2 Yr Side Effects: Bone Pain & Pregnancy

Jill Says:

I just turned 26 and received a reclast infusion 2 years ago (the 23rd of Jan) will be 2 years exact. I'm a disabled vet. Since day once I have experienced severe bone pain. One endocrinologist told me if I were to get pregnant I would be a ticking time bomb. There is not one diagnosis to show how long it remains in your system, that It's all a guess. Nor can any one check to see if reclast is still in your bones. No OB/GYN knew about reclast, or believed at my age I could have full blown osteoporosis. Not could they tell me if it was risky to carry a child two years after infusion.

Yet I did my research and it shows In animal studies malformations and miscarriages can occur (miscarriagages are caused chromosomal imbalance) therefore if I miscarried it would make perfect sense it was caused by reclast.... No doctor is going to tell me and admit that a medication is the cause of my two year long bone pain or miscarriage. Mind you the pharmacist printed my med info on reclast from google and the nurse didn't know how to administer it, my vit d and calcium were low and I was dehydrated, did they check this? No! So now it's a battle that no one has an answer to. If you want to get pregnant I wish you the best of luck.... Endocrine says 1-3 years approx in your body. Also told me that I should be ok that it wouldn't have affect on baby, that's not the case. Do your research, advocate for yourself and become educated. You know your body more than a doctor, speak up and fight for what you're worth because sometimes doctors don't!

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Sherry Says:

I received the Reclast infusion in March of 2013, and the symptoms have worsened for me as time goes by - and I'm a 25 year veteran of chronic pancreatitis and auto-immune hep, so not my first rodeo at 51. Have never been sidelined by anything man-made like this, though. More falls and bone breaks this year than ever, magnified both vertigo and appetite loss. Down to 94 lbs in winter gear, have a regular room in X-Ray and spent this winter bed bound in Vermont with my husband's help to avoid the *strongly* recommended nursing home for 3 months option. My organs and respiratory system were challenged before the Reclast, but I'm now seeing or have seen seven new specialists from Rutland to Dartmouth to get to some facts. Wishing all well with this, it's my first time sharing about it. I never thought I'd say this but I'm lucky another health kerfluffle put me in dentures at 39. Thank you.

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David Says:

Thank you for taking the time to share your stories. From what I've come to learn about Reclast (Zoledronic acid), it appears to have a number of seriously dangerous side effects, not just limited to what you both have experienced. Makes me wonder how something like this ever got approved by the FDA in the first place.

For that reason alone, doing your own research and educating yourself about what it is you're taking becomes absolutely crucial. More often than not, doctors and pharmacists don't even have the time of day to give you their full undivided attention as it is, so they can't possibly understand how you might be feeling on a deeper level.

If you'd like, you can view a full list of possible side effects here: ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmedhealth/PMH0045467/#DDIC601503.side_effects_section

Have either of you found anything at all to help counteract some of the symptoms you've been experiencing?

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