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side effects of veramyst?
After using veramyst for about 3 months, I began expereincing a terrible bitter taste on my tongue. After stopping veramyst for a few days, the taste went away. A side effect of veramyst? How would I find out? ...
Updated 6 years ago in Veramyst.
Fri, Sep 05 '08, 7:33 AM   0 
telma 80 side effects
i was taking telma 40 before due to b.p. problems doctor adviced telma 80 does it has any side iffects ## All medications carry the risk of causing side effects. Telmisartan is most commonly used to control high blood pressure. Side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and headache. Read more: Do you have any questions? ## By changing from T40 to T80, I had problem of Loose motion, filling gas in intestines and every two hours passing motion. After changing over to T40 I am perfectly O K ## I was suffering from high BP. As per doctor, I am taking Telma 80H,Metpure XL25, stamlo 2.5 and minipress 5 along with other medicines.What precautions should I take? ## I am using telma 40 bd for four months but bp of upperside always 150 or 160 150/90 or 160/90 what is the reason? kin... ...
Updated 4 months ago in Telmisartan.
Tue, May 27 '14, 5:18 AM   6  Subscribe to thread 204289
kapidex side effects
I have been having bouts of diariee since I started taking this medicine. It has been 5 days and I'm tired of running to the bathroom day and nite - washing rugs and floors. ## Kapidex contains the active ingredient Dexlansoprazole, this is a proton pump inhibitor used to treat conditions such as heartburn and GERD. What you are experiencing is a common side effect of these types of medications. It should start to taper off in severity as your body gets used to the medication. If it doesn't, you should speak with your doctor as this may not be the right medication for you. Do you have any other questions? ## The doctor gave me a 60 mg dose. Is that too high to start out with? Also--if this causes diarrhea, I don't want my Crohn's to come out of remission. ...
Updated 4 years ago in Kapidex.
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Keto-Cam side effects
What are the side effects of ketocam? ## Keto-Cam gel contains 20% Ketoprofen, which is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory and 1% Piroxicam. This is typically a custom compound from your pharmacist. Ketoprofen Side Effects: Side effects are relatively uncommon if used as recommended, and less common than 2 other commonly used NSAIDs. Side effects may include include gastrointestinal ulcers, drop in red blood cell count (a result of GI bleeding), and rarely kidney damage, protein loss, and bleeding disorders. It should therefore be used with caution in horses with liver or kidney disease, or gastrointestinal problems. More details: Piroxicam Side Effects: Piroxicam use can result in gastrointestinal toxicity, tinnitus, dizziness, headache, rash, and pruritus. The most severe adverse reacti... ...
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althea pills effects
hello. this is my 4th day of taking althea pills. Pansin ko po na madalas sumasakit ang ulo ko at masakit ang dede ko. naiisip ko po na bka po dahil lang ng mens ko kya ganto. ganon po kya? o hndi po hiyang sa akin ang althea? o kelangan ko po muna tapusin yung 1pack pra po malaman kung totoong hndi nga po hiyang or naninibago lang kse 1year po ako hndi nagpills kse nsa abroad po husband ko and he's coming back kya po nagpills po ako ulit ...
Updated 1 month ago.
Tue, Sep 16 '14, 6:38 AM   0 
Kestine Side Effects
i am using kestine in spring and monsoon season to avoid allergy/hay fever. what are the side effects of using 5 months per year of this medicine for the last 14 years. ...
Updated 3 years ago in Kestine.
Fri, Jul 29 '11, 2:43 AM   0 
kapidex side effects
Took kapidex sample for ten days had spots all over my shoulder leaving permanent marks. ## Kapidex (active ingredient Dexlansoprazole) has been launched in the US for use in the treatment and maintenance of patients with erosive oesophagitis and non-erosive reflux disease, i.e. gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GERD or GORD). To learn more click on the link below.... Common side effects while taking Kapidex are: Stomach ache (bloating, gas, diarrhea), nausea, respiratory tract infection, and vomiting. More serious side effects are: Serious allergic reactions that may cause iching due to a rash, trouble breathing, peeling/swollen skin, and blistering. Are your spots similar to blisters? If so I would seek medical attention right away. If these are not what you are experiencing, please ... ...
