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found alot of pills in sons stuff, plz help-quick
one of the pils is half black and half yellow and says watson and 3250 another is small round white one that says m2a3 on top half and 57344 on bottom. thank you very much ## Hello, Watson 3250 is Nitrofurantoin used to treat urinary tract infection. M2A3 57344 is 325 mg Acetaminophen, generic form of Tylenol. Hope this info helps ! ...
Updated 9 years ago in Nitrofurantoin.
Fri, Sep 09 '05, 3:37 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 162247
Getting oxycontin cheaper without insurance
I was released from the hospital today & they gave me four rxs one of them is oxycontin 40mg x 60 pills. My wife went to our local pharmacy & when they rang up the total she cried. It can to over $600.00 dollars $425.00 dollars was for the 40 milligram oxycontin pills x60 pills is there a generic or even better ( since we don't have insurance ) a way to contact the company to see if they can help ? ## No, there is no generic of Oxycontin currently available, they were all discontinued due to the great risk of diversion. The FDA felt that if it was only made by one company, then the supplies on the market would be easier to track and monitor. However, if you have no insurance, the manufacturer Purdue does have an assistance program you can apply for. You must meet the qualifi... ...
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powder blue capsule with the numbers 93 over 42.
Found some pills in my son's glovebox. Powder blue with the numbers 93 over 42. Seen one or know what it is? ...
Updated 5 years ago.
Mon, Apr 13 '09, 5:56 PM   0 
reaction with neurontin taken with citra soda
I have been taking neurontin for 3 mnths with no side effects but the other day I had citra soda and was sick the following a.m with the runs and nausea! I hadn't eaten anything out of the ordinary but felf ill at the thought of eating anything I had eaten the day before. Stomach cramps and lethargy? I seem to recall that you can't mix neurontin with antacid meds?? ## The reason for the warning about taking antacids with Neurontin is due to the fact that it can cause your body to absorb less of the Neurontin than usual, so it may not be as effective. It is recommended they be taken, at least 2 hours apart. It should not, however, cause the types of symptoms that you've experienced. Have you contacted your doctor? ...
Updated 2 years ago in Neurontin.
Wed, Mar 28 '12, 2:20 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 224436
Looking For: Personal Experiences with Xolair
I'm doing a presentation on Xolair as a therapeutic antibody, and I would really like to get a first hand account of the impact this medication has on patients, in all areas of life, including: physical health, side effects, quality of life, family/loved ones, mental health, and anything else you may want to include. Any and all information would be extremely helpful. Thank you in advance. ## Hello Katie, I personally haven't used Xolair, but down below are links to a couple threads where people in the community discuss their experiences with the medication. Discuss/Xolair-newby-211789.htm Discuss/Xolair-Omalizumab-Hair-Loss-164886.htm I hope this helps! ## I have asthma and many allergies. Food and environment. I was told that Xolair injections was for moderate to severe persis... ...
Updated 8 months ago in Xolair.
Mon, Jan 13 '14, 11:34 PM   3  Subscribe to thread 234769
yellow capsule with ip 102 printed on both ends
I have three capsules in my pill box which I cannot identify. They are a soft yellow color. On each piece of the capsule is printed IP and beneath that is the number 102. I have no recollection of these. ## Hello, Haim! How are you? This capsule contains 300mgs of Gabapentin, which is an anticonvulsant that is also used to treat certain types of nerve pain and some mood disorders. Side effects may include nausea, dizziness, weight changes and mood swings. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Verwon, Thank you so much for the lucid and professional reply. I have been experiencing for several days severe muscle pain in lower back following yard work. The pain is excruciating. I'm weighing the advisability of taking one of these. I am 76 yrs old, 180 lbs. I wonder..... ...
Updated 3 months ago in Gabapentin.
Fri, Jun 20 '14, 9:30 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 267341
Spotted once a day before taking placebo pills
I have been on lo estrin 24 fe for about 6 months now and my period has never been late. I skipped the brown placebo pills back in Dec. and Jan. because my period came on the first day of the last white pills. This month I took the last three white pills going into the placebo pills and spotted on the last day of the white pills before I was to start the brown pills. I started the brown pills and have not seen my period as yet and I am supposed to start my new pack two days from now which is sunday. Been getting crampy and having signs of my period coming but nothing as yet. If I don't see my period by monday. Def. taking a pregnancy test and heading to my doc's office. ## Meant to say I spotted one day on the last white pill before I started the brown pills and have not seen my... ...
Updated 2 years ago in Lo Loestrin Fe.
Sun, Feb 12 '12, 2:44 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 227347
Purple Pill Oblong diet pill of a sort? what is it
what diet pill is this? WHAT PILL IS THIS WHAT PILL IS THIS PLEASE FREAKIN HELP A PERSON OUT!!! ## A PURPLE OBLONG SHAPED PILL I BOUT IT IN DIET SECTION BUT LOST THO BOTTLE AND DO NOT REMEMBER WHAT IS WAS! ## it is oblong and purple ## If there are no markings on the tablets, then it is going to be difficult to identify. Trust me, I'd love to help you, if I could, but there are many purple tablets on the market that meet this description. The color really doesn't tell us anything, nor does the fact that it was some type of diet pill, because there are also tons of those on the market, with varying ingredients. Do you remember if it was supposed to be a natural product or if it was a medication product? For example, a drug/medication product would be something like Dexatrim, whic... ...
Updated 2 years ago.
Thu, Jan 12 '12, 4:57 PM   4  Subscribe to thread 216386
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Tue, Jul 14 '09, 2:04 PM   0 
trust pill ethinyl estradiol levonorgestrel
Can trust pil be allowed for 16 yrs old? i live in philippines. Trust pill (Ethinyl estradiol levonorgestrel) ...
