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drug test for 1 hydrocodone/acetaminophen 5 325
i took 1 10/325 lortab,next day 2 8mg suboxine strips,that afternoon was givin a drug test. will the hydrocordone still show up in the urine test? ...
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Thu, Apr 10 '14, 3:43 AM   0 
will 5mg of hydrocodone show up in a urine test after 24hrs
I didn't know I took it. it looked like a tylenoL. iT WAS ABOUT 28 HOURS LATER i WAS TESTED through escreen. ...
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Mon, Mar 10 '14, 10:09 AM   0 
Why Dosent Hydrocodone Show On My Urine Test
my dr. took a urine test 2 mos. in a row and marijuana showed positive, but test said no hydrocodone was. I take 3 #7.5 tablets each day. why are they not showing up!!! ## this also happened to me! my hydrocodone didnt show up i was shocked. ## Same here! I took 8 10 mg Hydrocodone's within a 24 hr period and had to do a UA for probation the next day....and i passed! I was beyond shocked ## Why is it I take Hydrocodone for pain and when I took a drug screen for work, the Hydrocodone didn't 't show up but test positive for THC? I've been told the the base used in the pill is similar to THC? Last time smoking was 2010? ## Is this real? ...
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do hydrocodone and oxycodone show up the same on urine test
I have a prescription of hydrocodone 5 mg I I ran out of my prescription so I took a oxycodone 10 milligrams will it show up on a 6 panel urine test for Community Corrections ...
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Fri, Mar 14 '14, 8:51 AM   0 
I am currently in treatment for opiate addiction (oxycotin). I am taking suboxone. I had to take a blood test, and had taken loritab. What will it show up as in a tox screen that is also testing for suboxone. ## How long after you took the Lortab was the test done? Lortab contains the narcotic Hydrocodone, coupled with Acetaminophen and narcotics have a fairly short detection time on blood tests, they can only usually be detected for a period of 6 to 12 hours. Is there anything else I can help with? ...
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Will Marijuana Show Up On A Urine Test For Hydrocodone Usage
Will marijuana show up on a urine test for hydrocodone usage? I have a prescription for the marijuana but it is not from the doctor who prescribes the hydrocodone. ## Hi Jennifer, I too have a prescription for marijuana, and by law it shouldn't be held against you if THC shows up on a drug screen, primarily because of your proof for needing it, no different than any other prescription. If the drug test is geared specifically toward hydrocodone, then no it won't show up; nor will anything else. But if the drug test is based on a panel of different substances, THC will most-likely be one of them. I don't think you'd need to argue your case though in the event that it does show up, simply because of your prescription for it. I hope this helps! ## Thank you so much for the i... ...
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Can I pass a drug test after taking Hydrocodone 5-325
I weigh 125 lbs. and am 5.3. I took one 5-325 hydrocodone 5-7 days ago. Before that, I took 2 on Christmas Day. I have to take a randon drug test at my job (urine) and am wanting to know if the drug will show up. I did drink alcohol 4 days ago. ...
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Tue, Jan 08 '13, 6:47 PM   0 
what non prescribed drugs can show up as a false positive for hydrocodone
I never take hydrocodone, but am prescribed oxycodone and oxycontin....I had a headache on Sunday and took a couple of 10 mg hydrocodones and found out I am having a urine test on Wednesday. Do I need to be worried? ...
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Mon, Apr 14 '14, 3:35 PM   0 
Took one 500 mg hydrocodone sunday nite around 10 pm got hurt at work on tues . drug tested at about 8:00 am will it show up ? ## The 500mgs would be the amount of Acetaminophen in the tablet, not the Hydrocodone. There is no way to say for certain, since everyone's body is different, however, most narcotics are processed out of your urine in about 24 hours, so you should be fine. Are you taking these by prescription? Hydrocodone is a very potent narcotic that should not be used without a doctor's approval and supervision. Side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and constipation. You can read more here: ## Yes it will def. show up. ## Yes, it will show up on your tes... It takes at least 72 hours to get out of a urine test longer if it's a blood test ## I hon... ...
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Itook A 10mg Hydrocodone Sat Took Drug Test Wed Im 5 10 About 235 Will Show Up
I took a 10 mg. hydrocodone saturday, took a drug test wednesday. about 9.30 am. i am 5.10 about 235. will show up. ...
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Fri, Mar 22 '13, 7:04 AM   0 
Will Hydrocodone Show Up As An Opiate
Im on 20mcg Butrans patch and just took 2 10mg hydro with acetimeniphen. I have a Pain clinic drug test tomorrow. Will they show up as separate opiates or just opiates? ## Depends if they do drug specific tests, which I am assuming they do. The list is for certain narcs, etc and I would think they are going to know you took hydro. If u are already on one opiate it wouldn't make sense to just test for opiates but will test for specific ones. If you need a med like hydro for breakthrough pain discuss this with the doc. Then you won't have to be worried the next time this happens. Just a thought. ...
