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Demand that chronic pain sufferers get their pain medication now!
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Hi, I just started a petition on Care2: Demand that chronic pain sufferers get their medications now!!. I'm hoping that if enough people sign my petition, we can make a difference. Right now I've got 10 signatures — will you help me collect more by adding your name, and then sharing it with others? Here's a link to the petition: If there's anyone you know who might be able to help me spread the word, please let me know. Thanks so much -- I really appreciate your help! ## Hi valerie, Thank you for taking the time out to start a petition about this. For those who don't understand the battle that chronic pain sufferers are going through, there's a lot that... ...
Updated 8 months ago.
Sat, May 31 '14, 8:31 PM
Cetapin Xr 1000 Mg
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I HAVE BLOOD SUGAR LEVELS OF - FASTING-150; PP-210. DOCTOR HAS PRESCRIBED CETAPIN XR 1000MG. WHAT IS THE BEST TIME TO TAKE THE TABLET & NO OF TIMES IN A DAY ## This contains the active ingredient Metformin, which is an oral antidiabetic medications that's used to help lower and control blood sugar. You're on the time released tablet, so that usually means it's to be taken once a day, before eating breakfast, but you should check with your doctor to be certain. Is there anything else I can help with? ## my fasing reading is 142 and pp reading is 197.for last four years my reading was always within the range.earlier i was taking cetapine 250mg but now doctor has advised me to take 1000mg tablet.whether this dose can be reduced in near future hoping the reading will come in... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Metformin.
Thu, May 02 '13, 10:19 PM
Belivq questions
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Hey, all. I started Belivq on 11/26/14, it is now 12/3/14. I know that is not a lot of time. I am an eighteen year old girl, in college full time plus working full time. I weigh 210. I haven't lost a single pound. I don't know if it works or if I need more time. I Am going through depression, have been for two years. I also have a slightly elevated thyroid. My questions are: how long does this medicine usually take to be in effect? Since I am full time, the only things I eat are sugars and whatnot, how can I change my diet while on a college fund(in debt, not a lot of money)? I also have adhd so can I take my adderall with this drug? Should I keep going on Belivq or should I stop taking it. ## Hello, Patience! How are you? I'm sorry that it doesn't seem to be working for... ...
Updated 1 month ago in Belviq.
Tue, Jan 13 '15, 5:37 AM
Believe I may have received the wrong tablets by pharmasist as methadone 5mg tablets
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I have terminal cancer and have been taking a medication for over 1 year. Now the medication appearence has changed and it does not seem to be working. the new tablets are small white tablets with 54 over 210 on one-side and a line across the other. Any assistance you could provide would be greatly appreciated. ## I am so sorry to hear that; my parents and my best friend all succumbed to cancer and I had a brush with it but they got it all out with surgery for now. I'm so sorry this is happening to you; if you posted this in 2009, one of two things has happened by now: you may have experienced a remission (if so, that would be wonderful) or you may have passed away. But to this poster and to EVERYONE: any time you need to identify an unknown pill, there are sites that let you enter ... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Methadone.
Tue, Jan 07 '14, 10:49 PM
Side Effects Of Gemer 2
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my sugar level is 210 fasting and 330 ppb i have been advised Gemer 2 and Tri Glynase 1 in place of melmet SR.advice me if any side effects of the above drugs ## All medications carry the risk of side effects, however, the risk is much greater if you let your blood sugar continue to be uncontrolled. Gemer-2 contains 2mgs of Glimepiride and 500mgs of Metformin, both of which are oral antidiabetic agents. TriGlynase contains both of the ingredients I listed above, with the addition of Pioglitazone. Side effects to these medications may include: nausea, dizziness, stomach pain and flatulence. You can learn more about them at the following links: Are there any other questions? ## HOW TO OVERCOME THESE SIDE EFFECTS ## I am diabetic patient. my sugar fasting is 188.08 ppb is 340.54. earlier a... ...
Updated 2 years ago in Glynase.
