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I Want To Know Whether Encorate Is A Medicine Of epilepsy Or Not
After a strong diarrhoea and a severe fall in potassium and sodium level the patient had a few seizures. The patient was treated in a hospital in Jan. 2010 and was advised to take encorate along with various other medicines. At that time she didn't have any remarkable physical problems. But subsequently some sort of trembling has appeared and day by day the patient seems to become depressed. All the clinical tests done for the follow-up of the treatment however seems to be normal and what more is that the concerned doctors never advise any EEG. As lay persons we are really puzzled and in doubt whether the patient is going through the proper treatment. Kindly let us know the fact.i ## It sounds like the seizures was probably brought on by severe dehydration. After such an occurrence,... ...
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is metformin from different manufacturers the same efficacy?
When I get my Metformin script filled in CVS in NY it's a different pill than when I get it filled in Florida CVS. Both are apparently Metformin but since they are from different manufacturers is the efficacy the same? ## Hello, Lolalulu! How are you? Yes, any prescription medication that's available from your pharmacy in the U.S. has had to pass the same strict quality and efficacy standards, it applies uniformly to all generic manufactures. Is there anything else I can help with? ...
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is this lithium
pink capsule with 54463 imprinted. ## The capsule in description is Lithium carbonate (300 mg). To view information about this drug, please click on the link below... Do you have any more questions or information to add? Please post back if you do. ...
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what am i taking
oblong,red,ip141,capsules ## The pill in description is Acetaminophen (325 mg) + Dichloral (100 mg) + Isometheptene (65 mg); which is used to treat headaches. To view information about this drug, please click on the link below... Do you have any more questions or information to add? Please post back if you do. ...
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where is Free Flex Forte available and who is the manufacturer
I wish to know where I can get the medicine Free Flex Forte. Who is the main manufacturer. What is the price in Indian Rs Thank you. ## This is actually not a medication, it is a supplement, that contains Calcium, Chondroitin, Glucosamine and Vitamin C. The manufacturer name is listed as Universal. There are several websites that sell it, that will come up in a Google search. I do not, however, know the pricing or if you can have it shipped to India. It may be easier to just find an alternative that contains the same ingredients, there are many on the market. Do you have any other questions? ## You can get Free Flex Forte at Lifestyle Chemists at KEM Hospital, Parel , Mumbai. Their web address is Its MRP is Rs.291/- per srip of 15 Tablets. ...
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What should I so?
Hello I'm currently taking Hydrocodone APAP 10/500mg! I was prescribed 60tabs but after taking at least 10 of them I have not be releaved of pain nor does this medicine have an affect on me... What should I do? ## I meant relieved of pain And what should I do? ## Did you take 10 at once or separately? Because you should be informed that taking a lot at once can be very dangerous due to the Acetaminophen in this. It is toxic if taken in amounts exceeding 4,000mgs a day and 10 of these tablets would have been 5,000mgs. As to what you should do, the 10mg of Hydrocodone, a narcotic pain reliever, is the strongest that this is available in, so if it is not helping your pain, then you need to contact your doctor and discuss the issue with them. Have you called them, yet? ## my dr change... ...
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TELL ME ABOUT co q-10dietary supplement is it good for the heart
CO Q-10 DIETARY SUPPLEMENT 100MG THIS IS A HEART HEALTH . WILL THIS HELP THE HEART. ## In several studies CoQ10 has actually been shown to lower blood pressure in patients with hypertension. The effect of CoQ10 on blood pressure is usually not seen until after 4-12 weeks of therapy. Typical reductions in both systolic and diastolic blood pressure with CoQ10 therapy in patients with high blood pressure are in the 10% range. Having healthy blood pressure ranges does in fact benefit the heart. Personally I think that supplementing this enzyme will provide you with a host of other benefits as well as good heart health. Source with references: Also based on personal experience, 100mg dose is not going to be very effective unless taken long term. I was taking an upwards of 600mg a day for a f... ...
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what I should do
My compaction is black so I used melas.. But it burned my skin and now i have more black spots on my forehead and near lips nd under eye plz hlp me what I should do ...
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 Isosulfan Blue
Patent Blue V, also called Food Blue 5, Sulphan Blue, Acid Blue 3, L-Blau 3, C-Blau 20, Patentblau V, Sky Blue, or C.I. 42051 and is a dark bluish synthetic triphenylmethane dye used as a food coloring. As a food additive, it has E number E131. It is a sodium or calcium salt of [4-(α-(4-diethylaminophenyl)-5-hydroxy- 2,4-disulfophenylmethylidene)-2,5-cyclohexadien-1-ylidene] diethylammonium hydroxide inner salt.[clarification needed] It is not widely used, but in Europe it can be found ...
is it safe to use
Hi am tejaswini frm banglore actually in my 1st pregnency period am suffering from blood presure am taking that tablets from 5 months of that period .i had boy baby both are very healthy after words its comes normal. but now i becoming conciving my 2nd baby i have 1.45 days nw my doctor is advising me to take ecosprin-75 mg tab but now my BP is normal am getting confuse that its safe to take tablet for me and my foets. ...
