15 Mg Or 60 Mg Of Morphine

Valerie Says:

Hi. I have been on 60 mg of morphine sulfate for 3 years. Me and my doctor talked about either upping my dose of morphine or changing it, so we went with a higher dose of morphine. When I filled my Rx I noticed it was for 15 mg of morphine. Is 15mg of morphine stronger than 60mg of morphine? Both are extended release.

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Terry Says:

Hi, I was on morphine for 4 years and 60 mg. Is definitely stronger than 15. He lowered your dose or you should have gotten both the 60mg and the 15 mg. To go along with the 60mg. Thats what my dr. gave me when I needed more.

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kkh Says:

VALERIE: It doesn't sound like your doctor is very competent. How can 15mgs be STRONGER than 60 mgs? This makes no sense. Maybe he meant for you to take an ADDITIONAL 15 mgs with the 60? I would call them IMMEDIATELY!!

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Terry Says:

Im sorry my mistake!!!! I meant to put definitely not stronger!! He gave me 15mg. To supplement the 60 mg. Not replace. I took the 15mg when I needed more than the 60. Im sorry about the mistake i made

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Lyn Says:

I had surgery in Dec they went in through the front and the back of my neck they told me if I didn't have it I would be in a wheel chair. Well now I hurt more now and it's all the time some how they missed c2 C3 they are slipping and I have major back problems. But I'm afraid to have surgery they gave me a medication that I'm alergic to and it caused a heart attack that nobody told me about.my doctor has me on 10 mg Roxicodone and 20 mg oxycontin which do nothing at all for me I hurt all the he time before the surgery I was on 30 mg Roxi and. The 0 mg morphine which worked for me I want to go back to work but I would never make it with what they are giving me I'm a waitress I carry heavy trays all day. I can even vacuum with what they have me on. When I spoke to the doctor he told me that they can't change the dosage because of the street value. I don't know what that has to do with me. The surgeon said he wasn't worried about the pain he just wanted to keep me out of a wheel chair I need to find a doctor that will help me I live in Chattanooga TN please help sobi can get back to work.

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BL Says:

Lyn, you do need to find another dr. But that does not mean that another dr will prescribe you the pain meds that you want. A new dr will also want a copy of your medical records from your previous dr. A drug's price has nothing to do with what a dr can prescribe. Your dr does not want to prescribe you what you want. You will more than likely have to adjust your lifestyle and not do the things that you use to do. You may even have to change jobs.

Terry, it sounds like the 60 mg Morphine is extended release and the 15 mg is immediate release.

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Matthew underwood Says:

That's the stupidest thing I have ever read 60mg is stronger than 15mg morphine. Witch number is higher 15 or 60 come on now and you say it's the same med. call your doctor. Im sorry but use simple math

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