Tue, Oct 30 '12, 3:22 AM
i took 25mg of adarax one hour ago for an aergic reaction to insulation, my welts haven't gone away yet should take more
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Need to know if I should take another 25mg adarax. Took one an hour ago and my welts and rash havnt gone away. Have rash and welts all over arms from contact with Insulation. Not sure how to make this go away or what else to try and how long to wait to try it after having taken the one pill already. I am 37 ur old male, 6'0" 210 lbs ## Hello, Siebz936! How are you? This most likely isn't actually an allergic reaction. Fiberglass insulation contains very fine glass fibers, thus the name. It tends to prick the skin, which causes the itching and irritation. However, what this also means is that an antihistamine won't help, since it's not due to an allergy. You need to take a nice warm shower, scrubbing your skin to remove as much of the fibers as possible and then it wi... ...
Updated 1 month ago in Allergies, Cough & Cold.
Fri, Jan 23 '15, 2:43 PM
ob smart
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whats the use of Ob smart ## Contents Taurine 200 mg, DHA 140 mg, EPA 210 mg, vit A 2,493 iu, vit D3 420 iu, vit E 10.5 iu, vit B1 1.5 mg, vit B2 1.5 mg, vit B6 3.3 mg, vit B12 3.3 mcg, ascorbic acid 120 mg, folic acid 525 mcg, niacinamide 27 mg, elemental Fe 41 mg, Ca pantothenate 6 mg, Ca phosphate 330 mg, Zn sulfate 15 mg, copper sulfate 1 mg, Mg sulfate 2.5 mg, manganese sulfate 1 mg Indications Cardioprotective: EPA & DHA have been known to help lower cholesterol. Optimum fetal brain development. Proper nourishment of mother & child during pregnancy. Dosage 1 cap/day. Administration Should be taken with food Contraindications Hemophiliacs & patients taking warfarin & other anticoagulants. Special Precautions Discontinue supplementation w/ DHA & EPA pre-op. Stora... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Folic Acid.
Wed, Apr 10 '13, 3:08 PM
Roxy 40 Mg
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It's an Orange pill with the signiture V on the front and 2012 on the back its Roxy but it is a 40mg one is that normal is that true has anyone heard of those or seen them ## Is the imprint possibly 2102 V? If so, this is not a narcotic of any type. This tablet contains 25mgs of Amitriptyline, a tricyclic antidepressant. ## It's True. I take em all day ...
Updated 2 months ago in Amitriptyline.
Wed, Dec 10 '14, 8:14 PM
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Updated 2 years ago in Allergies, Cough & Cold.
Sat, Dec 22 '12, 8:27 AM
Pain Management Clinic in Tampa Florida
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The pain clinic on 4941 E Busch Blvd suite 210 Tampa Florida is a wonderful clinic I have been with them for years. I get treated like I am a "REAL" patient. In addition to my pain management treatment I get treated for my other medical issues at no extra cost. This facility has a fabulous reputation and I am vouching for them personally. The MD's are board certified, he listens to you and takes care of your need. Call them at 813-988-8380 ## I visited the Pain Clinic and it was just us you said. Their appointments are very flexible and they are even accepting New Patient. I found my place of pain relief. Thank you for the help Glen. ## Hi I just got a pain management referral The first time how can that clinic help with the cost? Im On Hillsborough county ins. And they don... ...
Updated 5 months ago in Tramadol.
Wed, Sep 24 '14, 3:28 PM
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round, 54 over 210 ## This is Methadone, 5 mg. Here is an image depicting various possible appearances of Methadone ... Do you have any other questions or information to add? Please post back if you do... ## is IS METHADONE WATER SOLUABLE? ...
Updated 2 years ago in Methadone.
Mon, Sep 24 '12, 12:45 PM
my cholesterol is 254 mg dl what medicine should be take
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age- 50 years female a high blood pressure patient and also have blood sugar 210 mg/dl post prandial ## Hello, Pradeep! How are you? What other medications do you take? And what medication has your doctor prescribed for your cholesterol? ...
Updated 1 year ago in Cholesterol.
Fri, Jan 24 '14, 5:36 PM
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little smaller than a dime, pink numbers on it are 2105 ...
Updated 7 years ago.
