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I had unproted sex with my bf so I took a morning after pill (postinor 2)
I had unproted sex with my bf monday morning so I took a morning after pill (postinor 2) 10 hours after. The point is, there are 2 pills that comes in the pack but I only took 1 hence I missed the time I should have taken the second pill. Is it possible that I can still get pregnant? I have had belly pain since and the pill normallly let me feel sick ...
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Wed, Jan 02 '13, 9:38 PM   0 
Reaction /Side effects of Glycomet SR500
I Am 42 Years Old And My Fasting Pp Sugar Is Normal Even Hba1c 6 6but Doctor Prescribed Me Glycomet Sr 500 But Suddenly Weight Reduced Upto 15 kgs in 4 months ,neurologist stops the above tablet but the weight is still reducing ,and I am sufferring from lose motions,weight loss ,laissieness etc.Kindly advise ## I have been taking Glyuburide 10mg daily and 1,000 mg of metformin for 3 years. Stopped all medications upon advice from another doctor.I have no bladder control, uncontrollable vomiting no nausea associated with it,digestion takes two hours to pass from the stomach to the intestines. Pancreas has gone berserk, lowest reading was 24, I can stuff myself with protein, and fruit juices, highest reading is 161. I get up at night and eat every three hours to prevent me going critical.... ...
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Accutane symptons increasing with time
I took Accutane as a teen, over a decade ago. I've never been the type to automatically attribute changes in my health or body to any specific cause before, but the health issues that have finally became lifestyle altering have piled up and everything points to the long term use of Accutane as being the culprit. My stomach feels like its trying to commit suicide daily, I've finally completely lost my love for food, it no longer appeals to me and is now a chore to eat. My once active lifestyle, is now just a collection of memories. It took 10 years after using this poison to get to this point, and if it gets worse in the future, I dont know how I will cope. I have no hope and feel worthless that I can no longer do my part in life. Depression has set in permanently.I believe this ... ...
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Hydromorphone 4 mg tablet Rox
Little whits pill it has 54 609 numbers on one side and 4 on the other side ## Based on the description provided, I can confirm your pill to be Hydromorphone HCL (4 mg). Hydromorphone is used to relieve moderate to severe pain and severe, painful dry coughing. For more information about this drug, please refer to the link below... If you have any more questions or concerns, please post back and I will be happy to help you. ## Iam 42 yrs old and had a spinal fusion on my s1 L5 &L4 in 2007 due to my career in the NFL in 1994 and 1995. Well it never fused, and I have been in serious pain for yrs . Iam wondering if their is a online pharmacy in the united states so if I could possibly order what my Dr. Had me on for my pain? He had me on 10mg methadone. 6 tabs a day and dilaudid 4mg 2 t... ...
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Lortab Without Prescription
HOW MUCH IS YOUR LORTAB(GENERIC) 10/325 AND HOW MANY IS THE MINIMUM ## I'm sorry, but this site does not manufacture, prescribe, nor sell any medications. this is an information only website. Lortab contains the active ingredients Acetaminophen and Hydrocdone, it is a narcotic analgesic, so it may cause side effects, such as: nausea, dizziness, drowsiness and constipation. Learn more: Are there any questions or comments? ...
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Fri, Jul 29 '11, 8:37 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 220051
Lyrica without prescription
A friend of mine has been using Lyrica in order to get a 'high'. Normally, he takes doses of 600-1000mg in one go, about once a week on weekends. He has no history of fibromyalgia or nerve damage or backpain: he is perfectly healthy. What are the dangers associated with non-prescribed consumption of Lyrica? What are the long-term side effects on health? What are the risks involved? He is a 29 yr old male. ## Lyrica is not a regular pain medication, so it will not get him high, though he may experience some dizziness, drowsiness and sedation as side effects, especially at such a high dosage, which may make him think he's getting high. Lyrica contains the active ingredient Pregabalin, it is an anticonvulsant that is also proven effective at treating certain types of nerve pain... ...
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Fri, Aug 19 '11, 12:56 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 203480
63 Yr Old Starting On Women S Hormones And A Shot Of Testostrone 200 Mg
I'm Worried about doing this, I'm 63 yr old but my sex drive is really low my Dr. Wants to start me on Female Hormones and once a month a shot of men's Testosturone 200 mg # 10 mil . Is this safe? I don't want to start a period again at my age and I don't want to grow a bunch of hair on my face either !! HELP ! ! ! ! ...
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Fri, Jan 25 '13, 8:23 PM   0 
Hydrocodone and Methamphetamine how long stay in your system i did both 2 days ago have to drop in 10 days
If i did Hydrocodone and Methamphetamine how long stay in your system i did both 2 days ago have to drop in 10 days first time doing meth can anyone tell me how long for both to get out ? ...
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Fri, Jul 11 '14, 2:06 PM   0 
Missed a blue pill in the middle of the pack
I normally take my pills at 10ish pm and on saturday night I forgot to take it. On sunday I had unprotected sex and he did finish inside me. Once this happened I remembered the one pill I forgot and took it right after, then at 10pm that day I took another one. The 3 days before the sex happened I was having a little breakthrough bleeding, but the day it happened it was bearly nothing like spotting. When I went to the bathroom after there was some blood but mostly clear and reddish and it stopped the next morning. I'm wondering if the bleeding was going to stop anyway and I'm ok or if because I missed a pill and had sex that day that I might be pregnant. ...