Updated 3 years ago in Kapidex.
Sat, Sep 10 '11, 6:49 PM   24  Subscribe to thread 192883
kurzyme side effects
blood pressureB ## Any side effects noted for those already taking Kurzyme supplement from Swiss Labs? Spouse has chf, hbp, bph, gout, and taking meds for all. ## Since Kurzyme is an over the counter supplement, and not a prescription drug, this, unfortunately, means it has not been tested for use with other prescription medications or medical conditions. According to the ingredients list, it contains Protease, Bromelain and Papain, however, as I said, supplements are not studied and tested like prescription drugs. They are touted to do a lot of things, but it's very hard to be certain. In this case, having no idea what other medications your husband is on and how this may react with any of them, or how it may affect his medical conditions, I have to strongly urge you to consult his... ...
Updated 5 years ago in Gout.
Wed, Jul 01 '09, 7:53 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 188180
xalkori side effects
My brother in law was just diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer. It has metastasized to his brain, liver, and bones. He started xalkori a week ago and is having terrible diarrhea. He is still in the hospital and has now been told he has C Diff. He is losing weight, is weak and is always cold. Our family is concerned this is the medication, but it seems to be the C Diff. Has anyone experienced side effects that are so severe just from Xalkori alone? What else should we be looking out for? ## Hello, TJ! How is he doing? This medication does commonly cause diarrhea as a side effect, but not usually that severe. It's actually not considered a worrisome side effect. What are they doing to treat it? ## Hi Verwon. His C Diff has subsided because of the strong antibiotics. He was released ab... ...
Updated 7 months ago in Xalkori.
Mon, Mar 03 '14, 5:17 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 260241
kapidex side effects
Any one experience a bad taste in their mouth after taking kapidex? ...
Updated 5 years ago in Kapidex.
Sat, Aug 01 '09, 7:01 PM   0 
Nikoran Side Effects
i am getting persistant dry cough .can it be due to to nikoran drug i have started having ## Nikoran contains the active ingredient Nicorandil, which is commonly used to treat angina and this isn't listed as a side effect, but I do know some similar blood pressure medications have been known to cause a dry cough. Learn more Nikoran details here. How long have you been taking it? Have you talked to your doctor about it? ...
Updated 2 years ago in Nikoran.
Wed, Aug 29 '12, 8:46 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 227883
Side Effects Of Augmentin875
cant hold my head up, eyes open, cant walk straight, & diarhea. should i call the dr? ## This antibiotic can cause those types of issues as side effects, but if they are very severe, then yes, you should contact your doctor. Have things improve any? ## I have discontinued taking this medicine. 2 days after I stopped, all these symptoms were gone. I did contact my dr. This will no longer be a prescription I will recieve. Thank you. ...
Updated 2 years ago.
Wed, May 16 '12, 10:16 AM   2  Subscribe to thread 230590
sideeffects of krimson 35 tab
hi i have 24 yrs, married .i have pco problem and using krimson 35 (for regular periods) with x-met 500 tablet as doctor suggests.what side effects will come in future by using these tablets?can u tell me plz ..........thx vry much ## Krimson 35 is an oral contraceptive tablet, the long-term effects pf the use of them, since they contain hormones, is still under debate. X-Met contains Metformin, this is an oral antidiabetic medication that is also used to treat PCOS, in some women. The effects of long-term use, in the future is also under debate about this one. It appears to be safe, but more studies are needed. Are there any comments or questions? ## i was taking krimson-35 from 9 i stopeed it after the pco problem is ended..i want to know does it side efects like breast en... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Metformin.
Tue, Mar 19 '13, 9:10 AM   3  Subscribe to thread 212348
Side Effects Of Keraglo Forte
my hair are getting White in young age.i am 23 years old.I want to know why it is so.please help me. my doctor advised me to take keraglo forte. is it effective.please tell me as soon as possible. ## Keraglo Forte is a nutritional supplement, not a medication, it contains: Biotin, N-Acetyl-Cycsteine, Calcium, Selenium, Copper and Zinc. The Biotin in it has sometimes been used to help with hairloss, but it is not known to help with going gray. Since this is a supplement, that also means the side effect profiles for it have not been studied, as is done for actual medications. As to your hair, it is going to be difficult for anyone to give you an answer to that. Your hair color is related to the amount of Melanin in your body, the more melanin present, when you are born, the darker your ha... ...
