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When Can I Feel Opiates After Taking Suboxone

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suboxone and opiates
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I took 4mg of sub's at midnight and another 4 at 8am. This is the first time I've taken it in several months. How long till opiates will work again? ## I have done it before within the same day....6 to 7 hours apart actually and I felt fine!! I did feel the relief from the Hydro also ## I took 4mg of suboxone today @6am & 4mg @12pm. How long till I can take my usual 30mg roxis? I usually take 10-14 30mg roxi/day (2-3 at a time) for severe chronic migraines but ran out for 2 days, hence the subs on 2nd day. But I will get my roxis @4pm. When is it safe to take because I have a raging migraine. ## I wondering the same as"need help". Last sub was 3pm yesterday but I need to take the 30OC ASAP. Sitting on them sucks! From all my research it seems like we can take them as... ...
Updated 1 month ago in Suboxone.
Sat, Feb 21 '15, 6:03 PM
how long does suboxone block opiates
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I was on 180 mgs of methadone and Xeroxed at home for a week n the withdrawal set in the very first day of being without methadone and for a week straight I had to let my daughter stay w her daddy n played in my bed with the a.c full blast n sweat Ontario n as hoodie on sweating ,shaking,chills,diahrea, no apetite and hurt all over as if I'd been barred with a baseball bat but after seven days I went to a program when they put me on eight mgs of suboxone twice a day n was on it for nearly three weeks but know I can't afford the doctor visit n have no insurance so I'm on day the n starting to feel done withdrawal kicking in so I just took four tabs n hoping they will take the sick away. not looking to feel high but to simply take the edge off. So far I don't feel the opia... ...
Updated 5 months ago in Suboxone.
Sat, Oct 18 '14, 6:03 AM
Using Suboxone To Get Off And Stay Off Opiates
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I was prescribed opiate painkillers for 5 years. I gradually became totally addicted to the point that while these drugs ( Hydrocodone, Oxycodone, Oxycontin and others) worked well for their intended purpose, the 'good feeling" they gave me became the focal point of my life. The unavoidable physical and psychological dependence eventually led to serious and harmful consequences- damaged or ruined relationships (divorce in my case) with people who were now less important than the drugs. Responsibilities and interests I had fell by the wayside. Although I have a legitimate need for pain relief due to nerve damage caused by disease, the doctor saw that I was abusing the drugs- taking too much and using them to get high- and cut me off. The withdrawal symptoms were horrific. I went ... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Suboxone.
Sun, Feb 02 '14, 9:51 PM
2mg of suboxone
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about 13 hours ago I used a quarter of a suboxone just to get through the night without feeling sick. I never used suboxone before and I know I used a very low dose. I have been hooked on opiates for a while but the suboxone was my last resort 13 hours ago.. the amount I used was so small and since it was over 13 hours ago I was wondering if I took my oxycontin if I would feel it? I have about 60 mg of oxys. I know suboxone has a blocker but since I only used it once and it was only 2mg would it be safe to say that if I took my 60 mg oxy if I would feel it? remember, this is the first time I used a sub so I have no suboxone built up in my body??? ...
Updated 2 months ago in Suboxone.
Sun, Jan 11 '15, 12:27 PM
saboxin (its suboxone)
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It's an orange pill that dissolves under the tongue that has a cross on one side. Goes from 2mg to 8mg. I have been on this for 2 years to help in my addiction to opiates. ## I have been on percocets for 2 years and I would really like to go off, does saboxin help Pain that you truely have? or does it just take the edge off? ## Yes Suboxone has an actual pain killer i it that can not only help with existing pain but stop the pain pill withdrawal symptoms in their track when you cannot take the vicodin, percocets, hydrocodone, or whatever opiate you are on any longer. ## i am swiching from methadone to saboxin in 5 days is the start hard? ## Is it normal to feel 4C4 high when given 1st. dose of saboxin ? ## I live in Dayton Ohio and I am fighting my addiction to opiates.I have taken ... ...
