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round small
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orange in color 7.5 on one side nothing on the othere ...
Updated 7 years ago.
Thu, Jul 16 '09, 2:04 PM
pill 55-1
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orange round pill with 55-1 on it nothing on other side ...
Updated 6 years ago.
Fri, Jun 11 '10, 1:52 PM
dont know what this pill is
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small round orange pill with tcl180 on one side nothing on the other ...
Updated 9 years ago.
Sun, Jan 13 '08, 2:27 PM
are these oxycontin?
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Found two small, round, white pills. I know generic oxy can be white. One has a KU on one side and perforation on the other side (along with something you can't read.. seems to be a O or a zero). The other pill has no perforation, but has PA on one side, and 308 on the other. Any help would be great. ## is this oxycontin orange like color G 164 on one side nothing on the back side. ## I really really dont think either are oxycontins. You know you can call any pharmacy, Eckerd, Walgreens, ask for the pharmacist and describe the pill or pills and they tell you exactly what they are. I've done that so many times. Good luck ## small white round perforation on one side and 7033 on the other side ## can an oxycontin be big and white with the number 512 on it ## a round white pill with... ...
Updated 9 months ago in OxyContin.
Thu, Jun 09 '16, 12:22 PM
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SMALL ORANGEISH ROUND THICK ## what is your question?? ## Well, it CANNOT be a 25mg Oxycodone, since they don't make them in that dosage. If you wish to know what this pill is, you will have to post back and provide the imprint from the tablet. The colors mean NOTHING so we cannot tell you any information from what you have provided. ...
Updated 9 years ago in Oxycodone.
Sun, Feb 03 '08, 9:00 PM
What do suboxone look like?
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A friend of my husbands mentioned that he was taking subxone. I was curious as to what it was. He showed one to me but it looks exactly like a generic percocet but has different numbers. They are a round white pill with nothing on one side and on the other are the numbers 54 411. however, the only description i'm finding is oval and orange. Is this suboxone or something else? ## A white circle pill with nothing imprinted on either side is it a generic suboxone? ## There is no generic for Suboxone. Suboxone itself is an orange octagon tablet. It has N8 on one side and what looks like a high cross on the other side. There is a generic for Subutex. It is a white tablet and has 54 411 on one side. The 54 is above the 411. Hope this helps. Instead of relying on people who will take advan... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Suboxone.
Sun, Dec 06 '15, 7:48 AM
Generic Suboxone that i have
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I was given a pill and told it was suboxone, it has a big AN on the top and 415 under the letters. There is nothing on the back. Its orange and completely round ## That is correct, this tablet contains 8mgs of Buprenorphine and 2mgs of Naloxone, it is a generic for Suboxone, which is most commonly used to help treat drug addiction. Learn more Suboxone details here. Since it contains an opiate narcotic, it does have the potential to be habit forming itself and it may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, dry mouth and constipation. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Is it also taken sublingual? ## Yes, that is the new generic form of suboxone. I just recently got them too. I had a bad experience with them though. They did not work for me like the brand name suboxone. Not... ...
Updated 3 years ago in Suboxone.
Tue, Dec 31 '13, 5:21 PM
pill with imprint K2
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please tell me what a round peack pill with a K then line down middle and 2 on the other side is. There is nothing marked on other side ## Found a match it's Hydromorphone 2 mg, which is used to relieve moderate to severe pain and severe, painful dry coughing. To learn more click on the link below... Do you have any more questions or information to add? Please post back if you do. ## this pill is round lite peach or orange has k | 2 on one side nothing on the other.. ## Nope its promethazine 12.5 mg. Guaranteed. Look at pics of hydromorphone with k 2 on it. Not the same thing ...
Updated 5 years ago in Hydromorphone.
