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R 500
I found this pill it has a R 500 on the side scored on the same side and blank on the other. Its round and white i can't find anything at all for it... I think its acetaminophen mixed with something else but i can't find out... please let me know ## Hi, Gail! Where did you find it? From what I've seen of these tablets, I believe the imprint you're looking at is supposed to be A 500 and it just contains 500mgs of Acetaminophen, it's a generic or store brand of extra strength Tylenol. Side effects may include nausea, dizziness and headache. Due to the dangers of overdose toxicity, please do not exceed the daily recommended use amounts. Learn more Acetaminophen details here. ...
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some painkiller
found pill white, round, 8 or 9mm in diameter. side A: scored into fourths. a number is in each section. TOP LEFT: 0 TOP RIGHT: 2 BOTTOM LEFT: 2 BOTTOM RIGHT: 1 Side B: [BLANK] ## This one took some hunting, mainly because I discovered it is not a drug intended for human consumption!!! This is a Pet tranquilizer, Acepromazine 25mgs. If someone passed this off to you as pain pill, or you received from a doctor or pharmacy, something is screwy or they are messing with you. Though, it would not be the first time this has happened, or the first time someone took pills intended for the pet in hopes of getting high or something from it. The danger here is that not everything that works safely for an animal is safe for people, and vice-versa. Here's the page I finally found it on: Pharmer ... ...
Updated 7 years ago in Pain Relief.
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zpl 5
white round tablet with ZPL in a traingle shape on one side and the number 5 on the back. It is a sleep aid ## It's ZLP not ZPL; it's a 5mg Zolpidem (tradename Ambien). It's a sleep aid. It's prescription only because there are some contraindications (medical conditions or clashes with other medications you might be taking). ## The identification provided by Pete is correct, so thanks! Learn more Zolpidem details here. Zolpidem is used for the short-term treatment of insomnia, but there are other reasons that it is available by prescription only. It can cause next day grogginess in some people that can hit unexpectedly and affect their ability to drive or work. Along with that, it has caused odd behavior, while sleeping in some people, which has the potential to be dange... ...
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Drug name unkown
Round white pill with Dan, score line in middle and Dan again on front and 5307 on back. Any idea what this pill is? ## 5307 Dan could you please tell me what this pill is used for and also its side effects ...
Updated 7 years ago.
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morphine sulfate 15 mg ic or ir?
small white tablet S4 over 733 on one side please confirm i.d. ## I believe I located a match, click here to see a picture of the pill. If this is your pill, it's 15 mg of Morphine, which acts directly on the central nervous system (CNS) to relieve pain. To learn more click on the link below... Do you have any more questions or information to add? Please post back if you do. ## I have found a white tablet that's round and has s4 written on it, with a line down the middle ?what is it. Is it harmful?? ## what does IC Morphine sulf 15mf looks like ## 54 733 is morphine sulfate 15 mg. immediate release,begins working in about 20 minutes or so.could be dangerous depending on your tolerance level about eqal in strenth ,maybe a little weaker ,than oxycodone at the same milligram. if yo... ...
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93 5613
white in color, round in shape. small in size 93 on top 5613 on bottom ## Could it be 93 5163 instead of 93 5613? If so, then you have something called Tizanidine 2mg, or name brand Zanaflex. It is a muscle relaxer used to stop muscle spasms in people who have multiple sclerosis and other such diseases. Side effects include blurred vision, constipation, drowsiness, dizzines and the like. ## I concur with nenene, the only pills in any of the databases I checked with the numbers 5613 on them are also marked with Dan on them, not 93 which is the mark for Teva Pharmaceuticals. It could be a foreing drug, not available in the US, but could you please double check the imprint to be certain? ## Thank you very much for your help that is the right pill. My best friend has MS and i am assistng he... ...
Updated 7 years ago in Tizanidine.
Tue, Jun 27 '06, 12:51 PM   3  Subscribe to thread 173241
10 cyclobenzaphine
white round pill with numbers 5658 ## The pill in description is Cyclobenzaprine HCl (10 mg). The full imprint is DAN 5658. Cyclobenzaprine is a muscle relaxant, typically prescribed to relieve pain and muscle spasms. For more information about this drug, please refer to the link below... If you have any more questions or concerns, please post back and I will be happy to help you. ...
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Fri, Jul 30 '10, 11:17 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 182170
round white pill. Little bigger that an asprin. Has 2410 on it and a fancy looking v ## 2410 V is Carisoprodol. You can see a picture of it ~ Here ~. ## found the pill in the ladies room of a bar, just womdering what it was ## I get somas 350mg and they usally have dan inprinted on the pill. I got some more and it dosent say anything on them...they are white and a straight line in the middle...i guess so you could break it i guess im asking are these somas ...
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what does soma look like
a white pill with GG on half an 101 on half ## Many Co. Make some say Dan, D + letters are 2 first Watson second sun I believe... all I've aren't are nickel size white round quarter inch thick ...
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carisoprodol 350mg tablet wat
white round-shaped,tablet imprinted with 5513 on the front and DAN on the back. ## Carisoprodol, the active ingredient in Soma is a muscle relaxant. Common side effects may include; nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and headache. Read more: Are there any questions or comments? ## my question is what effect does carisoprol dol 350 MG have on my not to functional kidneys? ...
