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breakout even after 3.5 months
I feel so depressed as I'd been accutane for 98 days but the acnes still popping out. anyone experienced this? Is this means that the drug did not work on me? as aftermath every acnes,there are severe red scarrings, esp on my both cheeks and jaws and it is really devastating. ## Are u using other products as well. If so stop. All you need is a daily cleanser for morning and night as well as a plain facial lotion like cetaphil for morning and night. Nothing else. I noticed when I stopped using other products my face cleared up faster using 20 mg per day of Accutane. ## Hi Kay, it starts to clear now, but aftermath the acne, jesus christ. horrible red scarring. and I googled that we are not allowed to do laser when on accutane, it can only be done after 6months of the course. How long... ...
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Cannot locate
several - small round pink pill - imprint on one side only M w/ sort of an overlapping P, 10 directly underneath. 2. oblong white - Watson imprint on one side, 698/200 on the other. 3. round white pill - one side blank, other side GG over 260. 4. small yellow pill - Dan imprint on one side, 5661 on the other. 5. light pink pill - the letter C imprint on one side, 86/62 on the other. 6. round white pill - Dan/Dan imprint on one side, 5381 on the other. My friend fell and ended up w/ 35 stitches across the top of her left knee. All these pills were 'donations' - am told they are mostly muscle relaxers, but before doing anything with them, I need to know what they are. Please help, asap!! Thank you, Robbie. ## MP 10 Pill Image This is Amitriptyline 10mgs, a generic for the antidepr... ...
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Sun, Sep 16 '12, 7:28 AM   4  Subscribe to thread 168833
Hydrocodone is a semi-synthetic opioid derived from codeine. Hydrocodone is used orally as a narcotic analgesic and antitussive (cough medicine), often in combination with paracetamol (acetaminophen) or ibuprofen.[1] Hydrocodone is prescribed predominantly within the United States; elsewhere it is rare. The International Narcotics Control Board reported 99% of the worldwide supply in 2007 was consumed in the United States.[2] The Administrative Controlled Substances Code Number (ACSCN) for hy...
my pharmacy switched to a new supplier. My prozac and klonopin have changed and they don't seem to be working. The klonopin is blue with e64 on it. It tastes like sugar. Is it possible that they're giving me sugar pills? ## E64 does contain 1mg of Clonazepam, a generic for Klonopin. What you may be running into, however, is the fact that under US law, generic medications are allowed to differ in the active ingredient by as much as plus or minus 20%, so the previous one you were taking may have had the correct amount of the medication or more than what they were supposed to and these ones may not. If I were you, I'd call around to other pharmacies and see if anyone stocks them from a different manufacturer. Some of the most common side effects of this medication may include: ... ...
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meptin 50 mg tablet
My dad was diagnose with a hepatitis and his Dc. Estanislao gave this prescription to my Dad. According to my sister Meptin are very small tablets. Now I am planning to go to Philippines to see my Dad . I learned from my sister that Dc. Estanislao ordered this medecine through his son who lives here in the United States of America. thank you so much and hope you will be able to help me ## There is nothing under this name listed in the US prescription drug databases, the only thing I can find listed under this name is an asthma inhaler available in Japan. ## is it ok to tkae prednisone 20mg with salbotamol 2mg? ## Meptin 25 mg tablets ## My 6y/o daughter was given by her doctor Meptin and Zinnat for her cough, cold, and otitis media. After 3 days of being off her medication, she started ... ...
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My mom was given this drug and wants to know what it can do to her. THANKS ## This drug contains Acetaminophen + Oxycodone and is used as a narcotic pain reliever. ## I have been taking this drug for about 2 months now becaause of severe back pain caused by a spinal tumor. The biggest side effect that I have had is severe constipation. The doses that I have been given are 20mg 4 times a day, now they have cut me down to 10mg 4 times a day. Hopefully after surgery I will be free of the pain. ## i am taking oxycod/apap for chronic pain, but it seems to make me look very bloated. any help? ## I am taking oxycod for relieving the pain from having my wisdom teeth removed. It seems to upset my stomach, making me throw up. The warning label said I would become dizzy and drowsy which is true, b... ...
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 Oxycodone + Naloxone
The combination oxycodone/naloxone is an opioid analgesic available as managed-release tablets under the trade names Targin (produced by Mundipharma), Targiniq and Targinact. Oxycodone is responsible for the pain-relieving effects, while naloxone reduces opioid-induced euphoria, as well as constipation. Constipation was significantly relieved in a 2008 study.[1] The drug was released in 2006 in Germany and is available in some other European countries since 2009.[2] Adverse effects Further ...
