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Lisinopril Wock
After he started taking 40 mg of Lisinopril manufactured by Wockhardt, my husband started experiencing pain across his shoulders and upper arms. Has anyone heard of this as a possible side effect? ## Lisinopril is an ACE inhibitor that is used to treat high blood pressure and it is well known to cause these types of side effects in some people. Has he contacted his doctor? He may need to try a different medication. ## What happens if I took double dose of lisinopril-HCTZ 20 to 25 mg What can I expect to happen ? I normally take 1 pill a day. ...
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Supra Neuron Tablet
i would like to ask about supra neuron? what is it for? what possible side effects... ## Supreneuron is a nutritional supplement, which contains a complex of B Vitamins, it is used to treat or prevent a deficiency in these vital nutrients and the conditions that can be associated with that. As a supplement, however, the side effect profiles for it have not been studied, as is done for prescription drugs, but some people do experience nausea, after taking it. Learn more: Are there any other questions or comments? ...
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bactrim ds 800 160 side effects
I had strep throat, therefore the docter proscribed me the bactrim ds 800 - 160 , he said take 2 a day , for 10 days and I had to finish them. Today is the 5th day , but since I've been taking them my strep throat went away, but then i get fevers everyday,bad headaches,and a my stomach doesn't feel normal,I don't want to eat. I haven't thrown up yet , neither have I had diahera. I just gag a lot. Is it from these pills I've been taking ? ## Hello, Jessica! How are you feeling? This is a sulfa based antibiotic, so it can cause some pretty harsh side effects in some people that take it. However, what you're experiencing may also be due to a bad reaction starting, so you should contact your doctor immediately. Learn more Bactrim details here. Is there anything else ... ...
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Proxyvon Side Effect Of Expirited from october 2009
my mother who is 60 year old took a capsul of proxivon against tooth pain, by default which was expirited as on october, 2009. i want to know that what type of side effect can be faces ## Proxyvon contains Propoxyphene and Acetaminophen, it is a mild, narcotic pain reliever. It doesn't get dangerous, when it is expired, but it can be less effective and may not work as well. The main problem here, actually, is the ingredient Propoxyphene, many countries have now banned its use and pulled it from the market, due to the cardiac dangers it has caused for some people. Learn more: Are there any questions or comments? ...
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Slim Trim
I want to buy Slim Trim Capsules 10mg (sibutramine hydrochloride monohydrate capsules.) i do not know the retailer shop,s name in Madurai , Tamil Nadu. This tablet is marketed by German remedies.Mumbai. ## I am sorry, we are based in the U.S., so I have no way of knowing what shops carry in your country and area. However, I do feel the need to inform you that in many countries, Sibutramine has been pulled from the market. The U.S. FDA has found it to be too dangerous for continued usage. Since it is a stimulant medication, they found that in some people it caused elevated heart rate and blood pressure. In some cases, this lead to serious injury or death. Learn more: Are there any comments or questions? ## I also heard that it is very dangerous and carcinogenic and I'd like to know i... ...
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Tegretol med
I have just been prescribed this medication for nerve issues in my face. I really don't know if I want to take this after reading all of the bad side effects. Could someone out there please tell me if they ever heard of someone getting put on this medication for this reason. ## Hello, Bunny! How are you? What type of nerve issue? It has been used to treat trigeminal neuralgia, so it really wouldn't be very surprising for it to be used off-label for others. The most common side effects that most people experience aren't very severe or dangerous, just drowsiness, headaches, migraines, motor coordination impairment and upset stomach. Learn more Tegetrol details here. What has scared you? ## Hello and thank you for your response. I had a bone graft done in my gum so I can get a ... ...
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Celebrex fibromyalgia
Has anyone had a side effect with Celebrex that makes u feel more anxious and spasms in your back. I have only been on this med for four days and I can't tolerate what I'm feeling, any suggestions would be helpful ## It just might not be the right medication for you. Most medications have been known to cause the opposite of their intended effects in small percentage of the people that take them. Learn more Celebrex details here. You might want to check and see what your other options are for treatment. Are there any other questions or comments? ## Thank you for your response, it just so happens that I was taken off Celebrex due to the side affects and am now on Ultram and I feel human again, I appreciate the help and support that you've given me ...
