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I live in Kenton County, Northern Kentucky I have peripheral nueropothy, permanent damage to the peroneal nerve and the poplitea nerve.
I had a total knee replacement in 2005 and 11 total surgeries to my lower left leg. I have been to Ohio, Michigan, New York and Texas! My doctor gave me morphine 6-8 tablets per day for 3 or 4 years and it worked. He is retired now. Several of your readers are correct! If you look around for another doctor or ask for a specific drug you are a junkie, drug addicted doctor shopper. That sucks! Why is that? Where can I go in Northern Kentucky? I am not a junkie and I am not "doctor shopping" I just want pain relief! That's all! Why is that so tuff? I am 56 years old and a hard working person, not a freak!! ## Hello, Baron! How are you? I am so sorry that you're in pain. Your best bet would be to actually see a pain management specialist. They are more likely to be understan... ...
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Sat, Aug 30 '14, 4:10 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 272141
i cold turkeyed methadone at 3mgs and methemphetamines at the same time and i am getting dizzy spells should admit my self to a hospital
i cold turkeyed methadone at 3mgs and methemphetamines at the same time and i am getting dizzy spells ## Well, what you are experiencing is a normal withdrawal symptom. We aren't medical professionals and only a doctor at said hospital could decide whether or not you require admission. If the symptoms are very bad or worsen, then yes, you should go to your nearest ER, as some withdrawal effects can be very dangerous, possibly deadly. Are you experiencing any other symptoms? ...
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Thu, Nov 26 '09, 2:58 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 198860
I started the fentanyl patch 100 today after 3 years of OxyContin, the last dose of Oxy was 80OP 4 times per 24 hours. How does the patch fair?
Hello, friends! I started the Fentanyl patch 100mc today after OxyContin treatment my highest dose was 80OP up to 4 per 24 hours. I suffer from agonizing chronic pain due to severe nerve damage in my feet (medical neglect and misdiagnosed 3 years ago). I've build up opioid tolerance pretty quickly, so my doctor suggested the Fentanyl patches, plus, I felt "victimized by the system" - all and everyone plays the "Cops", lecturing me about the risks of opioids, treating me like a "junkie". Nothing against those that use these meds recreationally, but because of those very people, I will convulse in ER, and the attending doctor will insist on reaching my neurologist first before administering the pain relief... Finally, my doctor suggested these patches - I am MO... ...
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Fri, May 30 '14, 9:52 AM   2  Subscribe to thread 258522
Adderol is there any off brand of adderol that is a purple and white capsule with no markings on it. i was told it was off brand 50mg adderol
my cousin was given a purple and white capsule with no markings on it she was told it was off brand 50mg adderol anyone know if this could be right ## If there are no markings on it, then it can be definitively said that it is not a legal U.S. manufactured prescription product. They are all required to have imprints to enable their identification, regardless of being name brand, or generic. With no markings, the highest likelihood is that it is an over the counter product, but there is also a small chance that it could be a foreign medication. Is anyone familiar with a capsule that looks like this? ## It's oxy elite fat burner. Probably from gnc. ...
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Thu, Feb 28 '13, 10:24 AM   2  Subscribe to thread 215677
After By Pass Surgery Of Heart The Surgeon Prescribed Clopivas Ap 150 For Life Long Use But It Causes Severe Gas Trouble What Should I Do
After by pass surgery of heart, the surgeon prescribed clopivas ap 150 for life long use. I take it at noon after food. But it causes severe gas trouble, and I find even breathing difficult. Apart from that constipation is also experienced. As advised I take Razo 20 on empty belly and do not take food at least for half an hour. Is there any solution to my problems? ## Surgeon has prescribed Clopivas 150 mg. consesquent on my heart surgery, to be taken after food in the after-noon. My uric acid and creatine level is slightly high, inspite of food restriction. How long the clopivas to be taken? and whether taking clopivas affect the level of uric acid and creatine. Any suggestion for alternate medicine? ## Clopivas contains the active ingredient Clopidogrel and Clopivas AP adds the additi... ...
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Sun, Dec 30 '12, 1:27 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 236458
How Active Thus My Baby, If he is 6 Months Inside The Womb. And what it can cause if i take 2 pads of cortal when im on my first month of pregnacy??
How Active Thus My Baby, If he is 6 Months Inside The Womb. And what it can cause if i take 2 pads of cortal when I'm on my first month of pregnancy?? ...
