Two Month Pregnancy Stop Tablet

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Two Month Pregnancy Stop Tablet
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I am 4 weeks pregnant,where can find this support for stopped pregnancy with stop tablet.I live in the Bristol,Horfield BS7 0AN and where is closest doctor? ## What did you end up doing? I'm sorry, but I don't have any way of knowing what doctor is closest to you. The most commonly used medication is Misoprostol, also available under the name brand Cytotec, but is requires a prescription in most countries. Learn more Misoprostol details here. ## hi my wife pragnant in one month and used pragnancy stop medicine but bleading in contineus 25th days. please sugest . ## my wife 9month old baby but mc not start .i want stop pregnancy five year plan. ## stope pregancy of 4weeks ## I had sex last 2 moths.. Actually my mc was irregular... but my symptoms like eating more and my breast ge... ...
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Fri, Feb 05 '16, 3:17 AM
Stop Pregnancy Tablet Name
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sir, my girlfriend get 4 week pregnancy, pls give me name of tablet to stop this pregnancy ## sir,my girl friend is pregnet from last two months and 7 days plz suggest a best tablet o prevent pragnency. ## sir, my girlfriend get 4 week pregnancy, pls give me name of tablet to stop this pregnancy. ## sir,my girl friend is pregnet from last two months and 10 days plz suggest a best tablet to stop pragnency. ## date.8th but not come now wt can i do ## sir,my girl friend is pregnet from last two months plz suggest a best tablet to stop pragnency. ## sir my gf 2 months pregnent,pls give name of pregnency tablets. ## i do sex with my gf last 4 days... nw i m worried about her pregnancy. just tel me the tablet .. fast its just starting period just inform me fast ## sir,my girl friend is pregne... ...
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Sun, Feb 07 '16, 2:52 PM
tablet required to abort the pregnancy when I'm two months pregnant
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My girl friend had omitting last 4days.Nw I felt she is pregnant.I want to avoid pregnancy.. I had sex before 1.5month back. For 4 Is it possible to stop pregnancy.. suggest me the tablets ...
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Thu, Jul 31 '14, 11:04 AM
give me medicine for avoiding pregnancy after two months
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please give me name of medicine for avoiding pregnancy of two months? ## Good day! Can u let me know how to terminate a one month pregnancy medicine? Are there any side effects? Looking forwards to ur reply. P.s - I m living in one of asia country of Myanmar. ## You should see your OBGYN doctor because they can recommend proper course of action from your medical history. They usually will prescribe a course of Misoprostol if that is legal in your country or perhaps conduct a D and C procedure. I don't know the law in your country but if you try to do something without medical supervision it would be a big risk to you. Please take care. ## What is the medicine name for avoiding pregnancy? ## My wife is pregnant for one month we need to stop her pregnancy due to some family matter ple... ...
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Tue, Mar 22 '16, 6:14 PM
medicine name for destroy pregnancy 2 months
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i want to stop my 1.5 months pregnancy so please tell me immediately best medicine name like cadila ,renboxy ## I want to stop my 1.5 months pregnancy so tell me immediately best medicine. . ## Neme of the medicine for avort pregnant of 20deys ## My girl friend was one month pregnent please say me medicine. i m need urgent help me. ## My gf is preganant. 1 & above 15 days. Plz tell me medicine for abort as soon as possible. ## need the name of a drug that can abort a two month plsss ## 2month pregnant how to destroy. Pls medicine name. ## Please help me what to take to abort if im 2months pregnant and how to use it. ## I m 15 days pregnancy..but i dont need to tk it..bcoz i hv 8 months baby...plss gv me d namr of medicinefor avoiding pregnancy ## My wife is continue b... ...
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Wed, May 18 '16, 7:24 PM
drug that can abort pregnancy of 3 weeks to 1 month
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I had sex wit my gf 1month ago.. Nd it resulted 2 pregnancy.. my father must not knw coz he will kill me.. Plz tell me the drug I can use 2 abort the pregnancy ## I am young girl i make sex with out law now am one month pregnancy so how to remove this pregnancy safely by using tablets and injection simply ## U can use cytotec pfizer...its safer.dosage 4tab wit hot lipton in an empty stomach later 2tabs each morning n night for 3days ## Pls I'm 3wks pregnant now and i've used 3 dose of misoprotol for two dose with hot stout. Though I had a little bleeding but later stopped. The pregnancy is still intact. Pls what do I do I'm so confused. Thanks ## Hi my name is jeeya nd I am 23 yrs old I seen my period last month nd I am excpating my period but I didn't nt seen I had sex ... ...
