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i was on subutex 8mg and ive been reading about these new subutexs with the 8 and the arrow on them. i got a different kind there zubsolv 5.7 mg/1.4 mg ? i dont understand is one of these pills equal to a 8 mg? there small white round tablet imprinted with 5.7 on the front? ## Subutex contains just the narcotic Buprenoprhine as the active ingredient, so an 8mg tablet of it contains that much of the Buprenorphine… Where the Zubsolv is actually an equivalent to Suboxone, because it contains the Buprenorphine (in this case 5.7mgs) and Naloxone (in this case 1.4mgs). Learn more Subutex details here. Learn more Suboxone details here. So no, they aren't equal to the 8mg Subutex tablets. This medication is a narcotic opiate, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause s... ...
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Sat, Apr 02 '16, 12:27 AM
new to zubsolv 5.7 mg
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i just started zubsolv and i love it. most pharmacy's did not carry it. however, it can be ordered overnight. most insurance covers it but may need a pre-aurthorization. its much easier to take then suboxan tabs or strips. you still put it under your tongue but it dissolve quickly. it did burn at first but this went away after a couple minutes and there's no gross glue aftertaste like sub. strips. the 5.7mg. is confusing at first. i contacted Orexo, the company that makes zubsolve. they explained that its simply a different formulation. you are actually absorbing 8 mg.......good luck to all !!! ## Hi Diana, I’m glad to hear that your experience with ZUBSOLV has been positive so far. I have worked in addiction treatment for several years with my area of expertise being medi... ...
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Fri, Aug 01 '14, 7:51 PM
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Im thinking of switching from strips to zubsolv next month because I have no insurance is there anyone whos switched and liked it? ## It is the same, just under a different formulation and brand name, so it should work the same. This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. Is there a big price difference? ## I know you posted this a long time ago, but if you haven't switched, I would not recommend it. I did and it is awful. I was down to between 2 to 4 mgs of suboxone a day. My ins stopped paying for them so 3 weeks ago my doc switched me to zubsolv, telling me that it's the same even better. He said stronger and easier to get off of. I got 30 5.7 tabs and ... ...
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Wed, Mar 30 '16, 5:26 PM
suboxone zubsolv
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I was going to a sub dr for 3 yrs best doctor ive ever met ... he went to jail 6 months ago n i have an appt monday with a new one but i was able to get suboxone while trying to find a new dr which might i add $1000 for the first visit is just ridiculous... should i go for the strips or zubsolv? ## I take 2 zubsolvs 5.7 mg tablets a day. I used to take the 8mg suboxone strips. Trust me stick with the suboxone. I would rather have 1 suboxone strip than 2 zubsolv tabs but my insurance doesn't cover suboxone. ## Omg subzolve SUCKS ive been on suboxone for a few years and my ins wont cover it anymore so now im suppose to be on subzolve and it has done NOTHING but throw in wicked withdrawal. Stick to subs id do anything for suboxone back ## I think it's a little ironic that the "... ...
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Thu, Apr 09 '15, 5:28 PM
Zubsolv conspiracy
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I wonder if this medication is what they say it is I feel a conspiracy??? Anyone else??? ## Absolutely!!! I was on 2 mg suboxone films for at least 5 years, until Independant Health decided to go to bed with the makers of zubsolv. It DOES NOT work the same way!!! The meds half life is not at long at sub was. I could go a day and a half without feeling withdrawal symptoms when on suboxone. Not zubsolv!!! After 24 hours I had major withdrawal! Plus they made it impossible to wean off of zubsolv! At least with the zub films you could cut off pieces to wean. What do you do w that tiny white tablet??? Thank you crap healthcare system we have in the US. Insurance companies really have is all by the balls. Think Im just gonna end up paying out of pocket for suboxone. I know it works! ## March ... ...
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Sat, Feb 13 '16, 7:18 AM
tapering off zubsolv
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I'm on Zubsolv, 5.7 mg 2×day. I'm wondering if anyone knows how to taper off this drug? I've been on it for a year now and want to get off of it. My doc seems keeps telling me that " Well you know, your really suppose to be taking 3 ×s a day bc your parking spots aren't fully blocked." I feel like he's pushing me on this drug and to keep taking it. I'm ready to get off it now so if anyone know what does to go down to, please help. Thanks for reading! Btw, this drug did help me get off from hydrocodone. I'm a chronic pain patient in lower back. Did wonders for me but I'm ready to move on! ## Hi Robin, I think it's wise that you're staying mindful of your Dr's motives behind choosing to keep you on this medication. If you get t... ...
