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I just got in the mail after I had two shipments of Valium that was Roache & they were blue. Yesterday I got a shipment from the UK & the Valium were pure white small with a line down the middle They say on the back of the blister pack that they are Diaze*10 That is it. Now I took 2 of these last night & did not feel anything so I took again this morning & still did not feel anything. I have been reading on most sites & they are saying the white ones are only 2mg in strength & not 10 mg that they are supposed to be Can you help me out with this? Why would they change from what I am used to be getting which are the blue ones to the white ones & have never heard of the company? This is a company that I have had 4 orders from & this is the first time I have received little white ones with a line on one side. Am I getting ripped off here? I paid a lot of money for these & told the company that I want the blue ones back in an email they have not gotten back to me yet Please advise as i am so very anxious to know if these are bogus pills Thanks Carol Vass

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If the merchant has not gotten back to you then I would recommend calling the 800# on the back of your credit card and disputing the charge. Just say that you did not receive the product which you ordered and that the merchant has not gotten back to you. As the consumer you are fully protected when using credit cards or PayPal.

Unfortunately it is not uncommon for online pharmacies to send you bogus pills. Moving forward I would recommend you go through a service such as PharmacyChecker before ordering your medications because all pharmacies that belong to their program are required to pass their screening and uphold high ethical standards.

Good luck and please reply to let me know what your findings are...

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A tiny white pill with one side with a line thru it & noything on the other side uposed to be 10mg of Valium The back says 10mg Diaz* Never heard of them before as all the Diazepam I have receive have been blue & either Apo Or Roache are these good companys No idea what the white pills are any idea? Please let me know as soon as you can Oh & bye the way they came ina blister pack & when you go tp pop them out most of them just came out in tiny pieces I would like to know what this drug is if possible Thanks so much Carol Vass

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I'd say get your money back on your latest order. APO and Roche are both good companies, and their products would have definite letters & numbers on the actual pills for easy identification. There are many trusted pharmacies online, and a lot register with Pharmacy Checker as Roy said.

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I am writing about another drug to know if it is thereal thing or not. It is generic Ambien & it is a white oblongpillwith one side with a line down the middle & the other side is
plain. Do you know if these are the generic pills to the sleeping pills called Ambien? I have tryed the other ones that have two releases on them one to make you fall asleep fast & the other ot keep you asleep Well this company does not provide those so i got the generic ones & don't know if they are god or not. can someone inform me please as to these white generic Ambien sleeping pills Thanks so much very appreciative

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bluetopaz Dale you have been very helful to me as you answered my questions on the 10 mg of Valium Now I need to know if there is a white capsule soblong pill generic Ambien sleeping pill with one side plain & the other side has a small line going thru the middle Van you help me or give me your thoughts on this pill? You seem very knowledable & I would like an answer if you can get back to me Thank you very much for your time Dale

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Hi Carol - Do your generic Ambien pills have any letters or numbers on them? The challenge with medications outside the United States and Canada is the fact that they may not be required to have definitive markings on them, thus making it very difficult to know what it is for sure. Drugs regulated by the FDA are required to have clear markings in order to properly identify them.

So in short, if your pills have any imprints on them please let me know what they are and I can try to figure them out. If they do not have any imprints then it is very difficult to know what they are for sure...

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Hi Dale Thanks for getting back to me. No the white Ambien do not have kind of markings or letters or symbols
of any kind. They are just capsules with one side with a line down the middle vertically.I know now that they may not be the real thing so what do you suggest that I do? I have had them before about three months ago but they are not very strong at all so I reordered some & got the same thing
so I guess it is imposible as you say to know but many thanks to you for taking the time to email me back.

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Hi Dale It is Carol again. i am just wondering as you seem so knowledgable in the field of medications.
Are you a pharmasist or do you order medications as well & have been burned yourself? You give wonderful advice & am just curious how you know about all the little markings & so forth? I have received from the company that I ordered from the UK blister packs of Valium & they had Roache on them so I knew they would be ok. Now I am wating it is at
Customs right now & they said the company said I should receive it no later then next Thursday, Now these ones that they sent are the ones from the US so I don't know what they will be at all .Guess I will just have to wait
Anyway thanks again & nice talking to you Carol

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I've actually ordered meds from the internet before. Once I had a similar thing happen where the generics were "foreign" so I didn't even bother taking them because I couldn't verify what they were. I came around this site and noticed similar reports from others so I just reversed the charge on my credit card. Now if I order online I make sure the pharmacy is reputable and carries the Pharmacy Checker seal.

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Hey Dale Sorry to kep bugging you but what supplier do you use/? I live in Canada. I have used the other company before & a few times I get the proper Valium but not now since you told me about the generic Ambien It is probably a placebo cuz it sure doesn't help me sleep!! So justcurious is it better to order the meds from the UK or the US? I have had both some come in bottlles & some come in blister packs I am not sure now whether or not to go back with them. I also have trouble at Customs. Last year they took both drugs away & sent them back to the supplier. I have had meds come thru Customs before but sometimes I wait a week until they clear it & sometimes only two days.So I never know if I will receive them or not being in Canada so that is another concern. They are not illegal meds so why would Customs send them back? Anyway I have again taken up enough of your time but thanks for everything & now that I have talked to you & the white Ambien with no markings on it at all is most likely bogus but will see when & if i receive them next week I hope the Valium are at least ok. I will be much more through now so again thanks for your input & your time Carol

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No bother at all! I'm happy to help if I can. Things seem to have changed since I last ordered from the web. Now I mostly go to my local Costco for generics. I think the last good site I used was CanadaDrugs. They have the Pharmacy Checker accreditation but you would have to look and see if they even carry the medications you're looking for. Customs can defintely be an issue because it is not always considered legal to ship medications across the borders. From my experience they can be really strict in Canada customs. I have some family in Alberta and once a simple package with clothes (including hangers) got held up for days in customs. So what you have reported does not surprise me at all!

What I would recommend is what Roy already suggested, so I'm copying his link. Go to the PharmacyChecker drug search and they will hook you up with one of their reputable pharmacies. In my opinion that's the safest way. It is always a good idea to call the pharmacy when you first decide to order from them. If you can get someone on the phone then that can only work in your favor. Tell them that you live in Canada and ensure that they can ship to you.

I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any other questions or remarks.

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