100 Mg From Different Manufacturer Not Working For Me

Veronica A Says:

I'm getting desperate for an answer. 100 MG twice a day had been sufficient to gently give me the uplift I need and gave me some energy. I thought it was just a temporary glitch in my brain, but the new purple pill from a different manufacturer is simply doing nothing. I tried taking 1 and 1/2 tablets but no change. I am not doing well, dragging myself through the day, anxious for the next time I can lie down for a bit. It is a struggle. I have been doing some research and in your opinion, could APOTEX have changed the formulation. Previous company was MYLAN.

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J Says:

I had a similar problem with BP medicine, along with other people. It was a change in manufacturer . It can happen. Tell your doctor and go back to other manufacturer.

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David Says:


If you're looking for an answer as to why this difference might be occurring with the new pill, what I've determined is that whenever you switch manufacturers (or tablets in general), you are also getting a new set of binders and fillers (inactive ingredients) - which are under scrutiny for potentially inhibiting bioavailability of the active ingredients they are mixed with. This may explain why two drugs of the same dosage can bring about a different response for the patient.

So if you're able to, I would put together a list comparing the inactive ingredients from each manufacturer's tablet in order to single out which binders/fillers might be the culprit in the pill that doesn't work as well. With this knowledge you'll be able to inform your doctor or pharmacist to specifically prescribe pills that only contain certain inert substances that don't interfere with the drug's efficacy.

I hope this helps!

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