Tablet To Stop Period Bleeding

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Tablet To Stop Period Bleeding
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I have really heavy periods and painful all through my period is there anything i can take to stop / lighten it (a.s.a.p) ## Have you had an exam and any testing done to discover what's causing the problem? There are various reasons that you may be experiencing such symptoms, ranging from ovarian cysts to perimenopause, so it's important that you discover what the main issue may be, in order to properly treat it. There is no miracle drug that will just fix all such menstrual related problems for every woman that has them. ## medicines to stop me from bleeding ## Taking approx 800mg of ibuprofen every 6 hours can slow or stop completely for some women. This should not be used as a long term option. ## Hi, it's my second day of my period and i'm travelling tomorow , is the... ...
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tablet to stop period bleeding sysron
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I am 21 Years old. Tuesday Started my periods .i take sysron tablets daily but my periods do not control how to i stop my periods....and i have abdomen pain also then monday i will go to pooka so please help me ...
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Fri, May 22 '15, 2:19 AM
tablet to stop bleeding during periods
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I been having heavy bleeding with big clots for almost 1month already. What is wrong with me ? Is it cancer ? How to stop it ? Please advice. ## You need to see your dr ASAP. If you don't have a dr, call a OB/Gyn and get an appointment. ## I m 16 years old... I have long period for 20 days. I am a student n because of it I'm not feeling comfortable. pls recommend me some tablet! ## I can't stop bleeding and its heavy with big clots for 1mnth nw wat should b the problem and wat can I use to stop ## I have a long period for 3 weeks now. Please can you tell me if what medicine i can take to stop bleeding. Thank you ## You can take Taver-MF tablet in bid for ten days. ## am a feeding mother... after Fourth month of delivery, I noticed heavy flow of bleeding after my menses... wh... ...
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Tablet To Stop Bleeding
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i want to stop my periods during my priods ws strted is at any medicine for stop my periods . ## I had a serious bleeding for 2weeks after I. Use PRiMOLUTEit stop for 2days it y started again like spotting for. Another 2weeks and not yet stop ## I AM 52 I AM STILL HAVING MENSES REGULARLY BUT THIS TIME THE BLEEDING STARTED ON 19TH AUG AND IS CONTINUING TILL DATE (20/09/2012) AND IS VERY HEAVY .I HAVE TO CHANGE 3-4 PADS DAILY ACCORDING TO SONOGRAPHY DONE 4 DAYS AGO I HAVE NUMEROUS FIBROIDS THE BIGGEST IS APPROX 5CMS I FEEL VERY WEEK ALTHOUGH MY HAEMOGLOBIN COUNT IS STILL 12 PLZ ADVICE ## I have gotten mty period 10 days early, very heavy. it has now lasted 12 days and continuing to get heavier even after the Doc prescribing me Primoult for the last 4 days, i have no idea and the stress is... ...
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tablet to stop period bleeding immediately
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Hi its my first day i need to stop my bleeding for 5 days as going for a pilgrim please help EMERGENCY ## i want to stop the periods because for attending pooja ## Am going on a function next week,which pills can use to start my menstruation today or tmrw.plz help ## Its my first day of periods I want to stop bleeding and its really very important becoz I have to travel a lot for next 5 days suggest me any tablet ## hi.. its an urgency tomorrow is my marriage and today is my frst day can i stop bleeding immediately... vit any tablets ## I am very sorry to inform you all that there is no way to do this. Once your period has started, theres no guaranteed way to stop it immediately, I'm sorry. If you checked with a doctor in advance, oral contraceptives can be used for some women, to d... ...
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tablet to stop bleeding on 5th day of my period
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Hai am 20 years. i want to stop my bleeding on 5th day of my periods.. due to long journey.. can you suggest me a tablet with out causing any problem.. please rply me soon.. ...
