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HELP PLEASE!! will i get pregnant???
hi to all.. i took 1 pill of madonna ( Levonorgestrel) after about 12-13 hours of unprotected sex then another pill after 12 hours later. .(did i do the right way?) . i had sex on my 10th day after my first day of menstruation ( september 16) and i had sex that time on september 25 so 10 days after my period. . will the madonna work for me? i am very scared i will get pregnant.. please help!! ...
Updated 3 years ago in Levonorgestrel.
Thu, Sep 29 '11, 8:47 AM   0 
Antibiotics That Start With Az
Newer version of erythromycin... Broad spectrum for sinus & respiratory infections ## Where you thinking of Azithromycin? It does have many more uses, as any antibiotic, than just sinus and respiratory infections, it can also be prescribed to treat some STDs, ear infections, skin infections and etc. Learn more: ## Yes, thank you. I found it subsequent to my post and I am currently taking it.Hope it works! ...
Updated 2 years ago in Erythromycin.
Sat, Feb 04 '12, 11:15 AM   2  Subscribe to thread 227080
2 menstruation cycle after using MTP. was not sure about pregnancy.what may be the reason?
i was not sure that i was period was 5 days late from normal after i had unprotected sex, although i used unwanted72,within 5 hours of sex. being scared i used MTP kit within 1 month.i didn't take a pregnancy test.i had sever cramps after completing the course but no bleeding started 2 days after i took MTP and it was as normal as regular stayed for 5 days.the bleeding stopped on 13th of this form today 24th june, my menstrual bleeding has started i pregnant or what is it about? ...
Updated 3 months ago in Misoprostol.
Tue, Jun 24 '14, 7:25 AM   0 
i took adderall this morning have a drug panel for pain management tomorrow will be okay
I took adderall this morning at 9 00 I have a pain management appointment tomorrow at 10 and they are probably going to do a drug panel I need to know if I'm going to be okay with the adderall in my system or will it be gone I'm not prescribe it I've only taken it a couple times for exam ...
Updated 21 days ago in Adderall.
Mon, Sep 29 '14, 6:07 AM   0 
find a doctor in santa paula ca to diagnose me with fibromialga or rheumatoid arthritis
I have chronic pain In my hands and feet I wad born with clubb feet had eight surgeries on both feet and neck problems I need to find a doctor in santa paula ca I can't seem to find one that believes the pain I'm in because im 31 they dont take me seriously its affecting everyday life becsuse I'm always in pain and 600mg ibuprofen doesn't help at all could I get sum suggestions on who I should see and I don't have insurance ...
Updated 1 year ago in Ibuprofen.
Fri, Oct 11 '13, 2:05 PM   0 
small round white pill with zc15
small white pill with zc on the top and 15 on the bottomm ## What is Zc 15? Side affects? ## The tablet with the ZC 15 marking contains 10mgs of Paroxetine, the active ingredient in Paxil, this is an antidepressant of the SSRI class. You can learn more Paxil details here. It may cause side effects, such as nausea, drowsiness, dry mouth and weight gain, as well as sexual dysfunction. Are there any other questions or comments? ## Is zc 15 a generic xanax. ..? ## there for it takes three weeks to get into your system...some people have suicide thoughts when the drug is active..becarful bc i almost drove off a bridge on purpose ...
Updated 7 months ago in Paroxetine.
Wed, Feb 26 '14, 5:15 PM   4  Subscribe to thread 199906
red oval pill with star and 150mg
I have a red oval shaped pill with a 5 point star on one side and 150mg on the other ## A reddish brown red oval shaped pill with a 5 point star on one side and 150mg on the other. ## Did you find out what it is? ## Did you find out what it was? ## Hello There, The pill in question is a herbal male sexual enhancer. They were giving them out in soho London this evening. they are called star150. ...
Updated 1 year ago in Enhancer.