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Tue, Oct 11 '11, 1:56 AM   0 
dr/pain medicine doctor who will prescribe pain meds along the lines of Oxycodone/Roxicodone 30mgs in philadelphia where i now reside
I have recently in the last several months beginning with a slip and fall accident, prior to that years ago i had right knee surgery and last year had two surgeries on my right hand which lead to putting pins in and also out. Now my biggest issue is the chronic back and neck pain (which also i have a son who just turned two) i had an Orthopedic doctor in Philadelphia send me for MRI's that came to prove i have buldged/herniated discs in my neck/C3-C4,C4-C5 also lower lumbar/L5-S1, also two pinched nerves in lower back each side, a pinched nerve right side of neck down into my shoulder and they found carpel tunnel in my left arm/hand. (not to familiar with carpel tunnel, doing research now) i was living in new jersey and had prescribed pain medication from my Orthopedic doctor and wa... ...
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Fri, Aug 15 '14, 8:53 AM   72  Subscribe to thread 253705
I Just Need Someone To Help Me Find A Doctor In Ky That Will Write The Oxy 30s And Xannex Something For Breakthrough Pain Whatever Else Do
Just want to find a doctor in Ky. that will write something prefferably the oxycodon30 for pain and 15's for breakthru, plus I've been taking xannex for around 5 years to try and help with the pain and anxiety which they do to a certain point. But I say the oxy's because I went to a pain clinic in Ga. 3 months ago and they wrote them for me and I thought I was in heaven as far as the pain was concerned but due to the pain I can't make those trips.!!! Someone PLEASE HELP!!!! ## I have Ben geting anziaty atacks and it thing that helped was annex ## @Micheal, I may not have a doctor I can refer you to, but I can provide you with a couple links that may be of service to you in so far as locating pain management doctors within your general area. All you have to do is input yo... ...
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Fri, May 09 '14, 2:53 PM   4  Subscribe to thread 234394
I Too Have Been Told About No More Generic Donnatel & forget those excerises if you have true IBS they won't do the trick. Please post on here.
Trying to find generic donnatel no luck I live in PA. It is the "only" med that has ever helped me with my IBS, the excerises well to who wrote it good luck.. it does not work. If someone finds the generic pls post it here Thank You !!! ## Hi Care, Based on what I've read, apparently they really did stop making the generic form of Donnatal (Belladonna Alkaloids with Phenobarbital). Some patients might get lucky finding left overs on the shelves of some of those old mom/pop type drug stores or even less popular pharmacies like Rite Aid. But I hear a different company ended up buying out the generic and now only the brand name is said to be available. Have you considered trying the brand name yet? ...
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Fri, Jun 28 '13, 11:20 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 246305
can't afford savella no ins. anymore but cousin with fibro has extra supply of lyrica to give me. is it the same & safe to in pain & despera
can't afford savella no ins. anymore but cousin with fibro has stopped taking lyrica and is willing to give me a supply of lyrica until I get my insurance in 3 months. Is it much different than savella. Im seriously having major effects since I stopped the savella which really helped me. Is it safe to try the lyrica. Im in a lot of pain and really can't take much more of feeling like this ## They are not the same medication, Lyrican contains the active ingredient Pregabalin, which is an anticonvulsant that is also used to help treat nerve pain. It really shouldn't be used without it being prescribed for you, due to the risk of possible side effects. Learn more Savella details here. However, there is an assistance program for Savella that may be able to help you continue with... ...
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Fri, Mar 28 '14, 2:56 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 240943
i live in mott north dakota i have been on pian meds for 5 years in indiana imove here and dr refuses to give them to me can i order them online
moved from ind to nd 5 months ago. cannot get a doctor to prescribe my pain moving back to ind in may.icannot take the pain any you know who prescribes pain meds online? i have my medical records with me. can you help me? ## I know what you mean. I had something similar moving from one state to another. I have bad panic attacks and due to a congenital defect in my heart i had a heart attack during my panic attack. The PA said she was more concerned with loosing her licence even though my cardiologist said to stay on the Xanex she wants to take me off. He said my chances were not as good to live through a second heart attack. I am going to switch doctors. She is only a Physician Assistant for the doctor but she actually told me her concern was not me but loosing her lic... ...
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Fri, Jan 10 '14, 8:57 PM   4  Subscribe to thread 252349
After 6 Days Of Taking Neo Penotran I Have Experienced Bleeding And The 7th Day Am Back With Yellowish Green Discharge Again Havent Gone
I have been treated with BV earlier this year, and my bf and I had contact 3 weeks ago. after a few days, I noticed my vagina got itchy and I had some grayish discharge, and I just observed and wait what it is till I got my period. After my period I now observed a yellow discharge but I don't feel itchy anymore. I went to my OB gyne and she diagnosed it with chlamydia, but I never had undergone any lab tests with her, and she just said it's chlamydia because my bf is an american :(. She prescribed Doxin for 10 days and I started taking it. I went to another doctor. The OB told me it's a BV so I had to take neo penotran for 7 days, and then I told her that i'm taking doxin as well. Now on my 7th day of taking neo penotran and 8th day of taking doxin, I noticed that there... ...
