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amitriptyline tab 10mg
I need to know the manufacturers name of the amitriptyline tab 10mg which is made white with no outer coating of colour. I am experiencing problems with the coloured ones. My pharmacy only stocks the coloured coated ones now (cheaper I believe to produce than white ones). ## I am sorry, I can't tell you anything from just the color. Do you know what the imprint was that was on the tablet? That is how we would discover who the manufacturer is. Amitriptyline is an antidepressant. Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, headache and dry mouth. Read more here: ## I am looking at using the sex pill Kanagarra type of viagra but i take the following percription pills daily: Atorvastatin 80mg Aspirin 75gm Bisoprolol Fumarate 2.5mg Candesartan Cilexetil 4mg Isotard 60xl 60mg 1/2... ...
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Abort 5 Month Pregnancy
what are the right medicine to do an abortion?im 5 months pregnant ## I am a lady 24yrs old I have a baby girl aged 12/3 yrs I was married but for now we have separated and I am 5 month pregnant and I want to abort. plz help with pills to take so that I can have de baby aborted. ## what should i take? I am 4 months pregnant.I am 26 years old have already a baby girl but she is still 2 years old.i want to abort the baby since i will go to abroad for work..Please help me....Thank you!!! ## Please do not abort your precious baby! This is a. Beautiful little baby inside of you. I will take your baby and give it a good home! ## what should i take? I am 4 months pregnant.I am 27 years old have already baby 1still in 8 month old.i want to abort the baby since i will go to abroad for work..Plea... ...
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premature ejaculation
in the last 10 yrs i have found that i have premature ejaculation,in the past i have had no problem,i dont drink alcohol ,but i did,i dont take drugs,and i am a confident minded person,what can i do to fix this !! ## I have battled with PE for 11 years due to severe prostatitis. Any of the kegel muscle exercises and or the anxiety related relaxation techniques were completely ineffective for me. I got involved in a clinic trial at a urologist clinic in Orange County about a year ago with a drug called promescent. It has an absorption technology where it goes sub dermal and leaves sensation but somehow takes away the "ticklish" sensation i was feeling. It should be available soon, Watch for Promescent ## I suffer with premature ejaculation myself and have tried a number of creams... ...
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extacy pill identifier
White Dove shaped pills ## You can find some information and descriptions of various pills at DanceSafe Click Here ## i have a white capsul shaped pill. its not a plastic capsul or whatever. The only engraving on it is a circle with a lightning shape through it OR an arrow or something. Hard to tell exactly. Please let me know if anyone knows what it might be ## greenish duck ## forrest green butterflies...??? ## i have a couple triple stacked pills with a horse imprinted on it that I found in my car. Anyone know what it if, please identify it for me. ## a green bomb ## its a white capsule shaped pill . its has the letter p with a triangle over it but the triangle does have a bottom then it has the numbers 117 after that. it was given to me ass an extacy pill but i never seen one like t... ...
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Urimax D -Effect on semen
I was diagnonised tender DRE GR II BPH in Jan.2012. Urologist prescribed Silodocin 4mg.After next check up in March,he asked to take Urimax-D.Continuing the same till now with intermitent check ups.Although uroflow has marginally increased,discharge of semen reduced to almost zero.Now,he has advised me to take Silodicin-8mg.I am 62 years.Would you please convey me the actual reason ? ## One of the symptoms involved with BPH is enlargement of the prostate, that's what causes the reduce urinary flow, or trouble urinating. And, since your ejaculate from the same area equipment, it can also cause you to have problems with that flow, as well. Learn more Silodosin details here. So, that's why the new dosage of Silodosin, because that symptom has let him know that you are still having ... ...
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Can You Snort A Klonopin
What happens if u snort 3 kpins?? ## Aside from the risk of overdose, you also run the risk of creating other long-term health problems. Tablets contain fillers and not all of them are meant to be broken down by the human body, but are normally just expelled as waste. When you crush and snort them, these products can stay in your sinuses and lungs, which creates the risk of blockages that can lead to respiratory arrest. Learn more Klonopin details here. Are there any other questions or comments? ## Can you snort a myprodol? ## I was told by my doctor that snorting klonopin or xanx is a waste. Only what makes it into your stomach has any effect. It is also very difficult to overdose on klonopin. I read that not even ,440mg will kill you though you will feel bad for a very long time. ## Y... ...