Sat, Nov 24 '12, 4:29 PM   4  Subscribe to thread 194017
Adco Bisocor 10 Mg - advise needed
I am taking this medicine due to cardiomiopathy recently identified. Does the take of this medicine result in erectile dysfunction and what can be taken if so? ## Bisocor contains the active ingredient Bisoprolol, which is a beta blocker that's used to treat hypertension and cardiac conditions such as yours. And yes, it may cause erectile dysfunction in some people as a side effect, however, there is no way of knowing if it will happen to you, until you've tried the medication for awhile. Learn more Bisoprolol details here. If it does become a problem, then your doctor would be best able to advise you as to what would be a proper solution for you. It's going to depend on whether or not you're healthy enough for sexual activity and what your blood pressure readings are at... ...
Updated 2 years ago in Bisoprolol.
Tue, Sep 11 '12, 1:37 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 235059
I Wa
i am 36 yrs of age and i take one bottle of cough surup such as ascoril-c ,tossex etc.i take this medicine after my office hours otherwise i dont feel like doing any work and also sometimes when i get depression i have to take it. i know it is dangerous to take such medicines but since my divorce i was really upset and i live with my parents.i also dont have any close relation to share my views so at this age it is difficult to do 2nd marriage. so i know that i have to continue my life alone and without taking any medicine it is difficult to live. i want to know if i continue taking lonazep 1 mg tablet, licab 300mg and 100 ml cough surup daily up to what age i can live.because i am 100 percent sure that no good time will come in my life and i also dont want good time in my life because ... ...
Updated 2 years ago in Allergies, Cough & Cold.
Sun, May 27 '12, 6:59 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 230869
missing pills
I finished my last pill two days ago and I won't be able to get a new pack until sunday. I'm worried that I'm going to get pregnant. I was thinking of taking the morning after pill but they always say not to use that instead of birth control. What should I do? ## Yes, it shouldn't be used in place of birth control, because it is not as safe and effective, but it should be used, if needed. It also won't work like regular contraceptive pills to prevent pregnancy, so you would still have to take it, after sex. That's why it's earned the nickname "morning after pill." You have to take it within 3 to 5 days of having unprotected sex. You other options are to just abstain from having sex, until you have been back on your oral contraceptive and taking it str... ...
Updated 3 years ago in Lo Loestrin Fe.
Mon, Sep 12 '11, 9:52 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 222320
Cirrhosis Of Lover And Pain Meds
I've hepatitis C which has turned to Cirrhosis of the Liver. Unfortunately, I've chronic lower back pain and have had 2 prior back surgeries. Doctors say another back surgery will not help. Currently I go to a very legit pain clinic and am given 60 mgs of methadone to take daily. Since it comes in 10 mg tablets I soak the tablets and drink the clear fluid, then discard the remaining dissolved powder which helps eliminate some of the additives. I do lose approx 15-20 mgs of methadone, when 6 tablets are soaked. However, I've found that I don't get as nauseated that way. My question is; (i) if I must take a pain medication to have any quality of life what pain medication is the least harmful to the liver (ii) if one had access to a pure white heroin (pure as in straight fr... ...
Updated 2 years ago in Methadone.
Sat, Sep 22 '12, 4:49 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 236038
I was told I had Arryhythmia after a session in my my heart was racing , in fact fiblilateing.. I was prescribed 10 mgs of propolol daily That was about 10 years ago.. It seemed to do the trick until Dec. last year when I went to emergency with slow heartbeat (below 40) The dosage was cut in half(5 mgs) and since then it often goes down to 40 or less, I take my own blood pressure and pulse at home twice daily. When my pulse goes low I feel tired and lethargic. ## Well yes, when your pulse goes that low, you would feel that way, because the blood isn't moving throughout your body as it should, so you're not getting the oxygen you need. Learn more Bisoprolol details here. Have you consulted your doctor? You need some testing done to discover what's causing this, it could be th... ...
Updated 2 years ago in Bisoprolol.
Mon, Sep 24 '12, 5:13 AM   2  Subscribe to thread 235476
visual disturbance side effect
I'm using 1.5 mg perday klonopin and have the visual disturbance side-effect where my visual field is discontinuous when I shift eye focus. I've been on klonopin seven years and this side effect gets worse each year. It's not the only side effect I have, but it is the one that makes it dangerous for me to drive or even take buses. Is there anyone who has or has had this side effect and how have you dealt with it. Are there eye exercises that can help? I notice that in dim light, at night or when raining, the side effect diminishes--so it is light sensitive. I have what is known as low dose tolerance: I have been on the same 1.5 mg dosage for at least five years. I have a continuous anxiety reaction that I am used to now. It is total hell to try to go off this medication---re... ...
