To Get Off Of Meth

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Getting off Methadone!
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There are 2 of us males early 30s. One of us underwent major back surgery 3 years ago and a has been addicted to pain meds for a total of 5 years and myself about 3 just from simply being his main caretaker and dipping into the cookie jar a few to many times like an idiot. We went back to our general dr. (same guy) And explained that we are both full fledged addicts an have been obtaining methadone off the street as is seems to be the only thing that works. He asked us what we where getting off the street and we told him Methadone. His response was, well that's the smartest thing you have done so far!? because of its extremely long effect on the body. We told him we need his help that we just have no money left and our livers are just a mess... we cant move on with life. He decided ... ...
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Sun, May 15 '16, 5:14 PM
detox methods to get off suboxone
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I ,due to a severe injury,was on methadone for 8 yrs and got off that crap and on suboxone at the advice of a friend. I now am at 2 mgs of suboxone daily. My pain issues are mild to none and I want off subs .I went to my doctor who claims he has Much experience with this and has proven that to me...but his method is scaring me and from what I read online I am very hesitant. He prescribed me 2mg dilaudid and valium which I hate and plans to wean me off the subs. Is this right??? I can handle a mild w/d but not a heavy one due to my work. I am not looking for people tellin me to suck it up or give advice other than if the detox method described is reasonable or crazy?? Everytime I try to go below 2mg of subs I feel like hell will a dilaudid taper make it easier or start a new addiction an... ...
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Fri, May 29 '15, 9:42 PM
Quickest way to get off methadone
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I would like to get off the methadone. Im sick of the clinic rules, the police watching people go in and out and the expense. I know chasing drugs is expensive but I want to switch to subs. I am on a 90 mg dose right now and want to go down quickly. If anyone has done this please inform me The clinic will lower me 5 mgs a month ## What medicine are the best to use when quitting subutex? So I can get some sleep some ouers each night, and dont lie in bed for a long time and feel like I have aunts in my bones crawling around my body for a mounth. Anyone know what I meen and can help me? Thanks ## Dear Shells Bells, I use 2 b on methadone b 4 I switched 2 suboxone. I was on 110mg and tapered down to 24mg. At the point of getting down to 24mg, I was withdrawing SO BAD that I ended up at my D... ...
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Fri, Apr 25 '14, 6:03 AM
Using Fentanyl to get off methadone
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I have been on Methadone for about 5 years. I had an addiction to oxycontin and the went on methadone to quit. My highest dose was 120mg and I have managed to wean myself down to 17mg. The problem is I am having a really hard time getting off of it. Doing some reading I have learned that methadone is one of the worst for trying to quit. I have a perscription for 12mcg/h fentanyl for back pain which I havent been using but was thinking about quiting the methadone and using the patch instead so when I eventually drop it the withdraws won't be as bad. Has anyone tried this? is 12mcg enough? Any other thoughts or advice? ## I'm sending only a suggestion for you and that is...... If I were you the 12mcg. will be way way too low of a dose when coming off of oxycontin!!!! You should be... ...
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Sun, May 01 '16, 7:58 PM
need a doctor to help me get off methadone
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I am at a methadone clinic on 70mlg. but cannot afford the 410.00 a month I'm on Medicare and they won't take that insurance. I have tried cold turkey twice Mostly It's the pain I need it for back and nerve pain. ## I live in Spokane Wa. need to be free from this burden also need help with pain control. ## Hello, Steve! How are you? I'm sorry, but if you've been going to an addiction clinic, even if it was for pain, then a regular doctor will not be able to prescribe Methadone and help you. It is against the law for them to do so. You'd be better served to stay at the clinic and ask them to assist you with tapering off of it. The FDA classifies this medication as being a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, s... ...
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Mon, Mar 09 '15, 1:49 PM
getting off of methocarbamol
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can you stop takeing it with out side effects ## Hello, Angie! How are you? How long have you been taking it and what is the dosage? The FDA classifies Methocarbamol as a muscle relaxant, so in theory it isn't addictive, but your body can get used to anything you take for a long period of time and may experience some minor withdrawal effects, if you stop taking it abruptly. The FDA lists the possible withdrawal effects as including nausea, headache, fever/chills, rebound pain and diarrhea. ...
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Wed, Feb 25 '15, 6:19 PM
can i use methadone to get off of percocets?
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I take about 150mgs of percocet30mgs a day and I want to know if I take methadone will it help with the withdrawl & shakes of the stopping the percocet dose every day.. I have used methadone to come off of percocets before, but it was at a way lower dose.. I know suboxtons are what is recomended but from what I'm told @ my dose methadone is stronger if I use it right ## In my honest opinion I don't think that Methadone will be of the best help, seeing as there is a possibly unsafe interaction between Methadone and the Oxycodone found in Percocet. The interaction between these two drugs states the following: "Central nervous system- and/or respiratory-depressant effects may be additively or synergistically increased in patients taking multiple drugs that cause these effec... ...