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will vicodin show up on a drug test
will vicodin show up on a drug test ## Yes, Vicodin contains Acetaminophen and Hydrocodone, this is a narcotic, opiate. Read more on it here: Do you have any other questions? ## Will vicodin 500 and vicodin HP show up as the same thing during pain management dr drug testing? ## Yes, they both contain the narcotic Hydrocodone and both will show up on testing. Is there anything else i can help you with? ## Thank you, I was wondering will if they will show up as the same thing. Its ok if they show up, but I wondered if they will see them as two different meds or the same one? ## The only thing that would show up on a drug test would be the Hydrocodone, so they will show up as the same thing. ## I had a migrane and my mom gave me one of her 500 mg vicodin, I have a UA tommorrow at 12 noon f... ...
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hydrocodone 5 panel hair test
I took 2 hydrocodones 3 weeks before I took a hair follicle test this past Monday. I am aware that this shows a 90 day time period on the test. My question is whether this will show up on a standard 5 panel hair test,or whether the additional extended opiates test is necessary for detection. ## Did you pass? ## I take methadone and have prescription for it,and I take it just like it's prescribed but I remembered that hydrocodone use to help me with sex so I thought since my methadone dose is so low 25mg a day that if I took hydrocodone it might help me out with sex so I took 7 of my wife's Norco's all the same day about a month ago ,it didn't help ,but now I have a hair follicle test coming up in about a week so it'll be like 4 to 6 weeks since I took them, so if I g... ...
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10 panel urine test, Opana and hydrocodone show as the same?
I am taking a standard 10 panel urine test tomorrow and have been taking hydrocodone for stitches for the past 4-5 days which I was prescribed. I did take an opana 30 last night and my question is will they both show up as opiates or are they seperate? On a standard 10 panel at a clinic, is oxy seperated from opiates or are they both opiates? I cannot fail for anything that I am not prescribed to so I need to know asap. 10 panel includes: meth, amphet, thc, barbs, benzos, cocaine and the rest seems to change from what Ive seen online. ...Please help! ## does opana show up as an opiate on a 10 panel drug test ...
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after taking hydrocodone when will it show in a urine test?
I took a hydrocodone at 8:40a.m. and that same morning had a urine drug test at 11:20 will it be detected? ## i dont take hydrocodone and i took a half of a 10mg and had to do a drug test 2 days after will is show up??? ## Kayla, the normal time it takes to be detected in a urine test is about 3 hours, so it's hard to say. You were pretty close to that and it's always going to vary from person to person. Johnny, they can be detectable for approximately 4 to 5 days, after taking them, but as stated above, it can vary from person to person depending on your individual metabolism, overall health, activity levels and many other factors. Are there any other questions or comments? ## I am in pain managment and two weeks ago I hurt myself agian and like a dumb butt I did'nt know I ... ...
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Oxycodone Hydrocodone Urine Test
I've taken about 240mg of roxicet in 3 days for 3 herniated discs... How long will it take to pass thru my system? ## The reason I ask this is because my Dr. is sending me to pain mgmt and I'm sure they will urine screen me when I go in 2 days. Can they determine how much I ingested by a urine test? ## It depends on the type of test they do, but yes, there are tests that can show the levels of it in your body and give them an approximate idea of how much you've been taking. Oxycodone is usually detectable for approximately 5 days, after last dosing, but that will vary from person to person, depending on the factors that are unique to your own body. Learn more Roxicet details here. However, if you have a prescription for it, there is no need to worry, just make sure to provid... ...
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help.. hydrocodone/piss test
I took 4, 7.5 hydrocodones over a 3 day period. & have a piss test for a job, will it show ho w can I get it out. Took the last one Monday night the drug test is Wednesday ...
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Tue, Apr 16 '13, 5:14 PM   0 
how long does hydrocodone stay in system
someone has taken loratab 10s for several years,how long will it take to be out of system ## It really depends on what capacity you are asking about. If you are talking about drug testing, it can be 4 to 4 days for a urine test, much longer for blood or tissue. For withdrawals, it will actually be in their body system a lot longer and can take over a month or more, before all the symptoms alleviate. What specific information are you looking for? ## how long will 1 10mg hydrocordone stay in my urine ## can i dissolve a 10-325 hydrocodone in a urine sample to get a postive reading without test showing that it was not in my system ? ## Why would u put a lortab in your urine......stupid....anyways.....hydrocodone stays in your system for 1 to 3 days.....depending on how much u use and if u ... ...
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How Long Does Hydrocodone Stay In Your System For A Urine Test
i took only one 7.5 loratab and was drug tested will it show up in my urine for how long ## It really depends a lot on what time you took the 7.5 Lortab and afterwards, the length of time you had before your drug test. Lortab has a half-life of roughly 3.8 hours. This means that 3.8 hours after the dose you took, half of the original dose is still present and active in the body. After another 3.8 hours (or 7.6 hours total), half of what was left after the first 3.8 hours is present and active (one-quarter of the original dose). Most pharmacists consider that after three to five "half-lives," close to 90% of the drug has been eliminated and is no longer affecting the body. The maximum wait to achieve five half-lives for Lortab would be: 5 x 3.8 = "19 hours". But it would ... ...
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Hydrocodone In Urine
Took one 5mg hydrocodone on Friday, took a urine test Tuesday a.m. I am 5'8", 170 lbs. ## Took one 5 mg hydrocodone on Friday, took a urine test on Tuesday a.m. Will it show up? I was tested aapproximately 96 hours after I took it.Remember, I only took one. ...
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