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Tue, Jul 28 '15, 1:05 AM
Chances of pregnancy??
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I am currently on lo loestrin fe and have been for about a year now. This morning I started my new pack of pulls, and had unprotected sex( he came in me). Since the last two days I have taken the two inactive pills, does this affect my chances of becoming pregnant? In worried I will not know because the pill has stopped my period two months after I started taking it ## No, as long as you didn't miss any of the active pills, you are still protected against pregnancy even on the days you are taking the placebo tablets. Learn more oral contraceptive details here. If you are that concerned, then by all means contact your doctor, or do a pregnancy test. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Thank you :) I am not sure if this is accurate, but I also heard that when you have just fini... ...
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Wed, Nov 28 '12, 3:42 PM
pregnancy nexitoplus
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I was taking nexitoplus for one year. I stoped it in december. After two months I got pregnant in february. Will it affect baby? ...
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Mon, Apr 11 '16, 1:18 AM
nexitoplus in pregnancy
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I was taking nexitoplus for one year. I stoped it in december. Two months later I got pregnant in february. Is there any harm to my baby? ...
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Mon, Apr 11 '16, 11:24 PM
name of tablet to avoid pregnant after one month
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Its been one month since sex, now my gf wants to stop pregnancy. ## Tell me tha medicine to avoid pregnant ## Am one month pregnant and I have tried to do the abortion two times and failed. But I airways don't feel comfortable so I want to do it myself this title round. Please help me with the medicine's name and how to use it when am at home. ...
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Mon, Aug 24 '15, 12:43 PM
is loprin good to use in pregnancy
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Hey salam. I m 25 yr age.9th month married nd I got my first pregnancy after two months of my marriage it was well going but soon I got to know sum bleeding that cause misscarriage at 8th week pregnancy stopped. Now after 3 month of my dnc I m again pregnant nd at 6th week I done doppler test to check fetus condition it was ok doctor advised me to take dirogest 10 gm progesterone nd now my 9th week is started nd I got my normal checkup today But doctor suggest me to take loprin 75 .plz tell if it is ok to take or not or even continue my dirogest progesterone . ## Hello, Sani! How are you doing? Congratulations on the pregnancy! Yes, you should continue the Dirogest/Progesterone as long as your doctor says it is necessary. It is vital to being able to carry a baby to full term and many m... ...
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Sun, May 08 '16, 10:32 AM
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Any side effect of Concur 5 during pregnancy. If yes, how can be stopped and what is alternatives. My wife is 5 months pregnant. ## Hello, Fituri! Congrats on the baby! Concor contains the active ingredient Bisoprolol and it's listed as being pregnancy category C, because though it hasn't been proven to cause risk to the baby, they also haven't been able to rule it out as causing any risk. Learn more Concor details here. Has she consulted her doctor? They would be best able to advise her on what's safe for her to take, while pregnant. ## Thanks for reply. Her doctor has advised her to reduce the dosage of Concur 5 to 2.5 for one week and 1.25 for the second week keeping the BP under monitoring during the two weeks. Then, he will describe alternative drug more suitable an... ...
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Tue, Sep 24 '13, 12:30 AM
Effect of Pan D and lesuride during pregnancy
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My sister has been suffering from gastritis and she has been prescribed with Pan D and lesuride medicine.She has been taking these medicine for a month and now she came to know that she is two months pregnant.Further she is prescribed to take these medicine for three months.Unknowingly she has taken 10 pieces of paracetamol since she was suffering from headache too.Will there be any effect on baby's development?Does she need to stop the medication?Please kindly do let me know soon.Thank you ...
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Mon, Jan 02 '12, 8:52 AM
Safer antidepressants to use during pregnancy
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Hi, I hope someone can help me. I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder three years ago, although second and third opinions suggested possible bipolar 2 (family history) and postnatal depression (possibly hereditary because my sister also has it). Anxiety was a definite finding. I was put on Fluoxetine (Ranflocs), which worked until I decided to stop. when things got worse again, I used Serlife, and then Cilift. Eventually went back to Ranflocs, and there was a moderate improvement in mood swings. After three months, however, I discovered that I was (still am) pregnant. I stopped on the advice of my GP. However, anxiety got really bad, depression set in for two weeks, and I had an anxiety attack, as well as a low immunity (tummy bug and flu after each other). Saw a psychiatrist y... ...