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Wed, Aug 26 '15, 2:17 PM
zubsolv does one have 5721 and 93 on it
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round white pill numbers 5721 one side 93 other side is it zubsolv pill ## No its generic suboxin. 8 mg. /2 mg.Zubsolv is 5.7 mg./1.2 mg. The Zubsolv are ok but the 5721/93 have more medicine and are better in my opinion. ## Just to confirm for other readers, post #1 is correct about the pill ID. The company who manufacturers these is Teva, who actually lists this pill description on their product page (with a national drug code of 00093-5721-56). Regarding Zubsolv, I too have heard on many accounts that it was significantly less potent than generic/brand name Suboxone. Hard to say if it's the different binders/fillers they're using that may be hindering absorption or if they really did add less medication in there. I suppose a lab analysis would be the only way to know for cert... ...
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Wed, Apr 06 '16, 6:02 PM
Withdrawals from Zubsolv
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I was taking 2-scripts for oxy and now taking Zubsolv but just ran out after 65 days. I'm miserable not as bad as withdrawal from oxy but bad enough. I've got cold chills and sweating at the same time. Horrible feeling. Did anyone on here experience this when they were finished with Zubsolv? ## Hello, Matt! How are you? Zubsolv contains a very potent narcotic, Buprenorphine, so yes, it will cause withdrawals if you suddenly stop taking it, without tapering off very slowly. This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. What dosage were you taking? ## Hi, I was on hydrocodone 10 mg and 100 mg nyucenta. The reason I was on those is because I have had 2 foot/ank... ...
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Fri, Nov 28 '14, 1:57 AM
Information on new Zubsolv pills- 8/2 mg & 12/3 mg
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I went to my doc in hopes of getting the new 8/2 mg or 12/3 mg because I'm on the 5.7/1.4 mg dose and have been taking more than prescribed and got shut down. She told me that because they were so strong the only way to get them was in a controlled environment, I'm guessing rehab. I honestly believe that they just haven't taken the new certification test to prescribe these stronger pills though. Advice for anyone that plans to ask for these higher doses, I've read that they won't switch you if you are on more than two 5.7/1.4 mg pills a day. Seems a little backwards but that's all the info I've gotten so far. If my docs decide to get certified to prescribe these higher dosages I'll let you know. If anyone has any more info please post. Have a great day. ...
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Wed, Jul 29 '15, 11:52 AM
Zubsolv withdrawal and Prozac
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I had knee replacement surgery in March. I got up to high dosages of oxy (100 mg/day of the short acting 10mg pink pills). I wanted to get off the oxy without tapering for weeks so I went to a doctor who prescribed Zubsolv, because it would be "easy" to withdraw from. I was only on Zubsolv for 10 days, my highest dosage was 3-4 of the sublingual/day. He told me to taper for two days and quit. It has been seven days and there is no end sight of the withdrawal symptoms. In fact today is the worst day. I've been on Prozac for years and continue to take my regular dosage (30 mg). Could this be prolonging my withdrawal? Also, how long can this possibly last? I have two kids, one autistic and have been bedridden and haven't eaten in 4 days. ## Hello, Richard! How are you doing... ...
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Thu, Jun 25 '15, 1:40 PM
Hard time staying asleep on zubsolv
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Started zubsolv 3 weeks ago after taking subs for 6 years. I would only take a quarter to half of 8mg sub every 24 hours and would sleep like a baby all night. On these zubsolv's I'm lucky to sleep 2 hours then wake up for an hour then back to bed for another 2 hours. Very frustrating! My dr. Has me on 3 5.7 mg a day and it seems to me that only 2-4 mg of suboxone a day was working better for me. Anybody have any similar thoughts on this? ## I have moderate severe back/ hip pain and legs too. A couple fusions , a pump.Been thru several pain drs.once I got a pump and then had it out. So , having a time getting a pain Dr. Have appt.for just consult with one in 2 wks. I was going to try a suboxone Dr. But decided against when I heard I had to come off klonopin . Taken this 21 yrs, ... ...
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Tue, Nov 24 '15, 1:57 PM
Took 1/2 of a 1.4 zubsolv one time then 4 hydrocodone
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I took one half of a 1.4 mg zubsolv yesterday morning then within twelve hours took 4 5/325 hydrocodones ! Im experincing withdrawl systems like runny nose nausea n headache . Any idea on how long they will last ? One time thing here also ! ...
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Fri, May 01 '15, 7:41 AM
Trying to get the courage to stop suboxone (zubsolv)
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I've been on suboxone (now zubsolv) for a couple of years now. I really want to get off of them, but without them I'm extremely depressed and have absolutely no energy. I've tapered myself down from 2 mg to now .25 of one zubsolv. I have been on this quarter for one week Sunday. Im so scared of withdrawals, and I am in a situation where withdrawing heavily isn't an option. I am in an extremely difficult program in school, while also doing clinicals. I am in school or clinicals 5 days a week 40 hours a week. I got into pain pills when I was 18 because my boyfriend was taking them. We were both on 30 mg a day. We are both now on the suboxone (zubsolv). He gets prescribed them, but we both take them. With my school situation, I'm petrified that I will be denied into the... ...
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Sat, Mar 05 '16, 10:50 AM
i took 1 2 a zubsolv today at 2am and the other half 6 days ago how long before can use rest of my p15s?
