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Medroxypr Ac Side Effects
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Do low dose asprin effect the use medroxpr ac? ## Based on my research there are no drug interactions found between Medroxyprogesterone and Aspirin; deeming them safe to take together. This does not necessarily mean no interactions exist, but my sources state that every effort has been made to ensure that the information provided is accurate. That said, you shouldn't be experiencing any problems outside of the normal side effects associated with each medication. I hope this helps to answer your question! ...
Updated 3 years ago in Medroxyprogesterone.
Fri, Dec 28 '12, 10:46 AM
Amox Clav 875 Side Effects
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Can you continue to take a ProBiotic while taking this medication? ## Many articles I'm reading are stating that it's just as important to take probiotics whenever you're using antibiotics, because antibiotics kill both the bad and the good gut flora that your body needs to maintain good health. Read more: I hope this helps to answer your question! ...
Updated 3 years ago in Antibiotics.
Thu, Jan 31 '13, 12:51 PM
Side effects life span
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My hubby takes lithium 1200 a day. He was told one side effect would be that it will take 20 years off his life. Has anyone else heard this? ## Lithium has quite a few controversial side effects in my honest opinion, but I haven't found anything stating that it will take literally 20 years off your life after treatment. I came across a few reports from other individuals who have been taking it for 15+ years with few problems. However some of the potential side effects make me wonder why this drug has remained on the market: blackouts seizures fast, slow, irregular, or pounding heartbeat chest tightness hallucinations (seeing things or hearing voices that do not exist) crossed eyes painful, cold, or discolored fingers and toes pounding noises inside the head changes in vision palenes... ...
Updated 2 years ago in Lithium.
Mon, Sep 30 '13, 11:39 PM
accutane side-effects
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I went this medication when it first came on the market in 1982. Yes, it cleared up my acne but I truly believe that this drug made me infertile. Does anyone know the stats on accutane causing infertility? As I have had 3 endoscopies and a colonscopy before the age of 43. I have chronic heartburn and problems with my bowels. One doctor indicated that I had IBS but I never was officially diagnosed nor was the accutane indicated for my infertility issues. I guess I'm screwed sice that statue of limitations is up for me of course I didn't know about all these issues up until a few years ago. I am very concerend though about my nephew-He is 18 and is on accutane. He has horrible cystic acne and nothing has worked for him. Last I saw him, His face looked really good-My concern is for... ...
Updated 3 months ago in Accutane.
Fri, Feb 19 '16, 2:56 PM
help with side effects
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I just took my first dose (145 mcg) of Linzess this morning. Within 2 hours I had 2 normal bowel movements with no pain. After 5 hours, my head started feeling prickly and itchy, my ears plugged up and then my heart seemed to be slowing down to the point where I started to pass out. Now (7 hrs later) I am still feeling that way. Is there something I can take to counteract that and how long does Linzess stay in my body? ## Hi Linda, Sorry to hear about the symptoms you're experiencing on Linzess. I can't help but wonder though, if you've looked into any safer laxatives on the market that don't exhibit such strange side effects? (i.e. things like Epsom Salt, apple cider vinegar, etc). Concerning how long Linzess remains in the body, information I found online stated that i... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Linzess.
Sat, Feb 14 '15, 11:39 AM
use of this medicine and side effects
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why is this medicine taken and side effects of it ## Sorry, but you did not state what medicine you were asking about. ## I was prescribed myoril plus 4mg for my backache.I want to know if it is a right choice ## Taking Prax10,( have a stent since last 2 yrs ) Amlong5( for HighBP ) + Natrilix SR , Storvas10, ( for high cholesterol ) Miraqule100( has helped my muscle pains) & an anti acid pill , 150gms once in the morning ( Rentac) Take calcium sachets ( twice a month ) & recently given iron pills ( low iron in body ) . During the warm monsoon season here in New Delhi , India , have developed since the last 3 yrs or so an itch diagnosed as articaria . No outward symptoms but very uncomfortable ESP when not in an AC room . Taking Allegra 180 once a day & Montesk one tablet at ... ...
Updated 7 months ago in Allegra.
Sat, Oct 03 '15, 7:38 AM
side effectsof isosorbide mono 60 mg
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oblong pill with horizontal cut in the middle KU119 ## my blood pressure seem to be dropping 62-67,70 during day and i have several bad feeling spells lasting long at times and i wanting to know if my isosorb mono 60mg er along with my other meds, losartan-hctz, metoprolol,klor-con have anything to do with some days i feel sick as a dog as the old sayin ## I'm going to add some information here for anyone else seeking similar details on blood pressure issues. When it's dropping severely low, like Arthur stated, there is always a chance that it could be due to one or more of the medications you're taking. In that case, the best thing you can do is talk to your doctor about it. They can usually help you determine which one(s) may be causing the issue, since some are more prone... ...
Updated 3 years ago in Losartan.
