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white capsule pfizer pgn 150
Pfizer pgn 150 is this trama-dol hcl 50mg tab mylan. ## Hello, Beverly! How are you? Tramadol would be tablets, that's what the tab stands for and the manufacturer is Mylan Pharmaceuticals. The capsule you asked about is manufactured by Pfizer, the PGN stands for Pregabalin, the brand name for it is Lyrica and the 150 is the dosage, 150mg. It is an anticonvulsant that is also effective at helping to treat certain types of nerve pain and some mood disorders. Side effects may include nausea, dizziness, mood swings and weight changes. Is there anything else I can help with? ...
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apo 50 tr Trazodone 100MG APO
What is the difference between Trazodone100 MG Tablet APO and Trazodone 100 MG Tablet PLI ? ## Only the manufacturer, the one listed as APO is made by Apotex Pharmaceuticals and the one listed as PLI is made by Pliva Pharmaceuticals. Both contain the same active ingredient, however, in the same amounts. Trazodone, the active ingredient in Desyrel is an antidepressant. Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, dry mouth and headache. Read more here: Do you have any other questions? ## Several months ago my wife was prescribed 50 mg Apo-Trazodone as a sleeping aid. She found this was not helpful for her and the pills sat in the cupboard unused. For the past 3 nights, I took 2 of these pills before bedtime as I was not sleeping well ( I am a 68 year old male). I found they did n... ...
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Nexipride 50 Mg Side Effects
I am the patient of Gastric since last 8 months and due to that i feel very depress. I was visited to physicartist he advice me Nexipride 50 Mg 1/2 Tab daily at bed time. After taking to this tab my gastric problem have increasing and my all body parts make burn. Please advice me what i have to do ? Please help me. ## Take Riflux Forte .I faced a similar problem but this antacide took care of the problem ## Nexipride contains the active ingredient Levosulpiride and while it can help some people with gastric issues, like any other medication, it isn't effective for everyone that tries it. I think Gizmo may be on the right track here by suggesting that you try a regular antacid. Learn more antacid details here. Have you tried any of them, yet? Did your doctor tell you not to use them? ...
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Atenol / Chlor 50-25 MG Tablets
Generic name Atenol / Chlor Tablet ## Tenoretic is a combination of two drugs prescribed for hypertension - Atenolol + Chlorthalidone. You can view a detailed description of Tenoretic, by clicking on the link below... If you have any more questions or comments to add, please post back so I can further assist you. ## Husband was prescribed ATENOL/CHLOR 50-25MGTAB once a day, a couple to three months ago. He has been experience extreme pain in his foot for the last few weeks. Need to know if this is related to the ATENOL/CHLOR 50-25MG Tab. He is also taking AMLODIPINE 10MG TAB MYLAN once a day, LISINOPRIL 30MGTAB LUPIN PHRM, 1 1/2 tabs once a day along with a low dose aspirin. The paper given along with the prescription does not list the side effects or adverse side effects. ## Is this me... ...
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tramadol hcl 50 mg tablet tev
contraindiqueiton tendens ## ANY AND ALL INFO. WARNINGS, USES,EFFECTS,AND DANGERS, ## sliped and hurt my back. Had these from 3 months ago. Should I use them? Thanks ## ive been taking them for a broken hand. this is the best and non addictive pain releiver i have ever taken.the only bad part is i have 50mg tabs so i have to take them more offten.but you get the right mg and you will be on cloude pain.ive noticed also that this medicen tends to target the pain that is generated from the bone. exmpl. this medecine will not realeive muscle cramps or headaches and so on so you must have done some nerve damege to get this medicine. i read the common ussege peice of paper that came with the sub and it says that this medicen is mostly used for lower back to reply to that one g... ...
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amoxicillin 500 mg capsules
beige capsule ...
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Nitrofur Macr vs Cipro 500 mg
I had a bladder infection - my doc prescribed Ciprox 500 mg. it started to get better then started to come back the 3rd day - was about to call doc when he called me to say that he was prescribing Nitrofur because they found I had e coli infelction in the labs - why didn't they prescribe Nitro 1st? according to these discussions cip is supposed to be for both. Any input? ## According to, "Ciprofloxacin is frequently used to treat urinary infections caused by bacteria such as E. coli. Ciprofloxacin is also effective in treating infectious diarrheas caused by E. coli, Campylobacter jejuni, and Shigella bacteria." I'm not entirely sure why they would wait to prescribe Nitro afterwards, but from what I could gather Nitrofurantoin is solely used for the purpos... ...
