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withdrawing from morphine
i was taking 60 mg of morphine for 3 weeks and 30 mg for a week now 15 mg a day every other day how long will it take for me to withdraw from it i have taken the last of them ## i found a kind of light orange round pill with a N on one side and the number 60 on the other side i was wonder if you could tell me what it was and what it's for? ## Wenbee, there is no way to give a precise answer, because the withdrawal effects and how long they last is always going to vary from person to person. Some people don't experience any, while others can experience them for a month or more. James, I can't be 100% certain, because I have not seen them and can't find a listing with an image, but this may be a 60mg Morphine time released tablet from Canada. Is anyone familiar with these ... ...
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Sat, Sep 15 '12, 7:02 AM   3  Subscribe to thread 226086
I Live In NC And Doctors Will Not Write Any Kind Of Medication That Help A Person
Nerosurgions have told Me to not have back surgery.I have allergic rhienitis.Doctors act like it is against the law to write pain meds for My back.Doctors also feel the same way about antibiotics for My allergic rhienitis,for allergies.My head hurts a lot,and my back.I'm liking it though,because Doctors are not God,or I would never have any pain.They are just stupid people who don't care about Others...Period.I would like to see them take the medicine they prescribe others!There would be a lot less Dr.,s alive. ## I am sorry you are suffering. What reasons do they give for not wanting to give you pain medications? As to the allergic rhinitis, no doctor is going to give you an antibiotic for that. Antibiotics are only effective against infections, they do not do anything to treat... ...
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Tue, Sep 18 '12, 6:51 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 235313
phendimetraz105mg CRCAP EON LABS
WHITE AND BLACK CAPSULE, I AM ONLY TO TAKE ONE A DAY ## I just started taking this same pill, and I was wonder how well or did it work to lose weight. ## Phendimetrazine is a weight loss medication, commonly sold in the US under the brand name Bontril. It is time released, which is why you are prescribed only one tablet, daily. It has proven effective for many people, but must of course, be couple with a healthy diet and exercise to be completely effective. Some common side effects may include: nausea, headache and insomnia. You can read more about it here: Was there anything else I could help you with? ...
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Tue, Jul 21 '09, 9:45 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 189718
Shoulder chest
What happens if you apply it to your chest shoulder area. ## It is absorbed better in certain areas and some areas leave it exposed to women or children that you may be around. Thus, manufacturers usually try to instruct you to apply it to areas where the maximum amount of the dosage is absorbed and where it can be more easily covered to prevent exposing other people. Learn more Fortesta details here. Are there any other questions or concerns? ...
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Fri, Sep 20 '13, 2:40 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 252525
is it any easier to detox from opana than methadone
Is it any easier to detox (get off of and stop using, permanently) from Opana ER than it might be from Methadone? ## Hello, Glenn! How are you? Yes, most other opiates are easier to get off of than Methadone. It is actually notoriously hard to ever get off, because it causes long-term severe withdrawals and cravings, that's why other solutions have been sought to replace it. Most people treated with Methadone for addiction never truly get to be drug free, they usually end up on a lifetime maintenance dose. This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. Another alternative for addiction treatment would be Suboxone, which is newer and enables most people to become ... ...
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Fri, Jun 27 '14, 3:19 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 266619
2 Years Post Yaz- Multiple Problems
My daughter who was 19 at the time took Yaz for a short time. Her gallbladder was non-functioning and removed. She gained 50 pounds which she finds impossible to lose. She has costo type attacks several time per night, several days per week. She is depressed, (who wouldn't be) and has problems with her stamina. She is unable to do the things she used to enjoy. I need help finding treatments for the aftermath of Yaz. ## im really sorry im praying for her ## Google yasmin survivors forum. She might be able to find help there. There are many people who have suffered as a result of this bc. She is not alone. ...
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Tue, Apr 12 '11, 11:54 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 208220
Black Dog Depression video
Has anyone else seen the video from UpWorthy about Depression? "What Is Depression? Let This Animation With A Dog Shed Light On It." It's a really great video that I can definitely relate to, sometimes it feels like no one understands what it really means to be depressed. I am very grateful for the depression I've experienced, it was like a catalyst in my life. A catalyst that sent me on a journey of self discovery and self love, like they say "It is always darkest before dawn." I'd love to explore this topic further and hear about other people's journeys! ## Hello, SpiritUpgraded! How are you? I am so glad that you're doing well, now. As to it seeming like no one ever understands what it's like to be depressed, the feeling that no one understands... ...
