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What is Kavatrol
Found Rx with children, need to know what it is ## Was this something in a prescription package, a written prescription? Can you please provide more details? The only thing I can find listed under this name is an herbal supplement, that contains 200mgs of Kava Root Extract and is claimed to help with energy. ...
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Mon, Nov 29 '10, 5:30 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 211280
af plus enhanced weight loss and energy.....hypothyroid
Hello! I heard about AF weight loss pills on the radio. I have hypothyroidism, will I be able to lose weight with this once daily pill? ## Based on my research, AF Plus is a dietary supplement advertised as a One-a-Day Natural Alternative for Enhanced Weight Loss and Energy. Each capsule is said to contain the following ingredients: Acai fruit extract, Green tea leaf extract, ginseng root extract, pomegranate fruit extract and amia fruit extract. To my knowledge, none of these ingredients are contraindicated in patients with hypothyroidism. However, weight loss in and of itself is not just done through supplements alone. One must also eat healthy, exercise regularly, and get plenty of rest each night, so your body can repair and rejuvenate for the following day. Another essential, yet, ... ...
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E Cod Plus Drug What Is For
I have been taking E Cod Plus for last three months because I have been diagnosed with multiple tiny hypoechoic area in both breasts.But I have not found any relief from it. ## E-Cod Plus is just a nutritional supplement, so it's doubtful that it is going to help with these masses. Do they know what's caused them? Are they benign? ...
Updated 1 year ago.
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 Folvite Folic Acid (Vitamin B9)
Folic acid or folate is a B vitamin. It is also referred to as vitamin [citation needed], vitamin M, vitamin B9,[4] vitamin Bc[5] (or folacin), pteroyl-L-glutamic acid, and pteroyl-L-glutamate .[6] The term folate is often used in the food supplement industry to denote a difference with folic acid; in chemistry the term folate refers to the ion and folic acid to the protonated ion, which both co-exist in water. The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry and the International Union ...
Gabapentin Methylcobalamin
i want to know about side effects benefits of this medicne ## Gabapentin is an anticonvulstant medication that has been proven effective at treating certain types of nerve pain. Methylcobalamin is a vitamin B12 supplement, often given to treat various types of neuropathy, since these conditions can be aggravated by a lack of this vital nutrient. Side effects of this medication can include any of the following: dizziness, ataxia, fatigue, tremors, nystagmus, diplopia, dysarthria, amnesia, UTI, paraesthesia, joints or muscles pain, g-i upset, purpura, decrease in white cells count, throat inflammation. Viral infection, penumonia, respiratory infection, middle ear infections, Back pain, oedema, dry mouth or throat, constipation, twitching, pruritus. Hostility, confusion, emotional ability,... ...
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Limcee Vitamin C Tablets
Can LIMCEE tablet prevent deficiency of calcium ? ## No, it just contains Vitamin C, so that's all it will provide and prevent a deficiency in. If you have a calcium deficiency then you need to take a calcium supplement, or vitamin D. Is there anything else I can help with? ## my child is 7 yrs old got speack keeps sick often with fever or stomachache will victamin c help to increase her immunity level ## can i use limcee for mouth ulsers ...
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Thu, Jan 16 '14, 10:26 AM   3  Subscribe to thread 237986
Metoprolol and Fertility enhancers
I currently take metoprolol fir high blood pressure. I want to start using a product called Fertility Blend to help me conceive. Can the two be taken safely together? ## Fertility Blend is a nutritional supplement, which means it actually hasn't been proven to help with fertility, nor has it been tested for possible interactions with prescription medications. That said, you should check with your doctor first, because too much or too little of some of the nutrients it contains can be dangerous, so they may wish to check your levels of them first, before you start this. Learn more Metoprolol details here. Learn more vitamin details here. Are you also taking any fertility drugs? ## Thanks for your reply :) No, I'm not taking any other fertility drugs. I have used Fertility Blend i... ...
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Sat, Jul 28 '12, 1:40 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 233632
Potassium Citrate Er 10 Meq Tab
can i buy this w.o. a script how many for how much& shipping ## this site does not manufacture, prescribe, nor sell any medications, this is an information only website. And in the U.S. these Potassium supplements do require a prescription, because taking too much of it can be just as dangerous as having a deficiency in it. Has your doctor suggested that you take this? ...
Updated 3 years ago in Potassium Citrate.
Mon, Aug 08 '11, 9:47 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 221000
roxi cottin
Took roxi cotten dont like the way it makes me feel so I took a zen pill is that ok ## Why does it take so long to get answers? ## Hi michelle, sorry to hear you're not feeling well. What's a zen pill? Is it an herbal supplement? If you can give me more details I'd like to know the ingredients of it, and then I can try to see if I can info on any interactions. ...
Updated 1 year ago.
Mon, Aug 19 '13, 11:56 AM   2  Subscribe to thread 250880
Shelcal 500 Dosage
I am male, 62 years, 82kg, 172cm height, vegetarian, not eating eggs, eat vegetables, milk curd about 200 ml per day and one 500mg Shelcal tablet. Bone density T score is -1.7 and Z score -1.5. Kindly advise if calcium supplement of 500mg per day should be continued or modified. ## What has your doctor advised? They are really the best person to consult in such situations, since they are familiar with your medical history. It can really depend on if it's pushing the level up, or just maintaining it. ...
Updated 2 years ago.