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tramadol hcl 50mg tablet tev
Does Tramadol relieve anxiety and panic disorder? ## Hi, Marilyn! How are you? No, Tramadol is a centrally acting analgesic that's used to relieve pain. Learn more Tramadol details here. Is it possible that you were thinking of Trazodone? It's an SARI antidepressant, so it is sometimes used to treat those types of conditions. It and Tramadol are quite often confused. Learn more Trazodone details here. ...
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Naxdom 500 for migraine pain
i m having migraine....i m taking this tab when pain is beyond dis tab cure my migrain.....forever??? ## Naxdom contains the active ingredient Naproxen, which is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory and no, it doesn't actually cure anything. Learn more Naproxen details here. If an underlying cause can be determined for your migraines, then it may be possible to cure them, but not all of them can be cured. Learn more migraine details here. Has your doctor ever found a cause for yours? ## no they r not.....actually i had head enjury a year before,,, i did scan MRI....but every thing is ok in dat.... after 1 month i got 1st attack of migrain....i m taking ayurvedic medicins for that..and it minimised my migrain.... ## HI, i am 36 Year Old male having problem of pain on back si... ...
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azithral 500 and ambrolite -s
hello sir im 27 year old male,i am having a nasal congestion problem ,and my phlegm is very thick,and at same time it falls in throat which causes lot of problem to i have been advised to take azithral 500(3 days) and ambrolite-s ......every one say me to avoid banana an milk as it thickens the phlegm .........but it is a regular part of my diet as i m going to gym regularly and cant avoid there any side effect of taking therse two medicines together.........and is there any need to avoid banana and milk and if i have to avoid them then what are their and substitutes and one more thing to tell ........i have been smoking for last 2 years 4-5 cigrattes a day....but from last 6 days i have quit smoking........i m feeling uncomfortable while sleeping i can breethe fr ...
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c cor coral calcium 500 mg tab
I am a male aged 68 years suffering from peripherial neuropathy,my doctor prescribed GCOBAL-500 Tab.twice a day for the above disease,however, I am suffering from cronic Pancriatatis(Calcification of Panceias) in which case is it not harmful to the PANCREAS? ...
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WHAT ARE SIDE EFFECTS FOR HYDROCODONE-APAP SOL 7.5/500 M ## Hi Donald, Based on my research, the most frequently reported side effects of Hydrocodone + Acetaminophen are dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth, lightheadedness, nausea and vomiting. Other possible side effects of Hydrocodone may include, but are not limited to the following: • constipation • lightheadedness • fuzzy thinking • anxiety • abnormally happy or abnormally sad mood • dry throat • difficulty urinating • rash • itching • narrowing of the pupils (black circles in the center of the eyes) • slowed or irregular breathing • chest tightness Ref: If you ever do experience something unusual tha... ...
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5 days w Sambong 500mg tablet
I am a 70 yrs old male and recently had a U.A. I consulted my Dr. re the results and he said I have stones in my gall bladder. He prescribed for me Sambong leaf 500 mg tablet 2x a day. After taking them for 5 days (10 tablets) I feel very weak maybe because of urinating continously. I go to the CR every 1 hr. sometimes less than an hour. I drink plenty of water or else I will be dehydrated. Is it possible that all my nutrients and minerals goes w/ my pee.I continue taking the drug after a day stop. Is it OK if I reduce the dosage to once a day. BTW I had a fever on the 5th day and had to take Flu Max every 4 hr. I suspect I had flu thats why I stopped taking Sambong tablet. My Dr. is on vac for 2 mos. ## This is a follow up question re my post last Tue. Oct. 08, 2013. After prolonged us... ...
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ccq-50 tablets usage in males
use of the ccq-50 tablets in males ## I'm sorry, I can't find any information on this. Are you certain of the name? What country are you in? Did you perhaps mean CoQ? ## what is the medicine for micro-adenoma in pituitary gland? ...