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I used a half of a zubsolv 5.7-1.4 mg tablet today at 2am and the other half was taken 6 days ago. I dislocated my shoulder and I have 4 p15s left to use being as though I can't afford to go to a dr. How long do you think before the zubsolv wears off and I can use the p15? ## Hi Ryan, This is just my own opinion based on what I've been hearing on some of these other related threads. But depending on how long you've been on Zubsolv, it's generally best to wait at least a few days to a week or so between taking Zubsolv (buprenorphine + naloxone) and other opiates in order to receive their full effects. This is primarily because of buprenorphine's long half life of 24 to 42 hours; at which point half of whatever dose you took will be eliminated from your body, and half ... ...
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Fri, Nov 07 '14, 10:44 AM
white round pill 93 5721
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As far as the zubsolv go they are 5.7/1.4 mg. That's why they're less potent because of less medicine. They claim the bioavailability is higher but I disagree. Zubsolv are junk. ## i like them if used correctly they work just fine but if injcted they give you a headache and are junk i take them so they do work ...
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Sun, Jan 10 '16, 6:13 PM
white pill round big 5 and a small 7 on it what is this
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little white pill was told it's a subsitute for suboxone need to know very soon ## Hi Bino, Based on my research, what you were told is correct. The white round pill you're describing with a big 7 and small 5 is identified as a Zubsolv tablet containing 5.7 mgs of buprenorphine + 1.4 mgs of naloxone. This medication is basically another brand name for Suboxone used for opioid addiction/dependence. It's listed as being manufactured by a company called Orexo, here in the US. You can also learn more about this drug on the page for Zubsolv Details I hope this helps! ...
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Wed, Nov 12 '14, 12:58 PM
will I be able to feel opiates after 48 hours of raking zubs
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I took my last dose of zubsolv Tuesday at 3pm (1/2) a 5.7 tab. I'm going to the dentist today at 2 to get a tooth pulled and will get lortabs today about 3 will I feel the effect? I tried taking 2 5/3.25s yesterday at 3 ( @24hrs) will that screw me up for today?? They will be a stronger mg ## Well I took 5 7.5s lortabs today at 50hrs clean and felt equivalent to as if I took one lortab I will take more tomorrow And see if I feel the full effects at 60-70 hrs clean of zubsolv/ suboxone ## Hi ash, From what I understand, due to Buprenorphine's long half life, it's usually a good idea to wait a at least 3-5 days (72hrs or more) before taking any opiates in order to feel their full effects. Some patients may find those numbers debatable based on their experience. And I believe i... ...
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Sat, Apr 18 '15, 3:05 PM
Addicted to oxys and need help. Please.
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Hi. I am currently addicted to 60 mgs of oxys. I find myself going into withdrawal after 12 hours. My question is if I take my last dose at six pm how long do I have to wait to take Zubsolv? I have taken them before and went into bad withdrawals. I was so dizzy and nauseous I had to leave work. I only have 4 of the 5.7 Zubsolv pills and have to do a quick detox. Can anyone out there give some advice on how I can go about doing this? I am sick and tired of living this way. Would really appreciate some help. ## Unless your doctor instructs otherwise, you must be in full withdrawal, before taking the Zubsolv, otherwise you could be thrown into dangerous precipitate withdrawals, again. The FDA classifies this medication as an opiate that is most commonly used to treat drug addiction, so it ... ...
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Mon, May 23 '16, 5:10 PM
how long after suboxone can i take oxycontin
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Been on suboxane for over 4 yrs to get off 30mgs of oxcodone! Subs have helped but I want off them but scared of the withdrawals! Need surgery and said I have to stop the subs to get surgery! Is there a easy way beside tapering slowly? ## No ## I broke my hand and was prescribed a strong opiate pain reliever. I have been on zubsolv for two years and recently tapered down from 12 mg to 6 mg. how long until the pain meds will work on my hand. I don't want to take risk of making myself sick or dependent but I'm in a lot of pain ## I just started Naltrexone 50 mg and I am very excited to start my new life of financial freedom. I took my last dose of oxy 15mg this am. How soon is it to start the naltrexone? Can I start with a small dose? ...
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Wed, Sep 23 '15, 8:25 AM
Subsolv wait time
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Did 90 mg of Roxy last night at 11 pm it is now 4 pm the next day how long should I wait to take my first dose ## You need to be in full withdrawal, as instructed by your doctor, before you can safely take Zubsolv. Otherwise, it may throw you into dangerous precipitated withdrawals. The FDA classifies this medication as an opiate that is most commonly used to treat drug addiction and, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. Is there anything else I can help with? ## I switched from methadone to sub this week. I couldn't make it the three days you have to be off methadone to start sub.....wd was to severe. Ended up taking 100mgs of roxie the day before I was to get my first dose of sub.... ...
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Thu, Oct 08 '15, 6:18 PM

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