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The Rights Of A Patient That Wants To Stop Seeing There Dr By Choice Start New And Does Current Have Give You Prescriptio
opiate pain laws when patient wants to stop seeing current Dr. to see Dr. closer to area where I live and work.Its my choice to make change,however taking pain meds and need to know that entitled to my scripts upon asking to be discharged and be done that day never to return. ## No, you are actually never entitled to any prescription, at any time. No doctor is ever obligated to write you a prescription under any circumstances and the only time they are obligated to treat you is if you are in immediate, life threatening danger. However, you also don't have to actually ask them to be discharged at that time. You can simply go to that appointment, as usual and then call them and cancel later, once you have something set up with a new doctor. And canceling is really just a courtesy and ... ...
Updated 1 year ago.
Fri, May 31 '13, 5:28 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 242520
I Have Been Using Antihistamines For The Past 2 Years On A Regular Basis Is It Normal Or Abnormal To Be Taking Them So Long
I have been taking antihistamines for nasal allergies the past 2 years. Is it normal or abnormal to be using them for so long. ## What has your doctor advised on this situation? There is really no cure for allergies, so when people suffer from them, they may require treatment with something regularly to prevent the problems and symptoms that arise from them. ## I have seen numerous doctors . Each time I tell them of my allergy they prescribe some medicine for immediate relief. One doctor increased my dosage. Due to situation I did continue to take the antihistamines on my own to get relief. I want to lnow if antihistamines are bad for in health longer use like 2 to 3 years. ...
Updated 2 years ago in Allergies, Cough & Cold.
Sat, Nov 26 '11, 6:52 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 224974
i took regestrone for two days 4 tablets i got the periods but flow is very very slow shoud i stop the medicine or continue
as per doctor advise i took regestrone for two days 4 tablets however my period is started on the first day itself but the flow is very very slow i am on the third day now should i take the medicine for today or stop but my flow is still slow only ## regestrone can cause periods in how many days and has what type of side effects ## last month i have come close to my husband and i had intercourse with him, but i dnt want child now. so please tell the medicine, so that my periods starts. It should have to come in the first week of june 2011 but till now it does not come. i dont want to go for any test. i m also not sure that i have become pregnent. help me. ## wife not getting periods even after 4 days of completion of regestrone course ## I m 43years old.last 3month I have no periods.m n... ...
Updated 10 months ago.
Thu, Nov 14 '13, 2:18 AM   5  Subscribe to thread 202875
my pain dr writes 5 8mg s dilaudid and 1 avinza 60mg s time released morphine 1every 24 hrs ive been on the for 7 8years seem
my pain Dr. Writes 5 8mg. Dilaudid plus 1 60mg. Avinza 1every 24 hrs. time released morphine, I have been on the dilaudid 4-5 yes. Seems they don't work as well as they used to. What I do take would keep most people from sedated but I still have some pain and can't seem to do much with or without my meds. any suggestions? 0 ## Sorry to hear about your challenges with pain. If I could suggest anything that might be of help, it would be to include natural treatment options that can safely be used alongside your medication(s) as a sort of adjunctive therapy. Depending on what type of pain your dealing with, I do know that some medical marijuana clinics offer a CBD/THC 50/50 concentrate that your spray a few times in your mouth and it helps relieve a very noticeable amount of pain i... ...
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Wed, Jul 10 '13, 5:44 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 248523
What is LCX non-dominant vessel with100% obstruction in the mid segment while LMCA, LAD,RCAbranches,PDA and PLV are Normal
My angiogram taken 6 months ago says LMCA :Left main is Normal LAD : LAD is a type III vessel with luminal irregularities wthout any critial Stenosis . Otherwise LAD diagonals and septal perforators are Normal . LCX : LCX is anamotically non-dominant vessel with 100% obstruction in the mid segment . RCA : RCA is anatomically dominant vessel . RCA branches, PDA and PLV are Normal. My cardilogist given me ECOSPRIN AV 75 singledose a day. Please tell me about my present Heart condition. ## It means it isn't a major blood vessel to affect the function of the heart, but that it does have a complete obstruction preventing blood from flowing through it. Ecosprin contains Aspirin, when given for these problems, it is used as a blood thinner, which in some cases can help the blood flow throu... ...
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Sat, Jan 04 '14, 9:16 PM   11  Subscribe to thread 210089
Why are my lips burning? The bottom lip is almost blistered. Is it a medication, lipitor, kapidex, vit. d, cymbalta, gemfibrozil?
I wonder if it could be a medication. Lipitor, gemfibrozil, vit d, cymbalta, Kapidex. I have reflux. ## this site is not medical professionals, we cannot give you a definitive reason for the burning, nor a diagnosis or treatment. It can sometimes be caused by medications, but other things, such as eating the wrong foods or a vitamin deficiency can also cause it. Nothing on your list here is known to normall cause this problem, but it is always possible. Have you contacted your doctor, yet? ...
