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staying in urtine
How long does opana er 40mg stays in your urine ## i need to know how long opana er stays in your system my27yr old took one and ineed to know how long it will stay in the system ## Opana ER is a time relealsed formulation of the narcotic pain reliever Hydromorphone, used to treat severe pain. Some common side effects include: nausea, dry mouth, constipation and drowsiness. You can read more about this medication here: As to how long it should stay in his system, if he took only 1, and hasn't been using it regularly, his urine should be clear in about 36 to 48 hours. This is, however, a very dangerous medication to take, if it is not prescribed for you and taken under a doctor's supervision. Is there anything else I can help you with? ## if I take opana er 10 mg for 10 days how ... ...
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Tue, Nov 22 '11, 6:47 PM   3  Subscribe to thread 186456
How to cure my genital warts
I want to know is that Terrasil Max can cure my genital warts at my anus area? ## There is not cure for genital warts, they are caused by an STD and once you are infected, you will always have it. Terrasil Max is an over the counter product, that really isn't proven to help with anything, it contains a complex of minerals and it may not be safe to use in the genital area. Have you consulted a doctor for proper treatment? There are some medications, such as antivirals, that can lessen the frequency of recurrences. ...
Updated 2 years ago in Sexual Health.
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How To Abort 2 Months Pregency
my wife having 2 months we want to abort this pregency woth out abortion ## Hello, There are actually a couple alternative methods of abortion that you and your wife might want to familiarize yourself with... The first, is using certain herbs to induce miscarriage, also called herbal abortion. It is not a sure way to terminate pregnancy, and seems to work about 40-45% of the time, IF herbs are started early enough. If herbal abortion is attempted and is not successful it is very important to follow up with a clinical abortion, as the herbs can cause birth defects and or complications during pregnancy. The second little known option is called Menstrual Extraction, unfortunately it is not a very available option, and for most women, finding someone to help you, is very remote... ...
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i m having erection problem
i was having sex with a girl, i used some sort of condoms and the second time in same night i got some erection problem like 2 months before. i am 29 years old, unmarried and since then i am not feeling comfortable. at times i got erection, but at the time of intercourse it dsnt work. and also having not sex appeal as it was b4. kindly guide me. ## Have you consulted a doctor? You are also having an effect on the issue, because it happened once and then you continued to have anxiety over it. However, only a doctor is actually going to be able to help you discover if there is really a problem and if it requires treatment. ## I AM SUFFERING FROM DIABETIC FOR MORE THAN 7 YEAR .NOW I AM FACING PROBLEM OF ERECTION.KINDLY ADVISE ME WHAT MEDICINE TO BE USED TO RECOVERY THE SAME ...
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Can The Amount Of Suboxone Be Detected In Your Urine
can you dectect the levels of suboxone from a urine test ## Yes. If your suspects of using it and that's what they r testing for.. But it's usually not on normal test panel.. I got tested for it at rehab. ...
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Citalopram side effects
I started taking citalopram about five days ago and am starting to have side affects the doctor told me I wouldn't have. I am experiencing some blurred vision,fatigue,some chest pain,etc... The last thing I asked the doctor was affects to my sexual appetite and performance. I was told there would br no problems.Well I am not able to reach orgasm through sex or masturbation.i go for so long that after a while I start to lose my erection.I'm thinking of Quito g this the side affects go away after a couple of weeks. ## Normally, side effects hit their peak at around 4 to 6 weeks of use, as your body gets used to a medication, then they start to taper off in severity. However, the chest pain isn't normal for an antidepressant and if it's only been 5 days, then ... ...