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Mon, Aug 26 '13, 1:55 PM   0 
MSJ small white Tablet, cross scored the other side.. supposed to be clonazepam but virtually tasteless.. any idea what they are?
So I lost a strip of diazepam and after 2 days without any I was feeling withdrawal effects so I bought 3 of these little white pills off a mate to get by til Monday when I get a repeat prescription. Supposed to be clonazepam (aka rivotril EU or klonapin USA) and really potent but I chewed up one to see if it tasted anything like benzo ( i am prescribed UK blue 10mgs) and it tasted of not a lot.. I don't expect it will do any harm, but nnot sure if it will do any good either. They are the same size as a diazepam tablet, smallish and round, with MSJ stamped on one side and just a + mark across on the reverse.. Any idea what they are? Any responses would be greatly appreciated. Thanks ## Yes, they are 2mg clonazepam made in Sri Lanka. MSJ are generally accepted as being amongst the po... ...
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Tue, Apr 15 '14, 10:07 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 243186
percocet 10mg oxycodone 650 acetaminophen price cost
Is this dose that percocet comes in and what is the average cost for each prescription refill? ## Percocet (aka oxycodone) Comes in 5, 7.5 & 10mg with 325 or 650 mg of tylenol. The price varies on your insurance & of you don't have insurance then there's a lot of drug discount cards that save anywhere from 5 to 25% I prefer to use CVS drug store because their cheaper. I'd suggest calling different. Pharmacies & check prices also arrested drug companies can help you pay for your meds but idk If Percocet. Is one of them. I hope. This info was helpful! Best wishes! ...
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Methadone Dr.s in the upper penisula of Mi.or Northern WI...
My doc.cut me off of Methadone after being on it for 7 yrs...I live a 100 miles north of Green Bay Wi...and I can not find a doctor that will prescribe it,quitting cold-turkey is scaring me big-time after hearing all the horror stories...Any help or any doctors name that still prescribe it would be greatly Appresheated...I've had multiable please repond ASAP... ...
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Fri, Feb 08 '13, 4:00 PM   0 
today is sunday and i have to take a drug test on tuesday and have to be positive if i take one will it be foe me
If I take a norco 10mg today Sunday at 10am will it be positive foe me on Tuesday at2pm when I take my drug test ...
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Sun, Oct 06 '13, 7:05 AM   0 
how to purchase pesibo hydrocodone 10/325 online. ## You can't purchase it legally, unless you have a prescription, since the Hydrocodone is a narcotic. Even ordering it via mail, if you have a prescription, can be difficult, because many pharmacies won't ship it, due to the risk of theft and diversion. Are there any other questions or comments? ...
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can they tell the difference between taking 5/325 hydrocodone and 10/325 in a urine test?
Was perscribed hydrocodone 10/325 for back and hip pain. Long story short, backpack ripped while on vacation and my meds fell out somewhere and I lost around 25 or so. I have some 5/325's left from an earlier script. If I take them, will they to tell the difference in my urine test I have to take at pain management? ...
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Sun, Jul 20 '14, 11:35 AM   0 
People on here were saying you can't feel dope (heroin) after taking a Sub that you gotta wait at least 24 hrs well I took a 1/4 of a Sub at about 10 am now it's almost 3 pm & I did about a $20 shot of heroin & felt it! ## Hi BB! Maybe, because it was such I low dose of suboxone. Just be careful mixing the 2 together. ## me too I did subs at 9am and at 3pm did a dub of boy and felt it. ...
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Overdose symtoms on methadone
I am prescribed 80mls of methadone daily for 12yrs now. But i tend to go off the rails every 6mths or so and end up taking another 100ml on top. I've always had a high tolerance to methadone and to heroin when i took it, but the last 6mths i've had 3 seperate occasions where ive started of feeling dizzy and lightheaded, then its like my heart is missing a beat. I feel like im about to pass out and i also get a horrible feeling like im about to die, sometimes i get slight pins and needles. It doesn't last long, only about 5mins. I got told by my CPN that i've overdosed. Because of this I've been told that i need to go into hospital to swap over to either suboxone or subutex. The last time i had that feeling was just over a month ago. I've stuck to my own script si... ...
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oral trust contraceptive pill
im using trust contraceptives right after my mc period, and I have been sex after 2 days, is it safe for possible pregnant? ## its my first time to use contraceptives pills and its for 10 days now and im have a little spotting now. is it normal? ...
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How Long Does Dilaudid Stay In Your Systemmand how long till i can feel the effects of other pain medicnines
So ive been in the hospital for 2 weeks now. They have been giving me Dilaudid for pain. The pain i have was a 7 out of 10 and 10 being the worst. So i have taken it for about 12 or 13 day. the pain has gradually gone away but still there and they have been giving me morphine but i feel nothing and it doesnt help like the dilaudid did. how long would it take for me to be able to take morphine and feel the effect cause the pain is so annoying when i try to sleep. ## It may just be that the Morphine doesn't work for you, that does happen to some people. Not ever medication works for everyone that tries it, that's why there are always other options. Learn more Morphine details here. Have you let them know that the Morphine isn't helping? ...
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Red Capsule Pgn 100 Side Effects
what if i took it for recreational use. does it give u that euphoria like a pain pill like percocets would do. and is it safe to take? ## No, it will not get you high. This is a 100mg Lyrica capsule, that contains the active ingredient Pregabalin, which is an anticonvulsant that's also used to treat certain types of nerve pain. Learn more Lyrica information here. It does not work like a narcotic, nor does it have the same effects. Are there any other comments or questions? ...
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