Wed, May 22 '13, 12:34 PM
side effects for pfizer 399
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a capsule that is white and blue and has pfizer 399 printed on it ## Located a match it's Geodon 80 mg, which is approved for the treatment of schizophrenia, and the intramuscular injection form of ziprasidone is approved for acute agitation in schizophrenic patients. Ziprasidone has also received approval for acute treatment of mania and mixed states associated with bipolar disorder. Ziprasidone received a black box warning due to increased mortality in elderly patients with dementia-related psychosis. It also slightly increases the QTc interval in some patients and increases the risk of a potentially lethal type of heart arrythmia known as torsades de pointes. To learn more side effects click on the link below... Do you have any more questions or information to add? Please post ba... ...
Updated 6 years ago in Geodon.
Wed, Feb 24 '10, 4:00 PM
UTI infection side effects
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I stated taking this medicine yesterday. Today I woke up to chill and body aches. Is this normal? ## I feel worse now then before I stated the medicine. ## Hi, Sharon! Sorry that you aren't feeling well. However, you didn't mention what medication you're taking, so I can't really provide you with any information. It's possible that your symptoms are from the infection, but it's hard to say. Can you please post back with more details? Thanks! ...
Updated 2 years ago.
Thu, May 30 '13, 8:32 AM
Side Effect Of Stator 10
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I AM ON THIS DRUG SINCE ANGIOPLASTY IN JULY,2009 AND HENCE WANT TO KNOW ANY HARM FOR TAKING THRU'OUT LIFE.PRESENTLY,I AM TAKING IT ALONG WITH TELISTA 40 AND CLODREL PLUS. OF LATE,I AM EXPERIENCING PAIN IN MY HIPS IN PELVIC REGION PLUS,HAVE PROBLEM OF JOINT PAIN. KINDLY ADVISE. ## Stator contains the active ingredient Atorvastatin, it is used to help lower cholesterol. The problems you are experiencing can be side effects of this medication, if they are severe, you should talk to your doctor, because this may not be the right medication for you to use. Many people run into these types of problems and have to stop taking it or switch to another drug. Telista contains the active ingredient Telmisartan, it is an ARB that is used to treat high blood pressure and cardiac conditions. Its... ...
Updated 4 months ago in Atorvastatin.
Wed, Dec 30 '15, 3:58 AM
Bendectin Side Effects
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I took Bendectin in 1978 for 7 months of morning sickness. My daughter has Addisons disease, an auto-immune condition, and am wondering if this drug has caused her side effects. How can I get more info and any recourse I may have. Her life expectancy will most likely be shortened. She is in constant pain and fatigued. ## Hi Maureen, I'm so sorry to hear about your daughter! Are you referring to Benedictine? I did find some information stating that there is a possibility that Benedictine could have been the cause of multiple birth defects, however studies don't really make it clear. I'll link you to a thread where others discuss this same topic- you may be able to find more answers to your questions their; since I don't personally have experience with this medication. Dis... ...
Updated 26 days ago.
Wed, Apr 27 '16, 7:04 PM
Dicorate Er 500 Side Effects
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Dicorate Er 500-one tablet was given by the Neuurologist to my son aged 12 years, after dinner. He has been very agressive and his EEG report says that "Interictal State of seizure disorder". MRI brain report is "The non-contrast MRI findings of brain are within normal limits". By taking one tablet he has been feeling sleepy, but the neurologist has now suggested to take two tablets in a day to get good result. Is it wise to give two tablets in a day to my son. Besides, one Pschyratist has advised to take one tablet Platin 10 Mg every day morning and Rosedin half tablet every day before going to bed. ## I am an alchoholic, and was admitted in a rehab, in the rehab they have been giving me Topirol 100 and Dicorate ER 500(2 tabs) daily for 4 months then , i was discharged,... ...
Updated 4 months ago in Divalproex Sodium.
Sat, Jan 02 '16, 12:06 PM
Ic Lamotrigine Side Effects
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I am just beginning to take the generic of LAMICTAL. what can I expect as side effects. ## Hello, The Generic of Lamictal contains the active ingredient Lamotrigine. Prescribing information for Lamotrigine has a black box warning about life-threatening skin reactions, including Stevens-Johnson syndrome, DRESS syndrome and toxic epidermal necrolysis. The manufacturer states that nearly all cases appear in the first 2 to 8 weeks of therapy and if medication is suddenly stopped then resumed at the normal dosage. Patients should seek medical attention for any unexpected skin rash, as its presence is an indication of a possible serious or even deadly side-effect of the drug. Other side-effects include loss of balance or coordination, double vision, crossed eyes, pupil constriction, blurred v... ...
Updated 3 years ago in Lamotrigine.
Sat, Mar 30 '13, 6:29 PM
side effects of the tablet Renerve Plus
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What will be the side effects of the tablet Renerve Plus? ## Side effects of the tablet Renerve Plus ## I want to know the side effects of renerve plus capsules two a dayD587 ## Renerve Plus is classified as a vitamin, it contains 150mgs of Benfotiamine, 10mgs Calcium, 200mgs of Chromium, 5mgs of Folic Acid, 100mgs of Inositol, 100mgs of Alpha Lipoic Acid, 1500mcgs of Mecobalamin, 163.6mcgs of Selenium, 1500 IUs of Vitamin A, 1.5mgs of Vitamin B6 and 25mgs of Vitamin E. That said, since this is actually a supplement and not a drug, there are no listed and studied side effects. Is there anything else I can help you with? ## I want to know the side effects of tablet renerve ## Can you pls guide me the side effects of renerve plus ## As I stated in my prior post: Renerve Plus is classified... ...