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Mon, Nov 25 '13, 4:19 PM
Stopped Taking Lo Loestrin 2 months ago, no period?
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I took Lo Loestrin for about 4 months and had to stop when I finished the 4th pack. So when I stopped it was the beginning of last month. I got a period around this time last month, no issue. This month however, I did take a couple pills for a couple days, and have not gotten my period yet. I have had sex but never unprotected. Do you think I should be worried about pregnancy, or is this due to my going off the pill/taking a couple at the beginning of the month? ## Hi I am in the same position, but I have had unprotected sex since...........Not sure what is going on???? I normally come on a few days after stopping but this time nothing? ## Hi. I too have stopped the lo loestrine fe after two months. I was on Yaz prior to switching to lo loestrine fe for many years. Ether way, I never go... ...
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Sat, Jan 30 '16, 9:02 PM
M2 Tone Tablet Side Effect
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i take m2ton 2tab twice daily. but i am suffering non stop periods during last one it side effect, i stop the tab fearly. doctors suggest me for laproscopy & take hormonal tab gonablok200 two tab daily for 2 months. after this bliding stop the tab. i do not know both tab. make any problems. before it i take more hormonal injection for my pregnancy. but no result . also i stop gonablok200 tab. may i continue m2ton tab now. ## I have been taking m-2tone for 2weeks now and my period has bin continuous for about 2weeks and a 2 days now.although d drug was prescribed to me cos of pcos,wot could possibly be the cause?do I need to stop now? ## i have been taking M 2tone for 2month now and my last period is going to 3 weeks.what can i do to stop this? ## doctor prescribed me M2t to... ...
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Fri, May 13 '16, 4:07 AM
No period for 2 months
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I have been taking Lomedia 24fe for 6 months, have never missed a pill and take at same time every day. I always had a light period before taking the pill and had spotting when taking the brown pills for the first 4 months but have not had a period the past two months. Is it normal to stop having a period while taking Lomedia 24fe? Pregancy tests are negative. ## I've also been exactly on lomedia for 6 months. This month I didn't get a period, haven't missed a pill at all. I'll be taking a pregnancy test, though I have no signs of pregnancy. It's kind of freaking me out too! ## Hello, Annabelle and Suzanne! How are both of you ladies? Yes, some women don't have periods, when taking oral contraceptives. If you're worried, please consult your respective doctors... ...
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Wed, Jan 28 '15, 7:02 PM
No period in the last 10 months
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I started lo loestrin about 10 months ago and within two months I stopped having a period all together. I usually am timely taking the pill within 10-11 each night. A week ago June 28th I had unprotected sex, still on the pill. I'm worried that I could get unknowingly pregnant due to no longer havering my period on this pill. Is there a high chance of becoming pregnant? Any response would be helpful. Also is not having an period or period symptoms normal? Thanks. ## Whether or not you have a menstrual cycle has no bearing on the pregnancy risk, because as long as you have taken them all and not missed any pills, it is only a false menstrual cycle, anyway. As a matter of fact, skipping your cycle in this manner is perfectly safe and many women use the birth control pill to purposely ... ...
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Tue, Dec 04 '12, 10:20 AM
no period for 2 months after abortion
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had a misoprostol abortion in december,i bleeded and clots came out ,so was sure it was successful..but I have not had my period after that. wat culd be the problem? ## your hormons were slowed but you will be okey ## I took mifeprestone on 19 june and passed a jelly like thing that was whit and red With two thtee drops of blood. and then misoprostol(2 pills) on 21 at 9.11pm and then 2 pills again after 4 hours. I started bleeding after about 6 hours but the blood was watery. I bled for 4 days and then stopped i took antibiotics for 3 days. I started bleeding again for 5 to 6 days like menses had normal cramps. I took home pregnancy test came back negative then 2nd on saturday also came back negative but started bleeding again i was not very heavy.yesterday it stopped. But experiencing ... ...
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CAN I STOP TAKING M2TONE TABLET ONCE I GET MY PERIODS AFTER ONE MONTH? ## I was put on m2 tone two weeks ago and just found out am pregnant. Can I continue the medication or she I stop. Pls advice coz my next appointment is not untill august ending. Tnx in advance ## Have just discovered that am pregnant and am using M2 tone tablets for the regulation for ma menstrual cycle. What effect does it has on my pregnancy? Should I discontinue using it or not??? ## I am on m2 tone and I just discovered I am 5weeks I continue with it or should I stop. ## reply pls ...
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Sun, Jan 26 '14, 9:47 AM

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