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trypsin bp 48mg bromelain 90mg , rutoside 3 H2O trihydrate 100mg
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Question: Do you know a manufacturer for below ingredients (Enzyme) , as follows: - 90 mg Bromelain (contain 450 F.I.P. units) - 48 mg Trypsin (correspond 24 ukat) - 100 mg Rutosid 3 H2O (Rhamnose und Glucose , Rutin is a Flavonoid and a Glycosid of the Quercetinmit of the Dissacharid Rutinose) (similar to Wobenzym Plus) This is for Polyneuropathy , Odema , Veine varicose ; (Nerves at legs damaged after accident on back) Does this medicine exist in the US ? May be you can answer me these questions please for what I want to thank you . Mike ...
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Tue, Sep 09 '14, 1:57 AM
Medical Use Of Trypsin Bromelain Rutoside Trihydrate Tablets
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what is the advantage of using the combination of trypsin, bromelain and rutoside, also its contra indications,side effects and adult ,child dosage ## Role Of Trypsin, Bromelin & Rutoside ## Hi bixu, Based on my research, this supplement is given to treat various conditions ranging from inflammation and nerve pain to digestive disorders. The combination of Trypsin, Bromelain, and Rutin can also be used in the treatment of Osteoarthritis. Trypsin is an enzyme; which is a protein that speeds up a specific biochemical reaction. Trypsin is found in the small intestine but can also be made from fungus, plants, and bacteria. Trypsin is commonly made for commercial purposes from the pancreas of livestock. T Bromelain is an extract derived from the stems of pineapples, although it exists in... ...
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Wed, Oct 22 '14, 10:26 PM
Indications Of Trypsin Bromelain Rutoside Trihydrate Tablets
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I have been recommended ROTOHEAL by my phycian, my problem is a wound in the legwhich is not healing, & I have vericose vein ## Trypsin, Bromelain and Rutoside/Rutin are enzymes that have various medical uses, such as aiding in digestion, helping with inflammation and improving circulation, which may be why your doctor wants you to use this. Have you asked them for more details? ...
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Mon, Apr 23 '12, 7:43 PM
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combination of trypsin bromelain rutoside trihydrate ...
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Wed, Jul 04 '12, 5:57 AM
Enzomac D
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REVOZYME FORTE : (Trypsin 96 mg,Bromelain 180mg,Rutoside Trihydrate 200 mg) Total Proteolytic Activity not less then 5000 FIP Unit per tablet (Papain Method) Description: Revozyme Forte is a combination of Systemic Enzymes which are known for protein splitting and Rutosid Trihydrate increases the strength of the walls of blood capillaries. Indication: Revozyme Forte is indicated for treatment of odema and inflammation involved in arthritis(RA/OA),Tendonitis,Knee Arthritis,Surgery,Tooth Extraction,Diabetic Nephropathy,Eczema(Atopic Dermatitis) Mode Of Action: Revozyme Forte in layman language is like a biological vacuum cleaner .Revozyme Forte works on balancing the immune system . In blood there are lot of mediators of inflammation Exogenous Mediators( Bacteria,Virus,Fungi and micro bac... ...
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Wed, May 23 '12, 12:27 AM
phlogam tablet
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each tablet contains trypsinB.P 48mg bromelain 90mg rutoside trihydrate B.P 100mg it is a light yellow colour round tablet ## Is the use of tab. Phlogam improves vascularity of hip joint? If,yes how long should I take? ## i am having knee joint pain and swelling below knee whether signoflam is good or phlogam is good or both need to be taken ...
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Fri, Jun 28 '13, 10:48 PM
Disperzyme tablets view showing in the cims
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Trypsin, bromelain and rutoside trihydrate tablets ## Yes and it is most commonly prescribed to help with digestive disorders. Otherwise, they do not provide my other information. Has anyone actually used this product? ## I USED DISPERZYME TABLETS BID X 5 DAYS FOR LEG CRAMPS AND LEG SWELLING. ## diognised having enlarged prostrate ...
