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Help Please I Need To Find A Very Liberal Doctor Who Will Write Pain Meds Live In The Simi Valley Los Angeles Area
Am Female Around 60ish And Have been diagnosed with MS. I have had Fibro since 1989. I am so tired of being in pain, I told my current Doctor that the number of Vicodin ES she gives me each month leaves me without pain meds the last week of each month. She immediately cut my meds to ONE REGULAR VICODIN A DAY!!!!! She is now convinced I am drug seeking I am mortified -- I am left speechless and in pain. She told me to "deal" with it...this is a County anyone out there please post your info if you have some --- thank you so much,, Sandy ## Have you heard of or checked out the Simi Pain Management Center? Sounds like it might be local for you. Simi Pain Management Center 1350 E. Los Angeles Ave. Third Floor, Suite 3A Simi Valley, CA 93065 Ph: (805) 504-4810 www.simip... ...
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Wed, Mar 26 '14, 11:14 AM   3  Subscribe to thread 224702
I am a kidney transplant patient taking up cellcept and neoral. Is it safe to take hemostan along with these meds ?
Cellcept 500mg - 2g daily neoral 25mg 50-75mg a day prednisone 5mg a day ## I am a kidney transplant patient (+ 1year). Is it necessary for me to continue with my 10mg daily dosage of prednisone. ...
Updated 3 years ago in CellCept.
Tue, Feb 08 '11, 12:41 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 203339
After Useing Oxycodone As Perscribed For 7 Yrs Would The First Dose Of Morning 2 30mg Pills Make You Intoxicated
After 7yrs.of being perscribed oxy 30s 6 a day would the first dose of the day make you concidered intoxicated?simply because your eyes are diolated,what would be considered a normal level?Thanks!!!!!!! ## Are you referring to DUI or DWI laws? If so, when it comes to drugs, there isn't really an allowable limit, per se. The way any medication can affect any given person varies, which is why such markers are used to determine someone's level of impairment. And yes, even after 6 years of use, you could still be considered impaired, at your normal dosage level. Are there any other questions or comments? ## R U in AZ by any chance. I really painted myself into a corner and can use a friend. My E-Mail is {edited for privacy}. Hope to chat with you. Good day!!!!! ## I'm in Az. but... ...
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Sun, Jan 26 '14, 8:35 AM   3  Subscribe to thread 221768
FDA They make the rules, because of all the pill billies!! People like me have a hard enough time getting pain relief!!
can kiss my ass! They do not know the pain i live with and i actually work! Maybe i should just grab a Kane like the rest of the world a sign up for the Disability i have paid in for all my life , 4 Degenerative Disk with pinched nerves, Two bad hips one already replaced in 2010 and a failure! at that Also Rheumatoid Arthritis in my hole body. Joints ,knees, you name it but i work threw the AGONIZING Pain and dam tired of it! about time to get what i have paid in, or somebody name Hose going to get it. I'm just to dam stubborn to give in and have to fight the dam system for 1-3years any way!! ...
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Wed, May 21 '14, 6:15 PM   0 
hi am going on a tour but the period date is same as well travlng can any1 tell which med hve to take for erly periodz
please tell the name of medicine.. for which i got my periodz earlier as soon as possible... ... i hope i got proper information about my question and i will enjy my tour.... please help me.... i dnt wana make my jourmey boring and stressfull.. ...
Updated 6 months ago.
Tue, Mar 11 '14, 12:10 AM   0 
Doctor Has Advised Me Sustamet25 For Essentail Bp I Am 43 Yrs Old Is This Medicine Suitable There Any Side Effects
Doctor has advised me sustamet25 for Essentail BP. I am 43 Yrs old. Is This Medicine Suitable for me? Is There Any Side Effects? Another doctor said that this tablet is only for aged people. Please clarify. ...
Updated 2 years ago.
Wed, Nov 23 '11, 9:42 AM   0 
If People Can Sue For Bad Drugs Why We Not Changing That Make Them Work The Way They Use To And Have Turned Into A Drug
If people bring suits against bad drugs, why can we not bring a suite for turning a good drug that worked until they changed it to where it does not work half as well any longer and have alot of side effects. does this not make oxycontin a bad drug. this all happened due to people abusing it, ALL THOSE PEOPLE ARE GOING TO DO IS FIND SOME OTHER DRUG TO ABUSE AND IN THE MEAN TIME MAKE HE NON-ABUSERS SUFFER FOR NO REASON. PLUS THEY WILL NOT EVEN GIVE OUT INFORMATION OF WHAT WE COULD CHANGE TO THAT WOULD TAKE THE PLACE OF THE OLD OXYCONTIN THAT WOULD WORK THE SAME. I AM A GRANDMOTHER OF 6, I USE TO BE AT LEAST ABLE TO PLAY WITH THEM FOR A WHILE AND KEEP MY HOUSE CLEAN, NOW I AM IN SO MUCH PAIN, I SIT IN A CHAIR ALL DAY. I CAN NOT EVEN BEND OVER TO CLEAN OUR BATH TUB. THIS IS VERY UNFAIR AND... ...