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Cytotec effects
After having to take the cytotec pills and have a bleeding, does it automatically means that I also need to have a raspa? ## I am 5-6 weeks pregnant and I took cytotec for abortion. I took two under my tongue and inserted three at about 6p.m. I went to sleep but about 11p.m I started bleeding heavily till the morning with severe pain. But from the morning and through out the day the bleeding stoped totally. What is the problem? Am I still pregnant or what? Please talk to me. AD ## Hi ebo. Thats the same problem i have. I just had mine last night. I bled and used up 2 full pads til the morning but after that throughout the day, 1 full padthen towards the evening, i mean now, light spotting nalang halos. My breasts are still a bit sore and im scared if i need to go through raspa d&c p... ...
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anyone know how to do cold water extraction on 10/325 percs. i have read the how to but wont you lose oxycodone in the filter as its draining into the cup? i get the tylenol is left behind but im concerned about losing some of the oxycodone when the dissolved liquid goes through the cofee filter. thanx ## You're never going to find a foolproof way of doing this, they are tablets and were never intended to be broken down for injection or other uses. They are only meant to be swallowed. You will lose some of both active ingredients and keep some of the inactive fillers, which can be very dangerous if injected, since they create the risk of blockages. Learn more Percocet details here. You also need to think about the risk of overdose and the fact that using medications in a manner in w... ...
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Side Effects Of Concor Am 5 espacially sexual effects
I am 44 y male. I am getting Concor AM 5 mg, one pill a day morning time. I need to know the side effects espacially the sexual effect, and if there are any bad effects for the future . I feel I am getting more time to ejaculate, and more than one time per cession. ## Concor-AM contains the active ingredients Amlodipine and Bisoprolol, it is most commonly used to help treat high blood pressure. The most common side effects may include: nausea, dizziness, stomach pain and headache. As to sexual side effects, yes, this class of medications is well known for causing a loss of libido, longer ejaculation times and erectile dysfunction. If the problems become severe, you should speak to your doctor about trying a different medication. However, these effects are really miniscule compared to th... ...
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blueshaped like a smurf
also has the markings of a smurf, ## any info about these exctacy pills contents would b GREATLY apreciated!!! ## There are several mentions of them in our various resources, listed as containing a moderate amount of MDMA. There are also very similar ones that are green. Predmet contains the steroid Prednisone, it is used to help treat inflammation and swelling. Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, weight gain and insomnia. You can read more on it here: Does anyone else have any information on these? ...
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cipramil tablet 20mg
## drug information ## My fiance has been using 20mg of Cipramil for the past 2years every day and seems to have a pretty good sex drive. When it gets to ejaculating its a struggle, can this be the cause? He also takes Lamitor and Solian. Any advise as we would like to start with a family real soon. ...
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Urine test / Amphetamine / Adderall
How Can You Prove A Positive Result For Amphetamines From Urine Test Was Caused By Adderall And Not Some Other Amphetamine ## Well, if someone has a legitimate prescription for Adderall, that should cover it right there, though whomever is requiring the test does have the right to ask for validation. Learn more Adderall details here. Was the testing agency informed that the person is taking it? ## here's how it typically works from my experience. Your initial test came back non-negative for amphetamine. They now send that same sample to a lab where they do a second test on the sample, usually called a CG/SM. This test will actually show whether you have just amphetamine in your system, or if you have methamphetamine as well. With your Addy script the amphetamine will be cool and sho... ...
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seroquel false positive
I'm on Seraquel XR & it ones up positive for THC when I test at probation. They have a complete list of my meds. Here in our county, they send it off to a lab that confirms it being either a " true or false positive ". It comes back from the lab as a false positive of course, since I do not use. Hang in there Seraquel takers! It's a CRAZY DRUG! ...
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Sat, Jun 15 '13, 8:25 AM   0 
Hydrocodone from India?
I ordered hydrocodone online & I thought it was supposed to come from Canada but it came from India. It doesn't look like the hydrocodone I have received from American pharmacies. The pills I received are oblong, yellow and have I-MR imprinted on one side. They are supposed to be Hydrocodone 7.5/750. Do you think they actually are? ## There is no way to say for sure, I am not finding the imprint listed anywhere, though I have looked several times at different resources. That is the hazard of ordering online, especially if the pharmacy is not licensed in the U.S. and/or you have no prescription. Does anyone else know anything about these tablets? ## Look guys, hydrocodone isn't made in India..It is only available in the US, Germany (In pure form for coughs only) and I am not ... ...
