What Are The Different Markings On Oxycodone

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30 m oxycodone
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what is the difference of the letter m and letter a ## If you are referring to pill logos, then that would mean they are being made different manufacturers. When a medication is released for generic production, several companies usually pick it up and start making it. All tablets have to have unique markings on them, to enable their identification. M is a logo commonly used by Mallinckrodt pharmaceuticals and the A has been used by Abbott. Do you have any other questions? ## i know that "30s" come in light blue with markings of A, M, V. What are the corresponding numbers on the other side? What are the markings of a perc 15? ...
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Sat, Jun 25 '11, 7:50 AM
difference between two different kinds of oxycodone
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Can anyone tell me the difference between two oxycodone pills I have ...lst one is...round pink np /12.. and second one is k56 round pink poll ## Hello, Kelly! How are you? There is no difference, they are just manufactured by different companies, which requires that they have different markings on them. It is very common for generics to be manufactured by several different companies and your pharmacy may switch which one they stock, at any time, depending on what company was offering the cheapest price at the time they needed to restock their supply. So both of these contain 10mgs of Oxycodone in a regular release formulation, a generic for Roxicodone. This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsi... ...
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Mon, Aug 25 '14, 11:01 AM
oxycodone 30 mg capsule green&yellow w/no markings?
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Anyone know about a green and yellow capsule? Supposed to be 31mg, oxycodone, capsule has NO markings ## How would you even know that it's supposed to be oxycodone to begin with, if there are no markings to identify the substance or manufacturer? There are probably hundreds of different supplements on the market (both otc and prescription/ domestic and internationally made) that are yellow and green capsules. If you bought them from an overseas pharmacy or off the street somewhere, all you can do is decide whether or not it's worth trusting who you got it from. I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help, but I just don't see how it can be a legitimate pill, unless it's made in a foreign country that doesn't require imprints like they do here in the US. ...
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Fri, Sep 05 '14, 1:53 PM
Same medicine (Oxycodone 30 blue) different shade and maker
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Is it possible that the same medicine Oxycodone 30mg, made by two different manufacturers, different codes, are both legitimate? One is darker than the other. Or should they be the same shade? ## Since it is a generic, yes, that is possible. Sometimes, even ones made by the same company with the same codes will have a slight variance in color shading. The FDA classifies this medication as a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. What are the markings on them? If you post back with this information, I can double check for you. ## Different manufacturers different color, shape or in print. ...
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Wed, May 25 '16, 12:00 AM
Apo Oxycodone Acet
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What are the inactive ingredients in Apo Oxycodone Acet? ## Can you please post back with more specifics? Such as the markings on the tablet and the dosage? APO is known for manufacturing different products for different countries, so what is listed as being the inactive ingredients for their products in the U.S. may differ from what they are in the tablets you receive. ## APO on one side & 5/325 ...
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Thu, Oct 27 '11, 11:51 PM
Oxycodone Hcl 20 Mg
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what are the ingredidents in it ## I assume you're asking about the inactive/filler ingredients. If so, then could you please post back with more information, such as the manufacturer, or the markings on the tablet in question? Oxycodone is a generic and it's manufactured by several different companies and the inactive ingredients can differ from one manufacturer to the other. Thus, I can't provide you specific details without knowing who made it. Learn more Oxycodone details here. ...
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Fri, Jun 15 '12, 9:48 AM
Oxycodone Hcl 10mg
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My Oxycodone HCL 10mg came in pink pills? Why is that? Most info. say white pills with a different number. Jeff ## There are some 10mg tablets that are pink, the color actually doesn't mean anything. It's the numbers on the tablet that enable you to identify it and confirm what it contains. Some examples of pink 10mg Oxycodone tablets would have the following markings on them: K 56 ETH 461 And there are probably one or two more, but those are just the ones I pulled up with a quick search. Learn more Oxycodone details here. Do either of those match the tablets you have? ...