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Fri, Apr 29 '16, 12:45 AM
to stop bleeding in periods
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Hi I m 22 yrs old n i'm married. Its 10th day of my periods. Starting 4 days there was spotting only then its continue to bleeding from 5th day. Bleeding is not stopping till now. Please suggest me any tablet to stop it as there Ramazan is going on. Pls rply me as soon as pissible. ## I am 29 years old . I'm married. I put injection for family planing. After i put inject its 2 month of my period Bleeding is not stopping till now..please suggest me any tablet to stop my period. Please reply me as soon as possible. ## hai am 25 years old ,unmarried i have a menstrual problem. i got period on this month 13/08/2014 and after 6 days the bleeding reducing slowly but morning time am normal but after i slept and woke up in the morning the small amount of blood comes out sudden... ...
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stop bleeding
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i want to know within how many hours tranexa mf tablet will stop bleeding?.. please reply for me soon.. ## hi i got my periods today which is 5 days earlier than my monthly date.i am newly married and tomorrow is my first night.could you please let me know does taking trenexa 500mg will stop the bleeding,or is there any medicine to stop the bleeding for another 4 days without an adverse effect to my health ## My periods started 6 days ago and still continues, I need to travel to some rainy place due to official trip... can you plz suggest any tablet which can stop ongoing bleeding for 3 days. Urgent plz. Thanks. ## @deepa Based on my research, Trenaxa contains the active ingredient "Tranexamic acid" which is used to prevent or control blood attacks in hemophiliacs. I believe som... ...
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Pills to stop period bleeding
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Been bleeding for 10 days how can I stop my period ## Hello, Dee! How are you? There are various things that could cause this, some listed by the NIH include medications, hormonal imbalances and miscarriage. Have you consulted your doctor? That would be the first step to discovering what the problem is and how to solve it. Are you on any medications? ...
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Thu, Feb 11 '16, 2:37 PM
tablet to stop period bleeding after a miscarriage
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Hi. I had a miscarriage one the 2 nd of June and was given a pill to make everything come out. My problem is I'm still bleeding and its almost the end of June despite taking the combined pill soon after I miscarried. Is there a pill I can take to stop the bleeding? ## Hi! I had a miscarriage last week.. For legal reasons i have no choice but to have it at home..but now im having chills and fever and bad smelling discharge.. what antibiotic should I take? Thanks. ## My GF had miscarraige lastmonth until today she always bleeding. What medecine she maybe take? ## Call your MD ASAP. If u dont have a family Dr. call a Hospital or Emergency room, where an RN might answer your questions. Give it a try! Hope all goes well. God bless! ## I am not a Dr or RN so only advise I can give you is ... ...
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Gynae Cvp Stop Bleeding Tablets
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Is this medicine taken to stop post pregnancy bleeding or incase of heavy regular bleeding during periods? ## Based on my research, GYNAE-C.V.P. contains the following ingredients: calcium lactate (300 mg) + ferrous gluconate (67 mg) + menadione (0.66 mg) + citrus bioflavonoids (150 mg) + vitamin C (75 mg). Apparently this medication/supplement is listed as a preventative and therapeutic measure against Post-partum bleeding; but also has a number of other uses relating to pregnancy as well. You may want to discuss proper dosing with your doctor however, if you feel that it's not doing enough for you. How long have you been taking it for? ## Heavy bleeding dats y doc suggested dis ...
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tablet to stop period bleeding tabs600mg white not red
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Hi I'm 19 yrs old and just started my period today. I heard that taking 800mg of ibuprofen every 6 hours can temporarily stop the bleeding. My question is, does it work for any kind of ibuprofen or just the red ones? I have white 600mg tablets. Can I use those and they will work just as effectively? ## Hi Lydia, Based on my research, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (such as Ibuprofen or naproxen) may help reduce menstrual bleeding by decreasing the production of substances called prostaglandins. I haven't read anything about certain colored tablets having a greater effect than others in this regard, so I'm thinking that is just something which can only be determined through trial and error. Cramp bark is also a natural alternative touted for it's use in alleviating... ...