Updated 5 months ago in Biotin.
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Side Effects Of Monticope Kid
I want to know the side effects of this medicine, also i would like to know for what purpose this medicine is used? I am advised to give my 2yrs old daughter to Levolin, Azithral-XL and monticope. ...
Updated 1 year ago.
Tue, Oct 30 '12, 9:26 PM   0 
Side Effects Of Mono Linya
JUST WANTED TO know if anyone taking this one had a problem with weight gain, im very nervous that it will make me gain weigh,,,,, ## Hi debby, When it comes to birth control pills, weight gain happens to be a "very common" side effect for any brand of oral contraceptive. This is mostly because of the fluctuations in your hormones. I wouldn't necessarily be afraid of gaining weight though as long as your exercising daily, staying hydrated, and eating an otherwise healthy diet. A list of side effects for Mono-Linyah (ethinyl estradiol/norgestimate) can be found here: I hope this helps! ...
Updated 1 year ago in Mono-linyah.
Wed, Feb 27 '13, 1:14 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 243407
Side Effects Of Amlozaar H 38 ...takin amlozaar h for d last 3 yrs for d treatment of high bp....are thr any side effects of this medicine in d long run........ ## Recently I developed high blood pressure I am now takin one pill of Amlozaar a day I would like to know its side effects ...
Updated 1 year ago in Blood Pressure.
Tue, Jan 08 '13, 11:17 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 223271
Side Effects Of Shelcal Ct
I am taking Shelcal-CT for last 8 months. I feel Gas in stomach. What are the side effect of this medicine. ## Plase tell me the action of shelcal-ct and its side effects ## Shelcal-CT is just a nutritional supplement that contains calcium and calcitrol. Learn more Calcium details here. Learn more Calcitrol details here. As such, it hasn't been tested for side effects, as is done with actual prescription drugs. However, it may cause some gas or stomach acidity, that can occur with almost anything you take. Have you tried anything to remedy the situation? ## I am 41 year old and mother of 2. I have been taking 1 Revital tablet (ranbaxy) daily for the last 3 months and found great level of difference. Want to know if there r any side effects and can i continue taking the same for a lo... ...
Updated 11 months ago in Calcitrol.
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Side Effects Of Orcerin Gm
I am 48yrs & I have pain in the knees & taking orcerin gm tab in a day. Pl tell me how long can I take this medicine.What are its side effects if I take it for long time? Thanks. ## What has your doctor advised? This contains the active ingredient Diacerein, which is most commonly used to treat arthritic conditions. The information available on it here in the U.S. to me is very limited, because it isn't used here. Have you tried asking a pharmacist/chemist for more information? ## fake site ## i am 38 yrs old. i am taking orcerin gm for my knee pain. now i am in conceiving stage. can i take it or not. will it effected my pregnency. pl reply it . it has also side effect. pl give details about it. ...
Updated 1 year ago in Arthritis.
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Side Effects Of Hcqs 200 Mg
My Wife is taking HCQS since last 7 / 8 years under supervision of a medical practitioner along with regular blood test and eye check up. Now small white patches are appearing on her chest.. Is it related to use of the drug? Presently her intake is -- HCQS 200 -- 1 tablet per day SAZO 500 -- 3 tablets per day FOLVITE -- 2 tablets per week FOLITRAX 10 mg - 1 tablet per week ## My Mother is taking HCQS since last 2 month years under supervision of a medical practitioner & Dr.along with regular blood test and eye check up. Now small white patches ,headche, dizziness,weak ness are appearing on her chest.. Is it related to use of the drug? Presently her intake is -- HCQS 200 -- 1 tablet Morning /1 tablet Evening per day Gabapentin 100 mg. -- 3 tablets per day FOLVITE -- 2 tablets per wee... ...
Updated 2 months ago in Folvite.
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