Updated 5 months ago in Chromium.
Fri, Nov 27 '15, 11:44 PM
Major Side Effects Of Dexona And Practin
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Does Dexona and Practin Tabs Increase weight...? Will i have any problems in future....? ## Please I recommend not to use practin and dexona....for weight gain... i used them for 2 mnths for weight gain...i gained 12 kgs in 2 months but after leaving those tablets..i had jaundice..and had anrexia and nausea ...and had no appetite..i lost all 12 kgs in only 15-20 days...but the symptoms continued..i had a doctor checkup ..he told me that it will take 8-12 months to recover.. However u can use only practin.... ## I have to agree, unless your doctor has instructed you to do so, it isn't safe to try to use these medications just to gain weight. Like any drug, they carry the risk of causing other severe side effects, just like Nayan has stated. Practin contains the active ingredient Cypr... ...
Updated 2 days ago in Cyproheptadine.
Sun, May 22 '16, 12:36 AM
sn 15 tablet - SIDE EFFECTS
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WHAT ARE THE SIDE EFFECTS OF TAKING sn - 15 TABS ALONG WITH AZITHRAL XP TABLETS ## Ths listing that I am finding for SN15 states that it contains 100mgs of Nimeuslide, a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory, and 15mgs of Serratiodpeptidase, a proteolytic enzyme. Side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness and dizziness. Azithral XP contains: azithromycin 1 g, fluconazole 150 mg and secnidazole 2 g. It is primarily used to treat vaginal infections. Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, skin rash and diarrhea. Is there anything else I can help you with? ## Want to know the effects of medicine sn15 ...
Updated 5 years ago in Azithromycin.
Thu, Oct 07 '10, 9:30 AM
Neugaba M 75 Side Effects
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is neugaba-75 safe in pregnancy? ## Hi shalainder, The precautionary guidelines for Neugaba state the following: "Alert your doctor if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. If you become pregnant while being treated with Neugaba, alert your doctor. Do not breastfeed while being treated with Neugaba. Men taking Neugaba who plan to father a child should be informed of the potential risk of male-mediated teratogenicity. In preclinical studies in rats, pregabalin was associated with an increased risk of male-mediated teratogenicity. The clinical significance of this finding is uncertain." Additional information I've gathered states the following: There are no adequate and well-controlled studies in pregnant women. Neugaba should be used during pregnancy only if the potential benefi... ...
Updated 4 years ago in Pregabalin.
Wed, Feb 22 '12, 7:31 PM
But Apap Caf Side Effects
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I AM CARRING A 5MONTHS OLD PREGNANT AND I AM HAVING HEADACHE ON A SIDE OF MY HEAD SERRIOUSLY, BUT I WAS PRESCRIBED A BUT/APAP/CAF EVERY TWO HOURS, PLS I WANT TO KNOW IF IS NOT GOING TO HAVE ANY SIDE EFFECT ON MY PREGNANCY, THANKS. ## Hi Temmy - The drug you are referring to contains the active ingredients Acetaminophen (APAP) + Butalbital + Caffeine. A common brand name of this medication is called Fioricet. It is most commonly prescribe to treat bad tension headaches. This drug belongs in pregnancy category C, which states "Animal reproduction studies have shown an adverse effect on the fetus and there are no adequate and well-controlled studies in humans, but potential benefits may warrant use of the drug in pregnant women despite potential risks." This basically means that yo... ...
Updated 4 years ago in Acetaminophen.
Wed, Dec 14 '11, 6:46 PM
valparin chrono side effects
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does valparin chrono results in increase in s.sgpt(alt) or any liver related issues? ## It is a medication that is entirely processed through the liver and the warnings state that it should not be used by anyone with hepatic disease or problems with liver function, though they are not specific as to why. I did, however, find several other people in various resources that have state they experienced elevated liver enzymes while using it. Have you spoken to your doctor about this? ## My Son is 3years old. He is trearted with valparinchrono200 1 in the morning and 2 at night for controlling seizures. Right from the time he started with this his eating habits changed. not eating properly. becoz of that he is weak. will this tablet reduce appetite? what should i do. ...
Updated 4 years ago in Enzymes.
Mon, Nov 21 '11, 8:27 AM
Zanidip Side Effects/Dry Mouth
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I wake up during the night needing to urinate and have a very dry mouth. The urination is not new but the dry mouth only seems to have stated since I began taking Zanidip, Is this normal or should I worry about the problem? ## Zanidip contains the active ingredient Lercanidipine, it is a calcium channel blocker, commonly used to treat high blood pressure and other cardiac related issues. And yes, the dry mouth can be a common side effect, along with: headache, dizziness and stomach pain. It should wear off as your body adjusts to the medication. If it doesn't, or becomes severe, please make sure to consult your doctor. Are there any comments or questions? ...
Updated 5 years ago in Zanidip.
Thu, Jan 27 '11, 7:45 PM

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