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what are the disadvantage of taking ep forte not knowing its an abortion pill using it for 12 years
1. i used ep forte for 12yrs 2. i started it at age 12 3. i was fooled never knew it was an abortion pill 4. i am trying to have ababy now 5 i misscarry at 2months 6. dis this tablet damage my reproductive system. ## Am having a six weeks pregnant and i dont want to leave it. Meaning i want abortion. Am 25years old. What can i use? ...
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Sever Bleeding after the drug Mifepristone tab
Hi Sir, I have been prescribed Mifepristone tab for discontinued my 20days pregnancy, therefore the bleeding persist more than 36hrs. Can I take Styptovit-K tab to stop the bleeding. Please advise. Siji ## Has it eased off yet? Bleeding is normal, when you abort a pregnancy and may last for a week or so in some cases. Learn more abortion details here. ...
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Wife was prescribed Misoprostol, birth control, naproxen and otc AZO without telling me. Says it was for heavy periods but I think she had abortion?
A couple months ago started to suspect my wife was cheating so I searched her car. In side I found birth control ,naproxen and her EOB tucked in her glove box. The birth control was odd because in 8 yrs she had never taken it and hadn't mentioned a word about it. Not to mention we hadn't had sex for nearly 2 months at time. The Explanation of benefits was for a dr. visit with an obgyn I didnt recall and later found out is known for being an "abortion dr". He gave her misoprostol, the birth control, naproxen, some antibiotics and something for yeast infection.I had never heard of medical abortions before but when I googled misoprostol I learned it was widely used for early term abortions and stomach ulcers but combined with the other meds on her list it appeared to be a... ...
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What else to do after non effectivenes of cytotec
I am a mnth and a half pregnant and tok cytotec 4 dose.i bleed 4 just a day wit heavy clots .no blood flow and feel so pains on my pelvic afta 7days i did pT and is positive.wat shud i do? ## Hi.. i guess ur abortion was succesfull..hcg ( human chorionic gonadotropin ) a hormone that the pt would detect as positive will remain 2 to 3 weeks. ...
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Pills For Getting Period
I want to get back my period i had an abortion 1yrs back after that i have a reguler period but now i miss my period 3 month back is this happen due to my abortion if i cinsult to docter will he know that i had an abortion before ...
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Is Dueton Capsule Remove The Pregnancy In Three Dayswill I Have My Period After Days
my gf is pregnant for 25 days.she took 2 cap dueton 9hrs ago.but still no sign of periods. ## No, Dueton contains a combination of hormones, which can be used as a contraceptive to prevent pregnancy, either by taking them regularly, or by taking them in a high dose within the first 5 days of unprotected sex. However, these hormones will not do anything to end a pregnancy that already exists. Learn more oral contraceptive details here. Since she is already pregnant, if you don't want to have a baby right now, the only options are medication induced abortion, or a surgical one from a doctor. The most commonly used medication is Misoprostol, but in most countries it requires a doctor's prescription. Learn more Misoprostol details here. Is there anything else I can help with? ## My ... ...
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don't want to take :(
I don't have a doctor, no one has even taken my pulse or temp. lol. I am collapsing at least once a week, dizzy spells, fainting, shaking etc, I also have a history of miscarriages. My partner, finally sick of my neurotic behaviour, has called up a gov psych / allied health services and they tried to lock me up and now stick me on this stuff. Still no medical physcian has seen or examined me; have looked up the side effects on this stuff and it sounds scary. I am already collapsing and I don't know why. They won't give me a script for anything else and they won't listen to my concerns or take any base vital signs so they might have something to compare to later (at the very least i should prob be on the pill considering it causes abortion / miscarriage/ birth defects). K... ...
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what is anaerobyl used for
I recently had an a abortion and I was 5week pregnant and the doctor gave me anaerobyl and doxytet my problem is I cant stop bleeding and im also having abdominal pains.what could be a problem? ## you need to go to a hospital to get your womb literaly cleaned, before u loose all your blood in your body and your womb might get damaged ...
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Pill Name Used To Abort Baby
tell me names of tablet use for abortion i wana abortion ## can women get pregenent if have sex while both wearing clothes ## I HAD SEX WITH MY GIRLFRIEND AND SHE DID NOT GET PIREOD THIS MONTH. IF SHE IS PREGNANET WHICH PILL SHOULD I GIVE HER TO ABORTE? ## at this time you should consult the docter .no one pill safe after one month.. ...
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Drug Use To Abort 3 wiks preg
Am three weeks pregnant,but would like to abort it...if â„“ÌŠ dnt ma education is at stake nd ma father would kill me...pls kindly tell me drug to friends told me â„“ÌŠ can use postinor2 wif regal or cytotec buh am afraid nid to get d safer one cos â„“ÌŠ dnt want to av ani prb...pls doc ## i need a drug to abort 3 week pregence,what is the name of drug that i will use. ## can you tell me if i can do a abortion with arcoxia or mobic or oflen please if yes can you tell me how . i dont know how i have pregnancy but the doctor says that i have about 5 weeks ## pls what dose of cytotec is good and safe for one month pregnacy…pls help me ...
