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Does huperzia really make a difference in improving memory? ## Hi, Lynn! How are you? This is just an over the counter supplement, so no those claims have not been proven. If you search you'll find anecdotal evidence that is split about 50-50, some people claim it works great, but there are just as many who say it doesn't. Has it been recommended for you? ## No one recommended it, but I've read Dr. Braverman's books and am interested in feeding my brain the food chemicals it needs to operate optimally. (I had a small stroke in 2011 and am currently taking ginkgo biloba.) Have just ordered a bunch of brain sups like huperzine A and will try one at a time to monitor effects. Thanks for your reply. :) lynn ...
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Ketorolac injection
How long does it take for a Ketorola injection to take effect? ## I am not sure of a precise time frame, because it will vary from individual to individual, depending on your body, but if you are receiving it by injection, it should start to work pretty fast. When my doctor gave them to me for headaches, it usually took less than 10 minutes, as compared to a tablet, which can take 10 to 20 minutes. Ketorolac is an NSAID, so it may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, stomach irritation and headache. Learn more: Are there any other questions or comments? ...
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Oxycodone addiction and abuse relief on the way
Searching the internet, a biotech company in Australia has developed an oxycodone patch that delivers oxycodone via a patch. Controlled release so minimal euphoria and near impossible to extract. Much smaller amounts of opioid needed to achieve the same therapeutic results as well. Proof of concept trials on racehorses showed 100% success rate. For details: or Very promising stuff ## Hello, Irma! How are you? Thank you for your very informative post. This could be a fantastic breakthrough that may help many! This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, diz... ...
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pill white round gg 977
little round white pill ## Based on the description provided, I found your pill to be Diclofenac potassium (50 mg). Diclofenac is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, taken to reduce inflammation and as an analgesic reducing pain in conditions such as arthritis or acute injury. For more information about this drug, please refer to the link below... If you have any more questions or concerns, please post back and I will be happy to help you. ## Pretty sure it is Torsenide 20 mg. A diuretic, it is actually PA 917. ## Hi Jodi, It's actually not PA 917 according to the manufacturer "Sandoz Inc". GG 977 is correct. For further verification you can also look up the National Drug Code (NDC) for this pill, which is: 0781-5017-01 More details can be found here: dailymed.nlm.nih.go... ...
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Roxicodone generic 30mg bright blue with v marking
Yes, Verwon or can anyone tell me why this generic Roxicodone 30mg with the v marking is not as strong as the R-215 or the M-30 makes of the same medicine? It does nothing for my pain! ## I did post in response to your other post on the same topic. Despite claims to the contrary, it is simply that not all generics are created equally and under the law, they do not have to be. They are allowed to have fluctuations in the active ingredient of up to plus or minus 20% and the FDA considers this an acceptable therapeutic window. There are some cases where some people are sensitive to these fluctuations in some medications and they just don't work for them as well. The only recourse you have is to try to request that your pharmacy fill your prescription with one of the others that did wor... ...
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secnidazole 500mg
secnidazole/flagentyl a pill taken for parasites or otherbody infections.Just needed to know how long will a person have to deal with side effects from taken this medicin and what are most of the side effects? ## need the info for my requirements. im a student nurse ## IN THE MORNING FOUND URINATING VERY PAINFUL. HAD INTERCOURSE WITH PARTNER PREVIOUS NIGHT. A DAY LATER NOT SO PAINFUL. SHOULD I TAKE LAGENTYL 500mg AS SUGGESTED BY MY PARTNER WHO IS A NURSE? ## I've recently returned from Ecuador and was told to take Prothelmint 2x2 (Albendazol 200 mg & Secnidazol al 94,74%, 1,0556 g)) 2 tablets each. I wasn't feeling bad before taking the tablets, but since I can't slow any food items down even after four days. Any idea how long the bowels will take to return to normal wit... ...
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bipolor med ## Pls help with info onthis med--I have suffered and wreaked havoc in my life for more than 40 yrs. Four suicide attempts and am growing weary with myself--Lithium and various meds have been tried since 9/1988 but the highs and lows cont--Lithium aseems to be toxic or no showing up in blood tests--Please help me, please. 916-205-2355 with this request. I am only taking Symbrax times 2 weeks and no other meds at present. Thank you very much.... ## IM BIPOLAR AND IHAVE BEEN PERCRIPED SYMBRAX AND XANAX XR IVE BEEN ON IT FOR SOME TIME I HAVE LOST MY JOB AND IN REAL BAD FINACIAL SHAPE ALSO LOST MY WIFE AND DARN NEAR EVERYTHING. THE DOCTOR VISIT IS ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS THE XANAX IS 90.00 THE SYMBRAX IS 289.00. I HAVE BEEN OUT FOR WEEKS. IM STARTING A NEW JOB . THEIR IS NO SALARY O... ...
