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sex tablet name FOR ME
i am a 30 year old man. My duration of sex period is 08-10 min. I want to increse duration for 25-30 minutes to satisfy my partener. ## sex time duration short ...
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Price For Demoral 50mg
price quote for 4171/v demoral 50mg. ## Hi Stacy, The price would also largely depend on the quantity of pills you are prescribed to take, and where you fill your prescription at. I do know that twenty 100mg Demerol tabs can cost "around" $75. So another ballpark figure for twenty 50mg tabs would possibly be around $35-$40 to fill the prescription. Keep in mind there are also coupons for prescriptions like this one if you search on google. Hope this helps! ## I was prescribed percocet 5/325 for pain. I have lymphoma and sometimes this pain is excruciating. I feel I am taking too many pills for the pain because they make me feel sick and they don't seem to be controlling the pain. Although they put me to sleep I still feel the pain upon wakening. Is there any other pain med I... ...
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Roche Diazepam please
I am looking for Roche diazepam or pharma uk 10mg as I was sold some msjs unsealed and I am not comfortable taking these. Hopefully someone can help am in the UK. Thanks ...
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Fri, Oct 05 '12, 1:50 PM   0 
hi i am 27 yrs old n hv one child of 2 yrs n my last period date is 10-10-2013 yet my period is not come?? means its already 12 days late... and last month means in sep. i hv eat pregnancy planning shuld affect on my regular period... what shoud i do tll me?? help me out?? ...
Updated 8 months ago.
Wed, Nov 20 '13, 7:03 PM   0 
I'm addicted to opiates.
I have been taking prescription pain medication (not prescribed to me) since I was around 14. It started out as just taking a hydro 10 here and there on the weekends. Then I started getting them at school taking more and more at a time. Eventually I got my hands on a 30mg roxy, and snorted it. I have been regularly snorting up to 90-120 mg a day for over a year now. I know I have an addiction, but Its just so hard to come off of them. I can't sleep, I get diarrhea, my body shakes and sweats. I have pains all over and all I can do is cry. I don't have time in between working and taking care of my hubby to just take a couple weeks off life to sleep off my withdraws. I like snorting them, I love the way they make me feel, and they don't keep me for days on end, and I can eat wh... ...
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Mon, Nov 18 '13, 6:04 AM   0 
albumin trace in urine
what is the medicine for albumin trace in urine.......... ## In most cases, when such proteins are showing up in urine, the first line of treatment is an ACE inhibitor. I am not sure what country you are in, so I don't know which ones are available for you and most of them require a prescription. Has your doctor suggested a treatment? Learn more: ## Please tel me what is medicine of this type disease Albumin trace and Creat - 1.66 ## I am a controlled diabetic,hypertension patient from thelastt 24 years. So far there is no any problem of Urine Albemine. Now I am waiting a result for the Urine Albumin for which I have given the sample today.Suppose the result is positive (Albumin is present) what is the treatment for this ## My son, a 10 yr old recently detected traces of albumin in ... ...
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Tadalafil Tablets 20 mg
small yellow chewable tablet has C20 on one side. shipped from India ## the side effects of tadalafil tablets are vision impairment ,indigestion,headache,hypotention etc. My brain surgery had been done two years before and i am using 1) Eptoin-100mg thrice a day 2) Levesam-500mg twice a day 3) Folvit and cloba-10 mg one a day . Whether eptoin has affected me for erectile dysfunction as neorosurgeon has doubt it so he reffered me to Urologist . Urologist has prescribed Tadalafil for sexual desire but still desire is not generating for intercourse. Pls.advise. ## is levesam 500mg is safe in breastfeeding? ## Levesam contains the active ingredient Levetiracetam, which is an anticonvulsant that may also be used to treat some other medical conditions. It is listed as being pregnancy category... ...
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Tue, May 21 '13, 1:36 PM   3  Subscribe to thread 178270
How To Flush Your System
I took a lortab 10mg at 930 am will it be out of my system by tomorrow i have already drinked vinegar and now drinking water, need to know asap thanks ## There's a slight chance, if you're taking it a lot of fluids, but there is really no guarantee that it will work. The Hydrocodone in Lortab is normally detectable in a standard urine test for approximately 4 to 5 days, after last dosing, though it can vary from person to person, depending on your overall health, metabolism, activity levels and etc. Are there any other questions or comments? ...
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Tue, Mar 27 '12, 3:44 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 228916
I'M 67 years I use reparil aescine for prostatic inflammition can I use viagra with it and which drug that increase the strength of viagra 100 mg ## Reparil is a supplement, not an actual medication, so it hasn't been tested for possible interactions, as has been known with actual medications. Therefore, I can only suggest checking with your doctor, before trying Viagra and, as to increasing the strength of it, if you haven't tried it yet, then how do you know you are going to need to do so? The 100mg dosage may be fine for you. ## Viagra is not recommended for males more than sixty-five years. ...
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Mon, Jul 21 '14, 3:12 AM   2  Subscribe to thread 230859
looking for good valium
looking for a good supplyer off valium a few 1000 if possiable a ova sea,s ## hi there im looking for a direct suppler from ova seas for diazipam vallium msj,s tubs id be looking for 1000-10000 direct from seller from india cameroon doesn,t need to be msj,s wilsons roche ect email me on for further details hope to hear from some 1 soon that can prove are legit seller cheers wull contact voia this as il get a email thanks ...
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how ramistar 5 will help
Iam Diabetic patient for last 31 years & it is under control, my BP is always 140/70 & I was earlier advice enam 2.5 how ever I was advice urine microalbumin test & result was urine albumin 10, Urine creatinine 50, Ratio 30-300 I am therefore advice Ramistar 5 why?& how it will help me. ## name of the medicine that may cause breathing shortness? ...