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Can taking Dilaudid with Morphine kill you.
Two weeks ago my boyfriend passed away while in hospital for his Diverticulitis. He was given Morphine at 5pm and then 1 mg of Dilaudid at 8:20pm another 1mg at 9:20 then two more mg's at 11:30pm. Is that to close? Is that to much. His heart rate was at 128 bpm, he was ice cold to the touch. Heavy rasping breathing. Urine was almost black in color. Can you tell did the pain killer make things worse. Also, another question How do you know when dye that is used from testing leaves your system? If it does not how long to they have to remove it before it becomes deadly as it obviously killed him. ## They are commonly used like this, the Morphine wasn't helping enough, so they switched to Dilaudid, which is also used in even higher doses. My guess is he probably died from something r... ...
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by mycin
genatail warts ## By-Mycin contains the active ingredient Doxycyline, which is an antibiotic used to treat various types of infections. Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, skin rash and diarrhea. Learn more: However, if a person has tested positive for HPV, which causes genital warts, this is not going to cure the problem, because it is a virus and there is no cure for HPV. Learn more: Are there any questions or comments? ...
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my gf is 2mOnth pregnant and she totally use 6 cytotic orally she use 2cytotic after evry 2hrs. with empty stomach she experience the following side effects of cytotic. my question is: is it ok if my gf eat their food after taking cytotic? does the baby is dead?plEAse answer me ## i also took it the same with the procedure of yours. nothing happens at all. i didnt bleed,just my head hurt. i dont know whats happening.i hope someone can also answer it. om worried. thanks. ## Cytotec contains the active ingredient Misoprostol and it is not effective for everyone that uses and it is not always effective by itself. In many countries, it is combined with Mifepristone, to up the chances of its causing an abortion. It can be taken with food, to help prevent some of the side effects, such as nau... ...
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How To Inject a multivitamin
i want to IV water at night when i sleep, possibly with a multivitamin or protein if thats at all safe. ## Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the safety of it all really depends on whether or not there are any additional binders or fillers in the pills you intend on using. Many of these supposed "inactive ingredients" can present serious problems if injected. I wouldn't recommend chancing it. In my opinion, if you really do have to inject a multi-vitamin, make sure its in its raw form and not denatured or combined with additives and other fillers. There are probably a handful of supplement companies out there that sell them in their raw form. I believe 'Garden of Life' is one of them. Because of the nature of your question, I think it would also be wise... ...
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vegra sexy
info ## Are you referring to Viagra? It contains the active ingredient Sildenafil, it is used to treat erectile dysfunction. Common side effects may include: nausea, priapism, headache and nasal congestion. Read more here: Do you have any questions? ## i want to vegra tablets. ## more sax ## sex what ## my cook is too small and slim and my cook is not stand when i do sex with my gil friend ## What medicine do I need to perform more than 2 or 3 on my girl friend? ## I ejaculate easily and i am not happy ## My dhon is small & thick. ## My sex is small & thick.what can i do? ## my cook is ## I want to vegra tablets but have sugar my sex is not working good ## i m a 40 year women and now not feeling to make relationship with my husband actuall i m not feeling sex or excitement to do... ...
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how does viagra works
I have ed and am reluctant to take sex enhancement drugs due to it's side effects. Thus, more information on viagra would be much appreciated ## Viagra contains the active ingredient Sildenafil, it really works as a vasodilator to improve blood flow, throughout the body, which is why it can also be used to treat some severe cases of hypertension. Since it increases blood flow, it does so to the penis as well and that his how it helps with ED. The common side effects to it can include: nausea, drowsiness, stuff nose and priapism. You can read more about the medication here: Is there anything else I can help you with? ...
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