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Fri, Jan 29 '16, 12:09 PM
Is suboxone as hard to get off as methadone?
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Hi everyone! I was wondering if suboxone is as hard 2 get off as methadone? I was on 110 of methadone 4 almost 5 years, after many years of Oxy abuse. Got down 2 (24) and the withdrawals were so bad, and, the cravings came back. Dr put me on suboxone, which works great. I've been on 3 (8 mg) a day 4 almost 8 years now. I'm scared 2 death 2 get off. I suffer with a lot of pain, too. The suboxone helps some. What with it. I'm also afraid of the bad withdrawals, and returning back 2 pain pills. Any advise will b helpful. ## Hi Cats, You definately can get off subs it just takes time. Why not cut down just a couple of mgs and see how it goes. Instead of 8 three times a day you could try 8 than 6 than 8. If you feel allright after a week or so try dropping another 2. Theres no se... ...
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Thu, Apr 21 '16, 12:18 PM
Over The Counter Pill To Get Off Methodone
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I am looking for a pill over the counter to help me get off methadone ## Dude...mix all that with methadone and you will die or go into a coma.methadone amplifies their effects of all muscle relaxes and shot like valium and zanax ## @Christina, To my knowledge there aren't any OTC drugs that are specifically indicated for opiate withdrawals. Usually for drugs like this the safest way to stop taking them is to tapper off them, under a doctor's supervision if possible. Some medications can be taken in fractions (actually cut into pieces) and these smaller pieces can be taken in place of the regular dose for a period of several weeks until the body is no longer dependent upon them. This is probably one of the most common ways in which people actively try to avoid severe withdrawal ... ...
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Wed, May 01 '13, 4:50 PM
Need help getting off methadone
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I've been on the methadone program for abit longer then a yr and I want to get off now, I can say for sure that I'm hooked on it.. Is it possible I can quit dry turkey? Without moving down milligram at a time or could I hurt myself by doing such a thing? ## Hi Jessika! I would suggest tapering down SLOWLY or you could go through some bad withdrawals. I was on methadone and tapered down slowly and still went through withdrawals. I ended up going on Suboxone. ## You should definitely NOT QUIT COLD TURKEY, especially since you've been on Methadone for over one year! Most people take the dose down by10mg until they reach 100 mg and then 5 mg per day. I went from 160 mg all the way down to 5 mg. Believe it or not, the 5mg worked and I didn't have bad withdrawals. If you taper... ...
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Tue, Aug 19 '14, 8:55 AM
HELLP, want to get off Methadone and Adderall
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I'm in agony! I can't keep taking adderall and methadone, it's starting to make me feel irritated. I hate having to be on something. I just want to feel normal again without relying on pills. I'm terrified of coming off of these pills. Please if you or anyone has any advice or help for making it easier, anything I'd be very grateful. ## Hello, Nicole! How are you? What doses are you taking and how often? Both of these medications are listed by the FDA as having the possibility of being habit forming, which means that too rapid of a withdrawal could cause some miserable withdrawal effects, such as nausea, fever/chills, diarrhea, rebound pain, insomnia and irritability. Thus, a slow taper would be best. Have you spoken to your doctor about getting off of them? Having m... ...
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Wed, Feb 25 '15, 4:10 PM
the drug used to get off methadone starts with a c
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cybrox a pill used to get off methadone dont know how to spell or say it but i know its out there please help ## I heard about a new drug to detox off of methadone without withdraw. Only certain doctors can give it. It's taken in a shot every 2 weeks. Anyone tried this or know the name. I've been clean for 7 years on methadone but how do I get off it without using other drugs ??? Help. ## I KNOW WHERE SOMEONE ABOUT 19 YEARS AGO GOT ON METHADONE AND GO OFF OF IT AND NOW ABOUT 2 MONTHS AGO THEY GOT BACK ON IT AND I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW ABOUT THE MEDICINE CALLED METHADONE WILL HELP YOU ## I think you're looking for suboxone. It's different from methadone but you still need to take it daily. ## I've been on 10mg of methadone for 10 days from an off and on dilaudid habit. I... ...
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Sat, Oct 24 '15, 4:39 PM
Klonopin, how to get off it
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I initially took Klonopin for panic attacks, now I feel like if I stop taking it, i am getting a rebound effect, and getting horrible panic ## Hi, Billy! Sorry about the problems that you're having. Yes, this medication can cause withdrawal and rebound symptoms if you stop taking it abruptly. That can also create the risk of seizures, so you do need to be careful. Learn more Klonopin details here. Normally, they must be stopped via a very slow taper and the modern preferred method seems to be to have the patient start skipping days they take it. Have you consulted your doctor? You need to discuss it with them to see what method would be safe for you to try. ## Discontinuing Klonopin abruptly or reducing the dose too quickly can and will cause the symptoms you describe... ...
