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Will Oxycodone Show Up The Same As Hydrocodone In A Drug Test

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will oxycodone show up the same as hydrocodone in a drug test
I was prescribed hydrocodone/acetaminophen 5-325 TB for back pain. I ran out so I took a oxycodone 10mg for the pain. Today is the 11th of April and I have to go in and see my Dr. on the 14th of April. If he tests my urine what will the outcome be? Will it just show for opiates or will a Dr.'s office urine test be more of a specific test? I have a feeling he's going to test my system because after all he did prescribe me the hydrocodone. ...
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will oxycodone show up the same as hydrocodone in a saliva drug test
Have recently taken both, within the last week. Ran our out of one prescription and was given the other to control pain. ...
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do hydrocodone and oxycodone show up the same on urine test
I have a prescription of hydrocodone 5 mg I I ran out of my prescription so I took a oxycodone 10 milligrams will it show up on a 6 panel urine test for Community Corrections ...
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Will Lortab Show Up The Same As Oxycodone In A Urine Test
will hydrocodone show up as the same as oxycodone in a drug test ## It actually depends on the type of test being used. There are some basic tests that just show the presence of opiates, however, there are others that can show the specific opiate that was taken. If the latter test is used, then they will be able to tell them apart and know you took Hydrocodone. Is there anything else I can help with? ## If I took one lortab 10 mg Sunday afternoon would it be gone Wednesday at noon on urine test ## They can only tell opiate other then oxycodone apart in gc/ms testing which is expensive. In a normal urine test Lortab (hydrocodone) will show up as opiates. And hydrocodone is detectable in urine for 12 hours to 5 days possibly longer depending on many things. ## How long does it take to.get... ...
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does hydrocodone and oxycode show as the same on a drug test
I took a drug test and on it they tested for oxycodone but I think I am on hydrocodone and butrans patches will this all test the same ## You aren't sure what you're taking? And no, different substances will show up in a drug test as exactly what they are, Oxycodone will be detected as itself, the same for Hydrocodone and etc. ## My Dr. told me a high level of Hydrocodone will show up as Oxycodone on a drug test if they use the 10 panel test that's why they send them to the lab to get exactly what's in the drug screen. I'm on Hydro and Oxycodone shows up every month till sent to lab. ...
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If I Took Hydrocone And Oxycodone Had A Drug Test The Next Day Will It Show Up As Different
i take hydrocodone on a management basis for back pain my doctor prescribedhydromet for a chronic cough i had when i was sick will these show up as two different drug classes on a drug test ## Same narcotic, just different form. ## Well, it depends exactly what you're asking about. In your subject line you say Hydrocodone and Oxycodone and, if you are asking about taking them both, then yes, they would both show as different substances on a drug test. However, as was already stated, the Hydromet also contains Hydrocodone, so if that's what you're referring to, then both would show up as the same substance. Are there any other comments or questions? ## I took an 80mg oxy Tuesday an was drug tested wendsday. An I took 5 loritabs wendsday morning. Will the oxy and loritabs test... ...
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Will Oxy And Hydro Show Up The Same On A Urine Test
My doc gives me hydro 5s for my back but I ran out and my mom gets. Oxycodone so I asked to barrow a couple of hers and my doc appt is a couple days away but the last time I took it was Sunday night so I was wondering do they show up the same and how long till its out of my systems. thanks ## No, Oxycodone will register as Oxycodone and Hydrocodone will be detected as Hydrocodone, they are two different substances. Both of these narcotics are usually detectable in standard urine tests for up to 4 days, after taking them, though this can vary from person to person, depending on your individual metabolism, overall health, activity levels, fluid intake and many other factors. If you are running out early, because your prescribed amount isn't handling your pain, then you really need to ... ...
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Will Soma Show Up In A Urine Test
i took a soma the day before my urine test will it show up, also i have a script for oxycodone with actemine in it but was out and i took hydrocodone will it show up the same as oxycodone ## Soma contains the active ingredient Carisoprodol, it is a muscle relaxant and, as such, it is not a substance that is tested for on urine drug tests. As to the Hydrodocone, no, there is a very good chance that the test they do will show exactly what you took and they will know it wasn't Oxycodone, due to the different metabolites in your urine. There are some basic tests that only show that someone took a narcotic opiate, but they are very rarely used. Are there any other questions? ## If soma is not a drug that they test for how come mine showed up? Any ideas. ## THIS ANSWER IS VERY WRONG,, i a... ...
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have a rx for hydrocodone but have taken oxycodone
I have a prescription for hydrocodone 5/500. I get 60 of them/month. Lately I have been taking 5mg oxycodone (2-3 per day for the last 30 days). I am trying to figure out how long it will be before I'm clear for a urine test? I have stopped taking the oxycodone & am only taking my hydrocodone. I have heard that weight can be a factor? I weigh 310 pounds. ## On a regular test, they will both show up as the same thing, just that you were using an opiate, these tests don't show which specific one you were taking. That said, however, you are playing a dangerous game and should get yourself help before you end up with a full blown addiction that you will not be able to handle on your own. Why take Oxy when you have a narcotic prescription already, anyway? ## recovering from my se... ...
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what pills show up the same/different in piss test?
my question is..does hydrocodone and oxycodone show up the same in a piss test? ## It depends on the type of test being done. There is a test that just looks for the presence of opiates and on that test, they would both just be detected as an opiate and nothing more specific. However, there are tests that show the specific opiate that was taken by checking the metabolites and on that test, they would be detected as exactly what they are. Learn more Oxycodone details here. Learn more Hydrocodone details here. Both of these narcotics are usually detectable for approximately 4 to 5 days, after last dosing. Is there anything else I can help with? ...