Updated 7 months ago in Ethinyl Estradiol.
Thu, Feb 13 '14, 4:22 AM   0 
begining pain management with 15mg MSContin with tylenol #4's for breakthrough pain
Iam a 65yo male with osteogenisis imperfecta,scoliosis,osteoarthritis,IBS,hypertension etc. I had both knees replaced 22 years ago. Recently an increase in pain in L hip prompted my PC Doc to do the mscontin thing. I was already on the 60mg's codeine 3 times a day. This has been great,finally i can walk around pretty much pain free most of the day. I just wondering about all that tyelnol, because its been about 30 or 40 years taking tyelnol and I'm worried about my liver. What else would be good.for BTP. I dont see my doc for another three weeks and I would just like to get some input. ## Hello, Rickey! How are you? There are other options you can use for breakthrough pain that don't have Acetaminophen/Tylenol in them, such as a regular release Morphine or Oxycodone. You may... ...
Updated 2 months ago in Morphine.
Mon, Jul 21 '14, 3:02 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 268430
How Can U Get Help With No Insurance Im Sufferring For Few Years And Its Getting Worse
I wanta wake up and not b in excruciating pain. I was beaten alot in my past relationship and my breasts r too big for my body size but I dont know y life has gotten so painful I dont know how to keep living laying in my bed cause I cant function anymore. How can I get help with no insurance. My daughter needs me. Im only 36. ## Have you tried applying for public insurance through your state assistance department? Have you tried checking with the social work department are your local hospital to see if they know of programs that can help you? I am very sorry you are suffering, it really sounds like you could also use some help with depression. What is your general location? ## i know this is an old post but if anyone is still looking, i used this a while ago when i had no income and sti... ...
Updated 5 months ago in Antidepressant.
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pill identification, found on bathroom floor dont know what it is
round white pill N20 on one side G on the other ## I located a match to a white round pill with 8N 20 on one side and G on the other side. Is this your pill? Please post back so I can help you further. ...
Updated 4 years ago.
Tue, Nov 24 '09, 5:49 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 198853
Please tell me what this pill is; even poison control does not know
Round Purple with 5 imprinted on one side and a line through the back ...
Updated 5 years ago.
Wed, Jun 24 '09, 9:40 PM   0 
What are the directons in taking the diet pill Acxion Fentermina?
What are the directions in taking the diet tablets Acxion Fentermina? Has anyone else been takings these tablets? If so have you lost a pretty good amount of weight? ## Take 1 in the morning when you wake up! ## I take one a day in the morning eat a small snack to control energy ## Yes, these tablets are normally prescribed once a day and have been successful in helping many people with weight loss. This is an appetite suppressant. Common side effects may include: nausea, insomnia, headache and irritability. You can read more here: Did you have any other questions? ## The directions are in spanish, but if you do not read spanish it says to take it 30-60 minutes before eating (breakfast and lunch) and do not take after 6:00 pm ## Is there any medications that u cant take with axion? Or i... ...
Updated 4 months ago in Diet / Weight Loss.
Wed, May 14 '14, 6:06 PM   8  Subscribe to thread 188270
an orange capsule pill no imprint on it that causes werid systoms
Does anyone know what this is an orange pill that has no imprint on it and is in a capsule form. ## What type of weird symptoms? Generally, it's not a good idea to take anything, if you don't know what it contains. Without any markings, we can rule it out as being a U.S. approved prescription medication, because they are all required to have imprints to enable their identification. However, it could be any one of a large number of over the counter products, or a foreign medication. I'll keep looking and post back, when I have information for you. Does anyone else have an idea of what this might be? ...
Updated 10 months ago.
Tue, Nov 19 '13, 6:35 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 255476
Small Round Pink Pills In Blister Pack Which Has The Day Of Week On
The pills are in blister packs and on the back of the blister pack is stated" mon" "tues' etc. What are they for? ## Need more information from the tablet. Identify the numbers or letters on the pill it's self. But sounds like birth control tablets. ## Could also be a 24 hour extended release analgesic; blister packs of JURNISTA hydromorphone and MXL morphine also carry the days of the week. There is no alternative to visiting a pill identification site, though why it is not possible to tell from the blister which should carry both brand name and drug name is a mystery to me. ...
Updated 6 months ago in Hydromorphone.
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Will Skelaxin Help With Degenerative Disc Disease And 2 Bulging
I have been taking hydrocodone for ddd and bulging disc.went to a new dr who prescribed skelaxin instead of hydrcodone. will this help? ## It may help some, but it is not a narcotic, so I am doubtful you will get the same pain relief you did from the Hydrocodone. Skelaxin contains the active ingredient Metaxalone, which is a muscle relaxant, so it will only help with pain that is caused by muscle cramping and spasms. Common side effects may include: nausea, dizziness, drowsiness and headache. Learn more: Did he say why he made the switch? ...
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metoprolo er 25mg white tablet with 293 on back manufactor ethex
White Oval Scored 369 ## Metoprolol is used to treat cardiovascular diseases, including high blood pressure. Some of the most common side effects include: dizziness, diarrhea, tiredness and sleep problems. ...
Updated 6 years ago in Metoprolol.
Thu, Jun 05 '08, 1:55 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 182382
can dubagest 200 and ecospirin delay periods without pregnancy.
hi, I am 28 years old. we are planning for a baby and consult a doctor. from last seven days I m taking Dubagest 200(bed time), ecospirin(afternoon) and pantodac(empty stomach two times). I had my last period on 6 july and last to last on 7 june. today is 5. Is some delay in periods possible due to these medicines without pregnancy. Should I go for preganews or should wait?? plz try to solve my problem... ...
Updated 1 month ago.
Wed, Aug 06 '14, 4:01 AM   0 

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