Updated 3 years ago in Suboxone.
Tue, Apr 26 '11, 12:56 PM
getting off suboxone
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Hi. I have been addicted to H/oxycontin for two years. I got clean for 4 months once and never got back to using everyday. I use at the most 3 days a week but most of the time I use just friday night and saturday. When im off opiates i always take 2mg of suboxone daily. Like i said this has been going on for about two years. This is the biggest problem i have when trying to get clean, I know its going to be a struggle but i preparing myself mentally to just grin and bare it but i end up going through this cycle everytime i try to go cold turkey off subs or opiates. The first day i wake up feeling s***ty but go about my day. I go to work and feel super weak and out of it, my nose usually starts running like crazy and its hard to move and I have zero motivation. As the day progresses my n... ...
Updated 9 months ago in Suboxone.
Thu, May 29 '14, 2:37 PM
dr has prescribed suboxone patch, when do I put it on?
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I'm nervous to start the new meds. the only thing I've heard about suboxone is people with serious addiction problems use it. I only take at the most 20mg of oxycodone a day, which I've been told to stop taking before putting on the patch of 5mg.... My doctor has told me to wait 2 days but I've heard anywhere from 24 hours, to 8 hours or wait until you start to feel sick from the withdraw.... I just want to know if anyone else has been transitioned this way? ## Hello, Jane! How are you? You do need to be in full withdrawal, before you can start using Suboxone. The reason for this is due to it containing the opiate Buprenorphine with Naloxone, which neutralizes other opiates, to prevent someone abusing them, when being treated with it for addiction. The FDA warns that it ... ...
Updated 5 days ago in Suboxone.
Mon, Mar 23 '15, 6:16 PM
took hydrocodone 16 hours ago no opiate withdrawals when can i take suboxone
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Been on suboxones for over a year. I stopped taking them for a week because of some dental work. I was in so much pain needing a root canal and I realized that no matter how many hydrocodones I took, it did nothing for pain. I am thinking it's because I've been on suboxones. Anyway, I want to start back on suboxones, but I am nervous to when to start taking them. The last time I took hydrocodone was about 17 hours ago. I do not feel any withdrawal symptoms from stopping them. When would I be safe to take my suboxone? ## Hello, Ricsgirl! How are you? Suboxone actually contains 2 ingredients, the opiate Buprenorphine and Naloxone, which neutralizes other opiates to help prevent their abuse, while someone is under treatment with it. The Naloxone is most likely why the Hydrocodone d... ...
Updated 5 months ago in Hydrocodone.
Thu, Oct 16 '14, 4:52 PM
suboxone and depression
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hi... does anyone else out there get relief from chronic depression by taking the suboxone? i take it illegally whenever i run out of percs,and it always makes me feel better,like i can do more things, and i have more week, i go to a suboxone doctor to get on this legally, but should i tell him that i take them illegally and that they help with my depression? i am not sure if i should tell him this..i would love to hear from soneone...thanks ## I take suboxone from a doctor and after you taking percs, yes, he may start you on the suboxone program($$$) if he sees fit- or if you are truly addicted to opiates, but when you tell him you take percs for depression he will definitely add an anti-depressant to your med. list then taper you off the sub. program. It works. Depressio... ...
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Mon, Nov 07 '11, 10:44 AM
Side effects of suboxone
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I have been on suboxone now for just under a month. I think it is an amazing drug, i have had no cravings or interest in returning to opiates, my drug of choice was oxy. I get up every day feeling happy, and am able to take on what ever the day brings me. I am also on lexapro for depression at this time. There is one problem after i take my dose, which is 8 mg. twice a day, I am extremely tired sometimes to the point where if i sit down I will nod off, so I keep moving and can usually fight through it. I am wondering do other people feel this way or does it get better the longer you are on it? Two other things that are sometimes very bothersome are dizzyness and extreme dry mouth. I just wanted to find out other peoples experiences. Thanx ## Hey yea I get the same nod as you, it starts ... ...
