20 Mg Oxycodone Instant Release

James Says:

Hello i was wondering if they actually do make an oxycodone 20mg IR tablet? Now im on Oxycodone 30mg IR tab #120 1 tab 4 times daily. I suffer from severe debilitating chronic lower back and leg pain. My home # is 480-xxx-xxxx and cell# 480-xxx-xxxx. i was wondering if they do make the ir 20mg tab is there a discount card or help from anybody in paying for the medicine. thanks so much.

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David Says:

Hi James,

The (20mg immediate release) Oxycodone that you are describing is manufactured by KVK Tech. You can view an image of this white round pill simply by searching for "Oxycodone - K 57" in google images.

As far as getting a discount on your prescription, this site does offer a "Free Prescription Drug Discount Card", which could save you anywhere from 10-75% off your RX. You can take a look at it and print it out by visiting the medication discount card page.

I hope this info helps!

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severepain Says:

Need a good dr in tuscaloosa Al, been on roxi 30s and xanax can any one help?

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Bill Says:

They do make oxycodone ir in 20mg tablets. I have been on them for a good while now. I take one 20mg ir oxy 8 times a day. I was on op 60's 3 times a day, but these ir 20's work a million times better

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Natalia Says:

I live in Winter springs Florida and also just was put on 20mg ir oxycodone. However, I cannot find one single pharmacy that carrys it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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absorbaloff Says:

Original patented brandname OXYNORM is made in 5, 10 & 20mg strengths. They are not tablets but capsules.
Here in the UK until only a few months back, there were no generic oxycodone products available at all (patent of 1996 not officially expires until 2016) until Lannacher were licenced to sell OXYLAN, which is modified release but only in certain strengths; for example they do not make 15, 30 or 60mg and the highest are 80mg as opposed to the brand Oxycontin 120mg purple pills.
Oxynorm remains the only instant release oxycodone HCl on the market outwith the US, who did not seem to adhere to the Purdue/Napp/Mundipharma patent for even HALF of the prescribed twenty year period!
Oxynorm 20mg caps are much more effective than any of the American 30mg tablets I have tried - possibly excipients in tabletting affect the takeup and bioavailability - but 20mg Oxynorm (still sold in the US but expensively) gives vastly superior analgesia. Only Actavis (light blue tablet imprinted A215) seemed to come close but certainly did not feel like 30mg of the original capsuled Oxynorm to me!
I see that 120mg Oxycontin are not sold there. On the other hand I believe that Oxycontin itself no longer exists in the US, having been replaced by a plastinated 'OP' which feels around half strength to me and gave me dreadful gastro-intestinal side effects. I suggest that any oxycodone patient over there refuse 'OP' and use only instant release preferably the 20mg capsules. If you are used to 30mg tablets you may not require 30mg of the much stronger (subjectively) Oxynorm caps.

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Jay617 Says:

Hey I noticed you live in az or atleast you have a az number and I also now live here..I'd def like to talk to you more about a few things.

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pamela e motl Says:

I have been on 20mgs oxycodone that is generic for oxytocin. In aug.started changing effect this month is way different don't go to pain.

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sickofCVS1 Says:

Natalia, sorry to hear, your prob.Just a FYI it's harder & harder to get rx's filled here in Fl.My Dr. increased#of my oxcodone mnths ago &only 1 pharm in entire city would fill it,until now,now they have said we'll give u <½take it or leave! CVS,is where I fill all my other rx's & where my insuran pays the most(mind u,Ive been going to same CVS for12yrs & they LIE TO MY FACE Every MNTH of why they CANT Fill my pain meds.The pain exists but,I'm not privey to meds!Hope u have better luck, nothing worse than being in serious pain&after a Dr. Appt spending 2 dys driving trying to get rx filled,that really helps with the pain. OH,LET ME END BY SAYING CVS, U MAKE ME LITERALLY ILL.

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Absorbaloff Says:

Are you referring to me? I often come up OM IP and URL searches as being from Arizona,mthe telephone code is coincidence as it is a UK mobile number from a batch of codes operated by the '3' Network.

However I am, as they say (and as Verwon will confirm, along with my brother who posts as 'minoguesque') AU FAIT with US made opioids and opiates, as the UK does NOT licence some that are USA-only and vice-versa. Frinstance in the UK we are prescribed H. Hydrochloride (and the generic equivalent diamorphine hydrochloride) in both 10mg tablets (dreadfully low bioavailability and dosage required far in excess of, say hydromorphone IR high dosage tabs, which are NOT available here - highest dosage units being 1.3 and 2.6mg PALLADONE caps) and in vials of powder for reconstitution for IM/IV use - it is not stable in liquid form and must be made up immediately prior to administration - of 5/10/30/60/100 & 500mg; we in the UK can not get oxymorphone either, being licenced for human usage only in the USA, meaning I must negotiate with patients there who are able to get scripted with three refills...