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h 86 and leukemia?
Anybody know if this is helpful against leukemia? ## Hello, Sharon! How are you? Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find any information on this substance that's been claimed to be a miracle cancer cure. Many people have asked about it, since a certain email newsletter has been going out and I have searched various sources, both subscription and free, repeatedly to no avail. I am sorry, I know it raised the hopes of you and many others who either have a serious illness, or have a loved one that does and I sincerely wish I had some information for you, but I don't. Does anyone else know more? ## Find Dr. Hanna Kroeger's exercise for curing Leukemia in 5 days. The video will astonish you. Watch the video with the man,he speaks good english. IT WORKS. ...
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Prednisone 10mg For Poison Oak
pills expired in 2008- are they still good to treat poison oak in August 2011 ## Certain drugs are actually okay to take after expiration, whereas others such as antibiotics can become toxic. My personal assumption is that it lost a good percentage of its potency by now, having been 3-4 years old. I would also check with your doctor or pharmacy to make sure that you're using the most effective treatment option for poison oak. It may still be effective, but not nearly as potent. It's also impossible to give a direct answer to this question, since each medication can effect people differently. We all know that it's better to avoid the expired drugs and stay on the safe side, but unfortunately, the only way to find out is to actually try it. I wouldn't suggest taking that r... ...
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Cymgen And Water Retention
I have been on 60mg of Cymgen and 10mg of Trepeline for 3 months now. My water retention has gone through the roof and I have picked up 8kgs over the last three months despite following a controlled diet and exercise routine. Is this normal? ## it is the trepeline that cause the water retention and not cymbalta,I am on cymbalta for 2 years now and lost 8ks ## Actually, it could be either one of the medications, or maybe the combo of taking both. They have both been known to cause it in a small percentage of the people that take them. Have you consulted your doctor? Edema can be a dangerous condition, if left to continue out of control, so you may need to switch to other medications, or adjust these ones. ...
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Minimal side effects
I have been on anti depressants for some 11 months, first on Lexapro and for about 4 months on Cymbalta. My word, Cymbalta are so much better FOR ME! Yes I get the insomnia but have found taking Phenergan helpful, taking 25mg probably most nights. I can work well, do gym walking, and to be honest, function quite normally. My anxiety levels go out of whack, say once a fortnight, usually lasts a day but with the support of my wife, and friends it passes quickly. Just call people up, be honest how you feeling and the ones who really care and understand will help you through that day. The most helpful source of hope for me? Reading the Bible and knowing that we have a hope in Jesus Christ. ## Thanks for taking the time to share your experience on Cymbalta and Phenergan. I'm sure many pe... ...
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pepto bismol and frequent urination
Why is it that taking pepto bismo causes me to have frequent urination just about every hour at night time? I also take Lipitor, Avapro, Metformin, Januvia and Actos. ## Lipitor interacts with antacids. My father has the same problem, plus nausea and stomach problems. Going to doctor to try and get him off it. Liptor from what I've been studying is not a very good, or useful, drug for most people. From what I've read, it only helps 1-3% of people. Very bad side effects too!!!! ...
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Soma Versus Baclofen
I was recently switched from soma to baclofen. The Baclofen makes me feel very strange and I cannot function as well on it as I can with Soma. It makes me sleepy, and frankly just makes me feel like crap. The Soma works better for me as far as muscle spasms. The Baclofen does help spinal pain but does not work as quickly as Soma on spasms. My doctors in Alabama refuse to prescribe me Soma even though I have been put on different muscke rekaxers, Soma works best with my body. Why will doctors nor prescribe what works best for the individual. Every thing works different on different people. I want to be able to function and not be a zombie. What should I do. My pain clinic doctor only wants to get meds from him, but if he wont prescribe what works, I will get my pain meds from him and som... ...
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Vet drugsTH
Around 4 years ago our American Eskimo Spitz was diagnosed with an enlarged heart. We treated him for nearly a year for that problem through our family vet., but the medicine he was on didin't help. Finally he referred us to a specialist in Gathersburg, MD. At that appointment he was diagnosed with COPD, and the medicine he was treated with could have caused kidney failure. That vet put him on the tussigon and it does help some. The reason I am writing is because I see that several people have written in that they have the same breed of dog that we have. Just make sure that your diagnoses is correct and your dogs are being treated for the correct illness. I also see that people are having a hard time finding Tussigon.Why aren't your vets providing this for you? It is expensive, ... ...