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Non Stop Bleeding
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i'm 30 had regular periods till oct'11 but then since last 2 months i'm on continuous periods (nonstop bleeding) on doctors advice taking Primolut -N since 20 days, One tablet a day but im nit able to see any difference .The flow still sustains. ## i'm 38 had regular periods till oct'11 but then since last 2 months i'm on continuous periods (nonstop bleeding) on doctors advice taking Primolut -N since 20 days, One tablet a day but im nit able to see any difference .The flow still sustains. ## Hi my name is idowu,each time I finish menstruating I still experience bleeding for about 10days more. But this will not be as much as d normal period. Can I correct with primolut n? ...
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tablet or injection to stop bleeding
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My period is very heavy and can come anytime. I was booked for surgery and I'm bleeding so I really need help to stop it as soon as possible. Thanks ## Hello, Lilchy! How are you doing? Sorry about the problem that you're having. However, no medications are prescribed or diagnoses given on this website. Have you consulted a doctor? Usually, such an issue is caused by some type of hormonal imbalance and it can be easily rectified by correcting that, via hormonal medications. ...
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stop periods with pause tablet
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Hi, I was taking Regestrone to postpone my perdios, but after taking it for 3 days 1 time a day, i started bleeding today. Is there anyway i can stop my bleeding as i have to attend a religious function on 29th dec ## Hi madam How to postpone bleeding for 3 days. To day my first day of period. Please tell me. ...
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What Are The Prescribed Tablets To Stop Over Bleeding Post Periods
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Madam I m visali from periods were started a week days back, but in those 3 days, I hav no bleeding at all, simply dry..but bleeding started heavy from 4th day am suffering from over to get stop? pl advise any medicine.. ## I am from Hyderabad, India. am already posted my query..and my health prob..what am experiencing.. pl post any advise suitable to my health issue. ## Have you consulted a doctor? For a condition like this, it is very important that you see a medical professional to determine what's causing the problem and to find a proper treatment solution. ## Madam I m visali from periods were started a week days back, but in those 3 days, I hav no bleeding at all, simply dry..but bleeding started heavy from 4th day am suf... ...
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what can i do stop bleeding during period
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Hi i m pallavi .i am 26 yr old .i take praganacy avortion pil on dec 14 .still my bleeding not stop what can i do for stop bleeding ...
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how to stop bleeding
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i got my periods on 3rd november and it didnt stop till now im worried please suggest me some solution ## Hello, Keerthi! How are you doing? You need to consult a doctor about this. I understand that it is frightening to get a period that lasts far longer than normal, but usually it is due to something minor, such as hormonal imbalance. However, only a doctor is going to be able to give you an answer. How old are you? Do you usually suffer from PMS? ## i'm 20 years generally my periods will be regular. ## Please advise because i am also suffering from the same problem and my periods are regular generally. I am 24 years old and married ## i consulted the doctor and she told because it is due to stress of exams so i think you should better consult a doctor ## i have consulted t... ...
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tablet to stop heavy and nonstop bleeding
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I had periods after a gap of 2 months. I started with little bleeding. Flow got heavier and with clots as days proceeded. I am using ETOSYS on advice by doctor since 10 days. Now even after 15 days, bleeding has not stopped in spite of using tablet. Can someone please suggest me some tablets for immediate solution as well as treatment? ## Hello, Madhu! How are things going? Has the bleeding stopped, yet? It sounds like you might have a hormonal imbalance. Heavy bleeding with clots usually signifies very high estrogen and low progesterone, which means you may not be ovulating. Have you consulted your doctor again, yet? You may need to take some type of hormone to help rectify the situation, but only they will be able to let you know for sure. ## Hello i am samvi and 22yrs old i got my pe... ...
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Another Tablets to Stop Preriod Bleeding
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Hello, am Tomi from Nigeria, I was diagnosed of Hormonal imbalance since 2012 and PCOS, I controlled it and was fine all through 2014 and now, I've been seeing my period since a month now with heavy bleeding and clots, I've used Tranexamic Acid and it seems not to be working. Pls what drugs can I use again to stop the blood from coming? ...
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