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Gay Taking Pills Effect
im 23 and im start taking diane happy for some changes in my body and i enjoy just wanna know what would happend to me after a years that im getting old. ## Prostate Cancer Another effect of estrogen on men is an increased risk of developing prostate cancer. The prostate, a small gland found anterior to the rectum, is part of the male reproductive system. The prostate releases prostate fluid that makes up a part of ejaculate, and cells within the prostate respond to circulating hormones. Prolonged exposure to estrogen or estrogen-mimicking chemicals can cause an increased risk of prostate cancer. A study published in Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine in 2003 studied the levels of environmental estrogens on men with or without prostate cancer. The stu... ...
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hydrocodone from India
Look guys, hydrocodone isn't made in India..It is only available in the US, Germany (In pure form for coughs only) and I am not sure about Canada..The good old days of online pharmacies are over, gone. I remember in 2002 you could get 90 10/325 vicodins, and 90 2 mg xanax for $90.00 total..If you see a website that offers the samething run, don't walk away.. You will get ripped off. Only God knows what are in the pills you got, but I am 90% sure they aren;t vicodin..They are probably robaxin, motrin, or any other medications that look like vicodin..It is illegal and dangerous to order off the web now..I am no angel and I am saying this because I ordered for years on the net, from 2001 until 2006, and your chances of getting ripped off today is a lot more than a few years ago..I ... ...
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Suboxone Half Life Time
i took 6 mgs of suboxone - i have never taken it before, just found out i will be tested for it in 14 days. Will it be out of my system? ## If you don't take any more it will probably be out of your system within 80 hours or so (under 4 days) depending on a variety of factors. " The elimination half-life of buprenorphine is 20 - 73 hours (mean 37). " Source: ## Yes you will be o.k.,as long as you keep it at what you said and no more,5 days and your plenty cool. ...
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Cocaine After Suboxone
The real Answer is this. I have been on 32mg of Suboxone for 2 years and I just did an 8 ball of cocaine. I am really f***ed but also have withdrawls and feel like puking 45 minutes after the last line. Its ok if you do a bit of cocaine but trust me don't over do it. Just get a high and go slow with it. Its not the same as doing Cocaine when your not on Suboxone. Good Luck....... ## Actually, Cocaine is never safe, that's why it's an illegal drug and mixing it with prescription drugs just adds to the risks. Suboxone contains a very potent narcotic, Buprenorphine, as well as the Naloxone, so mixing it with substances like this is just playing with fire. Are there any questions or comments? ## What will my suboxone doctor be checking for in my urine ## On subs 8m 3/4 a day .. ... ...
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Amlodipine Besylate Ta
stomache full of gas ,swollen and sore, cant pass motions but blood bright red in small amounts , prescribed antibiotics ,but dr not sure what problem is , could it be tablets ,i have been advised to keep taking tablets, previous to blood apearing had vomiting and diarriha? loose motions, headaches,irritable , ## Has your doctor done any specific tests on your stomach? It really sounds like you might have an ulcer and, if that is he case, the Amlodipine tablets could be contributing to the problem, because they are known to irritate the stomach of some people, as a side effect. If it is an ulcer, then you will more than likely need to try some type of antacid medication for several months, to help prevent it from getting worse and to give it time to heal. ...
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Wed, Aug 10 '11, 10:44 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 221089
Rehab and precriptions
Hi, I know this will sound crazy to most but hoping it won't to some. 8 years ago I fell down the side of a cliff at the lake, dislocated my knee along with tearing several ligaments, I also have RA, Fibromyalsia and 2 slipped and 1 bulging cervical discs. Needless to say I've been on pain meds (prescribed) for a very long time, my issue is I've been taking far too many, more than I need for pain relief. I've tried weening myself back several times on my own and it just doesn't work for me. I'm seeiously considering going to rehab but am afraid that if I do I won't be able to continue to get the prescriptions I need anymore. I just want to get off of them and only take them when I actually need them and not abuse them anymore, I can't do this on my own be... ...