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Sat, Mar 10 '12, 6:33 AM   0 
Reduce weight fruta planta
Sibutramine cant be banned... I am currently taking it presribed by my doc for my depression. I take 150 mg sr 2 times per day. Im loosing weight and its 100% sibutramine. I dont know why people are saying its banned. Before sibutramine i was on sertraline 50 mg at bed time and i lost weight quicker than ever. Before that i ordered fruta planta off ebay i got 3 boxes for $10.00 believe it or not. I just knew it was not good because the price was cheap. However i took 1 pill of that stuff and boy i was high in and out all day long with dry mouth to the extreme. I think it has wayyyy more than 300mg of sibutramine in it cause the 2 prescribed pills i take now dont get me that high feeling like fruta planta. Idk whats in it but if you have the really good ones you will definately know. It ... ...
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statix 10 mg tablet
i am 39 years old woman. i am advised to take this medicine for three months, as i have cholestrol. i need the details of the above medicine and advise and side effects. ## I cannot find any information on this medication, however, from the name and use, I am assuming it is a Statin drug, they are commonly used to help lower cholesterol. They can cause side effects such as: nausea, drowsiness, headache and joint/muscle aches. The most commonly used is Atorvastatin: Do you have any questions? ## this tablet which purpose used people pl tell me.. i haven fat problem.. ...
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how can i get subutex- suboxone
I want to get rid of drug addiction.Therefore if someone helps me getting these pills , I will pay my dept and be grateful to tose who help me... ## Hello, I would like to get as much information as I can in order to find above mentioned medicaments.Price will obviously be paid.But as I am from Istanbul if somebody can give me a hand nearby although as far as I get what I want we can also find some other solution to handle the financial problem.In other words I am ready to find whatever solution you offer.I don't have too long to lose.Looking forward to hear from good people... ## Hello, I would like to get as much information as I can in order to find above mentioned medicaments.Price will obviously be paid.But as I am from Istanbul if somebody can give me a hand nearby although as... ...
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sorbitol in niquitin gum
My husband has been taking niquitin gum, about twelve daily and has been suffering frequent loose bowel movements. I think this may be due to Surbiton but he doesn't believe me, any advice or confirmation that this could be the cause of the symptoms ## Hello, Lesley! How is your husband doing? And yes, sorbitol can do that, it has actually even been used as a laxative in higher amounts. But in people that chew a lot of sugar free gum that contains it, sorbitol has been known to cause severe diarrhea with rapid weight loss. He should double check with his doctor to ascertain if it is the cause, but there's a very good chance that it is. Are there any other questions or concerns? ## Thanks for your reply. My husband has been chewing a lot of gum lately to combat nicotine withdrawa... ...
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Torsemide Tab 20mg/Leg cramps
Would like to know if you get leg cramps following taking Torsimide, Also was told that Fluid pills, namely Lasix is dangerous when taken with blood pressure meds,(Enalaprel)... Would appreciate any infor. Thanks ## There are dangers associated with combining them, but they happen very rarely and diuretics are often combined with blood pressure medications, the dangers are most often associated with people that have severe, active cardiac conditions, such as congestive heart failure. The usual doses, for a person that is regularly monitored by their doctor very rarely cause any dangerous issues. As to the leg cramps, there are 2 reasons those might be occurring, or they could be from a combination of both. The medication may be causing you to become dehydrated, or it may have caused you... ...
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Treatment for Post traumatic stress
The Dr prescribed Cilift 20 mg for me due to post traumatic stress. I am so afraid to use it because of the side effects. What can I use for post traumatic stress, instead of Cilift? ## Cilift contains the active ingredient Citalopram, this is a brand available in South Africa and, in light of that fact, I am not sure what else is available there for you to try. Side effects are always possible with any medication, even over the counter products, however, there is no way to know if you will experience any of them, until you actually try a medication. Not everyone has problems with side effects, some people don't experience any. Citalopram is an SSRI antidepressant that also helps treat anxiety and its most common side effects can include: nausea, drowsiness, dry mouth and weight cha... ...
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