Updated 23 days ago in Carisoprodol.
Mon, Mar 31 '14, 12:46 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 211648
tablet zoc
zoc 7.5 round shape tablet with a depresion in the middle so that it can be cut into half white color ## i just really want to know if ZOC 7.5mg are dangerous or are they really there to help ## well are 7.5 zoc dangerous can someone please tel me an hones answer here ## only in high doses..threre sleeping tablets..any sleeping tablets are dangerous if not used correctly. ## I'm guessing Zopiclon. A mild sleeper. You'd have to take a very high dose for it to be dangerous. ...
Updated 2 years ago.
Fri, May 06 '11, 8:49 AM   4  Subscribe to thread 206253
DAN 5513 ## Based on the description provided, I found your pill to be Carisoprodol (350 mg). Carisoprodol is a centrally-acting skeletal muscle relaxant. To learn more information about this drug, please refer to the link below... If you have any more questions or concerns, please post back and I will be happy to help you. ## round white pill wth 2410 with v underneath the numbers ## I have taken Soma(Carisopodol) for a few years. I noticed the last 2 times I have gotten my medication refilled, there is a new name for the manufacture(I believe it is called Danyo or something similar) and the pills seem thinner and definitely not as strong. Any answers as to what happened? Thank you ...
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Anabolic Steroid?
17 year old son has about 100 Beige round Pills with ALP Imprint with no scoring on them hidden in his sock drawer. He is a gym rat so im thinking steroid? Just looking for some info before i confront him. ## The only thing I can really find on this is a foreign pharmaceutical company that uses the ALP on all their Alprazolam products. This is the active ingredient in the Benzodiazepine Xanax. I cannot be certain of this ID, but it does meet the description of one of theirs, though a dosage is not listed. If that is what it contains, then it is just as dangerous as a steroid if used without a doctor's supervision. Where these found in the U.S. or elsewhere? ## These round beige pills are anabolic steroids white ones are clomid used to come a steroid cycle. Tan depending on size are ... ...
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small round white tablet ## What are the side effects from taking effadrin ## effadrin is the same as any drug, it can be dangerous, there are reported cases of ppl dieing as there are with absolutely anything but when has that stopped any1 before. the fact is that if you are not an idiot and you let ur body become used to it started in smal doses and getting bigger u should be fine, i know sum1 who is now at the point of taking 5 at a time with a cup of black coffee, it is not to be mistaken as a drug to boost energy though, it is a drug that helps fat loss as it makes you very hot to the point of burning calories, if you keep urself well hydrated then you will have nothing to worry about. ## To find more information in the future, the correct spelling is Ephedrine. ## I caught my husb... ...
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white round pill dan dan 5307 ## Phenergan Info Click Here ...
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intravenous diloted
round tablet, white, imprinted with gg 225 ## This would not be a round tablet because it is intraenous diloted is given through the IV or picline. It is stronger than morphine but if needed it can be very helpful. Like morhpine, it can give you a head rush. I am taken .6 mg or 3-4 ml ## Tablets are never given intravenuously, far too dangerous, only specially prepared liquids are. ...
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white round 57 ## I JUST WANT TO KNOW WHAT THIS DRUG IS USUALLY PRESCRIBED FOR. ## It is for anxiety and panic attacks ## Some doctors will also prescribe it for off label uses, such as sleep problems and etc. ## I am 87 yrs old and have bee using lorazapan for sleeping for a long time what are the dangers of taking it so long and what are the efects of taking it. ...
Updated 1 year ago in Anxiety.
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White Round Pill 5513 And Dan On Other Side
Rexcoff addiction my self sandeep i am addict to rexcoff i start taking this in 2005 continuosly now i want to give up but i come to know giving it up my whole life will be spoiled i will be caught by many chronic diseases that it will destroy my sexual life too is it right plz tell me also i want to ask i become fat so much fat is deposited throughout my body is it caused by rexcoff or what? I have very good homeopathic medicine by which i have stopped rexcoff use but i again relapse because after 15 days maximum i feel my sexual power week also i feel i will be caught by dangerous diseases plz give me the solution ...
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Sat, Mar 23 '13, 9:08 AM   0 
white round with dan scored 5335 other
White round rand scored Dan one side 5335 on the other ## HI, Kathy! Where did you find it? A tablet with this marking is listed as containing 2mgs of Trihexyphenidyl, it is an antiparkinsonian medication. Learn more Trihexyphenidyl details here. In other words, it's used to treat some of the symptoms of Parkinson's Disease. Side effects may include nausea, dizziness, vertigo and blurred vision. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Can this pill get you high if the dossage is up'd? What are long term side affects? If abused how long will the symptoms last? ...
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Round white pill 4839 A V
round white pill. blank one side and other side reads 4839 on top line across and a v on the bottom. i found this in my grandchilds pants any help identifying would be greatly appreciated. ## This is Acetaminophen 325mgs and Oxycodone 5mgs, a generic for the Narcotic pain releiver Percocet. Your are correct to be concerned, these are highly addictive and dangerous to use if you haven't built a tolerance to narcotics, and of course illegal to have or use without a prescription. ...
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