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sexual unwanted 72 pill
i have sex 01 may with my boy friend but condom is licked. after 24 hour i take unwantes 72. my period date every month 8 to 10 date.... now i am secure or unsecure.. please help me... and also want to know my period date ## dont take tension becoz ur ipill take tension ,,,,,,have sex and enjoy ## i had unprotected sex with my bf on 8th may and my next periods are on 16th may. i took one unwanted-72 pill within 1 hour after having sex. is there any chance to get pregnent..?? ...
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Tablet To Stop Pregnent
Which medicine my wife can take that she not pregnant. Currently she is not pregnant and also i dont wants that she pregnant early. I want medicine like she take in a month before her period. ...
Updated 1 year ago.
Mon, Dec 17 '12, 3:34 AM   0 
Abort 1 month pregnancy
Am 19 year old i had s-x with my bf on last month 21 and my periods of this yet not came. am worried that am pregnant, i dont want to pregnant now so please give me some suggestion. I dont have lots of money could u tell me how to get medication abortion in cheap way. ...
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abort 4 month pregnancy
i'm 4months pregnant i want to abort this because i might be killed with my father when he know this. ## Am 4 month pregnancy i want to abort it my parent said i should nt married muslim, pls which drug can i take ## me to abort this baby bcz i still studying my father didn,t know it..plz help me...plz.. ...
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White Tablet 77 Over 155
I found this pill on the ground outside my apt. It looks like a possible percocet but i have never seen ones with those numbers on it. one side is blank the other has a 54 over a 411 ## The pill marked 77 155 doesn't come up in drug databases, so I am unable to find any information on it. I was however able to find the pill imprint 54 411; which is identified as 8mg of Buprenorphine hydrochloride (sublingual). It is a semi-synthetic opioid that is used to treat opioid (often heroin) addiction in higher dosages (>2Âmg) and to control moderate pain in non-opioid tolerant individuals in lower dosages (~200Âg). To view more information about this drug, please click on the link below... Please post back if you have any other questions or comments to add. ## Good find... ## ... ...
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Theophylline caffeine
my name is nelson ramos. I race pigeons in staten island ny, i am currently being accused of doping my race pigeons with theophylline, as i also was told from a lab that the birds had caffeine in them. A pigeon fancier that has a product that contains caffeinne in it as i used it the day droppings were taken he did some resurch and is claiming that the way the caffeine breaks down in pigeons dosent match the way i was told it was breaking down in the pigeons. at the time of the test of the droppings the birds had 101 nanograms of theophlline and 53 nanograms of theobromine. does anyone know the actual break down? basicly im trying to find out if the chemical found was from a respertory med or caffeine.?? thanks ## I'm sorry, but our information speciality is on medications and their... ...
Updated 10 months ago in Theophylline.
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Where can i buy Artridol?
I need to know where to buy it? ## Can order Artidol? ## I would like to be able to help you out, but there's a lot of mixed information online about this medication. Each reference stating it to be something different than what the last one said it was. Apparently the ingredients are different depending on who or where you get it from; although each brand of this has the same purpose for helping your joints and arthritis, etc. What I found out was, If the medication is manufactured by Merck; then it contains: Phenylpropyl Salicylate + Hydroxymethoxu Ethyl Benzoate Additionally, a post here on this site states that Artridol contains the active ingredient Glucosamine, which is a supplement claimed to help with joint health. Another post on this site indicates that Artridol contains t... ...
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pain management need dr
I am in pain almost al5 the time!0i nef a doc who wil prercibe hydrocodone it works!0my problem is a fracture of t12 and t8. I was on lortab i took myself offby asking the dr for suboxtone .my boyfriend was convinced i needed it now he is my fiancef and feels aad he see that i cant function i am in 2 much pain on top of that i moved to pa from indiana and 2nt even get any meds now i need help anyone gnt an idea?0i am near lebanon ...
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