Xolair newby
I will be starting Xolair after I am discharged from the hospital (kidney cancer). I would like to know what to expect. Thanks for your comments in advance. Bruce ## Xolair contains the active ingredient Omalizumab and it is not currently approved in the U.S. as a cancer treatment, it is used to treat asthma. Are you certain that is the right name of the medication you are asking about? Preliminary research has actually shown that while this does play a role in the immune systems recognition of cancer cells, it may increase risks of developing cancer. You can read more on it here: ## I have sever asthma and I have been on this drug since 2003 when it first came out. Before this, I was in the ER all the time and now being on this drug I can't say enough it keeps me out of ER and asth... ...
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i have been diagnosed as polar myalgia (hope the first word is right) i have never experienced so much pain but the the cymgen made me ravenous. i am a tall person so canot afford to be huge then i got serdep50 and tremahexal. please help i am in agony today and crying and depressed. i am 64 and still employed in a management position ## Hi Margaret, I'm so sorry to hear about what you're going through. To clarify, did you mean to say "bi polar" and "fibromyalgia?" If so, I know from personal experience and from doing research that exercise can help both of those issues. In fact, a 2007 study in the Archives of Internal Medicine found that women with fibromyalgia in a four-month exercise program reported significant improvements in physical function, fatigue, and... ...
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Round Orange Pill 1 2
I found a normal size round Orange pill with 1 over 2 with .a line between them. There is nothing on the back. I have taken various anti anxiety med and am unsure if this may be one or something that had turned up by someone else. Not xanax or ibuprofen I am sure. The color is bright. ## No, it is a 200mg Ibuprofen tablet, a generic or store brand for Motrin or Advil, it's a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory used to treat pain, fever and swelling. Side effects may include: nausea, dizziness, headache and stomach irritation. Learn more: Are there any other questions? ## its a .5 mg clonazepam (maybe mispelled). generic klonapin. the ibpro has the one next to the 2 witha vertical line...the clonazepam has the 1 OVER the 2 with a horizontal line and is much brighter. ## found at my daugth... ...
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Active ingredients in gabapentin and neurontin
gabapentin in a red capsule looks somewhat like a Keflex and also Neurontin in a yellow capsule enscribed Neurontin 300 I need the active ingredients ## Gabapentin is the active ingredient, it is the generic for Neurontin. ## I have taken gabapentin for about 18 or 20 months now. I took the orange capsule. When my pharmacist refilled it this time the yellow capsule was substituted. Two days after beginning the yellow capsule the muscles in my legs started hurting as they were doing before I started taking the medication. The neuropathy is causing my legs and feet to hurt. Long story short - the orange capsule worked, but the yellow has caused my old symptoms to return. My pharmicist with whom I talked was flippant and was not interested in helping me at all. ## Can I find an alternative... ...
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tablet ## Need information on this drug. ## Are you referring to Chlorthalidone? I cannot provide information for you without knowing the full name of the drug in question. ## i need to know the side effects to this grug i starting last month [Chlorthalid 25MG ]i have high blood pressure i use to take Divon 80 MG but i was laiyed off so now i don't have ins..i allso take [Levoyhyroxin 0.15MG ]because i have a thyroid problem.Thanks for your time ## I Ran out of Amlodipine-Benazepril 5-20 mg, but found some bottles of Chlorthalid 25 mg tab mylan, Can I substitute?? both are for HBP, Thanks, ## I would like all of the side effects of chlorthalid ## is Chlorthalid the same drug as Chlorthalidone? ...
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 Codiclear DH Guaifenesin + Hydrocodone
Hydrocodone is a semi-synthetic opioid derived from codeine. Hydrocodone is used orally as a narcotic analgesic and antitussive (cough medicine), often in combination with paracetamol (acetaminophen) or ibuprofen.[1] Hydrocodone is prescribed predominantly within the United States; elsewhere it is rare. The International Narcotics Control Board reported 99% of the worldwide supply in 2007 was consumed in the United States.[2] The Administrative Controlled Substances Code Number (ACSCN) for hy...
ic dexamethasone 4mg
Is there a difference between IC DEXAMETHASONE and DEXAMETHASONE ? ## Last thur. my mother stopped taking Icdexamephasone, and has had no energy, all she wants to do is sleep, which the doc. told her is normal. but she is also experiencing weakness in her legs, she has lost her balance twice, once into the couch and the second time into her chair, today her knees feel really sore. i was just wandering if this is normal? ## Your mum is probably be vitamin d defficient. Whilst taking steroids your body does not absorb vit d and you need to replace that. I was given 2000iu per day but your mum really needs a blood test to confirm ...