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pentrexyl 500 mg Ampicilina
I took 2 capsules of 500 mg Ampicilina and want to know if that is too much? ## What are you taking it to treat? How much were you instructed to take? Ampicillin is an antibiotic that's used to treat bacterial infections and, in some cases, a large dose bolus is needed, but it's not commonly prescribed that way for home use. Learn more Ampicillin details here. Side effects may include nausea, dizziness, non-allergic skin rash and diarrhea. ## Can I take this med for a boil ## Can I take ampliciln for a boil to help in case of infection ...
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pentrexyl ampicilina 500mg
If a person is allergic to penicillin, can she take Pentrexyl ampicilina instead? ## The active ingredient is Ampicillin and if you are allergic to Penicillin, there is also a chance you can be allergic to it. Some people are and some people aren't, but they are closely related. If your doctor has you try it, you should not to watch for any signs of an allergic reaction, including skin rash, itching and trouble breathing. If you experience any of them, you should stop taking it and contact your doctor immediately. Are there any comments or questions? ...
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Metoprolo er tab suc 50MG and metoprolol tab 50mg er
My health care provided changed drug companies. Are these two meds the same? ## Based on those 2 descriptions, they should be the same. If you would like more details about the new drug, can you please post back with the shape, color, and any letters/numbers/markings on the pills? Hope this helps... ## My Metoprolo ER Tab SUC 50 mg is white, round with M 50 on one side with a cut line on the other. My new Metoprolo Tab Tar 50 mg is also white, round but smaller with 477 on one side with a cut line on the other. Are these the same medicine? ## My Metoprolol has 831 on it. ## metoprolo er tab suc 50mg pill is white with letters 50mg. substituted for Torprol XL tab 50mg. metoprolol tatrate 50mg pill is pink with letters m32.substituted for Lopressor 50 mg. ...
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can i take hydro acetaminophen 5 500 mg for back pain
I didn't do anything to make my lower back hurt, but I am in a lot of pain. My husband have some hydroco/acetaminop5/500tab mal. Can I take this to relieve my pain. Do you have any suggestion? This is a substitution for Vicodin 5-500 mg ## HI, Ann! Sorry that you're in pain. However, this is a narcotic analgesic and under the laws for such, taking one that has been prescribed for someone else, or anyone's telling you to do so is against the law, because there can be some serious risks associated with taking them, including their being habit forming. Learn more Vicodin details here. Have you consulted your doctor, yet? Doing so would be the best and safest thing to do, that way you can discover the cause of your pain and receive proper treatment. ...
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HYDROCODONE7.5/ACETAMINOPHEN 500 MG TAD WHITE/GREEN SPECKS OBLONG 35/94 V ## Located a match it's Acetaminophen 500 mg and Hydrocodone 7.5 mg, which is used to treat moderate to severe pain. To learn more click on the link below... Do you have any more questions or information to add? Please post back if you do. ## HYDROCO/APAP TAB 7.5-500 was originally a WHITE OVAL shaped tablet. It had the #'s 35 94 on one side and a V on the other. My new prescription is the same but has GREEN SPECKS mixed in. Both RX were filled by the same mail -order pharmacy. I have taken this medication for years for break through pain. My question is...Is this new prescription safe or is there a problem with it? I am afraid to take it. Has any GIVEN YOU ANY ANSWERS about the GREEN SPECKS YET? Who fille... ...
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Carb Levo Er 50 200 Tab Half Life And Absorption Rate
what is the effective half life and absorption rate expected for carb/levo extended release 50/200 mg tab mylan? ## Elimination half-life of levodopa in the presence of carbidopa is about 1.5 hours. Following Carbidopa and Levodopa extended-release, the apparent half-life of levodopa may be prolonged because of continuous absorption. The extended-release formulation releases levodopa and carbidopa over a 4-6 hour period. I'm not quite sure what this equates to in terms of half life. But to be safe I would estimate the half-life to last an extra couple hours. As far as absorption rate goes, the extended release tabs have a bioavailability rate of 0.70 to 0.75. The approx. amount of bioavailable Levodopa in each tab is 140 to 150mg out of the 200mg pill. I hope this helps! ...
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