Fri, Apr 13 '12, 1:05 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 229462
OVAL,WHITE,300C,PILL ## This is glucosonate sulfin (sp?). It is 500mg and used to keep joints from getting stiff by providing more of a fluidity for movement. ## I believe the more common name for it is now Glucosamine, often sold in supplements along Chondroitin and sometimes MSM as a joint/flexibility supplement such as Joint Flex, and etc. ...
Updated 8 years ago in Glucosamine.
Fri, Jun 16 '06, 8:12 AM   2  Subscribe to thread 172970
i am 43 and my girl is 16 we are both anaemic, but my girl is more anaemic due to her lack of proper dieting. we have started drinking sargeform pills, they make us feel better in the sense we feel less tired. i want to know which supplements should an anaemic teenager and a physically frail woman should take to become physically strong n healthy some say that one gets more menses when having vitamin etc,, i also get premenstrual migraine monthly which is a source of stress for me, am 43. how to get rid of it. am health conscious now, for my girl n me. please help. ## How do you know you're both anemic? Has blood work been done to confirm this? That is what should be checked first, you can't just assume you're anemic because you're tired or feeling run down, because it i... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Diet / Weight Loss.
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capsule identification
Yellow and purple capsule with the imprint ST-2 244/3850 ## What capsule is yellow & purple with ST-2 on the yellow half & 224 3850 on the purple half? ## These are over the counter Stacker 2 diet and energy supplements. ## I have found sone light green and white capsules with nothing imprinted on them in my daughters bathroom and was wondering if anyone could identify them for me. Thank you for your help. ...
Updated 5 years ago.
Thu, Sep 03 '09, 11:00 PM   3  Subscribe to thread 167421
Nerve Shield
I suffer with TMJ disorder. I am taking acetyl l-carnitine, probiotics, and nerve shield. None of this seems to be helping me. I don't know what else to do. Please help me!!! ## Hi Tee, I'm so sorry to hear that these supplements haven't been working for you. Did a doctor recommend that you take these supplements? Based on my research, the best supplements for TMJ are ones that will reduce inflammation of the jaw as well as relax the muscles. All of the supplements you've mentioned seem great, but I don't quite understand how they can be effective for TMJ. Have you tried any other treatments like acupuncture or essential oils? The essential oils lavender and chamomile may help you to relax and release the tension in your jaw. Also, copaiba oil has immense anti- infla... ...
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Plz Telll Me Name Of Any Anti Sleeping Pills
Plz Telll Me Name Of Any Anti Sleeping Pills , 2moro i hav exams and i neeed it ## Hello, I'm unaware of any "anti sleeping" pills, however there are caffeine pills and other herbal supplements that contain ingredients which are meant to keep you up and give you energy. Cacao powder contains natural caffeine, so if you have any available you might be able to add it to a smoothie for some extra energy. I just thought I'd mention, the brain doesn't function properly without sleep so if you stay up all night studying you may still have trouble with the exams due to lack of sleep. I know from personal experience... Please post back if you have any more questions! ...
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Replacement for Vicon C
Vicoon C literally saved my health. Can't find it anywhere, so hoping to See if there is a replacement for vicon C that was as good or very similar. ## Hello, Jancann! How are you? Vicon C is just a nutritional supplement that contains a bottle of B vitamins that's used to treat or prevent a deficiency in them. There are many other alternatives available, but the potent once usually require a prescription, since too much of them can also be dangerous. Have you asked your doctor about it? They may be able to suggest something that would be good for you to take. Most pharmacists will also know. ...
Updated 19 days ago.
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vitamin d
PLIVA Vitamin D. Does anybody else take this and what side effects are there? One a week. ## VIT D 50,000 UNITS BY PLIVA......I AM TRYING TO FIND OUT THE DYE CONTENT....ALLERGIC TO RED AND BLUE DYES ## This is just a nutritional supplement, so for most people there are no real side effects, other than perhaps a bit of nausea due to the high dosage. However, some people can be sensitive to it and may experience some bad reactions, which can include: muscle/joint pain, irritability, dizziness, insomnia, heart palpitations, chest pain, excess stomach acid, severe facial flushing and the list actually goes on and on. Vitamin D also has a long half-life, it takes about a month to reach 50% in your body, so if you experience detrimental effects, it can take a long time to get back to normal. ... ...
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composition of Neuropentin-M Tablet
its a Psychiatric medicine. I cant find it anywhere. Id be very please if anyone can find me a replacement for this medicine. ## Neuropentin-M contains he active ingredient Gabapentin and the nutritional supplement Methylcobalamin. The Gabapentin is actually an anticonvulsant and most of these medications have also shown to have great ability to help stabilize moods. As to finding a replacement, that depends on where you are located. There are many mood stabilizers on the market. Have you tried asking your doctor for an alternative that you can use? It may even be possible to purchase them separately. ...
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livogen tablet for pregnant
i am taking 1 tablet each day from a i am pregnant, is this tablet is safe during there any side effects with this. ## Hello, Bindu! How are you? Congratulations! Yes, this a nutritional supplement that contains Folic Acid, which is vital to a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby. Just make sure to inform your doctor that you're taking it. Is there anything else I can help with? ...
Updated 16 days ago in Folic Acid.
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Tablet Ginkocer
hi I suffered from seizure recently and I am hearing some nerve sound in both ears from past 1 month. doctor suggested GINKOCER. please advice whether it is safe n wht fr it is basically..? ## Ginkocer is just a nutritional supplement that contain Ginkgo Biloba extract, so while it is claimed to help with some issues, it is not actually proven and, even under the information guidelines, it is listed as supplement and adjutant to other therapies. Has your doctor recommended any other treatment options? ...
Updated 2 years ago.
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