Updated 2 months ago in Suboxone.
Tue, Jan 20 '15, 12:32 PM
Sick On Suboxone Want To Put My Fentanyl Back Can I
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I've been taking suboxone for2 days now and I'm still sick. I was on fentanyl 75. Can I put back my patch to get rid of this withdrawal? ## I'm not a doctor but I would say if you've only been taking it a few days to stop taking the suboxone and get back on the fen patch. You may not feel it like you used too, bc Suboxone blocks the effects of euphoria from regular narcotics because its used a lot for people who are addicted to opiates, such as pain patches. I think you will have little to no withdrawal if you start back on the pain patch because the body stil recognizes the Suboxone as an opiate and the patch is obviously an opitate, too, just without the Naloxone and Bupernorine. Ithe patch should be fine to return to, just don't combine subs with the patches or yo... ...
Updated 2 years ago in Suboxone.
Mon, Dec 31 '12, 1:12 PM
I Took Half Of A Suboxone Pill Three Days Ago Still Feel Breally Sick Dont Take These Pilss On Regular And Havent Been Addicted To Any Opiates
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How long will the nausea last. I took half a pill of suboxone and rabout an hour later, I threw up and wazs dizzy as hell. I still feel sick and I don't kknow what to do. I don't normally take this kinda pill and bhave never been addicted to opiates ## Well Suboxone actually contains 2 active ingredients, Buprenorphine and Suboxone. That means that there are several possible reasons that this may have happened. One is due to the fact that the Buprenorphine is a very potent narcotic and it can cause the types of things you've described as a side effect, especially if you aren't used to taking it. Another reason could be due to the Naloxone, it is in this medication to neutralize other opiates and prevent their abuse, while someone is being treated with it, thus if you had... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Suboxone.
Tue, Jan 07 '14, 10:05 PM
going to get back on suboxone
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i am on 75 mg. fentynal patches. due to having surgery. surgery went well. now ready to go back to sub. i really like them for getting off opiates, due to a vehicle accident i had 16 yrs. ago. i went through horrible withdrawls when they had me on 80mg. oxy's for question is, how long do i have to be off my patch before i take my su? i do not want to go through those awful w/d again!...please someone tell me the truth about this. some say 24 hrs, but i will almost go through a w/d when i take a patch off?? ## Dear Breezy, all u have 2 do is wait until u start feeling withdrawals, then u can take the subs. But, just make sure u r withdrawing first. Then u will b all set. I went through the same thing. Once I was withdrawing, I took my subs and felt SO much better. ## Like c... ...
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Sat, May 10 '14, 3:29 PM
On suboxone and still in pain
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I had lots of surgeries and many health problems. Used opiates 4 ten years and became addicted. I was on methadone 4 almost 5 years. Now I've been on suboxone 4 ten years. But, I still suffer with pain. Don't want 2 go back on pain pills, but, don't know what 2 do? ## I feel the same as u. STUCK! I had many of surgeries and have a lot of medical problems. I was on heavy duty pain meds 4 ten years. Then I went on methadone, that helped with pain. But, I decided 2 taper off after 5 years. I was on 120mgs and got down to 24mgs. At that point the withdrawals were so bad, I walked into my Drs. Office in tears begging him 2 help me. He said I had 2 choices. Either stay on methadone and increase the dose or go on suboxone. I went right on suboxone that day. I suffer all the time wi... ...
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Tue, Jul 15 '14, 1:34 PM
subtext/suboxone information
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You people have no idea about how subutex/suboxone works. 1 you don't need to wait anymore than 24 hours to start subs if using H. 2 subs are both agonist and antagonist so once you reach a certain dose they effectively block out any other opiate/opiod that you try to use. 3 taking other opiates/opiods while on subs will NOT make you sick, you just won't feel their effects due to the subs blocking properties. 4 subs are not the magic bullet for addicts as you also become dependent on them and after being on subs for a while you will find that coming off them is VERY difficult and extremely long winded, the best you can hope for is to taper down to the smallest amount you can (I'm taking crumbs here; break your pills into small pieces when you want to get off them) but even d... ...