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for high blood ## i used to get the generic name of lifesar ## This is not available in the US and I cannot find any information on it. ## I have a patient, female 47 years old taking lifesar 50mg od and neobloc 50mg bd. She is suffering from unstable blood pressure and brachycardia as per my record monitoring her pressure and Pulse rate started last dec.11,09 BP-131/59mmhg, PR-50 beats/min. taken at 11:20am, dec.12,09 BP-117/62mmhg, PR-49b/min. taken @6:10am, dec.13,09 BP-148/77mmhg taken @6am, PR-50, and today Bp-144/83mmhg, PR-55b/min. ## I have patient, female 50y.o suffering from HTN and had a history of transient Ischemic attack twice maintaining a drug called Telmisartan Hydrochlorothiazide (Pritor Plus) 40mg/12.5 OD started year 2007 up to the present. Patient complaint of diffi... ...
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Viibryd 10 Mg
How can I stop taking 10 mg viibryd ## How long have you been taking it? It does contain Vilazodone, which is a type of antidepressant, so if you've been taking it for awhile, it may be necessary for you to taper off. However, if you've only been on it for a short time, then you should be able to just stop taking it. Learn more Viibryd details here. Are you experiencing problems from taking it? ## I've been on Viibryd for 9 days and the side effects are intolerable. Is it safe to just stop this early on or would it be less agonizing to take one every other day for a few days? ## I've been on 10mg of Viibryd for 7 days and 20mg for 2 days. The side effects are intolerable. Is it safe to just stop this early on or would it be less agonizing to take one every other day for ... ...
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90mg a day. Feel like a zombie
I have been clinically diagnosed narcoleptic. I don't have health insurance so I can't get a sleep study right now to confirm my doctors diagnosis. I got an adderall from a friend in high school one day and loved it, I wasn't falling asleep in class, I was extremely interested in my work, loved taking notes, etc. So I went to the doctor and told him I had all the symptoms of ADD and got a prescription for adderall 10mg twice daily. Two months later I said that wasn't working and got moved up to 20mg twice daily. Finished school got pregnant right away so obviously i immediately stopped taking adderall, but started again after I had my first child. Six months later I find myself pregnant again so again I stopped taking adderall. After my second child I immediately started... ...
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difene dr 75mg
side effects to difene tablets constipation? ## Avoid it if possible. I was prescribed Difene 75mg. for a back injury. Three days into them I developed painful stomach ulcers. Dangerous drug! ## I am taking difene 75 mg (1 capsule in, maybe, two or three days) and have a mild stomach upset a lot of the time. Could this be caused by the difene? ## can i take difene 75 tablets with solpadol 500mg/30mg tablets ## Have back problem. Took 2 tablets of Difene 75mg before going to bed. Have severe stomach pains since. Took Andrews for upset stomach but still no better. Please advice? Also, tablets were out of date since 2008. Would this effect it too? ## I was perscribed difene for back pain, one twice a day my back isnt getting any better,but my stomack is also at me now,is that a size effect... ...
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metformin ## There are a couple options to find what you are looking for. First there is a med called Januvia - this contains the active chemical Sitagliptin Phosphate and treats Type 2 Diabetes. As far as Metformin goes there are a number of other brand names, one of which is Janumet (containing the combination of Metformin Hydrochloride + Sitagliptin Phosphate) Hope this helps! ## best time to take drug ## In regards to the best time to take either one of these medications, it should be done just before a meal, such as right when you sit down to eat. Generally, they take about 15 to 20 minutes to start working, so if you take them that way, they have time to enter your blood stream and start helping control your blood sugar about the time you start digesting your meal. However, if you... ...
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neeri syrup
information of neeri syrups? ## Neeri Syrup is an Ayurvedic product, not a prescription medication, it is claimed to help with urinary health and problems. You should be aware, however, that many of these products make a lot of claims to help with various things, but this is not actually proven. The ingredients are listed as: Sudh Shilajeet 200 mg Shwet Parpati (A.F.I) 150 mg Moolishar 150 mg Sheetal Chini 100 mg Saindha Namak 50 mg Sajjikhar 50 mg And Extracts of: Punernava 500 mg Panchtrin Mool 500 mg Ikshu Mool 500 mg Gokshru 450 mg Chharilla 450 mg Varun Chaal 400 mg Kulatha 400 mg Pashan Bheed 100 mg PalashPushp 100 mg Lajaloomool 100 mg Makol 100 mg Kakari Beej 100 mg Daruharidra 500 mg Excepients 50 mg IS there anything else I can help you with? ## I am taking neeri syrup for sto... ...
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