Tue, Dec 04 '07, 6:24 PM
Possible valium
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little yellow pill. z on top with 3926 on bottom. 10 on back. Need to know for sure. ## I DONT THINK SO 10MG IS BLUE 5MG IS PEACH ## i have some small yellow tabs w/ a2102V . is that valium? ## I dont think its valium the tablets I have are peach colored and say 345 on them and 5mg tabs ## Evelyn, yellow with Z2936 should have an underlined 5 on the other side, the 10mg generic valium are blue and have Z3927 on them. Teva brand. Ana, that sounds like generic elavil, amitriptyline, kind of a fancy looking V? Has the 2102 above it and blank on other side? That V is Qualitest's imprint. ## If you can provide a description of the pill, including any and all markings, letters, numbers, logo, or etc. I can check what it is for you, but without any information, we cannot tell you anything ... ...
Updated 7 years ago in Valium.
Sun, Jun 17 '07, 8:37 AM
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small white pill round with #54 ontop and 210 on bottom, just a line on other side ## Pill Image This is Methadone 5mgs, this is a narcotic pain reliever, that is also used to help some people beat addiction problems. ...
Updated 8 years ago in Methadone.
Tue, Jun 06 '06, 8:13 AM
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small, round white no lines reads top on one side and 25 on back side..i also want to identify a small round yellowish pill with no lines and reads 2102v one one side w/nothing on gelcap form, small- half orange half white reads 93/811...the one mediam round yellow reads p73 ## I have a small yellowish pill nothing on one side and 2102 V ontheothere can you please tell what thisis?thankyou ## I HAVE A PILL THAT IS SMALL WHITE AND ROUND AND SAYS TOP ON ONE SIDE AND 25 ON THE OTHER SIDE. I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW WHAT THIS PILL IS ## TOP 25 is Topamax ## 2102 v is Amitriptyline ## And finally ... 93 / 811 is Nortriptyline round yellow P73 is Aspirin Everybody have a nice day ! ...
Updated 9 years ago in Topamax.
Sat, Nov 12 '05, 3:14 PM
what is this
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I was just wandering If mylan 186 Is a valium ## what is this small yellow pill 2102 with a v under the numbers ## capsule green with 2732 on one end and an v on the other end ## If you're talking about mylan 186, then that's Clonidine. See Image to verify. ## I have a small round pill w/a light blue coating, and the code 2101 ---------------------------v------------------- Can you tell me what it is ## o.k. looks like angie had a valium 5 and i've got a 1 mg valium can anyone tell me if i'm right. if so is it time released or something because it is not an old-fashion v like i have seen before is it something new or jst a diff brand ## What is a little white pill with the capital letter M on top of a line with the number 261 underneath it? HELP ## What is a small white ... ...
Updated 8 years ago in Valium.
Sat, Oct 07 '06, 9:52 PM
Big Pink
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hey, ya'll...anybody know this one?...large pink tablet/plain on side one/side two has an odd-looking V, with 2105...thanks, much! ## Pill Image This is Amitriptyline 100mgs, a generic for the antidepressant Elavil. ...
Updated 8 years ago in Amitriptyline.
Wed, May 10 '06, 4:43 AM
Prestique and High blood pressure
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Has anyone experienced this high blood pressure and severe headaches with Prestique 100mg a day? I have been on it for 4 monthes now and have just started experiencing these symptoms this past month. Blood pressure as high as 210/110 and I was in the hospital for 4 days. All cardiac and blood clot issues have been ruled out. I am at my wits end..can someone out there help me? I have also been started on 2 blood pressure pills without effect. My psychiatrist suggessted lowering my dosage to 50mg a day. ## Yes, Pristiq is actually listed with a warning that it can cause hypertension in some people and if a doctor wants someone that already has it to use it, their blood pressure must be well under control, before starting the medication. There is a good chance that the headaches were relat... ...
Updated 3 years ago in Pristiq.
Tue, Jan 31 '12, 5:11 PM
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numbers on back are 2103 round yellow ## I located your round pill to be Amitriptyline HCl (50 mg). NOTE: it is noted to be brown and not yellow in the drug databases; and the full marking reads 2103 V. Amitriptyline is used in the United States and United Kingdom to prevent migraines only in very small doses. It is also used as sleeping aids in small doses of usually 25 mg, and for diabetic retinopathy. For information about this drug, please refer to the link below... If you have any more questions or concerns, please post back and I will be happy to help you. ...
Updated 3 years ago in Elavil.
Wed, Apr 27 '11, 10:54 AM

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