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Tue, Feb 25 '14, 1:14 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 259687
Gabapentin Side Effects
I am taking 600mg 2xs per day and am experiencing tingling and numbness in extremities (hands, feet, arms etc). I also have a metallic taste in my mouth. Has anyone else had these side effects on Gabapentin? ## Have you consulted your doctor about these symptoms? It can cause a very dry mouth, which may actually be contributing to the metallic taste, but it hasn't been known to cause the tingling and numbness in most people that use it. ...
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Fri, Feb 17 '12, 5:03 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 227575
round white pill scored with a v on bottom and on top numbers4839 ## Prescribed following surgery for rotator cuff repair. Experienced severe headache from usage. Discontinued. ## Some people do experience such things from taking Oxycodone, especially if you are not used to taking narcotics. Oxycodone is very potent and can cause problems and severe side effects for people who are not already opiod tolerant. If you talk to your doctor, there are other, milder options, that you can try for post-surgical pain. ## And just for future readers of this post, the pill marked V4839 is not straight Oxycodone, it is a generic for Percocet. It contains Acetaminophen 325mgs and Oxycodone 5mgs. ...
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Wed, Jan 02 '08, 3:38 AM   3  Subscribe to thread 166309
Pure Oxycodone 30mg
I WAS TAKING 30MG MORPHINE. MAD ME SICK AT MY STOMIC. MY DR SAD I MIGHT NEED PURE OXYCODONE. DOES ANY ONE NO IF THERES A DEFFERENCE BETWEEN THEM BESIDE OXYCODONE 1 & 1/2 TIMES STRONGER. I JUST WANT TO STOP THE NASUEA. STRENGTH NO PROBLEM. JUST NAUSUEA. 30 MG. IS THERE A DEFFERENCE BETWEEN THE TO. MORPHINE 30. & PURE OXYCODONE 30 MG. THANKS ANYBODY. ## Oxycodone and Morphine are similar drugs used for pain control. It all depends on how each person tolerates it. Morphine often makes people sick and nauseaus and vomit. Oxycodone on the other hand may not. Morphine makes me sick and oxycodone doesnt at all. I think it works better too. I think you will be fine and to give it a try ## I had the same problem with them. Oxycodone didn't really cause me any severe problems, but Mor... ...
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Sun, Sep 28 '14, 9:36 PM   4  Subscribe to thread 221929
Substitute Of Quidict
medicine for drug addiction ## I NEED QUIDICT TO QUIT MY ADDICTION OF SPASMO PROXYWON AND OTHER DRUGS PLEASE HELP ME.AS QUIDICT IS NOT AVILABLE IN NEW DELHI ## PLEASE HELP ME QUIDECT AND BUPROCARE IS NOT AVILABLE IN MARKET HELP ME FOR SOME SUBSTITUTE SO THAT I QUIT MY ADDICTION OF DRUGS SUGGEST ME ANY SUBSTITUTE MEDICEINE AS SOON AS U CAN PLEASE ## I am not sure if it's available for you, but the other one that's commonly used is Methadone, though it requires more strict medical monitoring and most people do require a lifetime maintenance dose of it. Here's a link to help you learn more Methadone details here, it includes side effects, usage and the associated risks. Are you getting medical assistance? ...
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Thu, Feb 21 '13, 8:05 PM   3  Subscribe to thread 233513
Advil Patch
Are there less gi complications from using the patch than taking the pills? ## In one way or another the drug itself is going to have to metabolize, but I do believe a patch would present less GI discomfort for the sole reason that there are less binders and fillers than there would be in a tablet. It is my understanding that these so-called inactive ingredients are the root cause of many side effects. Not only that, but certain "inactive" ingredients that may or may not be present in each brand, are actually detrimental to how the drug is metabolized and used by your body. I think that's why so many people react differently to the same medication. The medication is the same, but the binders and fillers are different in each brand. I hope this helps to answer your question! ... ...
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Sun, Mar 02 '14, 10:38 AM   2  Subscribe to thread 236164
can you just stop taking risperdal after two weeks
Is that a short enough time to just stop taking it please let me know urgent I was at 1.5 Mgs max dose per day ## Hello, Theresa! How are you doing? How badly do you react to suddenly stopping such medications? Risperdal is a very potent antipsychotic and usually the best way to stop them to avoid rebound effects, even after a short period of time is via a slow taper. Learn more Risperdal details here. But there are some people that do fine without tapering. Have you discussed it with your doctor? That would be the best thing to do, they can help you discover the safest way for you to discontinue it. ## Vernon what do you think I also need other info from u can u please get in contact with me about meds and the type of medicine noted do you take meds if u don't mind me asking please... ...
