100mg Oxycotin

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i took 2 80 mg oxycontin a day for 7 years i have a mass that cannot b removed i got tired of meds not helping pain so i detoxed at home and know take suboxone it controls my pain and got me out of withdraws it saved my life

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Chrissy Says:

It is a blue capsule. WAS TOLD it was 100mg Oxyctoin. But, does not look right to me. Im a former addict, and I am 1 yr sober and 4 months now. Im concerned about a friend who is abusing it..It is a BLUE CAPSULE, white powder inside.

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Rolly Says:

Sounds like they are taking morphine not oxycontin .The only blue oxy is 160 mg .

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Clemintines are orange and suboxone is an opiate Says:

You are not clean if you are taking suboxone... FACT. It's a substitute for oxy/H and is an opiate itself. Get off all the s***, then make true claims.

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Opinion Theory Says:

I suppose you believe that a Diabetic is an Insulin addict. Suboxone therapy is a lifesaver. I suppose you believe everyone should just suffer through life, to suit your ideas of what is a drug, and what is medicine. Why is this? Over 60% of all the legal opium derived painkillers in the World are consumed by Americans. That means the 340 million Americans use more Percocet, Vicodin, etc, than the other seven billion members of the human population in the entire world. Do Americans feel more pain than other people? I think not. Half of all doctor visits result in a prescription for an opium filled painkiller. America did not used to have the modern medicine that we all rely on now. But, even before "Modern Medicine", the most popular remedies, were sold by travelling salesmen, selling, "Snake Oil". This typically was a small bottle that contained about a 30% opium and 40% alcohol mixture. The other 30% was a proprietary mixture of essential oils, that would give one product a different taste than another. This promoted brand loyalty, even though anyone can step out into their grandmothers garden, and simply boil a few poppies into a tea, and drink it. H was a refined product, made with new means of Chemistry pioneered by the Germans. They found that it had the most broad range of effects of any cure ever. It can cure even the nightmares caused by PTSD, which was simply called being shell-shocked, back in WWI. A large amount of people die in my State, every year, from legal opiates. Feyntynal patches kill the most. Last year, just in my State, over 700 "Patients" died of opiate overdoses. Only 16 died from illicit H use. If you use decently processed opium, it is an all-natural product, and depending on how you use it, it can not kill you by overdose, it is impossible to ingest an overdose, as you "Nod out", well before you reach a point of respiratory depression, at least you will wake up mentally and physically rested, something that many War Vets have not had for years, sometimes. If you knock H and opiates, it is only because you have not learned personal responsibility. Climbing a ladder also takes personal responsibility. If you let go, you will fall, and be gravely injured, or dead. Car accidents kill over a million people a year, worldwide. Just in America, 50,000 real human lives are lost, each year in car accidents alone. If you wish to save lives, why don't you stop driving? You may feel a bit of a disadvantage, especially if your child breaks his arm, and you wish to drive them to a doctor. But you may kill another child, as you rush to work to the tanning salon, or any number of appointments that most people never give themselves an extra 30 minutes to arrive, they always wait until the last possible moment, and then pass other cars, and make calls to explain why they are late, while driving a 4,000 pound weapon, one that a woman has no idea how much carnage can be done with, in the wrong hands. Which is my whole point. Even water itself has been associated with torture, and murder, by the CIA. Are you a water addict? Maybe you only drink tea. Well, quit lieing to yourself. you are still a water addict. Basically, you will end up in hell because of it. At least that is what my 12 step water addiction course will brainwash you into believing. God help you, if you leave my program and relapse, and drink more water. The internal guilt, re-enforced y weekly, or even nightly meetings, will provide enough shame and humiliation to convince you to simply kill yourself with an overdose of water, rather than face the likes of you, a person who doesn't even know what she is talking about. Suboxone can not make you feel you high. In also contains Naloxone, an opioid blocker, that will send you into painful, sickening withdrawal symptoms if you try to use any opium product, legal, or from your local Mexican. How many lives are lost to poverty in America? Millions every year. And half of them only need a prescription from a Doctor for what amounts to the exact same Snake Oil. Mexican H is only $800 dollars a kilo. And it is 30% pure. Five dollars of H has as much active opiates as an 80 milligram Oxycontin, a pill that will cost you at least twenty dollars for less than a gram of the active opiates. 80 milligrams are just .8 of a gram. 30 percent pure opium, 1,000 grams of it will yield basically 330 grams of the exact same ingredient as your twenty dollar pills. Let us assume the doctor visit costs only 100 dollars. it will cost you $200 dollars for each 8 grams, in pill form. So I will reduce the quality of your kilo a tiny bit, for easy math. 320 divided by 8, is 40. 40 times $200 dollars, is $8,000 dollars. So why is America spending literally half of all of its medical bills for a product that anyone can grow in their front yard. If American farmers were allowed to grow and process opium, the price would be even cheaper. So, to recap the numbers, legal opiates, cost is 8-thousand dollars, plus another hundred for each doctor visit. Opium, grown in Mexico, boiled down, and a little bit of apple vinegar added to the mixture will cause the clumps of raw opium to drop to the bottom of the kettle. Before America attacked Afghanistan, the Taliban had eradicated all but ten percent of what they had been supplying to the worlds illicit opium market. And the wholesale price paid to the farmers was only $600 a kilo. Now, after 13 years of murdering anybody we feel we do not like, including their entire family if we feel like it, has turned Afghanistan into the worlds largest exporter now. 90% of all the Worlds opium now is grown in Afghanistan. And, the wholesale price has risen to $2,400 a kilo. Is this what victory looks like?

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oc 160 Says:

It's true. suboxin is an opiod. It will rot your teeth and is addictive as is pain meds. Do haroin it's cheaper and will kill you faster that is after you've lost everything!!!

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