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What Pharmacuticals Makes The Best Fentayl Patch Gel Or Other
Updated 3 years ago.
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please help me am on methadone desperate to get pregnant 39 yrs old is it too late
Please help i am 39 yrs old am on methadone so is my partner is it possible to still get pregnant were on a reduction detox please help xthank you ## Yes it is I've had 2 children on methadone & just found out I am 5wks along with another. You should talk to your dr maybe something else is keeping you from conceiving! Good Luck hun. ...
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temazipan and what types and shapes and colours
red and small and round ## hey, i tried a pil, i was told it was temazipan, it was small, blue and round, and had a sorta spider shape on the back, could any1 confirm it was temazepan ## There is no way to confirm what it was without knowing the full imprint from the tablet. If you can provide that information, then I can check the identification of the tablet for you. ## well, on 1 side it had a line to cut in 2, and on each side i think it had a circle, with a line below it, and on the others side of the pill it had a giure that looked sorta like a spider, if thats any help, thanks for helping ## lol sorry, didnt realize bad spelling, and cant edit, on the other side it had a figure like a spider, or ant ...
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lovastatin 20 mg generic what color should it be
what color should this RX be? round tablet on side has R and other side number 634 ## This tablet should be round, pink and have the R logo on one side and the numbers 634 on the opposite. Lovastatin is most commonly used to help lower cholesterol. Side effects may include nausea, headache and joint/muscle aches. In some cases, these have been severe enough that the medication has had to be discontinued. Learn more Lovastatin details here. Is there anything else I can help with? ...
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What would be a logical change in meds for my pain?
I have reverse swan neck and it has caused 3 herniated discs in my neck. I currently take 3 10 mg percocets daily and 2 20 mg opana ER's. I'm not really getting the relief I'd like. What would be a logical upgrade in my meds? ## Although I don't have personal experience with these types of medications, I thought I'd still go ahead and post a list of other possible options for you. Some types of opioid drugs include: codeine (only available in generic form) fentanyl (Actiq, Duragesic, Fentora) hydrocodone (Lorcet, Lortab, Norco, Vicodin) hydromorphone (Dilaudid, Exalgo) meperidine (Demerol) methadone (Dolophine, Methadose) morphine (Avinza, Kadian, MS Contin, Ora-Morph SR) oxycodone (OxyContin, Oxyfast, Percocet, Roxicodone) I think there's some speculation as to ... ...
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What to tell your doctor if you will take equanil
It is important to tell your doctor if you have: 1. a history of drug or alcohol abuse. 2. porphyria, 3.epilepsy 4. liver disease, 5. kidney disease. What other things do you need to tell your doctor? ## Though equanil has been prescribed to treat anxiety disorders, it is important to find relaxation techniques that will help ease anxiety. If you want to get rid of anxiety problems, it has to start from within. ## In addition, you also have to accept the fact that you need help so that you can start the road to recovery. ## Before taking any drug, it is important to let your doctor know about your medical history and your addictive tendencies. ...
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How Can I Tell If Methadone Is Effecting My Heart
How Can I Tell If Methadone Is Effecting My Heart and what other symptoms would i have if i taken to much. I was just put 10mg 4 times a day but not doing much and am scard to increase the dose so any info would be great ## The noticeable symptoms would most likely including your starting to feel very dizzy, drowsy, fatigued and maybe like it's hard to breathe or get air. Learn more overdose details here. How long have you been taking it? It may take a short while for it to really reach its full effect in your body, so increasing it without medical approval wouldn't be advisable. ## i have just started this drug on the 24th and have read all bad new about it. i took a 20mg last night around 9 and about 30 min latter i felt my heart raceing out of were for like 60 seconds then ju... ...
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encorate chrono500mg causes impotence or what?
is there any problem using encorate chrono500mg or causes impotence in men. ## Encorate Chrono contains the active ingredient Valproic Acid, it is primarily used as an anticonvulsant and mood stabilizer. Learn more Encorate Chrono details here. Common side effects may include nausea, dizziness, weight changes and mood swings. I'm not seeing anything about it causing ED, but there's no way to be sure how any medication will affect any given person that tries it. Are there any other questions or concerns? ...
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When Is Advice To Take Defcort 6 For What Desiese
what are the benefits of defcort6, why this medicine is taken for, in what condition the medicine recommended for what are the side effects and positive sides of the medicine. ## Defcort contains the active ingredient Deflazacort, this is a type of steroid and it is used to treat several conditions, including allergic reactions, swelling and immune disorders. Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, fluid retention and weight gain. Read more: Are there any other comments or questions? ## Defcort effect on hair .......????? ## I have been prescribed in lieu of OMNACORTIL. How is DEFCORT 6 better? ## Is Defcort 6 is safe if used for 3 days only? ## what will happen if I suddenly stop taking defcort6 tablet? ## Is defcort 6 can used in uretic stone pushing out? ...
Updated 22 days ago in Nausea & Vomiting.
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