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Sat, Jan 11 '14, 2:05 AM
can i use methadone to get off of a high dose percocet
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I take about 150mgs of percocet30mgs a day and I want to know if I take methadone will it help with the withdrawl & shakes of the stopping the percocet dose every day.. I have used methadone to come off of percocets before, but it was at a way lower dose.. I know suboxtons are what is recomended but from what I'm told @ my dose methadone is stronger if I use it right ## Well the main issue is that the Methadone itself is very addictive and you could end up trading one problem for another. That is the reason that Suboxone has become the preferred addiction treatment option, because it has helped many more people become drug free, rather than have to stay on a lifetime maintenance dose of it, as happens with most people that use Methadone. What has your doctor recommended? ## yes,... ...
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Fri, Jan 29 '16, 12:21 PM
Detoxing off Benzos and Methadone
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Use Gabapentin to get off benzos. Go thru the methadone clinic to detox off methadone... I've done both and it works. ...
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Wed, May 11 '16, 6:13 PM
I am trying to get off opiates.
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I have been on lortabs for about 10 years,i am going to try an just get off them cold turkey but i have been priscribed 10mg.of methadone to take 1 at night,my question is why cant i stop the lortab an then like day 2 of withdraw take a methadone an then maybe 1 or 2 more times during that week.I havent taken the methadone yet and i dont want to take it ,only a couple times to try an help with the tab withdraws,CAN THIS WORK? ## I understand your concern, because the Methadone itself can be highly addictive, so you don't want to just end up trading one medication for another. However, your doctors concern about stopping cold turkey is due to the fact that you may go into severe withdrawals, which may be very dangerous, even life threatening, in some cases. Learn more Lortab details ... ...
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Sun, Dec 27 '15, 11:48 AM
Tapering off Methadone
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Have been on methadone for 15yrs down to 40mg a day live in huntsville,AL area can't find a dr mine left I suffer with chronic pain from different health problems would like to come on off of it but very scared I just need to know how to taper on off as easy as possible I also have and rarely ever take opana,klonopin,neurotin will these help? And does anyone know of dr in this area who treat chronic pain. ...
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Sat, May 09 '15, 1:14 PM
titration off methadone
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Hi ! I was addicted to opiates for three years due to several work comp surgeries, I chose to use methadone to get off the pills ,now it was been a year since I started the methadone and I am ready to titrate down and just get away from it all!! Can anybody tell me what I am going to feel lIke, will I have withdrawal symptoms the whole time?? I take 100m a day, I'm a little scared of how I'm gonna feel, can somebody help??? ## It is very hard to say. Methadone is known to create severe withdrawal symptoms, that's why most people never actually get off of it and end up on a lifetime maintenance dose. Thus, any attempted tapering off of it must be done very, very slowly and can take a good period of time. Have you considered getting medical assistance? ## Yes I get it through ... ...
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Thu, Feb 11 '16, 6:52 PM
how to get methadone out of your system
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Been on 20 mg of methadone for six years how long will it take to get out of my systen, thanks in advance ## This is only intended to be an estimate, but most medications are usually out of your system within about 5 days after your last dose. And usually for drugs like this, the safest way to stop taking them is to tapper off them under a doctor's supervision, if possible. So if you end up tapering, (which may be appropriate based on your description), then it will probably take a while longer before you can have your 'last dose' of methadone. Cold-turkeying just doesn't sound feasible after six years on any medication. Eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, staying hydrated throughout the day, and getting plenty of rest each night, will significantly aid your bo... ...
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Fri, Oct 16 '15, 2:08 AM
i want to get off Morphine 30 Mg ir
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I have been taking 30mg ir morphine sulfate about 4 months 2 or 3a day and want to stop On My own at home please send any advice possible I've tried before but after 2nd day pain and sweats too bad so didn't stop taking. ## Have you consulted your doctor? Even if you prefer to do it at home, they would still be able to advise you of the best and safest methods to do so. If you tried to stop taking them abruptly, without tapering, or gradually stretching it out, so you take the doses further and further apart, it is normal to experience withdrawal effects, such as you've described. Usually a slow taper is the best way to discontinue a narcotic medication. ## GO SEE A DR. THEY WILL SLOWLY GET YOU OFF WITH A ANXIETY MEDICINE I GOT ADAVIN BEEN TRYING NO ANSWER YET ...
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Sun, Sep 28 '14, 9:46 PM

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