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Mon, Apr 26 '10, 1:21 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 203656
Are There The Same Ingredients In 30mg Roxicodone That 8mg Daloted I Realize Is A Difference Mg But Just Wanted To Know If
I have switched medications from 30mg roxicodone to 8mg diladudid. And what i wanted to know is? Are there the same ingredients in the 2? Or if different, what are the different ingredients and are they the ingredients that have any thing to do with the pain part of the two? Or are they different in the fillers they use? i guess kinda like they do in dog foods and bologna... ## Roxicodone contains the active ingredient Oxycodone. Learn more Roxicodone details here. Dialudid contains the active ingredient Hydromorphone. Learn more Dilaudid details here. And there may also be differences in the inactive ingredients, as well. I like the dog good and bologna analogy, that was good! Are there any other questions or comments? ...
Updated 1 year ago in Roxicodone.
Fri, Oct 12 '12, 9:45 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 236911
does it make any difference if the same pill has different number stamped on the back from prescription to prescription
Metformin ER 500mg 90 day supply has IP 178 on back from AFB in Little Rock,AR. MetF ER Glucophage 500 mg has 142 on the back of the pill from the same place at a different date. Does the number on the back change? ## The pharmacey you use may just use a couple different companies to get their medications from, I am on meds and from time to time my pills are different but just from different manufacturers same pharmacy. Hope this helps you. ...
Updated 3 years ago in Metformin.
Sat, Dec 04 '10, 6:41 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 203202
i have been taking elicia 2mg for the past one year now want to stop it totally does any side effects please explain detail
I have been taking elicia 2 mg for the past 7.5 months and now I want to skip it totally.Few months before I tried taking half and 3/4 of elicia 2 mg,but I faced sleep disorder problems once in 60-70 days of taking half tablet of elicia 2mg.Due to this problem I have been taking Zolfresh 10mg for the past 12 days in alternative days and again I faced sleep disorder problem if I am not taking Zolfresh for one day. Can anyone explain what's happening behind these drugs??? I am also taking Homeopathy tablets parallely to stop Elicia 2mg and Zolfresh 10mg. Please explain. ...
Updated 2 months ago.
Tue, Jul 15 '14, 3:48 AM   0 
my friend mixed yellow norco and pink lortab in same bottle they got wet and is now a brown power is this powder safe to take
if yellow norco and pink lortab get wet in same bottle will it turn to a brown powder. is this powder safe to eat and will it still stop pain. ## Definitely not qualified to answer this one... have some opinions, but will be quiet and sit over here... ## Hi curious, These medications are meant to be taken when in their original form (they should not be taken if they have been damaged or tampered with). Since both medications have been mixed together into a powder with water, their individual formulas have been altered and that could potentially make them very unsafe and ineffective. Also, there is no longer a way to measure out the correct dosage since two medications have essentially turned into one. Are there any pills left in the bottle or have they all turned into powder? ## What is... ...
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Sat, Nov 09 '13, 5:50 PM   4  Subscribe to thread 251965
Using Daliresp 5 mos. Noticeable difference in ability to breathe without the elaphant on the chest being quite so heavy.
Have happily lost 20 lbs but is there a woman on earth who wdn't be thrilled w that? The downside is an already aching back becoming horrendously painful crying out for painkillers ! Also, more frequent need for real bathroom breaks. A difficult choice to make.....has anyone tried going on and off the drug in some organized manner.I went off it for 1 wk but the elephant became intolerable so I put myself back on .Now shall see what ensues re side effects previously experienced.s ## Hello, Congrats on losing the 20lbs! Although I just read that roflumilast can cause weight loss as a side effect, I can only imagine how great that might make someone feel if they felt the need or desire to lose weight. :) But while I don't have any personal experience on this medication, I did want ... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Daliresp.
Tue, Mar 05 '13, 6:36 AM   2  Subscribe to thread 243263
running low until my next refill, made a stupid mistake of letting someone borrow some of mine until they went to the doctor
So I made a stupid mistake that I will never ever make again no matter what kind of sob story I get. I loaned a friend/family member some of my suboxone and they promised to give them back when they went to the. doctor, their appointment was last Tuesday and I havent heard from them since the morning of their appointment. So I only. have two 8mg strips to last 11 days. I am on. one 8mg strip a day. My question is should I take 2mgscare every other day or. one mg a day, I have two jobs ## It didnt let me finish I have two jobs and children to take care of and cant afford to miss work or feel sick, what is the best way to space them out for 11 days without getting sick! ## Hello, Christi! How are you doing? Unfortunately, on this, I really don't have an answer for you. The dosage of S... ...