Updated 2 years ago in Klonopin.
Thu, Dec 15 '11, 1:27 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 225407
Is suboxone available in mexico
A friend of mine gave me a suboxone to try for heroin withdrawl. First i want to say this is a miracle pill. In my personal experience. Second thing is can i buy it in mexico? Its is way too costly without insurance. I desperately want to get off of heroin. I am ready, done and sick of it. Not just for myself but for my 10 year old daughter and my soon to be 7 year old son. I just want my life back. Its been two years now since i tried and got addicted. The only reason i keep doing it is to not feel s***ty and to function on a daily basis. And i know that suboxone will help me quit. Please anyone out there that can help me with an answer or where to find an answer would be helping a person to once again become a functioning member of society and two children that get their loving daddy ... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Suboxone.
Wed, Dec 12 '12, 1:12 AM   0 
subutex which opiate class is it
Which class of opiate will subutex show up as? I need to know if it will show up as hydrocodone, or morphine, oxycodone, or others ...
Updated 1 month ago in Subutex.
Fri, Aug 22 '14, 11:21 AM   0 
red white capsule carisoprodol
package says generic soma 350 red and white capsules with no marking on the capsules ## I ordered soma online and received these same red and white capsules. i've never seen soma like this in the US, I'm not sure if they are real or not. ## I'm sorry, if there are no markings on the capsules, then it is impossible for us to positively identify it. This is just one of the possible hazards of ordering from a foreign, non-US approved pharmacy. ## They are real, I order them because they're cheap. I have to admit that they are not nearly as strong as the tablets you get here in the U.S., but they work for me...:) ...
Updated 5 years ago in Carisoprodol.
Sun, Oct 04 '09, 10:03 AM   3  Subscribe to thread 184659
size of pennis
hi , my name is noonari and i am married the problem is im not satisfied with my pennis performance not even broken seal,, u wht i mean... it shots only one in night, and i think my pennis is small and weak.. full errect size of my pennis is 4.5 inches but i've search abt the ideal size of pennis it says 6-7 inches makes a perfect errect of pennis and a good pleasure of sex .. so i want to know how can i make it strong and large size of my pennis... i have not used any drugs can any professional can solve my problem or tell me the correct words that i can use it to describe the doctor. thank you ...
Updated 1 year ago.
Mon, Jan 21 '13, 7:35 AM   0 
Can You Take Acxiom With Cocaine
I'm taking acxiom to loose weight but I notice I get hyper or accelerated. I drink and use cocaine. What can happen or am I ok? ...
Updated 1 year ago in Cocaine.
Fri, Nov 02 '12, 4:16 PM   0 
coitus interuptus is safe or not
Hi, am23yrs old. I have irregular periods. Sometimes i get periods once in four months also. But this times its been two months. Before two months i had intercourse with my boy friend but it was coitus interuptus method yet am afraid. So please suggest me a tablet to get periods ...
Updated 3 months ago.
Sun, Jun 22 '14, 2:06 PM   0 
Fentanyl Without Prescription
Did u have any luck finding fentanyl 100 Mcg patches online? I been looking with no luck so far, I am in MO and I'm in a bind! I am on them now, but never have enough!!!! Thank u!!! Please Advise ASAP Thank You! ## If you were trying to respond to a post, you should use the reply box directly under that post, so the person receives notice of your response/question. If you make a new, separate post, then they are not made aware that you've ask them something. Learn more Fentanyl details here. Why are you running out of patches? How often are you changing them? Are you having a problem with them falling off? ## Strength has dropped off by day 3! Only getting 48 hrs off each patch, running me short! ## Cut the patch into 6 to 9 even strips; then peel one and place it between your u... ...
Updated 19 days ago in Fentanyl.
Wed, Oct 01 '14, 12:49 AM   6  Subscribe to thread 238497

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