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Sun, Sep 11 '11, 8:10 AM
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molekyle ## Enractin contains bromelain 90 mg, rutoside trihydrate 100 mg and trypsin 48 mg. It is used to aid in digestion. Do you have any questions? ## I would like to know,will this tablet enractin reduce stiffness and swelling ## Yes, Enractin reduces Stiffness and swelling. Enractin is used for inflammation, edema and Wound healing. ## For my pain in shoulder; I am taking Enractin.Will it give me gastric trouble? ## thrize is a good brand containing trypsin 48mg, bromelain 90, rutoside 100mg. it is called the 3D approach containing 3 ingredients> it aids in reduction of inflammation & oedema, which leads to faster healing. ## what is the cost of therapy day and entire duration? ## dr described for my wife who fell down and had internal injury. Orthopaedic dr suggest pholsg... ...
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Mon, Dec 01 '14, 5:55 AM
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Topzyme is brand which is like enzomac, Topzyme contain Trypsin, Bromelain and Rutoside. these are systemic oral enzyme whic help an individuals to fight infections. they help and accelerate healing during injury, surgery and trauma. you can get there in kashmir too. ## It is a combination of Montelukast and non sedating fexofenadine. as we all know that allergic Rhinitis is a disease which dies not cause Mortality but poses a huge morbidity and it is top disease which causes max disability. we have introduced recently Uniair fx which offers immediate relief and prevention all patients who suffer symptoms like itching sneezing rhinorhea and congestion. It is advisable before taking uniair fx one must consult his or her physician. ## Topzyme is actually listed as containing Cyproheptadin... ...
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Thu, Dec 30 '10, 2:33 PM
Systemic Enzyme and Revozyme Forte
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Revozyme Forte Contains: Trypsin 96 mg Bromelain 180 mg Rutoside Trihydrate 200 mg in each enteric coated tablet is this a Systemic Enzyme ...
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Wed, Sep 07 '11, 5:28 AM
Enzoheal Tablets Uses
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Enzoheal forte Tablets Uses ## Enzoheal contains Trypsin, Bromelain and Rutoside, it is used to treat several medical issues, such as digestive disorders and inflammation in the body. Learn more Trypsin information here. Learn more Bromelain information here. Learn more Rutin information here. Are there any other questions or comments? ...
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Mon, Jun 18 '12, 1:34 PM
Mode Of Action Enzomac
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I WANT TO KNOW THE MODE OF ACTION OF ENZOMAC ## enzomac contains trypsin, bromelain, and rutoside bromelain induces migration of neutrophils at the site of acute inflamation that helps in decreasing inflamation in colonic regions, rutoside aka rutin causes inhibition of VEGF and angiogenesis helps in preventing cancer. ## Revozyme Forte is available online , try that is less costly than that ...
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Sun, Sep 04 '11, 12:45 AM
tablet enractin
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Enractin tablet is prcribed to relieve shoulder pain ## Enractin contains bromelain 90 mg, rutoside trihydrate 100 mg and trypsin 48 mg. These are digestive enzymes, used to help with digestive problems and it will not help with should pain. Did your doctor tell you to take this? ## Enractin is not a digestive enzyme , it is a systemic enzymes which enters into the blood stream .And do the necessary work . Try Revozyme Forte available online much less priced and the dosage of revozyme Forte is half that of enractin ...
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Wed, Sep 14 '11, 2:32 AM
Disperzyme tablet
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detailed topic of tab. DISPERZYME....What ,when and how to use ## Disperzyme tablets contain: Trypsin (96 mg) + Bromelain (180 mg) + Rutoside trihydrate (200 mg). This drug is noted to be manufactured by Aksigen. It is most commonly prescribed to help with digestive disorders. You can view information on each ingredient by following the three links below: I haven't been able to locate much other information regarding Disperzyme. I would suggest contacting your local pharmacy for information regarding when and how much to use. Hope this helps! ## Dear Ritu , This is definitively not digestive enzyme.This is a systemic enzymes and for detail you can search for REVOZYME FORTE in one topic its mode of action was discussed in length . ## Hi Jackson, It shows the following information wit... ...
