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Comment Says:

"Here" is the link to a picture of mine (left hand side) and the same one I found online next to it. The one I have is on the left. The one on the right is a picture I got off of the web. Every single picture I could find online looked the same shade of yellow and had the same font as the one in the left. Besides the different appearance, I can tell a difference after taking the yellow V (on one side) 3601 (on other) versus taking the white "Watson 853" (all on one side) which I have both of at the moment.

I posted on photobucket the one I have and one from the web side to side. When you compare them mine is a slightly darker shade of yellow. It is also very lightly speckled with dark spots. The spots on them almost look like they got there from being in someone's pocket or something. With the "36" I have (lefthand side) the font is bubbly and the "36" on the other is different as you will be able to see in the side to side view of the pill.

Do you think the one on the left is a fake? I've looked all over online and can't find one with the darker shade of yellow and with the same font as the one on the left. Is there somewhere that shows a picture of all the different ones?

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Verwon Says:

I don't have pictures to show for you due to copyright reasons, but three pills are shown in the FDA drug databases, all slightly different. They look just like the ones in the pictures you posted. The color and font can sometimes vary slightly, just due to them being manufactured at different plants, which can cause the process to vary slightly.

If you're in doubt, then it is best to make sure you only take medications that you obtain legitimately from a licensed U.S. pharmacy.

The FDA lists this medication as being a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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14the80s Says:

I've ran into fakes recently all over Detroit. I do think they're manufacturing them and doing a good job with the fakes.

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P Says:

I just received about 21 fakes. They look legit. Yellow, 36/01 on one side, V on the other side. I ate 10 and got nothing. It's impossible they could be real. I'm also in Detroit area.

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D Says:

Yea same here Detroit area. There all over its BS. Just be careful

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Marie Says:

Got the same thing in the Los Angeles area. Took 10 and also felt nothing. The pills are the yellow v 3601, but the yellow is very bright and the pill seems larger than the Watson yellow 853.

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John Says:

Same here in L.A. Seem to be some fake ones going around big time. This sucks.

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Strange Says:

We are having a huge issue with these fake 3601s in MI. A gentleman I know who obtains income through not-so-legal means did some research and was able to find a "V 3601" pill press for sale on the internet. The strangest part of it all is that some of the fakes I've come across have been obtained straight from the pharmacy.

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Samantha Says:

My friend gave me a few Marci 10-325 whites. They looked different and tasted salty. Within an hour I felt dizzy and couldn't do anything, I felt very high... A few hours later, I came down and really looked at the pills and saw the difference. I know they fake, but my question is what do they make the pills out of. Now what is in my system...

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Skittlez Says:

They are floating around SC too now. I took 12 as well and felt nothing. Started having w/d symptoms. Was not very happy about it.

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Slap Nuts Says:

The guys in detroit are the best. I spent about 100k on pills over the span of a year, probably 10k on fakes. We had a real problem until my group of "friends" started hunting down the guys doing it, but we were the only ones who stopped getting fakes. Whoever making them is stupid really, in the long term its gonna shut down the business.

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dropoppa Says:

On the left is fake for sure I know my drops I see yellows all the time those are super fake

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Cooter Says:

Super fake!! I know for sure!! Just be careful because you never know what your taking. Been there done that .....

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Comments Says:

I just realized I've been getting these fakes 3601s too. I'm just worried about what was in the them. I actually did feel something because I've sort of nodded on them before. They are different for sure. The fake is a darker yellow and when you rotate them, the "V" on the back is upside down. The real ones have the V facing the same way as the 3601 on the other side. Anyone have any idea what's in these? I swear I've taken them and they've held off withdrawal symptoms so I'm thinking they could have some type of opiate in them. I'm just nervous about if there's any acetaminophen in them due to how much I've had to take to get any feeling at all.

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Carolyn Says:

Hi. I think I got some of these here in Vegas! I'm so bummed... They seemed legit ... But I took 4 at once and felt nothing :(

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Mo Says:

I have real ones from the pharmacy and the is "V" is not upright when you rotate it after looking at the numbers .... real easy to tell is if you break them open and there is a slight sparkle to it ... those are real. The fake ones can't duplicate this and in turn will be dull on the inside.

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BB Says:

are you sure the "V" and the "3601" are supposed to be facing the same way when rotated? I always heard they were supposed to be upside down

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Butterfly Says:

I have been getting fake yellow norcos with the v and 3601 on the other side. How do u know if they are fake

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Kk Says:

I got a yellow v 3601with dark specs is it real or fake

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Kk Says:

I also have a yellow ten v 3601and I noticed dark specs in it and only is this fake

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Sandy Says:

I am disabled, do I have to worry about fake oxycodone from my pharmacy. I only use the same pharmacy every month.

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Jamesflame Says:

Drs and pharmacist claims that there's no difference in the 10mg hydrocodone pills, but I think that there is. One thing that we have to remember is, that Drs and pharmacist make money off the pills that they prescribe and sell. Common sense goes a long way, I can take 5mg blue hydrocodone and be good for most part of the day. But sometimes I have to take 20mg white pills to get the same results.

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Brad7213 Says:

What I have noticed is the v on the back is upside down on the fake... I'm not sure if I'm correct but I compared a real one w what I believed was a fake and thats what I found. Let me know if anyone else has noticed this...

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Cheese Says:

Re: Marie (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

Hey, I know this is way late but could you tell by the taste if it was a good brand?

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A Says:

Re: BB (# 16) Expand Referenced Message

I got some from the pharmacy the V can be same side up as 3601 or reversed. The V being upside down or the same as 3601 does not tell you or not if they're real or fake. The real ones are pressed same side or reversed.

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Treeman Says:

Re: Verwon (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

I believe that the white 853 Watson pills I got are a bad batch. I have taken three of them and feel nothing after 3 hours and am feeling flu-like symptoms. All I can tell you is if it is a white 853 Watson do not take it. If they are not yellow they are not effective.

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leann Says:

Re: Skittlez (# 9) Expand Referenced Message

this is happening in amarillo tx as well pisses me off ive taken like 10 10s and nothing im so upset but ive learned a huge lesson be careful its seems this is going on all over the us!

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Mercedes Says:

Re: Sandy (# 20) Expand Referenced Message

Not if your getting it from the pharmacy.

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Pat Says:

Where did u fill your prescription from? A pharmacy or online?

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Linda Says:

The bitter taste is real and if got a popperri taste its fake..they yellow look exact to real yellows..

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Linda Says:

The bitter taste is real and if got a popperri taste its fake

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