Fri, Dec 09 '11, 6:40 PM
types of nerve pills
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pink pill, ## I'm sorry, I can't tell you anything from just the color. That actually means nothing in regards to what the pill is. Are there any markings on the tablets? This is what enables us to identify them. If you can post back with more information, I will gladly help you, as much as I can. ## does anyone know what a oranges pink color pill g on one side al 0.5 on the other? ## I am curently on 2mgs xonax, and 2mg ativan. I need to know if there is a stronger nerve pill out there, these meds I am on are not helping when i dble my dose all it does it helps me sleep. Ive tried cousoling everything, I have ptsd, and anxiety disored, and nerves are tremediously bad. ## The pill with G 0.5 written on it, is Xanax Extended Release 0.5 MG. ## Rmo1 and they are green and round ...
Updated 1 year ago in Ativan.
Mon, Aug 03 '15, 7:09 PM
Pink Fr 40 Pill
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What is this pill FR40 round pinkish /orange nothing on the other side can't find an ID for this pill? ## Hi Ann, Based on the imprint and color, there's actually three different medications that this round pink pill could be: Coldonyl (Acetaminophen 325 mg + Guaifenesin 100 mg + Phenylephrine 5 mg) Acetaminophen 325 mg + Guaifenesin 200 mg + Phenylephrine 10 mg Emagrin Forte (Acetaminophen 260 mg + Caffeine 32 mg + Guaifenesin 100 mg + Phenylephrine 10 mg) Basically, no matter which pill it is, it does contain Acetaminophen + Guaifenesin + Phenylephrine, and may or may not contain Caffeine. Hopefully others on here have this pill and packaging in their possession for complete verification of dosages. I hope this helps in the meantime! ...
Updated 5 years ago in Acetaminophen.
Wed, Mar 28 '12, 8:06 PM
need to identify a pill
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Orange oblong shaped pill with 44-393 on one side, blank on the other. Possibly from Mexico. Any ideas? ## blue oval pill with E55 on one side and nothing on the other side, what medication is this? ## round medium sized bright glossy orange pill with an e, a or g ## A white pill with M other side 9|2? Found on my floor? ? ...
Updated 2 years ago.
Wed, Feb 11 '15, 11:42 AM
bottle says oxycodone 5 mg tablets
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orange pill with 44 218 on the front and nothing on the other side...i googled 44 218 came up as aspirin? ## I also located this round-orange pill to be Aspirin (81 mg) in the drug database. It is manufactured by Major Pharmaceuticals Inc. Based on the information I gathered, the bottle is most likely a misprint if it was obtained from a legitimate source. I would suggest taking it back if indeed it's not what you ordered, and letting them know the seriousness of this mistake. Please post back if you have any other questions or concerns regarding this pill... ## I googled the same thing and got Aspirin too, American pharmaceuticals, is mainly listed. But I drought home DIDREX from Isreal from AL-JEZ pharmacy, and Isreal pharma is allowed to sell in US f FDA approved - so there are a... ...
Updated 6 years ago in Oxycodone.
Tue, Jan 18 '11, 4:59 PM
peach s/wave 10mg pills
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orange or pink (almost peach) pill with a stylised s or wave imprinted in one side, nothing on the other. I remember the packet said 10mg, and was a golden/copper colour. Can't remember what it was though... ## i just popped one of these and am trying to find out what the hell i just took :( ## I found a small peach/orange unscored round tab with ~ or s imprinted on one side. I dont have a clue what it is, anyone able to help? ...
Updated 5 years ago in Copper.
Mon, Aug 01 '11, 9:14 AM
monaslim rimonabant
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light green in color, pear shape, and no markings on the pill itself and it is a coated tablet ## a small round orange/yellow pill with a slit mark across one side and nothing on the other. Supposed to be generic rimonabant.Not too sure ## Where can I find Accomplia/Rimonabant please. I was involved with the trials of this drug at Leeds University & Leeds General Infirmary. the results were fantastic everyone who wasnt taking the placebo did lose weight. NICE initially wouldnt release it and then they subsequently did but due to several suicides the drug was withdrawn. I work for GPs and from what I can gather there isnt another anti-obesity drug available except Orlistat and has Im sure many of you know the disgusting side effects of this. Having been told today by my GP that I mus... ...