It is true that only the Ethex and KVK Tech IR oxycodone is made in 20mg strength, though original brand Oxynorm is STLL available for sale in the USA. Due to the bioavailability issues surrounding Tablets and capsules (binders are notorious for reducing same, note my comment about H. HCl 10mg tabs, and previous comments about the susceptibility of some patients to the binders used in the excellent Mallinckrodt pills, which are in fact the best generics in the US, as confirmed by the relevant association there of manufacturers).

I would have Oxynorm capsules ANY TIME in preference to tabletted oxycodone as they are far more efficacious and require lower dosage. In my experience the analgesia gained by a US-made 30mg tablet is EXCEEDED by original Oxynorm 20mg capsule. Tablets have a slightly longer duration of action but that can not make up for the decrease in subjective analgesia given by the 'higher' dosage. Also the USA tends to be so expensive for any opiates and opioids, and so many essential drugs are not available, eg dipipanone HCl and cyclizine 10/30mg tabs previously sold as DICONAL and still sold in South Africa as WELLCONAL, one of the best analgesics and one I consider absolutely essential, as I do diamorphine hCl, esp the 100 and 500mg vials of powder which my friend with pancreatic cancer finds to be the best for in between the 300mg MST Continus bd, which, like OxyContin, has a duration of action not exceeding 6.5 hours, NOT the 12 hours as stated on box, blister and PIL. Breakthrough/rescue drugs are therefore a necessity. I am still looking for a steady supply of US high dose IR hydromorphone and for oxymorphone IR tabs by Endo and Teva US. Can anybody tell me whether the oxymorphone by Roxane Labs (both white, imprints 54/956 (5mg) & 54/814 (10mg) or by KVK Tech blue and pink, K70 (5mg) and K71(10mg) are of quality approaching that of the superb Endo product and the very good (certainly for Teva!) Teva USA generic? I hear that Roxane's efforts result in a terrible quality pill which requires raised dosage and is not one which would be taken out of choice by anyone I have so far spoken with.

As a chronic pain patient dating back 20+ years! I am always looking to augment my woefully inadequate NHS prescription, but it is SOOOO difficult to obtain US meds you wouldn't believe it. Not to mention the crazy prices charged there! Hope this helps.

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Kasia Says:

I was just prescribed Oxycodone 20mg IR today. Although i am on Medicare and filled out a form and now acquired a card for prescription assistance as long as the drug needed is in the formulary it is covered although the coverage amount varies. If not covered a substitute can be prescribed unless your Doctor fills out a firm specifying he needs you on that drug it's all covered. My prescription pick up was only 88 cents. It's only a week supply...1 pill 3 times a day and then I switch back to 10mg Hydrocodone ever 6 hours(4 daily), as needed. A script of that cost me $4.77 for 120 pills(one month supply or longer) so I take them 4 times/day or less if needed.

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Melanie Says:

I've been on them for about 7 years and the only two pharmacies I could get them from were an Epic pharmacy and Rite Aid.

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Jason Says:

I know just what you are saying about CVS. I have been on the same medication due to my cancer and AIDS. For 14 years of getting ALL my meds and my pain meds also, CVS tells me "We no longer care that drug". So I questioned that and left to have a friend take his script to CVS but it was for 90 Norco not 180. He was able to fill it, NO PROBLEMS. So I went back in and they said "We did not fill any Norco scripts". So I pulled out my friend with his meds and all they said then was "leave or we will report you to the police" :) For what, asking a question. I guess under this administration to be PC you can not ask questions any longer. I feel for you. Now every month I have to call around and find a drug store. The closest one to me now is only 90 miles away. Yet the people that do not need the medication are able to get all they want. I guess they are telling us to lie. Not a chance.

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Ron Says:

Discount? Yes it's called insurance. Do u live in Europe or something? Your lack of basic drug knowledge and questions about discounts lead me to believe that your in Europe somewhere. In the US we know our drugs and pay for our medication

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T Says:

Dr. Lackey in Rainbow City Alabama is a little ways from where you want but he's what you want

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Margie Says:

Yes they do you make a 20 milligrams cause that's what I'm on for lower back and leg problems and saw the cause problems too

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Urhstry Says:

Who is the manufacturer and what pharmacy typically carry them

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