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unidentified pills found in a bottle of oxycontin
i had found some oxycontin leftover from my stepmother in-law's bout with cancer, and in a smaller bottle that was in with them. in this bottle i found a bunch of small white round pills, about 1/4 of an inch in diameter. on one side is the number 25, on the other is an uppercase I, slanted slightly. i don't know what these pills are but would love some imput! ## THAT IS NOT OXYCONTIN. A WHITE OXY IS SMALL ROUND ON ONE SIDE IS A OC, OTHER SIDE IS A 10 FOR MILLIGRAMS. PINK ONE, OC ON ONE SIDE, OTHER SIDE A 20, FOR 20 MILLIGRAMS. THEN THEY SKIP TO 40mg.ETC. ETC. THEY ARE MADE BY PURDUE PHARM. I CHECKED MY PDR BUT HAD NO LUCK FINDING YOUR PILL SO I CANNOT SAY. GOOD LUCK. ## And Sheri is incorrect, what she is talking about are just the name brand Oxy's, there have been generics... ...
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adderal 30 mg round peach pill
A 30mg adderall, cross scored on one side and u30 on other side. Peach n round. Cant find pic but would like to know what im dealing with here? Was on the big orange ones. These seem stronger. ## Hi flipflop, how are you? I haven't been able to locate any photographs either... but based on matching descriptions, I can confirm that a round orange pill marked with U30 is identified as generic Adderall, containing 20mgs of Amphetamine + Dextroamphetamine. This particular tablet is reportedly manufactured by Aurolife Pharma. For further verification, you can also try calling them directly regarding your inquiry at 732-839-9400 (select: option 2). I hope this helps! ...
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morphine sulf er 100mg
2 100mg morphine sulf er a day. Is that alot? ## yea thats alot . i was taking 3 had been for yrs changed me to pain management and he starting cutting all my meds in half. think they are doing me some kind of favor. yea right . wish he had a good dose of my problems and pain. I've been in pain longer than this ass has been alive. ## I was on 130mg's of the morphine sulfate every 12 hours. When I accidentally took two and called the poison control line they told me that 200mg's was the highest they prescribe anyone and that's on their death bed. Now they have medication that is stronger but they can only safely prescribe so much morphine without destroying or damaging your organs. But I'm pretty sure that the highest they go on the extended release morphine is 200mg ... ...
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no identity
small round pill white in color imprint: M-2 ## And is the M in a box? Are the M and 2 on opposite sides or the same side? Is it written exactly like that M-2 or is that just the way you typed it? There are several M 2 pills and I need the answers to provide a positive ID. ## IT IS A SMALL ROUND WHITE PILL WITH THE STAMP M2 ON ONE SIDE AND BLANK ON THE OTHER. THANKS FOR YOUR REPLY. ## Thank you, that makes it much easier to identify. Pill Image This is Furosemide 20mgs, a generic for the diuretic Lasix. ...
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Please help! Oxycodone withdraws!
Please help! (Long read but I am a single mom & don’t want to withdraw around my kids) I’m 26, have chronic pain, and been on Oxycodone for two years. I had an anterior cervical discectomy on my neck January 2014. I've been up & down on my doses since the surgery. Hydrocodone 10s to Roxicodone 15mg. A month ago, my pain was under control and almost gone. My pain management doctor & I decided to wean me off of the medication slowly. I cut down from Roxi 15s 5x per day to Oxy 10HCL 4x per day. I had a flare up when taking my two kids to the zoo, took more than prescribed & was allowed to refill a few days early. They gave me a month’s supply. This was two weeks ago. My pain was still flared & I continued to take the same dose as if I was still on ... ...
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 Targiniq Er Oxycodone Hydrochloride + Naloxone Hydrochloride
The combination oxycodone/naloxone is an opioid analgesic available as managed-release tablets under the trade names Targin (produced by Mundipharma), Targiniq and Targinact. Oxycodone is responsible for the pain-relieving effects, while naloxone reduces opioid-induced euphoria, as well as constipation. Constipation was significantly relieved in a 2008 study.[1] The drug was released in 2006 in Germany and is available in some other European countries since 2009.[2] Adverse effects Further ...
