problems so bad I am no longer working, my hair is thinning, ringing in the ears has worsened and nightmares. I talk and move alot in my sleep. I know sometimes I am talking. Someone else mentioned that and I have that too. I get so sleepy and it hits me all of a sudden. Now that I have read these posts I think this maybe the cuprit afterall.

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Sabby! How are you?

Yes, these anticonvulsants tend to cause side effects just like what you've mentioned, they've been reported by many people that take them.

However, regardless of what you're taking it for, stopping too suddenly could cause seizures, so you should be careful to wean off of it very slowly, following your doctor's advice.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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Scramble headed Sabby Says:

Thanks that was helpful. Since posting this I have seen a neurologist that has ordered an MRI and he said the same thing, just stay on that dosage and do not titrate down any further until then.

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