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Tue, Aug 07 '12, 3:25 PM   3  Subscribe to thread 213263
what are the possible effects of a combined use of Mineral oil, Urobacid 400 mg, Baralgin M, Ducolax 5mg tablets 100's?
I am now using them for intestinal spasms ## The side effects do not necessarily change when you combine medications, however, some can intensify the side effects in a synergistic manner. For instance, since the mineral oil can treat constipation, combining it with the Dulcolax may cause diarrhea and loose bowels. Urobicid contains the active ingredient Norfloxacin, this is an anitbiotic. One of its side effects is diarrhea, so you may run into some severe bowel problems if you use all of these together. Baralgin contains Metamizole, a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory. Side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, headache and stomach irritation. Do you have any other questions? ## What if you combine mineral oil with baralgin . I just did a hemorrhoids operation ...
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Fri, Jun 20 '14, 6:09 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 203770
has any-one ever heard of that place in fort-wayne,indiana;,i think,but the pharmacy@dr's office is all in one building;
anyway;this place supposably,gives out methadone 10mgs;but they are in a green@black capsule;its a compound form i guess;anyway i was just wandering if anybody heard what i was talking about;they do make you bring in current dr records@proof that you have been on methadone in the past; ## Wow, that really sounds like a patient-driven operation for them to have their own pharmacy located in the same building as the doctor's office. That almost guarantees patients that they'll eventually come out of there with some sort of prescription in hand. This would probably be a great set up/situation for many chronic pain patients who might otherwise be having trouble locating the right kind of attention and care. Is the place you're referring to some sort of urgent care, clinic, or ho... ...
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Wed, Jul 31 '13, 8:11 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 248564
methylcobalamin what is the purpose for using pyridoxine benfotiamine inostol andalphalipoic acid capsules
what is the purpose for using Methylcobalamin Pyridoxine Benfotiamine Inostol Andalphalipoic Acid Capsules ## Hello, Visu! How are you? This is just a nutritional supplement, all of these nutrients are vital to your overall health and support proper functioning of your body. If it's very potent, it may cause nausea, in some people that take it. Is there anything else I can help with? ...
Updated 11 months ago in Nausea & Vomiting.
Mon, Oct 14 '13, 2:02 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 253875
i was taking oxycodone 10mg pink k56 pills and then my doctor swiched me to norco do they have the same ingredients
Does norco 5/325 have the same ingredients as the little pink pill k56 which is oxycodone 10mg. My doctor swicth me due to the strength. The k56 pills are stronger he said and i needed a weaker pill to be able to work. So he prescribed me the norco. What im saying here is that are they the same but different doses? ## No, they are not the same. The Norco contains the narcotic Hydrocodone coupled with Acetaminophen. This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. Is there anything else I can help with? ## what does kvk mean on my oxycodone 10 mg tabs bottle ## KvK Bio Tech is the pharmaceutical company that make the drug. ...
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Sun, Sep 14 '14, 10:55 AM   3  Subscribe to thread 269395
Severe knee pain tried everything and no doc will prescribe me pain pills but their the only thing that has worked
I have had two surgeries on my knee. The last surgery had left me with nerve pain in my knee that runs up and down my leg. I have gone to too many doctors to count and have tried everything they have prescribed for me (from stretching to acupuncture to taking Gabapentin and thing like it) but nothing helps except 10mg oxycodone. The pain is horrible and sometimes the pain will last for weeks. I can't concentrate in school or even sleep. The only thing that has helped is the oxycodone but I'm 24 years old and no doctor want to prescribe it to me because they think I'm to young. Does anyone know if a doctor in San bernardino area that will help me?? Being in severe pain and not sleeping for days at a time is making me go crazy! ## Nerve pain is treated really well with Lyrica.... ...
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Thu, Aug 21 '14, 8:41 AM   2  Subscribe to thread 260822
When referring to Santly collagenase ointment what is meant by " and help to facilitate the spread of gas gangrene"?
When referring to Santly Collagenase ointment what is meant by " and help to facilitate the spread of gas gangrene" ? "Collagenases are enzymes that break the peptide bonds in collagen. They assist in destroying extracellular structures in pathogenesis of bacteria such as Clostridium. They are an exotoxin (a virulence factor) and help to facilitate the spread of gas gangrene. " ## Hi Robert, Based on my research, I believe that "to facilitate the spread of gas gangrene" means that this product is intended to treat a Gas gangrene infection. The ointment must stop the spread of the infection and kill the bacteria. Gas gangrene is rare in the United States. The condition is most often caused by a bacteria called Clostridium perfringens. However, it also can be cause... ...
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Wed, Jul 31 '13, 2:19 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 248818
Round Yellow Pill that got wet and i can only make out snolayol on it i am not sure if that is the correct order though
the pill is small round and yellow and i have no idea what it is it got wet and only some of the letters can be seen it has the letters s n o a v o l anyone know of what this may be? ...