Updated 2 years ago in Rimonabant.
Wed, Dec 31 '14, 8:33 AM
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small, round white no lines reads top on one side and 25 on back side..i also want to identify a small round yellowish pill with no lines and reads 2102v one one side w/nothing on gelcap form, small- half orange half white reads 93/811...the one mediam round yellow reads p73 ## I have a small yellowish pill nothing on one side and 2102 V ontheothere can you please tell what thisis?thankyou ## I HAVE A PILL THAT IS SMALL WHITE AND ROUND AND SAYS TOP ON ONE SIDE AND 25 ON THE OTHER SIDE. I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW WHAT THIS PILL IS ## TOP 25 is Topamax ## 2102 v is Amitriptyline ## And finally ... 93 / 811 is Nortriptyline round yellow P73 is Aspirin Everybody have a nice day ! ...
Updated 11 years ago in Topamax.
Sat, Nov 12 '05, 3:14 PM
Gluten contamination Adderall 30mg Teva Gate Pharma
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I am currently taking Adderall 30mg, name brand, manufactured by Gate which is a subsidiary of Teva. I've been taking it for 15 months. It is round, orange, numbers 3 0 on the front and a symbol that looks somewhat like a % on the back. I have Celiac disease, diagnosed a year ago and despite a strict gluten free diet I still have lingering symptoms. I ran out of Adderall 2 weeks ago and went 6 days without it while waiting for updated insurance approval. I finally was able to fill my prescription 1 week ago, last Thursday. After my 3rd dose I became very sick and assumed I consumed food containing gluten. But I've been unable to find the source of the attack, nothing I ate should have caused it. It's been one week and the attack has not subsided. The only thing I did or ate ... ...
Updated 2 months ago in Adderall.
Fri, Jan 13 '17, 7:23 PM
tcli 80
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This little orange round pill with tcli 80 was found on my bar floor. Can anyone tell me what it is. A customer took one I think and she was falling all over herself and I'm trying to find out if the pill has something to do with it. I only served her two beers but she may have been drinking somewhere else. ## This pill wouldn't have done that, TCL 081 contains nothing more than Sennosides 8.6 mg and Docusate Sodium 50 mg, a store brand or generic for Senokot, which is a laxative. Is there anything else I can help you with? ...
Updated 7 years ago in Docusate.
Sun, Jan 31 '10, 6:13 PM
senokot ?
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round, brown tablet 3/8 inch diameter and 3/16 inch thick with an S imprinted on one side ## I've been buying Senokot-S for years and it's been a small round brownish pill. Just bought a new bottle tonight and it's a small orange pill with an P on one side and nothing on the other side. Does any one know if the company changed the pill or should I not take it and just call the company? ...
Updated 5 years ago in Senokot.
Sat, Aug 06 '11, 10:38 PM
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round orange pill ## There is nothing listed in the drug databases under that name, can you please double check the spelling or provide the complete imprint from the tablet itself? ## Could you possibly mean Tramadol SR? If you could provide any other details that would be helpful, such as what this medication was prescribed for. ## spelling is correct. no markings and color is sunset yellor, pill is round. ...
Updated 6 years ago in Tramadol.
Sat, Oct 30 '10, 8:08 PM
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What is in this medication all I know that it has ancenphetomine??? ## Tramadol is a narcotic pain reliever (also known as an opioid). Actually, Tramadol is the name of the active ingredient itself (so there is nothing 'in' it per say). Sometimes it is combined with Acetaminophen, and the brand of that medication is called Ultracet. Feel free to post back any additional questions... Thank You! ## a small light orange tablet scored on one side with the number2083 below the line and a z above the line ## Marti, the closest match that was found is a scored, round, orange tablet with the imprint 2083 on it. Does not mention there being any letters 'a z' on it though. This is Hydrochlorothiazide 25 mg, which treats high blood pressure. Does that sound familiar at all? ...
Updated 8 years ago in Tramadol.
Mon, Nov 03 '08, 4:09 PM

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