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Sun, Apr 20 '14, 1:40 AM   3  Subscribe to thread 243369
I AM 2MONTHS PREGNANT AND I HAVE TAKEN 12PIECES GENERIC CYTOTEC AND 2PEICES PFIZER CYTOTEC I THINK IT WILL HELP ME FOR ABORTION BUT DOES NOT WORK, BUT WHY..? ANYBODY CAN HELP ME..? I JUST GOT A VOMITING,ABDOMINAL PAIN AND HEADACHE, I AM SO WORRIED NOW I THINK IT CAN HAVE DAMAGE TO FETUS INSIDE MY STOMACH..? PLZ EXPLAIN IF WILL HAD A DAMAGE TO MY BABY IF I WILL CONTINUE UNTIL I WILL GIVE BIRTH TO MY BABY..? ## maybe it doest work because you have sex agin w/ ur partner..if u hav sex after taking a tab, 100% it wud not be efective.. ## i am 27 years old and i dont want have a baby haw many tablet cortal 500 i us in a day and for haw many day , and is realy cortal remove a baby iam 1 month pregnant ## I am 6week pregnant and my self and my husband can't afford to have another baby now ... ...
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less period after taking MTP
after taking MTP 2nd dosage a heavy perid came but after 1 day period will less is abortion done properly. ...
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Wed, Nov 13 '13, 4:13 AM   0 
Man ingests cytotec
If a man should take cytotec and discharge in 3 week pregnant girlfriend, will she miscarry? ## Hi friends i just want to know about one thing that i have used cycto tech and st mom tablets in 9 week pragnancy to remove it bcoz i dont need that already have three kids and its making me crazy but nothing happen no bleeding no mis carriage and now i m carrying this pragnancy as doctor also seen ultra sound and they said baby is growing so ps can any budy help me in this as i m confused should i go for baby or remove it with proper abortion ...
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Can A 5months Old Pregnancy Be Aborted With Pills Pls I Need Help
i am 5months pregnancy can it be aborted with pills. pls help me with a pill name, becus i got a 10months old kid and noy ready for a another kid yet. ## No, the medications that are available for it, such as Misoprostol, are only safe to use up to third month of pregnancy and they also require a doctor's prescription. Past the third month, you will need to see a doctor and have a surgical abortion procedure. After that, I'd suggest consulting with the doctor about using a proven form of contraception. Are there any other questions or comments? ## Names*of*Abortion*pills*Can*I*use*doxytet*for*borting*A(wo*weeks*baby ## 5months pregnant and to abort with anything or to have a miscarriage plz help ## Actually my wife is pregnant I came to know after 4 months is there any pills for... ...
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Use Of Ecosprin before pregnancy
Hi Doctor , I had a missed abortion 6 months before . Now Im trying to conceive . My doctor suggested me to use Emfolic DHA and Ecosprin 75 mg . Im using it since 20 days and I got my period 3 days back and I sensed lil bit heavy bleeding and since last 10 days im experiencing shivering and weakness and fever 98.6 every alternate day , gas problems, ocassinally sharp pain in left ovary ( I had a cyst and it was gone after my period ) . Once I stopped ecosprin I dont have fever , no shivering , no gas issues , no pain . Please explain ...
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abdominal pain 5 days after period
Hi all 2012/11 i had an abortion and only started my period in 2013/02. Ryt after my period I had horrible abdominal pains, i went to the Dr and he said they might have not cleaned me properly after the abortion, he then gave me some antibiotics and sent me home. I went back for a check up but was given the same pills again. Its now 2013/06 and 5 dyas after my period im still experiencing pain, no spotting. i dont know whats going on with me, the doctor clearly failed me. I regret the abortion, im always in tears. Please Advice ...
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Tue, Jun 11 '13, 4:57 AM   0 
i had an abortion 1 yrs back after that i have a reguler period but now i miss my period three month back is there my period was missing due to my abortion if i consult to docter will the docter know that i had an abortion before i m unmarried i want to keep my abortion as a secret please some body help me to get my period back ...
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Im 2-3 Weeks Pregnant And Need A Pill To Abort It What Can I Use From Guyana
i am 2-3 weeks pregnant and need a home remedy to abort the baby. im from guyana. ## Im 2 weeks pregnant nd i wanna make abortion with a pills...nd were can i get does pills ## I dnt knw if I'm pregnant, I jus hav this heavy overflowing blood. Cn this happen that I might b pregnant?? ...
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3 months and i want to abort
im 3 months and some weeks and i was wondering can i still take a pill to abort this pregnancy? and what pill or pills can i take to do it? and how long will it take before the pregnancy is aborted? ## Actually, the available medications to do so, such as Misoprostol are only considered safe to use up to the third month of pregnancy. Beyond 3 months, an abortion normally requires some type of surgical abortion procedure. Have you consulted a doctor? ## I'll take misoprostol when I was on 7 weeks pregnancy I took pregnancy test after 4 weeks can I repeat taking another set of misoprostol I did it via sublingual should I take the same dosage I am supposed if not successful the first time I'm on the 11 weeks ...
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How To Abort 1 Week Pregnant
My menses suppose to be in 29/04/13.but today already 05/05/13. Is there any househeld process to do abortion ...
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