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Been taking painkillers ( vicodin, lortab, lorcet ((discontinued)), and Norco for many years. Skiing, motorcycles, etc. Whe I started the Norco, I got them from cvs. Found out that the ones manufactured by Malincrodt were completely ineffective when compared to the Watson product. My Doc has me on the pink k56 oxy now. I picked them up, reluctantly, from cvs because of the insurance Discount. Only able to get coverage for 90 although I had a prescription for 120.
My question is does anyone know if the ones I have (manufactured by KVK-Tech INC) are going to be a waste of time like the Malinkrodt norcos were. Is there a quality oxy 10mg manufacturer that is better than the others? Thank you

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Hi Scott,

Looking at some of the related KVK Tech threads here, this manufacturer in particular is one that I often hear about people actively trying to avoid due to a lack of efficacy in comparison to what their used to.

In all fairness, this is not to say you'd have the same experience with KVK Tech as others (especially since everyone reacts/responds differently to these meds); it's just that I have yet to find positive feedback in my own search efforts.

Finding the right manufacturer is much like finding the right size shoe to fit your foot... you just have to keep trying on different one's until something works. That's the way I see it anyways.

I hope this helps!

Does anyone else here have experience trying another manufacturer's version of oxycodone?

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I've been taking pain pills for around 5 years. First I will tell you that in my experience oxycodone is extremely more difficult to detox from then hydrocodone. If you do need to detox from oxycodone I would recommend trying to get and take Lortab for a few weeks. It will significantly decrease the severity of withdrawal or take some cannabis. Both in my experience are more effective than suboxone or methadone. Now to answer your question, the pink k56 10 oxycodone is the best roxy. The pink np 12 are bigger and much harder. For me I find the np 12s upset my stomach significantly more and take 5 to 10 more minutes to start working. I currently am trying to get back on the k56 and I have a bottle of Lortab on standby in case my doc decides to cut me off or whatever reason I may have to stop taking oxycodone. This is all about my experiences. Everybody has their own unique chemical balance so you may like the np 12s better. You may have to sample for yourself to find what's best for you. I hope this helps.

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I have chronic back pain and I am taking the pink KVK 10 mg oxycodone tablets. To answer your question, yes, this brand is the oxycodone manufacturer that has given me the most effective pain relief. I have taken the 10's for many years and I recomend this brand over all the other manufacturers. Stick with this brand. I'm sure that you will get great analgesic results.

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My PM doctor just changed me from the norco 10/325 that I've taken for several years, to oxycodone 10. I've obviously built a tolerance to the norco, and desperately needed to try SOMETHING else for pain relief. I have 4 old fractured vertebrae from a car wreck, degenerative discs, arthritis, scoliosis, bone spurs, really bad fibromyalgia, neuropathy, chronic fatigue syndrome, ibs.....and that's just the short list that I CAN remember! I also suffered extreme physical abuse for well over a decade, and it started less than a year after I had broken my back, so I'm sure that has added to the severity of it all. It's been a painful hell, to put it lightly. I've tried every anti-depressant (literally) and SO many "pain pills", including the crap like mobix ?, celebrax, zanaflex, flexeril, junk like that.....junk....I explained to my 30 year PC doc that I needed something to STOP the pain the way a tylenol eases a headache, time-wise....this was years ago. We started trying different things I can't even remember, now. Then he put me on vicodin, and finally, something worked!! (And why is the same med called so many different names?? As in vicodin, norco, lorcet, hydrocodone.... Is it just a brand name thing??) Anyway, after a long time, i needed something different or something added. So....before these idiotic drug schedule changes the government made, you could get soma, which was finally my perfect combination of meds for ME. Idk how much ya'll know about fibromyalgia, but my doctor calls it a monster, and it IS!! It's like an octopus with different diseases and problems that are attached to it and it grabs on you b too, eventually. SO many debilitating problems are connected to fibro. It's a physical, emotional, and mental hell!! Anyway, after the law changes for the meds, I couldn't get the soma any longer. After finding relief, and then losing it again, back to square one!! You start taking more of what DOES work, to fill in for the loss you're experiencing, now. Off to b pain management doctors now, since MY Dr can no longer help me because of the schedule changes. New Dr prescribed roxicodone. It was great at relieving pain AND giving me a MUCH needed boost of energy.....I felt like I was alive, again. I felt worthy as a wife, mom, and daughter, again. I could get up and go and do things as I was supposed to do!! Too bad it didn't give me a boost of common sense, because when we went out of state to visit family (touchy, volatile situation) I wanted to fit right in with mil and sil, so i took a few hits of marijuana with them, knowing I was being stupid, risking my meds!! Sure enough....first U/A ever, and I failed over 3 or 4 hits of marijuana in YEARS!!!! I was so humiliated i felt like crawling out of there....@$$ receptionist made me sound like a thug drug dealer in front of everybody!! Apparently, they also black-listed my butt, because he refuses to see me again. I can't even get in to see him to explain and beg forgiveness and a 2nd chance in person. Anyway....I'd give anything to have the roxicodone again. I now see another good PM doc, and after years of the norco 10, still, we talked again and he put me on 10mg oxycodone.