Updated 2 years ago.
Tue, Aug 07 '12, 11:35 AM   0 
i have cysts internal echoes 3 7 x 0 cms and dr suggested me to go for novelon 10 pl advise can take the tablets months
sir i went for scan yesterday and got the following report mildly bulky uterus with fibriod right ovary cysts internal echoes-suggestive of ? endometriotic cyst ( 5.3 x 3.4 cms, shows cysts with internal echoes measuring 3.7 x 3.0 cms and 1.8 x 1.9 cms. left ovary shows cysts measuring 2.5 x 1.9 cms and 11x9 mm I have not got periods for 4 months and i am 48. dr, has advised me Meprate 10 mg for 2 days and novelon 10. d x 21 for 3 months please suggest me. ...
Updated 1 month ago.
Mon, Aug 25 '14, 10:54 PM   0 
I Sprained My Ankle And The Pain Is Severe M Taking Hydrocodone Apap 10mg 325mg What Else Can Take To Releif Totally
I sprained my Ankle but didn't fracture any bone; the swollen has gone but the severe pain persist even taking Hydrocodone/APAP 10MG/325MG; What other medication can I take to relief the pain totally? ## If the swelling has gone down, but you are still experiencing that much pain, then you should consult a doctor, again. It is not normal to have severe pain, from a healing sprain, so my concern is that there may be a fracture, or something that they missed. Swelling can sometimes cause them to be missed, if it is severe, at the time they do x-rays. Have you consulted your doctor, again? ## there are a lot of more powerfull drugs out there but good like in getting them. It will depend on the relationship you haveith your dr. Last Fri the 9th I had a fallwent straight to the ER around... ...
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Sat, Aug 16 '14, 1:45 PM   8  Subscribe to thread 222300
White Oblong Pill Scored with a Fleur-de-lis symbol on left side of the score and 27 on the right side. The back is blank.
Does anyone know what this pill is? I have seen where the fleur-de-lis symbol is either Astella Pharma or Sage Pharmaceuticals. I have not been able to find anywhere what this symbol in combination with 27 on the other side of the score is. Can anyone help? Thanks! ## Based on the description provided I've identified this pill as "Stahist", containing: Atropine (0.04) + Chlorpheniramine (8 mg), Pseudoepedrine (90 mg) + Scopolamine (0.01) + Hyoscyamine (0.190 mg) Apparently the pill treats sinus symptoms and other allergies. Manufacturer: Magna Pharmaceuticals INC National Drug Code (NDC): 58407-0527 For verification, a photo can be found on WebMD at: I hope this helps! It was a tough find! lol ...
Updated 1 year ago in Atropine.
Thu, Feb 21 '13, 8:18 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 242260
I Found A Round Very Small Peach Colored Pill With Just The Letter C On It And Smooth What Is Please Was In Childs Room
i found in my grandsons room in a plastic bag a very small round smooth peach colored pill with just the letter c on it i would like to know what it is please ## I can't find a listing for this in any of the databases that I checked. And with just a C on it, I am lead to suspect that it's most likely something that's available over the counter. Learn more OTC drug details here. Did you try asking him about it? ## Sounds like a Xanax or Kolonipin generic which starts with a C. I think clomazepam ## Many prescription pills seem to start with C as well. ...
Updated 5 months ago in Xanax.
Thu, Apr 03 '14, 2:47 PM   3  Subscribe to thread 240077
metoprolol 50 mg twice daily along with lisinopril 20 mg twice daily. what is best way to take these doseage in hours?
How many hours apart do I separate these meds. and what is the best and less confusing way to take these pills. Together or Separated? ## There is no need to separate them, as a matter of fact, most doctors will tell you not to, in order to try to help you remember to take them all and not miss any doses. They can be taken together. They may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache and hypotension. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Is it ok to take 12.5 Motroprel Sa tabs with 20mg liisinopril htz in the morning and the same at nite time. ## Metoprolol Succinate Sa 12.5 mg tab and HCTZ Lisinopril 12.5 20 mg in the morning and the same doses at nite. Is this a ok way to do it. I WAS on 40 mg Lisinopril in the morning and 12.5 metoprolol in the evening and doctor ju... ...
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Fri, Jul 11 '14, 5:19 PM   3  Subscribe to thread 263725
can i stop taking chantix without decreasing dosage as am having side effects that makes me want to the medication
I have been taking Chantix for almost 6 weeks and not smoking for almost 5 weeks. My dreams are not nightmares, but are becoming more disarming and I don't want them anymore. Also, this past week, I started getting very agitated and angry, lashing out at my husband and even a stranger or two. I am aware of some of the horrific stories of long-term depression, etc. This is my second time with Chantix. The first time I did it the full 12 weeks, didn't smoke and got very depressed upon quitting Chantix and started smoking again. Depression went away. My doctor suggested only one month if I was not craving cigarettes, which I am not, and then wean mysel off the medication. I began three days ago going from 2 per day to 1 in the morning and a half at night. I am to the point now that... ...
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