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Thu, May 02 '13, 10:44 PM
Phlogam Tablet For Neurologicalsurgery
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role of phlogam tablet in neurologicalsergery ## Each Phlogam tablet contains: trypsin 48 mg + bromelain 90 mg + rutoside trihydrate 100 mg. This combination is commonly used as a post operative supplement to help speed up the healing of wounds, pain and inflammation. It has additional uses as well, but in relation to surgery I would think that this would be it's primary role. I took a similar bromelain supplement after I had nose surgery a few years ago and the inflammation was significantly reduced after taking it for a couple weeks. It may provide other benefits as well, but I would suggest discussing the use of it with your surgeon in case he or she has other instructions or recommendations for a pre or post operative supplement. There's also already an active discussion thr... ...
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Wed, May 09 '12, 7:40 AM
Zymogesic Ds
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please let me know the function of this drug - in the treat ment of hissing sound in the ear . The drug contains Trypsin 96 mg + Bromelain 180 mg + Rutoside Trihydrate B.P 200 mg ...
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Wed, Nov 21 '12, 9:08 AM
Enzomac Forte Tablet Contents
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search for enzomac forte tablet contents ## Mes medical college perintalmana ## Enzomac Forte contains Trypsin, Bromelain and Rutoside, these are several different types of enzymes and from what I can find, it is commonly given to help with various digestive problems. Side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness and diarrhea. Learn more: Are there any other questions or comments? ## How many maximum Tablets of Enzomac Forte can be consumed @ 1/day?? ...
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Tue, Mar 04 '14, 7:57 AM
Tab Enractin
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Please tell me some information regarding Sports-Doping i.e this tab. is safe or not for sports players. ## Enractin contains Bromelain 90 mg, Rutoside trihydrate 100 mg and Trypsin 48 mg. It is used to aid in digestion; and is manufactured by Molekule, outside of the U.S. I don't see any information that correlates this pill to Sport Doping; nor do I see any reason why it would be considered unsafe. These all seem to be natural ingredients/digestive enzymes extracted from whole foods or plants. Bromelain: Rutoside trihydrate: Trypsin: Do you have any other questions or comments concerning this pill? Please post back if you do. ...
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Tue, Jun 14 '11, 11:18 AM
Is Enzomac Can Be The Substitute Of Enzoheal
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Here in delhi difficult to find enzoheal tablets. but enzomac can be found easily.. ## Yes, they both contain Trypsin, Bromelain and Rutoside and are commonly used to help with digestion. Are there any other questions or comments? ## I'm taking neurontin for a pinched nerve in my foot, which occurred during surgery. I'm looking for something that will ease the pain without the weight gain & sleepiness. I just can't settle for the fact that I may have to be on this for the rest of my life. ## Elaine, how long have you been taking it? Some of the regular side effects, such as the drowsiness should hit their peak at anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks and then they should start to taper off, as your body adjusts to the medication. And not everyone gains weight on the medication, but... ...
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Revozyme Forteor Systemic Enzymes Can Be Used As Antioxidant
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PLEASE SUGGEST SOME ONE THAT REVOZYME FORTE CAN BE TAKEN AS ANTIOXIDANT ## Revozyme Forte Contains: Trypsin (96 mg) + Bromelain (180 mg) + Rutoside Trihydrate (200 mg) in each enteric coated tablet The answer to your question is no. I wouldn't call this an antioxidant supplement at all. It is just a digestive enzyme supplement based on the ingredients. To be honest you would get more (antioxidant and enzymatic) benefits from eating a couple pieces of fruit each day rather than taking this. Not to say that this isn't a decent product. But for what it does, there are certainly better options out there than this. A couple of these extracted ingredients come from whole fruit. I would recommend eating whole papaya and pineapple to reap the benefits of the these specific enzymes and t... ...
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Fri, Oct 14 '11, 5:39 AM

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