180 Lortabs In A Week

matt Says:

i need to know how long the side effects last.i have tryed several times to stop went 14 days gave up could not take it went got more i NEED HELP PLEASE

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Verwon Says:

You mean you took 180 tablets in a week?

If so, you may be past side effects and into permanent organ damage, so you need to seek medical attention.

Even the lowest dosage of these contain 325mgs of Acetaminophen in each tablet, along with the narcotic Hydrocodone and that comes out to 58,500mgs in a week and it is considered toxic at anything over 4,000mgs in a day, which would be only 28,000mgs in a week.

You may have done permanent liver damage and need to speak to a doctor.


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matt Says:

dont have insurance so cant get to deep do not send a reply dont want wife to know thanks

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