10 Mg Methadone 54 142 Tablets For Iv Use

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chrisivmethadone Says:
how do i prepare these 54-142 tabs for iv vinegar ?

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Verwon Says:
It is not safe to use a medication for injection if it has not been specially made to be used that way.

Tablets contain fillers and not all of them are meant to be broken down by the human body, they are normally just expelled in your waste. However, if you try to break down a tablet for injection, then you are placing these substances in your body in a way, in which, it cannot process them out.

This creates the very real risk of blockages, which can result in stroke or embolism.


Are there any questions or comments?

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Jenni Says:
Are you serious?!! This really makes me sick at my syomach ! If the s*** was meant to go in your veins, it would be in liquid form(Not the kind of liquid that you are cooking) in a computerized lock drawe in a nurses cart and you would be in the hospital where a trained professional could put it in your veins!! You have no clue and obviously don't give on s*** about the people who need to take it for the relief of chronic pain! But no matter where we get our RX filled, we always get looked at like we have the same thoughts that you do! Get some help before its too late!!

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aksme Says:
paranoid much? if u don't inject it don't let it bother u when people who have no idea who u r judge u. besides, maybe u just look funny to these people.u do realize u r not a mindreader? u have no idea what these people r thinking when they look at u. every thin isn't about u.oh yeah, come out of the closet, closet banger

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me Says:
Paranoid? That would be someone such as yourself that gets on the internet wanting to know how to inject a pill. Where is the common sense? oh yeah, you lost them brain cells a long time ago whenever you were only snortin your meds.

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james Says:
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Waste of time you will not get any rush methadone iv would be much like subutex very long half life & the pills have nasty fillers best to just ingest & wait 40mins for it to kick in. {edited for safety}

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buslanejane69 Says:
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I used to abuse 3-4 10mg tabs 13 yrs ago. I can't remember if the tabs have a coating, but if they do {edited for safety} Obviously people will still say it's unsafe, but I know when I was using you really don't tend to care. Good Luck

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kay Says:
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Amen Jen. I have recent lost insurance due to Obama care. I suffer from 2 devastating bone/joint Autoimmune diseases. The only way to receive treatment for pain, is to go to methadone clinic. This is a sad place to be. It's BC of those who are treating mental/emotional pain overuse narcotics it makes it near impossible for those of us that need for physical pain to receive treatment.

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Duh Says:
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Then go away. It's none of your business. If ppl want to do this to this to themselves. It's not your place to judge...unless u can cast the first. Stone?

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lisa Says:
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Sorry to bust your bubble.. You wont feel them its a waste.. Also the buffers that dont break down .. This fits all unclean drugs no matter how beautifully they break down.. They filter out in the alveoli of your lungs scarring them badly ... You can get that leg muscle pull on a bottle of liquid if you fill a 3cc up and pop a 27g needle off the turbeculin syringes and push it on the end of the 3cc .. They make it hard to get the right 3cc's now

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Danny Says:
Are you kidding? It is websites such as this that provide real experiences for people with real questions. Don't ever put someone down because they ask a question, the answer may save their life.

As for you, let me guess: Unless it agrees with your opinion, it is wrong. Unless people do what only you consider what is right, it is wrong. Come off your high horse. This guy really wants to know about injecting Methadone HCL. If you don' have anything to contribute, then shut up. This is not a forum for self righteous soap box standers to envision themselves as saviors of the world spouting out their notion of what is right to those who just need a very serious question answered in order to make what might be the very last choice he makes. Get it now?!

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Minks Says:
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You ARE getting treatment. Not getting treatment would be you sitting at home taking OTC meds for your pain. There are PLENTY of other treatments for pain; e.g., physical therapy, holistic methods involving lifestyle changes in conjunction with exercise, acupuncture, NSAIDS , so on and so forth. You and you only CHOSE a narcotic-based pain management regimen. So, whether you want to face it or not, the pharmacist may look at you like a drug addict because frankly, you are. The why or how doesn't matter. Bottom line is that you're physically chemically dependent on opiates that you choose to take, same as every junkie at your clinic.

Being an addict doesn't make you a clairvoyant, not a doctor by any stretch, so just what gives you the right to ascertain whether or not ANYBODY but yourself is in pain, for whatever reason, or how bad they hurt? If I were You, I'd worry less about unwarrantedly getting on my high horse to look down at others in the same boat and instead, spend some time asking yourself just exactly why you chose not only to be addicted to drugs and I'm complete denial about it, but also bitter and judgmental towards others.

Editor's note: this thread has been locked because it violates our terms of use.

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