100mg Levo Muscle Spam And Bruising

gemma Says:

i had a total thyroidectomy about 8 weeks ago after yrs of being hyperthyriod and developing graves diesese. although i have recovered great from the op itself i am now taking 100mg of levo and now get muscle spasms in my legs, shoulders, arms and bruise really bad up my shins....i am just wondering if these are typical syptoms or could something else?

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sharon Says:

hi had thryoid removed 3 months ago also have graves diease awaiting op suffer from panic attacks cramps tingly sensations in arm,s and legs was on 125 then 100 now trying 75 am hoping lower dose will stop affects but feel cold and slow let us know how you get on did u have op for graves diease sharon

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Gina palermo Says:

Last year got my cancer thyroid remove.after for a month radioactive..aug and sept I start taking a levothyroxin 100 mg. since I take that med.I still tired really fast,upset really fast.this is not my personality,I'm a happy person..this is the side effect of the med..thx

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Verwon Says:

Have any of you consulted our respective doctors?

There is a chance that the symptoms have been caused by the medication, but there is also a possibility that they are occurring due to some other health issue and only your doctor can help you determine that for sure.


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Natasha Says:

Hi. I had a TT 11 years ago and have had severe leg pain ever since and also bruising up the shins. I've been tested for all sorts of things (even Lupus) and to date no one has come up with a diagnosis. Do you still get the bruising? Have you had that problem sorted yet?

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