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Tue, Dec 10 '13, 5:49 AM   3  Subscribe to thread 225708
i have been to two specialists had the steroid injections vandalism radio frequency burning of nerves constant sciatic nerve pain fro
Is there a pain specialist that can control my pain without making out like I'm seeking drugs? I've done everything except surgery. The surgery would be extensive. 8 hour surgery with intensive rehab. I'm tiered of trying to get the steroid shots because they can not do them as frequently as I need. I would prefer to manage with medicine, but like I said the two pain specialists think I just want. Drugs. I just want a pain management system that will work. I've had scoliosis for almost 30 year s. I did well managing the pain without anything until I started working with violent students. I have constant lower back pain and sciatic pain in both hips to my feet. The L2-L4 are crushed and digerati be due to the 48 degree curve. How can I find a doctor that will help manage ... ...
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I have small white round pills with the imprints ZC02 (Zand C on top 0 and 2 on top) with a cross line through it. Can anyone identify this for me?
I have small white round pills with the imprints ZC02 (Zand C on top 0 and 2 on top) with a cross line through it. Can anyone identify this for me? ## Located an exact match, it's Promethazine 25 mg. This drug is a first-generation H1 receptor antagonist, antihistamine and antiemetic medication. To learn more about this drug click on the link below... Do you have any more questions or information to add? Please post back if you do. ## I found a bottle of pills it says oxyco/apap 5-325mg tab amn generic for Percocet 5-325mg tab it has Z C O 2 on them and they are small and white are they really generic Percocet? ...
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Little White Round Tablet With Capital Em And 50 Beneath It The Pill Is Scored On Reverse Side Horizontally Vertically For Breaking Pil
little white round tablet with capital EM and 50 beneath it. The pill is scored on the reverse side horizontally and vertically (for breaking the pill into four pieces). Any idea ...
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Sun, Mar 04 '12, 7:35 PM   0 
Trika 1mg Is Being Taken By Me Along With Tazolac 40 Mg For The Control Of Hypertension Last Few Years How To Stop Taking As Iam Addicted It
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Thu, Oct 13 '11, 11:01 AM   0 
im looking for a reliable stockist of ephidrine i got some last year and they where fantastic suppressing appetite fat burning rapidly
I bought ephidrene from Canada which turned out to be hay fever tabs.the real deal are so hard to come by and id really love someone to put me on to a stockist whos no timewaster,thanks ...
Updated 1 year ago.
Sat, Aug 31 '13, 1:49 PM   0 
I Need To Find A Dr That Can Write Out Oxy For My Chronic Pain Of 18 Years Then Got Cut Off No Reason And Have Not Felt Well At All Please Help Me
Broke my back broke my hip both legs broke right are separated my shoulder my pain is through the roof I need HELP I live in Calgary PLEASE HELP ME ## Hi Cindy Lee, I'm sorry to hear about what you're going through, unfortunately, no one can really know ahead of time what a doctor is or is not willing to prescribe. That is based on the doctor's discretion and not just on someone else's previous appointment (especially since many doctor's are now worried about losing their licensing for prescribing too many narcotics). Some advice I can give you is to not specifically ask for any 'specific medication' when you see a new doctor. Just make sure to transfer or take a copy of all your medical records with you. Then, the best approach in my opinion, is to discuss u... ...
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I have been on depoprovera for two months but i had it once and now i ddnt see my period for the past two months should i be worried could i be p
I have been on depoprovera for two months but i had it once and now i ddnt see my period for the past two months should i be worried could i be pregnant? ## Hi miss dee! A lot of women on the depo will not get a period. You can take a pregnancy test to be safe. If you have any more concerns, call your doctor. ...
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Thu, Jul 31 '14, 7:36 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 269976
why won t medicare and united health paid for my prescription of chlord clidi 5 2 5m cap ocaa this the only medication that helps with stom
The medicine cost 200.00 dollars why doesn't someone let Medicare know this medicine is needed for a lot of seniors. Please help me. Can you send me the name of the manufacture of this pill. ## It isn't Medicare who won't pay for it, United Health which is your Medicare Prescription Part D Drug Plan is the one who won't pay for it. You need to appeal their decision to not pay for it. ...
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