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Fri, Dec 07 '12, 2:13 PM
What Do Oxycodone 30 Mg Capsules Look Like
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I received a oxycodone tablet that is a darker blue then what I am used too and the markings are 48/12 on one side and a v on the other it is a 30 milligram.please let me know if it is a 30 milligram oxycodone thank you ## Yes, I have seen them many times. It should be a small round blue pill smaller than a dime with a slanted V on on side and 48/12 scored on the reverse. It is made by a different company than what u are used to but I am sure it is a 30mg oxycodone. ## What does a 40 mg oxy look like ? I have an orange round tablet with I - 2 on one side is this a 40 mg. oxy? ## Tina, silky is correct and the tablet with 4812 V on it contains 30mgs of Oxycodone, a narcotic analgesic. Side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and dry mouth. More details: Momarry, no, the ... ...
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Fri, Sep 19 '14, 10:09 AM
Oxycodone By Vicodone
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I would like to see pictures of all mg. oxycodone tablets ## Since Oxycodone is available in 3 different formulations, the instant release, the regular release and the time released and 2 of those are available as generics, the instant and the regular release, there are far too many tablets available on the market for anyone to be able to post pictures of all of them for you. However, if you have a pill that you are trying to identify, if you post back with the markings on it, I will gladly check for you to see confirm what it contains. Learn more Oxycodone details here. Can you please post back with more details? Thanks! ...
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Tue, Nov 20 '12, 12:22 PM
oxycodone minus the tylenol 10 mg what does generic look like
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I Was Prescribed Oxycodone 10mg no tylenol in this pill what does it look like and what if any does the generic look like? ## Hello, Debra! How are you? Actually, since there are generics available, there are quite a few different pills, so I couldn't possibly list the descriptions and markings on all of them. What are the markings on the tablet you received from your pharmacy? That is what would enable me to check for you to see what they contain. Can you please post back with this information? Thanks! This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. ## Oxycodone very small pink pill with a #12 can't make out what's on the other side ## Is there a 10mg oxy... ...
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Thu, Jan 14 '16, 7:19 AM
oxycodone 30mg capsule
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oxycodones were compounded Here in FL due to shortage of tablets, different pharmacies use different capsules so there is no set color & being pharmacies have compounding liscenses they don't have to mark the pill being if ur looking them up chances are your not prescribed to take them.. anyway hope this post was useful. ## Thank you for your informative post! That is correct, only actual manufactured prescription capsules have to be marked. Ones used by compounding pharmacies don't have to have markings, they can just buy any generic empty capsule that is safe for human consumption that fits their needs. Learn more Oxycodone details here. Not all unmarked capsules are prescription products, though. Are there any other comments or questions? ## So how do u know if u got the ... ...
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Sat, Oct 17 '15, 3:26 AM
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what this looks like ## This is a generic for Percocet and as a generic, I cannot possibly list all the markings and descriptions on here, because it is made by many different companies and they all have to have different markings, under U.S. law. What are the markings on your tablet? I will gladly look it up for you. And here is a partial list of some markings, perhaps it includes yours: White, round, imprint 512 White, round, Watson 749 White round, IP 203 Light blue, round, 555 278 White, round, 104 And, as I stated, this is NOT a comprehensive list, there are many more. Is the pill you are questioning on this list? If not, post back with the imprint and description and I will gladly look it up for you and see if we can verify what it is. ## What might a round white pill with 555 abo... ...
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Sun, Oct 25 '15, 12:45 PM
Show Images Of Oxycodone
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i would like to see how the pills look to make sure im getting the right medication ## Since there are different formulations of Oxycodone available, the time released, the immediate release and the regular release, the last two of which are also available as generics, I cannot possibly list descriptions and markings for all the tablets on the market. Oxycodone is also available combined with Acetaminophen in several products, such as the brand names Percocet, Roxicet or Endocet and this is also available as generics. What are the markings on the ones you have? That is what enables us to identify them for you. I can tell you that if you are on the time released formulation, Oxycontin, they are very easy to identify, since they are only available in the name brand, which is manufactured ... ...
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Sun, Aug 02 '15, 4:14 PM
MALLINCKRO Oxycodone 5325
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I am somewhat confused. Can someone tell me the difference between MALLINCRKO 5/325 and ROXICET 5/325. I was getting ROXICET, and today I got MALLINCKRO. They both have the same markings(round with 512 on one side and nothing on the other side). I was under the impression that the markings should be different if the maker was different for identification purposes. ...