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Mon, Oct 28 '13, 1:57 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 254604
Dilaudid and Subutex
I had a knee surgery yesterday. I have been using subutex to help me taper narcotics. I stopped the subutex 2 weeks before surgery. My doctor prescribed both percocet and oxycontin. I am getting no pain relief. The iv Dilaudid worked in the hospital. Has anyone used Dilaudid by pill at home ## I have suffered with chronic neck and back pain for years due to disk and nerve problems. My Dr. switched me from oxycontin to diulaudid (4-8 mg) and it worked for the first 9 mos. or so, then I got no relief. Many people get sick on it or very itchy. I am now on a higher dosage of Percoset. ## Are you familiar with subutex? ## No, I'm not. ## It is a new drug that has some pain killing ability. It is a controlled substance. When you take it other narcotics don't work. So it is good for so... ...
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Getting my Perscription Filled In Osceolia County Fl/ Oxycodone 30 mgs.
It seems like this time of year every year pain management Patience have the same problem getting this script filled. Why? Is it the DEA like some Pharmacy's have said or is it the manufactures, or another answer? I have seen the same Pain Management Dr. since 2005 and for the last 3 or 4 yrs. it has been the same. ## I'm sorry, but unfortunately, I don't have an answer for you. We have had quiet a few posts from people that are having problems getting their prescriptions filled, however, the FDA information does not list any shortages, or other problems with the supply. Does anyone else have any information on this? ...
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pink and yellow capsule no imprint
I found a pink and yellow capsule at work with no writing and nothing in it trying to identify it. ## Hello, Bc! How are you? Why are you worried about identifying an empty capsule? They are available for sale to pretty much anyone that walks into a store that carries them. Since there are no markings, that rules this out as being a prescription medication, so it might always have been empty. People often buy them to compound their own herbal blends. ...
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Mon, Mar 31 '14, 1:39 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 262011
rhoxal bisoprolol should it lower that fast?
started taking this pills which is 5mg's tuesday night Oct friday morning my bp had dropped from 142 supposedly according to the doctor/heart specialist to 106 friday afternoon. That was a second reading my first was 112. The dosage is 5 mg's a day and is small and pink. I also started Ramipril at the same time.10 mg capsule a day. ## Medications affect everyone in different ways, so yes, for some people they will work faster to lower blood pressure than for others. Ramipril is an ACE inhibitor and Bisoprolol is a Beta Blocker, so they work in different ways, but both are commonly used to help control blood pressure. They share a common side effect profile, which may include: nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and headache. Read more: Do you have any other questions? ## hel... ...
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Thu, May 12 '11, 6:22 AM   2  Subscribe to thread 209956
side effects of lexamil
Hi, I am 48 years old. I have been diagnosed with Bipolar 2. I have been using Cipralex 10mg together wilth Wellbutrin. Since the last quarter of 2008 Cipralex was no longer available in SA. At the moment I am gaining weight and as I am short and do suffer from asthma and a heart defect, this is very uncomfortable. At the moment I'm living in Mali where there are no doctors available that who are specialised how to treat this situation. Any suggestions? Thank you. ## I don't understand why people say Lexamil makes one put on weight. Is it that it stimulates your appetite and therefore one is prone to put on weight or do the kilo's just pile on out of nowhere? Thanks! ## Please help - iam on camcolit and lexamil since ive taken them from last wednesday I dont feel well this m... ...
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Suboxone Or Subutex
I live in NH and a long list to wait. I got into a situation I've been seeing the doctor always clean urine, never any issues then one day I go in and they swear they called me in but because I had recently moved I had given my moms # and she had her call history going back 2 months and no call at all. Unless they called my old # so now I go back on the list and have been waiting for 3 months. I'm a mess there is only one other clinic around here and its almost a year to wait.. I'm at a loss. There have been people I know that called and got put on the list way after the day this happened and they are already in. I just don't know what to do. She said there was nothing she could do but put me back on the list. And its driving me nuts because I know people who get their p... ...
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Tue, Jul 02 '13, 7:33 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 244289
Acquire Fentanyl Patch
is fentanyl prescription only? ## Hi Willy, To answer your question, yes, Fentanyl patches are available by prescription-only; at least here in the US it is. I'm not aware of other countries laws or regulations regarding this medication. Fentanyl is a powerful synthetic opiate analgesic similar to but more potent than morphine. It is typically used to treat patients with severe pain, or to manage pain after surgery. It is also sometimes used to treat people with chronic pain who are physically tolerant to opiates. It is a schedule II prescription drug. Learn More: Fentanyl Details I hope this info helps! ...
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