NOW.....for my actual question, lol....is the roxi and oxy the same thing? The roxi made me feel SO much better with the added bit of energy I SO desperately needed, and the oxy doesn't do that. I know I've written a lot to ask a little, but im trying to explain it all to you, and hopefully you'll see that I'm NOT seeking a high, but needing RELIEF!! Like I told him.....if I wanted a high, I'd go buy some marijuana because honestly, that's the only high I like, personally ....just sayin. I've come to realize that between the 3 pain management doctors I've seen (one total i**** not worth mentioning....my PC who referred me to the new "dr" said he had only terrible reviews and apologized, lol....guy was that bad!! People I know and read about who saw him were walking out of their visits, too) Anyway....between PM doctors, neurologist, neurosurgeon, and any others I've seen, I've come to feel like a suspect on trial and that's WRONG!! A true PM patient should be able to explain themselves and ask for real pain relief without feeling like you're being interrogated!! We are NOT all the same!! Idk why they can't/won't just give us all a drug panel....each visit.....to make sure we are taking what we're prescribed, and have the right levels of it!! Prove we aren't abusing it or selling it....like I know people are!! I want to ask my doc questions about my options, but I'm afraid his wheels will start turning and he'll drop me as a patient, thinking I'm just wanting drugs, and im really just needing better meds!! We shouldn't have to worry about that as patients!! Do any of ya'll go through this, or am I just too worried about what people think...??? I mean....ya'll know how crazy it's gotten the last few years since the changes were made. I just want to find the best, strongest, longest acting med for ME so I can enjoy a better quality of life with my family!! I have an incredible husband of 23 years....3 adult children and a precious 4 yr old granddaughter who is the light of my life!! We love camping and fishing and boating....I love to garden and just be outside, but when I'm having so much pain and so many throbbing spasms that all I want to do is take a hot Epsom salt soak and lay on a heating pad.....I need help!! That's no quality of life, and that's not fair!! Life is short...I'm not some crack-head looking for a high, you know? How do you quickly get your new doctor of less than 2 years to know you like your lifelong PC doc always has? I apologize for writing so much....I'm more than a bit frustrated, and curious if anybody is going through the same thing....??? I know my pain won't be completed relieved, but I need to know what takes the biggest edge off for the longest amount of time. Is there a difference in the roxi...oxy....norco....??? What should I do and say with my doctor next visit? Thank ya'll so much for your time and input. I appreciate it. I hope and pray you all find YOUR combination and relief. Blessings.

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The kvk work great compared to zydus it was awful I was hurting so bad had to double medicine to get a little relief

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The np 12 didn't work for me at all .. Is there a brand for oxycodone 10mg the kvk with K 56 worked better but I am developing a tolerance for them

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Zydus is complete and utter crap, might as well give me a tic tac.

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Re: David (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

These pills r junk. They do nothing but cause pain not relieve pain. I am calling my pharmacy this morning. Have two 10 mg from Purdue left. Will take one now. These threads are great fir info pharmacies won't share!!

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Re: Vivian (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

I thought the same, except I can’t tolerate the kvk. Causes incapacitating nausea. But it did relevevpain better than zodis.
I did experiment and dissolved both in small amount of water. The zodos didn’t dissolve. The kvk did disolve and pink dye sunk to bottom. But even sipping the water on top made me nauseated. I’m very sensitive to nausea. Morphine makes me vomit terrible.
I was asking if anyone else experienced more nausea on the Kvk 10 or 15 Oxycodone tablet?
I have to stay with zodos even though it seems weak. Trying to break it up more, even cutting up the half, to more pieces, to see if it will give me better abdorbsiom in the stomach, thus better pain relief. Why? Zodos doesn’t dissolve in water like kvk does.
Any advice?

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Re: MP (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

In in the same boat as you.. Doctors treat you as if you are a junkie looking for a fix. So humiliated of getting no pain relief. A friend told me that people will get so tired of hurting and with the new laws to where they can't get any relief they will get tired of it and off themselves. .od..with their pain Meds then the state will say see..there is a opioid problem. No the problem is not being able to get help with the pain and people are tired of hurting...hurting 24 7 is not living. Its a living hell and they want out. Sad but true

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