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Thu, Sep 02 '10, 11:52 AM
oxycodone 30 mg description
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Have been taking 30 mg of oxycodone. Went to a different pharmacy to fill. It is a blue pill the only marking on the pill is K 9. Normally will split the pill with a pill cutter. It tends to shatter when I do this the other pills normally would split clean. Relief is not as effective as the other prescription. Wondering if the new pharmacy gave me the wrong dosage. Markings on the bottle are correct, wondering if they made a mistake. ## Hello, Mike! How are you? This tablet is manufactured by KVK Tech Inc. and they list it as containing 30mgs of Oxycodone in a regular release formulation. This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. Are you cutting along the score ... ...
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Fri, Jan 16 '15, 6:24 PM
all oxycodone pills pictures
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I. Want. To. Know. The color of the 30mg. Oxycodone ## Need to know what they look like I think pharmacy may have gave me wrong pills ## Since Oxycodone is available as a generic, it is manufactured by several different companies, so I cannot possibly list the information and description of all of them for you. However, if you can post back with the markings on the tablets in question, I will gladly look them up to check what they contain. Can you please post back with this additional information? Thank you! The FDA classifies this medication as a a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. ...
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Fri, Apr 08 '16, 1:35 PM
The differences between 15mg oxycodone marked 48 11 & 187?
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I am a 90% disabled veteran after 25 years of military service and took a hit in Iraq during the first phase of the ground war. I hated being on 40mg x3 per day of oxyconton, (experienced extremely rapid episodes of pure rage). I talked to my VA doctor & pain mgmt. Doc, to walking it down. I have been able to get by on 15mg of Oxycodone, but since it really only takes the edge off between 4 - 6 hours which is dependent upon my level of activities, he bumped me up to x4 tabs per day. I just recently received my new scrpit, and the markings are different; which I believe to be individual manufacturer ID. The markings used to be round light green 48 l 11 V, and this most recent refill is also round light green, however it is marked 187. The crux of the matter is I now get headaches wit... ...
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Mon, Feb 29 '16, 12:01 AM
percocet/acetaminophe/oxyCODONE H
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what is this and is there hydrocodone in it And how much oxy is in it ?? ## No, there is no Hydrocodone in it, the active ingredients are exactly what you listed, Acetaminophen and the narcotic Oxycodone. As to the amount of Oxycodone in it, without know which specific tablet you are asking about, I can't answer that question. There are different dosages available, it could have anywhere from 2.5mgs to 10mgs of the Oxycodone. Can you post back with more details, such as the markings on the tablets? Then, I'll be able to help you. ...
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Sun, Jun 05 '11, 9:54 AM
Identifying oxycodone hcl 10 mg pill
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What is the color and shape of oxycodone HCL 10 mg. ## A 10mg Oxycodone tablet would be a generic for Roxicodone, so there are several on the market manufactured by different companies. Some of the tablet descriptions and markings include; Round, pink K56 Round, pink ETH 461 Round, white R P 10 And I believe there are a few others as well, those are just the ones I pulled up in a quick search. Learn more Oxycodone details here. Do any of those match the tablet you're questioning? ## A 10 milligram OxyContin is a small white tablet or pill that says 10 on 1 side and some times the letters OC or CDN on the other... I'm in Canada so I'm not sure where u are but I hope this helps you ...
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Fri, Dec 07 '12, 10:30 PM
i have round pills with no markings on either side want to know if they are percocets
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they are round and know markings on the pills at all found them in a oxycodone bottle 10/325 is on the bottle too ## I have had hip surgery and got oxycodone 10-325 perscribed to me when i got the scrip they were round and had imprints on them and the other two times i filled the scrip they had no markings on them they were from a different company that the pharmacy went with because they were cheaper to get pills from pharmacys order thier pills online and companies put bids in and the lowest bid get bought ## If the tablets have no markings on them, then they are not a U.S. manufactured and approved prescription medication. They are all required to have imprints to enable their identification in case of emergency. If they have no markings, then it is most likely that they are just an ... ...
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Tue, Feb 04 '14, 1:13 PM

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