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Thu, Oct 24 '13, 10:15 PM   5  Subscribe to thread 254167
I Have Taken Escitolopram For Years And Put On A Lot Of Weight Take 15mgs In The Morning But They Make Me Tired Can Be At Night
I have taken Escitolopram for 7 years and put on a lot of weight over 2 stone. I take them in the morning, but drop back to sleep, can they be taken at night, am also on Valium for 30 years, and propranalol I also take thyroxine,please answer me, how to get this weight off. ## Do you have a pretty stable diet and/or exercise regime? I only ask because, in my opinion there are many reasons one can gain weight over the coarse of 7 years; not only due to a slower metabolism or changes in physical activity, but as we age it may seem like it requires more effort to maintain your appropriate weight. I'm sure some of the side effects associated with the medications your taking are playing a big role in this as well. To really know for sure though, you'd probably have to turn to other m... ...
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Wed, May 30 '12, 6:52 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 223655
trying to subscribe from Australia and get the free book where on the countries to be sent to why is Australia not on the map
Why is Australia not on the list of countries???? We got on to your site ad werwe interested in subscribing and when listing our information found that the one ivilized ountry on the site was missing and that was Australia which means that we canot get the book sent to us as Australia is not on the mailing list of countries. Please can you help us asap. ## Hi Rapunzel - Please note that we do not offer any books. It appears that you may have mistaken an offer that you saw with our site. Can you please double check what company is offering the book? We are an informational site only and do not distribute any products. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance. ...
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Where Can You Get A Prescription For Oxycodone Or Morphine At What Pain Clinics Still Give Them In West Palm Beach Florida
i just got an mri where can i take it and get a prescription for oxycodone or morphine in west palm beach, florida, anyone know ?even methadone would do, what pain clinics still give scripts for these medications......the names of them would help me out ## Deb, I'm surprised your having difficulty finding a pain management company. There are many around west palm beach. There is a problem getting certain medication due to the recent DEA shutting down Walgreens distribution center and quite a few pill mills. I would like to suggest a few, however I need to know whether you have insurance. That would narrow down the search. I have insurance and a long list of problems. I have tried several doctors, however they wanted to change my normal script of oxycodone and give me opana. Opana is... ...
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Wed, Apr 16 '14, 4:52 PM   12  Subscribe to thread 236752
I Am Having Breathing Problem And Taking Garoin An Epilepsy Drug Aim Lmontus Unicontin Is It Safe To Take These Medicines
i am taking epilepsy drug garoin, lately i am having breathing problem doctor prescribed L months and unicontin, is it safe to have al these three medicines together, ...
Updated 2 years ago in Anticonvulsant.
Thu, Jul 26 '12, 6:27 AM   0 
I keep coughing up a yellow phlem, it's worse when I lay down. I have no pain or soreness any where, just this tickle in the throat.
I keep getting this sort of tickle in my throat and I have to cough. I keep coughing up this yellow phlem. If I am sitting or standing it's not too bad but as soon as I lay down it starts again. I have no soreness or pain anywhere just this arritating tickle in my throat. I am 72 y.o. and in good general health. I take Aprovil, Sotocor & Warfarin. I am about 18kg overweight. ...
Updated 5 years ago in Warfarin.
Thu, May 07 '09, 5:44 PM   0 
orphenadrine citrate paracetamol plus gabapentin plus propranolol hydrochloride ca these medicines be used together
I have cervical problem as well as classic migrane n depression ,I have been prescribed different medicines by two different neuro physicians those are orphenadrine citrate paracetamol, gabapentin 100 mg, rivotril.5mg,reline,zoldem10mg and the other gave me propranolol hydrochloride10 mg,synflex when feel that migrane is starting n depricap for depression can these medicines be used together .my question is that CAN I USE THE ABOVE Mentioned medicines together especially the one mentioned in the title. ...
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Tue, Aug 19 '14, 11:55 AM   0 
what do the contents of focalin xr look like inside the capsule? im asking becuse i feel my sons medication was tampered with.
I think that someone empty the contents of the capsules because for a couple of weekends that I got my son they were empty and then I mentioned it to his father that they were empty the next weekend I got him there capsules came with a baby formula looking substance inside them. ## Hello, Jessica! How are you? Which capsules are you asking about? Without knowing the specifics, such as those dosage and markings on it, I can't research this information for you. Can you please post back and clarify? Thanks! ...
Updated 6 months ago in Focalin.
Fri, Feb 28 '14, 11:17 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 260953
I Want To Know About The Medicines Wether They Contain Steriods Orceringm Gemcal Ds Lofecam S Indocapsr Nofymag Tm Orerin
i am taking medicnes for hip joint pain orcerin gm 2 times daily gemcal ds once daly lofecam sr at bed time . indocap sr before break fast nofymag tm before food 2 times daily i want to know weither they contain steriods ## Take a look at this related thread which should answer your questions: About Nofymag Capsule. ...
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