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Birth control, also known as contraception and fertility control, is a method or device used to prevent pregnancy.[1] Birth control has been used since ancient times, but effective and safe methods of birth control only became available in the 20th century.[2] Planning, making available, and using birth control is called family planning.[3][4] Some cultures limit or discourage access to birth control because they consider it to b...

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Oralcon Contraceptive Pills

Am using oralcon for the first time. I just wanted to know when will I have my periods because I am now taking the red pill, am on the 3rd pill, but still nothing. Am now worried, can I be pregnant? ## Usually when you first start taking birth control, it's contraceptive effects generally don't take full effect until the first couple weeks or month after you begin treatment. Although I think this long time frame/waiting period may vary according to the brand. I'm not sure if your doctor or gynecologist also mentioned this, but irregular periods and missed periods are common side effects associated with these types of medications. This is largely due to the fluctuation in hormone levels, which ultimately have a direct impact on your menstrual cycles. Have you taken a pregnanc...

what are Famynor tablets for?

Hi. I haven't been seeing my period for months 3-4 months, went to the clinic for a pregnancy test and it is negative. The doctor said there might be fat on my tubes. I'd like to know what else can the problem be except for fat in my tubes because its been happening for a while now my period is on and off and the doctor prescribed famynor tablets. ## Hello, Heily! How are you? It is most likely due to a hormonal imbalance. Famynor are used to prevent pregnancy, but taking them for a few months may help to rebalance your hormones, so your body starts to cycle normally, again. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Hi I didn't get my period for a month now and I did pregnant test and checked in my blood they both negative should I be worried that I may be pregnant,the doct...

Oralcon contraceptive pills: Can you get pregnant while taking?

I wanted to know if I could use oralcon pills and if there's still a chance of me getting pregnant while taking them? I'm asthmatic. Can the pills interfere with my medication? ## Hi, I used oralcon for the1st time in december 29. That was the beginning of my new cycle for only 5 days. It made me sick, then I stopped it. My periods continued till the 12 Jan. Was feeling weak then went to the Dr on the 12 Feb. Pregnancy test was faint positive. Am I really pregnant, or are my periods are still to come since I have menstrual cramps? ## Hi, I have been on the contraceptive pill for 7 years now (Oralcon). I am a very consistent individual where my periods are concerned. I have never missed a period once ever. The only time I did not have a period is when I found out I was pregnant w...

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information about prolifen

I started taking prolifen from the 2nd day of periods till the 5th day. I'm suffering from polycystic ovaries. Is it ok that im taking prolifen for pcos? ## i was on the birth control pill called meliane for the last 2 years. want to have a family now, Been trying for the last 5 months. Still have not conceived. Should i try prolifen? ## i want to know prolifen use for what purposes?im using from last 2months to concieve but i want to know why doctor advise me for this medicine??? ## I am sorry, I can't find any information on this, does anyone else know anything about it? ## Gyni advice me to use prolifen for help in pregnency I want to know that by its use i m able to be pregnent? ## from the last january my periods r irreguler.the doctor ve nw rcommened me to ake prolifen is ...

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Is it safe to take lady pills?

I am 20 years old turning 21, Im using lady pills since i was 19, is it safe? My friend told me that teenagers who are not yet getting pregnant and are taking birth control pills have a tendency that they will not get pregnant at all even if they stop taking the pill.. is that true? Im taking lady pills because i have a long term and serious relationship with my boyfriend and we both have plans to finish college, we want to have a family if we are both stable in our future jobs.. I just want to know if it is safe taking the pills even if im not a mother yet, and if I will stop taking the pill will i get pregnant? I want to have a family of my own but now is not the right time for that that is why im taking the pills pls reply :) ## Hello, commenting to you NOT wanting to get pregnant, y...

Lady pills - Is it safe and how does it work for a fist timer?

Hello, i'm just asking kc i never used any contraceptives or pills so im scared now because my husband is on his way home from miami. So i dont know if lady pills are right for me or not? If so, how does it work? I never used pills and i dont know how to use the pills. I hope anyone can advise me. Thank you! ## Oral contraceptives, such as this, work by prevent ovulation, so you don't release an egg and become pregnant. However, if you do not start it while on the first or second day of your period, according to FDA instructions, it will take 7 days to become effective, so for the first week you will need to use a backup form of contraception. As to other use instructions, you should take one tablet daily, and keep it as close to 24 hours apart, as possible. Are you on any other...

Oralcon Contraceptive Pills - Is It Possible To Get Pregnant When I Am On This

I am using oralcon contraception, but since the beginning of April i haven't seen my period. Is it possible to get pregnant while on this? ## All oral contraceptives carry a slight risk of still getting pregnant. I believe it could be a 1-10% estimated possibility depending on the brand; but in my opinion that merits reason enough to use another form of protection. Irregular periods however, are a general side effect of these types of medications; so it's not always something to be overly concerned about. This may simply be due to a fluctuation in your hormones. To make using oral contraceptives as safe and reliable as possible, you should understand how and when to take them and what side effects may be expected. A paper with information for the patient should've been given...

What are famynor red and white for?

I have been using nur isterate last year from January to October and I stopped, but I have been experiencing non stop bleeding. So I went to a clinic and the nurse gave me Famynor, and she cut out the red ones. What are the white ones supposed to do? I want to get pregnant. Plz help. ## I got 5 months now I can't see my periods and they gave me Famynor pills it's now 1 and half week nothing has happened and I want the baby please ## Hello Makwanda Famynor is a contraceptive that prevents ovulation and in turn stops menstruation bleeding. Generally contraceptives have active and inactive pills (placebo), I suggest you contact your PCP to discern if that is the case with the discarded red pills. If you are attempting to get pregnant you should consult your primary care ph...

Lady Trust Pills

I have finished my pack of pills for a week now, but still i dont have my period... I used a PT after 4 days of finishing off my last pill and its negative. What could be the problem? Am i possibly pregnant? Should i start a new pack of lady pills? ## Did you miss any pills, at all? If not, then the chances of your being pregnant are not very high. For most birth control pills, it only takes 7 days of taking them continuously for them to protect you against pregnancy. However, these are hormonal based contraceptives, so they can, sometimes, cause you to skip your period. You should start your new pill pack on the same day that you normally would. There is actually no harm in missing your time of the month, many women use birth control to do it on purpose, when it would be inconvenient t...

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Trigestrel Oral Contraceptive

Hi there, I started using trigestrel and stopped using it due to heavy mood swings ect. I've had my period as soon as i stopped using it but for almost 2 months now i've not yet had my period. Is it just my hormones that's all scrambled or what? ## Hi, Cj! How are you? Have you been engaging in intercourse? If so, have you taken a pregnancy test? These hormonal based contraceptives only protect against pregnancy while you are taking them, the protection is gone once you've stopped. Or yes, it could be due to your hormones being imbalanced from taking it, it may take them awhile to adjust back to normal levels. have you consulted your doctor? ## Hi, I started using trigestrel pills in november and my period wasn't normal in december. It normally takes 2 weeks and afte...


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