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norcos stay in ur system
Hey how long do norcos stay in ur system 10/325 dose ...
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Tue, Jan 21 '14, 12:39 AM   0 
Amphetamine Salt Cor 132
What is the street value of this ## To be honest, I don't know. Cor 132 contains 10mgs of mixed Amphetamine salts, the active ingredients in Adderall, commonly used to treat ADHD and Narcolepsy. Common side effects may include: nausea, headache, irritability and insomnia. Read more: Are there any other comments or questions? ## are you friggin serious?? its people like you that make it hard for people like me who actually need this medication! its always on back order because of scumbags like you! if you want to make money get a job! your a friggin looser! someone should report you for selling your prescriptions illegally! ## NO KIDDING STOP SELLING YOUR MEDS YOU JACKASS!!!! ## Why would you guys judge someone maybe he also needs them and can't get them because he doesn't ha... ...
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Atizam & Zepose From India
Atizam-2 & Zepose-10: I ordered Ativan (lorazepam 2mg) online from India, and it says the name of the pills are "Atizam - 2", they are white little round pill, that is in a brown see through bubble front with silver backing. It says it's marketed by "Marxx Pharma". I cut one pill in half and tried it, and seriously within 4 minutes I started to feel really "weird", and I got very scared and ended up having bad felt like I was on some other kind of "drug", it was scary. Then within 30 minutes, I finally felt somewhat relaxed, but it surely didn't feel like the Ativan that I usually get from the hospital, it was a little similar, but definitely NOT the same. Is this safe to take? ~I also ordered Valium (diazepam 10mg) from India, ... ...
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morphine sulfate er 30 mg
E 653 30 Grayish-Olive Colored Are these MS Contin? Are they injectable? If so, how? ## Yes, this tablet contains 30mgs of Morphine CR, the active ingredient in MS Contin, this is a potent narcotic analgesic. NO! It is not safe to inject them, they are intended to be ingested in tablet form only. Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and constipation. Read more: Do you have any other questions? ## but does it have the numbers 5664 on one side and 10 on the other this medication is from vamc in Hunington West Virginia I nee to know what the hell I am taking please ## what if you vomit a hor after taking the extended release pill, will it still provide you with 12hrs of pain relief? ## I have been taking 30 mg for going on three years now every month twice daily i... ...
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cym Gen 60mg ingredients
I need the ingredients information on cym Gen 60mg ## Cymgen contains the active ingredient Duloxetine, this is an SSNRI antidepressant. Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, dry mouth and weight gain. Read more: Are there any other comments or questions? ## I decided this morning out of pure despondency to Google Cymgen and Weightgain. I have been on very strict diets since March with my hubby, lean and talk sexy man that he is, he looses 10kg's and I loose 2! I've cut out startches, I feel so sorry for myself, I truly do, for I feel deprived, why on earth deprive myself of all niceties if I can't loose weight! I now think of going to the dr to change it, the amount of money I've spent this year on diet stuff, eggs to make eggwhite omelettes, then when th... ...
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Sulfameth Tmp Ds Tablete
can this antibiotic make your period late or possibly make you skip a period? I do not take birthcontrol, but I have protected sex ## my daughter is 16 years old and has a UTI and is given Sulfameth. she has been on her period for more then 10 days is this normal? ## Have either of you consulted the respective doctors? I don't see anything listed about this in the side effect warnings, unless someone is taking oral contraceptives, but it is difficult to say how any medication will affect any given person that takes it. Therefore, it is always best to consult your doctor so they can help you discover if it is a problem, or a normal side effect. ...
Updated 2 years ago.
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morphine sulfate ER 30mg
is this really good for my back? what eles is it good for? what is the street price for one? ## I can't really tell you if this will help you or not. Pain medications can affect everyone differently, whereas some people get great results from taking it, but there are others that it just doesn't work for. Unfortunately, the only way to find out is to actually try it. To answer your other question, Morphine is a narcotic pain reliever used to treat moderate to severe pain. I wouldn't suggest trying to use it for any other purpose outside of that. Did your doctor just give you a prescription for it without saying a word? Lastly, street prices are going to vary in every city and also are dependent upon the dosage; however I've heard of 10mgs going for around $5-10 each. I ho... ...
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plan to detox from heroin
I've been on heroin for three years up to about 12 bags a day. I have a strip of sub 10 MG I plan on taking 4 MG once I have been in withdrawal and feel sick. Then I will dose every day citing the dose down by half. My last dose will be .25 and will skip a day until I'm done. I figured I would keep a few Xanax around for the nights I can't put up with the RLS I would like the help of anyone to keep me in courage while I'm going through this. I'm cough up in the grips of this addiction and I want out before it's too late and I can see its starting to get real bad. So please help me ## Hello I have not yet heard from anybody in regards to my post. I am still using but today is my last use because I can not wait any longer to do this. Even though I'm fearful of ... ...
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Mtp kit &bleeding pattern
on 50th day i administered mifeprostol & after 48 hours vaginaly pushed 4misoprostol tab .after 3 hours bleeding starts. is it the complete dosage. ## Even if you have started bleeding, already, you should use all the medication included in the kit, as instructed, to help ensure you end the pregnancy. It is possible for some bleeding to start and still be pregnant. You may also experience other side effects, such as: dizziness, headache and abdominal pain/cramping. Are there any other questions? ## tvs U/S said 5 weeks and 3 days gestation at 8 weeks and 6 days LMP. ob/gn infromed it is a missed misscarriage and suggested Mtp (unwanted kit ). what are the side effects? ## my wife found urine pregnancy test negative despite this she had missed period for 10 days the we tried mtp kit ... ...
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