Treatment with Desval ER 500 mg - weight loss
I'm 53 yr old Govt employee. I'm taking Desval-ER 500 mg for the last 3 yrs for nervous illness. Earlier I was taking Lithosun SR 500 mg b.i.d for the last 14-15 yrs..Dr. switched from lIthosun SR 500 mg to Desval-ER 500 mg as lithium accumulated in the blood due to which drastic weight loss had occured.. In starting Desval-ER worked well and weight got normalized but now after 3 yrs of its continous use, again a significant decrease in weight (i.e derease in weight from 72 kg in Sep 2011 to 55 kg in Nov, 2014) has been observed..I have been taking treatment from PGI, Chd for the last 8-9 yrs ..All the tests like liver function, Ultrasound, T3-T4, TSH, Urine, Blood RBC count are found to be normal..Please suggest and guide in this matter.. Will be very thankful to you for this a... ...
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Find Dr Who Presrcibes Vicodin In Temecula,ca.
have l5s1 repaired herniated disc that constantly causes chronic pain. dr stearn of escondido, ca. cut me off recently of : 12.5 mg /day. 6 in am 6 in pm. ## Did you find your answer? ## Listed below are a couple websites specific to locating pain management doctors in a given area. All you have to do is input your city or zip code for narrowed results: {link removed because site no longer exists} You can give this other page a try too if you come up with different results for some reason or another: Alternatively, you can have your primary care doctor refer you to a new pain management doctor or clinic. Please post back if these links were able to work out for you. Hope this helps! ...
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doctors who will prescribe percocet for pain indiana
I have been on 80 mgs of Percocet for a number of ailments for 9years and now because of some kind of law I only get 22,5 mgs a day. I am 62 years old, got hurt 24 years ago and I continued to work even thought I was in pain untio 2007, now I am on disability. have been able to control pain with Percocet. what I don't understand is the fact that I never asked for pain meds but they were prescribed almost 10 years ago and then they r reduced to 1/4 of the strength. ## They will provide you with FREE treatment options. You will not EVER get meds like that again in INDIANA. We are the second strictest state now. They began tapering my hubby off 1/4, then another 1/4, and again 1/4 until he is on 25% of beginning doses after four months. ALL BEFORE the law took affect in December. ...
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 Docusate Sodium + Senna
Dioctyl sodium sulfosuccinate or docusate sodium (INN, /dkjuset/) – often referred to as DSS, DOSS, Aerosol OT or AOT – is a common ingredient in consumer products, especially laxatives of the stool softener type. It is also used as an emulsifying, wetting, and dispersing agent, as a pesticide,[3] as well as a component of the oil dispersant Corexit which was used in the Deepwater Horizon oil spill of 2010.[4] It is an anionic surfactant, a substance that lowers the surface tensio...
Flucillin Side Effects
11 and half year old boy on Flucillin 500 mg and Pinamox 250 mg for bacterial skin infection getting really bad leg cramps ## Hi Kyra, According to the link below, muscle pain or tenderness, joint pain, as well as bone marrow problems are all listed as very rare side effects of Flucillin (also known as Flucloxacillin or Floxacillin): Is he still experiencing these side effects after stopping the medication? ...
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How Long Does One 60mg Morphine Extended Release Tablet Take Effect
HOW LONG DOES ONE 60MG EXTENDED RELEASE TABLET TAKE BEFORE ITS RELEASED INTO YOUR SYSTEM ## I take 15's and I find I get more pain relief if I take them early and go back to bed, then get up at 9 pretty much pain free. I take 2. 15's at 6 am and go back to sleep, I have pain relief all day, the pain starts coming back near 8 pm. ## As to how long it takes to start being released into your body to start working, it's roughly 15 to 20 minutes, or so. Learn more Morphine details here. Are there any other questions or comments? ## im taking 2-30 er in the morning 2-15 at noon,and during bed I taking 2-30 er at bed time and the last 15mg in the middle of the night but not working at all just takes the withdrawn awy! ## ok, my doctor said he has do refer to pain management doctor,... ...
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Oxy Neo Been Clean Off Them For 7weeks Now Having A Crisis
I have been clean off oxy neo for 7weeks of 4 days ago...i developed manic states. i cant stay still for even a second. needless to say my home is it the lack of Dopamine in my brain and body? There isnt enuff clonaz or ativan to keep me dwn. Also...btw....i only had a 90 bender on oxyneo,on a well monitored dose of 60mg per day.....i bought or have been given ALOT!....I've was clean prior to that since Dec.2011, after a stint in rehab! PLZ help! I;m driving everyone in my life insane...along with myself! ## It's possible that you've done some type of permanent damage that's resulted in a chemical imbalance in your brain, since that's where these medications primarily work. If that's the case, you may need an SSRI, such as Z... ...
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