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Can Hydrocodone Show Up A Oxicodone In Stead Of Hydrocodone Hair Folicle Test
can hydrocodone show up as oxicodone in a hair folice test? i took a hair folicle test and it didnt show my prescribed hydro's but it showed oxicodone instead ad i know i havent taken oxicodone ## From what I could gather, the cheaper drug tests cannot differentiate between the two medications and sees them both as being opioids (thus the same medication). In their system "I am assuming" that they programmed a positive opioid hair test to turn up as Oxycodone, (being a cheaper - lesser quality test). This a mistake on their part if you know that you haven't partaken in Oxycodone within the last 90 days or so prior to taking your drug test. Have you been able to discuss this concern with your doctor or any of the lab testers? ...
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What Does Percocet Show Up As On A 12 Panel Drug Test
does percocet and codeine show up as the same thing on a probation ua ## On the basic test, they should both just show up as opiates, however, a 12 panel can be more in depth and may show the individual metabolites of each, so they will know which ones you have taken. However, if you have a prescription, you just have to let them know that, when you go in for the test. Are there any other comments or questions? ## Will hydrocodone show up in a urine drug test? I have been taking oxycodone and it doesn't show up, will hydrocodone? ## i have taken some of my wifes percacets, but have a scripe for hydrocoshtheydone will,ow up the same on a pre-hire drug screen. ...
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I USUALLY TAKE OXYCODONE, RAN OUT I TOOK ONE OF MY BROTHERS HYDROCODONE WEDNESDAY WILL IT SHOW UP ON DIFFERENTLY OM MY DRUG TEST? DOES IT SHOW UP ON A 10 PANEL OR A 5? ## It depends on the specifics of the test, beyond the panels, if they look further to see what specific drugs you've been taking, then yes, they will both be detected as different substances. Learn more Hydrocodone details here. Learn more Oxycodone details here. Do you know anything else about the test? ## it's a urine test at a pain cinic some people asked the same queston on here and they said their pain cliinic said it just come up a opiodes, and then some people sy they found both hydr/oxyc. i'm sure their not testing just for theone they prescribe for me, right? ...
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I Have A Prescription For Hydrocodone And Been Taking It As Prescribed But Recently Took Urine Test Which Came Back Positive
I have a prescription for Hydrocodone and have been taking it as prescribed. Recently I took a urine test which came back positive for not only Hydrocodone, but Oxycodone as well. I have only taken what has been prescribed to me, and do not take anything else. I do not know how Oxycodone showed up in this test. Any information, thoughts, theories would be greatly appriciated. ## Hydrocodone is a semi-synthetic opiate and, as such, has been known to cause false positives for other opiates, as well. Since Oxycodone is also a semi-synthetic opiate, they are very closely related and it's highly possible that one could show up as the other, or both on urine drug tests. Are there any other questions or comments? ## I'm sorta in the same boat, have been in pain management for several y... ...
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OxycodoneIf I take Prescription
I take Prescription 5mg/ 6 tablets. Would that show up the same on a drug urine screen as one 30mg? ## A regular urine drug screen just detects the presence of opiates, it does not detect the specific ones or how much. So, yes, it would show up the same. Just make sure they know you have the prescription, when you are tested. Are there any other questions or comments? ## What if you have a script for 12 5mg perc and want to take one 30mg Roxie what would show on a hair folical test? Or what if you take a 30mg Roxie and break it in half and do one day and the other the next? Will it be equal to the 5mg perc that I have 12 of and I Also just got a script for hydrocodone??? ...
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How Long Does oxycodone/Apap 10mg/325 Stay In Your System
I was in a car wreck a week ago and have my meds in my truck they did a blood test on me to see if i was on drugs. i had taken 1 about 4 1/2 hours before the test would that show as being intoxicated ## It might, most narcotics are usually detectable for up to 5 days, after taking them. Intoxication or under the influence, however, will depend on the levels found of it and can vary from state to state. What type of test did they do? Urine, blood, saliva? ## I took a oxycodone/apap 10 mg last night around 10pm for neck pain. I forgot I had to get blood work and lab testing done- will this show up in my blood and urine. Would this show up the same as hydrocodone/apap ? ## i believe it is bloodwork and urine. I have a prescription for the hydrocodone but not the oxy- that prescription belo... ...
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Preemployment drug screens
how long before adderall,vicodin,oxycodone,concerta clear system for urinalysis,and are vicodin and oxycodone related drugs?opiates,for purpose of screen?would consumption of pickle juice,and alot of water help in flushing system for minimal and not habitual doses? ## All of the medications you mentioned are detectable for 4 to 5 days, after use for a standard urine test and yes, on a standard test, it would just detect the presence of opiates, not the specific ones, so the Hydrocodone in the Vicodin and the Oxycodone would both show up as the same thing. Increasing your water intake can help, but you shouldn't overdo it, either and I am sorry, but I have no information on using pickle juice and I can't help but think it wouldn't taste very good, either. :-) Are there any ot... ...
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vicodin false positves
I take hydrocodone apap 10-325 and am testing positve for oxycodone which I do not take whats up with that ## There are examples of false positive drug tests in the literature because of metabolic differences in patients taking opioid medications. Your doctor or the tech doing the tox screen should be aware of the potential for this and control for it. For more on the subject, see: ## They are in the same drug class and will all just show up as a general positive for opiates. ## yes they are an opiate but have differant structure and can be seperated at a urine test. ## Both are opiates. There are differences in the metabolite profile from patient to patient, but oxycodone is not metabolized to hydrocodone. It also depends on the test being used. If they are using immunoassay then both ... ...
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