Updated 11 months ago in Suboxone.
Mon, Apr 07 '14, 5:33 AM
Suboxone and Oxycodone Rx
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Hello, I have been taking Suboxone for approximately 3 weeks. I was taking opiates, legally, for four+ years but recently I had problems after surgery by increasing my dosages and eventually running out quite often which lead all my doctors to a rehab place. I went through 3 weeks of Intensive Outpatient Treatment which was complete crap but it kept me busy during the morning. I now have an Rx from my PCP who KNOWS about me being on Suboxone and said to stop the Suboxone for a couple/few days and then start the Oxy's. Here's my question: Can I fill the Rx for OxyIR when I'm going to be picking up my most recent Rx of Suboxone tomorrow? I feel like the pharmacy might be thinking it's Doctor Shopping but if they call my PCP, he knows about the Suboxone use. He desperately ... ...
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Fri, Aug 22 '14, 2:28 PM
clonazepam 0 5 with suboxone 8 mil
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Can you take these 2 together to sleep with out the withdraw feeling I am trying to get over. ## Hello, Brook! How are you? Yes, they can be taken together, as long as your doctor has approved it. The Naloxone in the Suboxone only neutralizes opiates. They both carry the risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, dry mouth and constipation. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Hi I'm Kris I'm new in the neighborhood! I wanted to ask can you have withdrawals from xanx? ...
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Mon, Apr 28 '14, 5:48 AM
Suboxone, first time, very low dose.
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I took an 1/8 or less of a 8/2mg suboxone. I did not take it to get off opiates but to ease through wds until i get my script filled tomorrow This is my first time ever taking suboxone. Will such a low dose prevent me from feeling my percocet in 20hrs? ## I don't have personal experience on the matter, but I'd imagine that the Suboxone wouldn't have had much time to accumulate in your system since you've only been taking it for a couple days now. According to wiki, the elimination half-life of buprenorphine lies anywhere between 20 to 73 hours (or about 37 hours on avg). If you want to play it safe you should probably give it an extra day and trust your intuition on the timing of your dose. Everyone's metabolism is different, but this way you'd at least know for ... ...
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Fri, Jan 31 '14, 10:04 PM
suboxone to fentynal for pain mgmt
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I'm a chronic pain pt. I was on 16 mg of sub for pain for 2 straight years. It completely stopped working, when in the beginning it worked "good enough" now, my dr is a pain specialist and suboxone dr. He put me on a fentynal patch 25 mcg told me to take my last dose of sub and put patch on at same time because sub should b mostly out of my system within 12 hrs. I had no problem switching but a little wd from the sub. It is only day 4....dr said 40% of your opiod receptors r still open on sub!!! It only fills 60% of them. Still, enough to block most opiates, except very high doses. Now, I am just starting to feel the fentynal on day 4. But am still in moderate/sometimes severe pain. Anyone with a similar experience???? ## Hi Painpatient38, I haven't personally had an exp... ...
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Wed, Jun 19 '13, 7:09 AM
suboxone 8mg/2mg and roxy 30's
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I am currently taking 8 to 10 roxy 30's a day. I have suboxones 8mg/2mg to help get clean+ off of these. I know the suboxones are the best pill made to help with the withdraws*but im wondering if for the 1st 3=5 days when im having trouble sleeping and feeling clamy if i should take like half of a roxy 30{which i have done in the past}which helps me to sleep and take away the clamy feeling or any other suggestions that u may have*thanx to anyone answering this for me ## Taking the Oxycodone pills with the Suboxone will do you no good, it contains a substance that neutralizes opiates to prevent their abuse during treatment, that is why it throws you into withdrawals. Suboxone should really not be used without a doctor's supervision, as the dosage and usage is carefully monitored ... ...
Updated 1 month ago in Suboxone.
Tue, Feb 10 '15, 4:39 PM

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